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Christmas at Honeyford

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I love a christmas story at any time of the year and this one did not disappoint. A super cute story with great characters.
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I loved how the story unfolds.   Does love give you a second chance at love ? I recommend this book and look forward to reading more books by Tanya . The author did a wonderful job of character development, plot development  and she painted this village like a place I want to escape too.
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This was a really adorable, cosy Christmas romance – artist and TV celebrity Sam needs to escape after a very public breakup. He heads to a small village, convinced the locals will fawn over him, and assumes that is exactly what local baker Tess will do when he bumps into her outside his rented home. But instead he finds himself accepted into this small, tightknit community, and rather than staying away from Tess, he is drawn to her.

I really loved the way these two interacted with each other. The original tension and assumptions aren’t dwelt on for too long, and it was fun to see how they kept bumping into each other. Tess is a really sweet character, determined to do as much good in the small village as she can. She’s also a widow with a young son, which adds a nice dimension to things, as we get to see Sam becoming almost a father-figure, while Tess battles against feeling she is betraying her husband when she starts falling for him.

I get that some Romance readers will read books like this and dismiss a lot because it’s a bit ‘samey’ to others, but honestly? I binged a lot of Christmas books this year for the first time, and this one was an absolute delight. There was another book it was fairly similar to, but this one was much stronger.

I love the sense of community in novels like this, too, where it really feels like the characters have additional people looking out for them. Tess, in particular, is well liked in Honeyford, everyone else seeing just how much she does for others. I also liked the focus on her son, and the way Sam interacted with him and how the pair of them schemed for ways to make Tess smile.

Overall I thought this was a wonderful read in the run up to Christmas, and it’s perfect for the festive season. I’d recommend getting hold of this in time for Christmas ’22.

Thank you to Sapere for providing me a copy of this arc via NetGalley. Views remain my own.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.   I really like this authors books. 
It was a cute story with lovely characters. I really enjoyed. This was a 3.5 stars for me.
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I read this sweet story right around Christmas, actor Sam Harrison escapes to the small town of Honeyford during Christmas season to get over his very public breakup. It is in Honeyford that Sam meets a recent widow Tess. This is a comfy, cozy, lovely holiday book.
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An upbeat quick read Christmas tale of a small town widow meeting a publicly shamed celebrity artist who has come to the small town to regroup.  Yes, it reads like a Hallmark Christmas movie, but that’s ok. I was in the mood for a happy ending book this Christmas.
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This was a brilliant read and is being featured on my blog for my quick star reviews feature, which I have created on my blog so I can catch up with all the books I have read and therefore review.
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After a intense public break up, Sam decides to take some time away from the spotlight in Honeyford. While visiting, he is welcomed by everyone, especially single mother, Tess. 

I loved this story! The set up was a little fast, but otherwise the pacing felt really good and I loved seeing the relationships between Sam and Tess (and Finn!) grow and develop. This book was a sweet, Christmas-y read and one of my favorite that I’ve read this holiday season.
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A cute story about a widow and an artist finding each other during though times. Our heroine is a widow and a single mom, her son starts bonding with Sam fast and she is afraid he is gonna be hurt. I really enjoyed this one, which made me happy since I did not like the second I read by her. This was my third book by the author and I would not read more by the author If I did not enjoy this one. But I highly recommend it if you need a quick and fun read
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My main problem with this book is the fact that there's nothing new in it. There's nothing we haven'r already read in like hundreds of similar christmassy books and Hallmark/Netflix films.
After a very public breakup a fir guy hides in a cosy little town to lick his wounds, where he meets sickly sweet and kind baker. You know the rest.

I'm reviewing this book week after I finished it, and the fact that I had to read few reviews to actually remind myself what this book is about, imo, is VERY telling.
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This was a super cute book, and I loved reading it! 

This felt like watching a cute romance movie, but getting to delve in deeper. I fell in love with all the characters - you could really feel Tess and Sam fall in love! 

If you want all the Christmas fuzzies - give this a go!
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Troubled celebrity meets small town. Everything you want from a feel-good Christmas storyline. Enjoyable & cute read. 
Thanks NetGalley for the advanced copy.
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sorry to say this book really wasnt for me and it was a DNF far too similar to every TV christmas movie on TV no really interest.
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Christmas at Honeyford is a wonderful romance about moving on and finding true love. Sam and Tess are the perfect couple, they love each other so deeply and it all feels so natural. Her son, Finn is a wonderful character and I was so happy that he was happy with everything. The book is a warm hug and will leave you glowing.
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Read the ARC of this through NetGalley. I really enjoyed this read. It wasn’t too overly Christmas but still had Christmas elements and the relationship the main character Sam has with Tess’s son Finn is so sweet! 
There are elements to this story, such as grief and loss of loved one, that add to the sweetness of the story and of Tess’s character in particular. 
I love the small village setting, very atmospheric. 
I really enjoyed this book and would be interested in other works from this author. 
Solid 4⭐️ read and would recommend for those who like small town romance during the holiday seasons.
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A sweet and cozy holiday romance set in a wonderfully quaint English town of Honeyford. I loved all the characters in this book especially Tess and Sam. Both were coming from painful past relationships and reluctant to start another one. I loved seeing their relationship develop into something meaningful and deep. These two definitely had chemistry!

This book has a little of everything from great relationships, a beautiful location, and a sense of community. The pace of the book was great and it was very well written too. This was a very enjoyable Christmas read to settle down with on a cozy night in.

Thank you Net Galley for this advanced readers copy of Christmas in Honeyford in exchange for my honest review.
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It's entertaining, cozy, festive and I thought I was going to like it. I enjoyed it but it's one of those "me, not the book" as I read a couple of story with a similar plot.
Not my cup of tea.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Wonderful Christmas book - plenty of Christmas happiness, sweetness and romance!
Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is a like a big, festive cuddle! It's predictable and formulaic but personally, I loved that in this book! The characters are relatable and easy to like, the setting idyllic and I enjoyed it from start to finish. There are your usual twists and turns, but so many lovely moments that this is a lovely book after a hard couple of years! 

I like the author's writing style, it's descriptive but doesn't affect the flow of the story. If you like easy reads, this one is a must for Christmas!
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The perfect Christmassy read, I completely adored the fictional town and it’s wonderful residents. I thought the relationship between Tess and Sam was so beautiful to read, but even moreso the relationship and bond between Finn and Sam! A thoroughly enjoyable book for the winter days.
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