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This book is a like a big, festive cuddle! It's predictable and formulaic but personally, I loved that in this book! The characters are relatable and easy to like, the setting idyllic and I enjoyed it from start to finish. There are your usual twists and turns, but so many lovely moments that this is a lovely book after a hard couple of years! 

I like the author's writing style, it's descriptive but doesn't affect the flow of the story. If you like easy reads, this one is a must for Christmas!
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The perfect Christmassy read, I completely adored the fictional town and it’s wonderful residents. I thought the relationship between Tess and Sam was so beautiful to read, but even moreso the relationship and bond between Finn and Sam! A thoroughly enjoyable book for the winter days.
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This book is going to melt your heart and give you all the feels. Tess, a single mom and widow is given a second chance at happiness when she meets Sam, a celebrity who needed to escape the limelight for a bit. The beginning of the book was a little rough and I really wanted to punch Sam in the nuts with his freaking male ego bullshit, but I love how the author had him have a moment of clarity and calmed that ego down. Seeing their relationship develop and both their fears and insecurities come to peace was just really beautiful. I also loved Finn and his quirky personality. Seeing him and Sam interact was heartwarming and one of my favorite things about this book. This is an absolutely adorable Christmas novel.
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I loved this book and how thee story unfolded.  Funny at times, heartwarming and beautifully written.  I loved how the story unfolded.  Sam seeking sanctuary in the little English village called Honeyford and meeting Tess who just wanted to make him feel welcome.  A wonderful feel good story for this time of the year.  I enjoyed it so much I didn't want it to end.
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This is a cute little story about finding love after heartbreak. Pull up a chair in front of a fire, grab a got chocolate and be prepared to be taken to Honeyford. You will enjoy the trip.
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This was a cute christmasy book!   Sam, Tess and her adorable son Finn make this story.
Tess is windowed, lives in a smalltown, owns a bakery and does so much for her community.  Sam, a famous TV celebrity and artist, escapes to the small town and becomes neighbors with Tess after a bad public break up.  Sam forms a bond with Finn and slowly sees Tess as more.
If you're looking for a cute holiday book, this one is for you.
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I absolutely loved this gem.  It is a truly an enchanting Christmas tale.  Sam Harrison, a famous artist and TV personality experiences a very public breakup with his model girlfriend in a not so nice way.  Embarrassed and under the tabloid's lens, he decides to escape to quaint Honeyford to visit a friend over the holidays and maybe clear his mind enough to paint again.  Full of grief and woe, he decides to engulf inside this wonderful community and help his neighbor Tess, a military widow, out who is constantly doing for others.  Pretty soon, he's visiting retirement communities, babysitting, and helping with the school play.  Will he find love in Tess and will she be ready to love again?  It is the same Christmas formula but enough of an original layer that kept me interested and wanting more.  I always want to hear what happens after the fairy tale ending.  

Thanks to Netgalley, Sapere Books and Tanya Jean Russell for an Advanced Readers Copy in exchange for an honest and fair review.  This is definitely a holiday you want to pick up and read by a cozy (or should I say cosy) fire!
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My one BIG problem with this book: Sam, the male love interest. He is arrogant and his interest is purely self-serving. The whole time he pursues Beth to stroke his ego and lick his wounds after being ditched by a model. He had no interest in her whatsoever until she made it clear she wasn't interested in him and then he preys on her and her vulnerabilities to make himself feel better. Beth and Finn deserve so much more. The whole time he talks about why he wants to be with Beth it's about what she can do for him and how he can make her feel. That is not love!
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It seemed that the wounds in the soul, inflicted by the past, would never heal and forever cross out the possibility of falling in love again, letting a person into your life, trusting him and experiencing incredible happiness. That all seemed impossible until a handsome man, a TV celebrity, and just a new neighbor, who had to recover from betrayal and heal his wounds in a quiet village, far from the noisy life in London, burst into her life.

Tess is a beautiful young widow, has a son, runs a bakery and produces delicious cakes and pies, helps everyone she can help. After her husband's death, she gave up the idea that she could ever love again.

Sam Harrison is a famous artist who has his own TV show, a rude but handsome man at the first sight. He arrived in the village, where he met Tess, an obsessive woman, a mad fan who followed on his heels.
Was that so? Or was he wrong?

A beautiful love story, warm and sweet like honey. An amazing Christmas read showing that no need to look back, hold on to the past, much better to give the future a chance to change the life and let go of the past, whatever it may be.

I would recommend the book to everyone who loves beautiful love stories and light Christmas reading.

Thanks to Tanya Jean Russell, Sapere Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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Thank you Sapere Books and Netgalley for giving me an E-Arc of this jewel. 🤍

Christmas at Honeyford is the perfect book for anyone who wants a nice, cozy read within their favorite holiday of the year — Christmas. The book tells the story of Sam, a celebrity who seeks some peace and quiet after a leaked video spread on the Internet with his ex-girlfriend Marina, and Tess, a local in Honeyford who dedicated her life to baking, being a part of the small community that was Honeyford and most importantly — raising a son all on her own.

Following their journey from the start to the end was  a delight. I loved reading Sam's grumpiness disappearing the more time he spent at Honeyford and mainly Tess and her son Finn. Every interaction between the main characters and the side ones was a delight, the Honeyford community is so welcoming and warm — you can tell they're one happy family that makes you wish you're a part of really.
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After a very public breakup, artist and TV personality, Sam Harrison rents a cottage in the small town of Honeyford.
Tess Adamson, widow and owner of the local bakery, is Sam's neighbour. 
After a bit of a bumpy start, Sam and Tess become friends and we see them get to know each other as Sam spends more time with Tess and her Son.

Christmas At Honeyford has a sweet, cozy, festive vibe to it. I wasn't a massive fan of the writing style, especially during the first half it felt like timeline was jumping from one moment to the next rather than flowing smoothly. This definitely improved in the second half of the book.

Overall I enjoyed this book. I liked the plot and it was an easy, quick read but I didn't really feel much emotional connection with any of the characters.

Overall I rated Christmas At Honeyford 3 stars.

Thank you NetGalley and Sapere Books for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Sam Harrison is running away from the media, to hide in rural Honeyford away from prying eyes following an embarrassing break up. The last thing he wants is more attention. Widower and local baker Tess Adamson attempts to welcome him to the neighbourhood, but is quickly rebuffed. Following a misunderstanding, they soon become quick friends, along with the budding friendship between Sam and her young son. As they grow closer, there may be more than friendship on the horizon.

This was a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas romance to settle down with, I greatly enjoyed the relationships and story development. The book was perfectly set, and extremely well written. 

I received an advanced copy of Christmas at Honeyford from netgalley for review.
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Since being widowed, Tess Adamson has steadfastly avoided romance. And with a young son and a village bakery to run, she has little time for herself. As the Christmas period approaches, Tess unexpectedly gains a temporary neighbour. He's a celebrity artist and TV star, Sam Harrison. Having suffered a public heartbreak, he has retreated to the village to hide from the press and lick his wounds. Despite Sam’s wish for total seclusion, Tess is determined to make him feel welcome. Moved by her kindness, Sam soon steps in to make her busy life a little easier.

This was one of the cutest romance books I have ever read. I loved Tess and Sam as characters so much. The chemistry, whew! Her son Finn was super cute, especially his fascination with birds. I really enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the way the town felt. The author described everything flawlessly. I felt like I was there. This was the perfect, sweet feel-good Christmas book. Very Hallmark movie. Highly recommend.

This is the third book in the series and the only one I have read. I will absolutely be reading the previous 2 books.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC of this book.
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Great to be back in Honeyford with another lovely story.   Sam and Tess's story is a lovely slow burner with great characters and a book that leaves your with a lovely warm feeling.  Definitely one to curl up with in front of the fire
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Loved reading this book, the story was very good and very well written. The characters were interesting and this made the novel come alive. Good to curl up with during this cold weather of late autumn in preparation for Christmas. I recommend this and give it 5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this e ARC
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Christmas at Honeyford was the perfect way to kick off my holiday reading list! The main characters, Tess and Sam, both have struggles and issues they must overcome in order to have a second chance at love and happiness. The character development was good and the progression of their story was just right. I could really see this being turned into a Hallmark Christmas movie! It was a very sweet romance and a great pick for readers who love happy endings.
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This was a sweet, cozy, holiday romance. If you enjoy small town romances with a grump and sunshine, this may be for you! Though this is a companion to two other novels, it is completely unnecessary to have read them (I didn't, but I will be now!). 

The book is set in the quaint town of Honeyford in England and Tanya Jean Russell did an excellent job of painting the picture of this small town. So well that I found myself being transported and wanted to pop into the bakery to try the tasty treats she wrote about. 

I loved Tess and Sam's story and that they were both coming with their own histories of relationships and were both so patient with each other. I also loved Sam's relationship with Finn and that he took him into consideration through everything. 

This is my first Tanya Jean Russell novel, but it will not be my last! She put a smile on my face and made me feel a great connection with the characters! Thank you to NetGalley and Sapere Books for a copy of this book in exchange for an open and honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.
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This has absolutely everything I love in a Christmas romance: great cast of characters, lots of cheer, a cute kid (kids always make Christmas time more fun!), and a sweet romance. This ticked all the boxes! Loved Tess’s independent spirit, loved Sam’s personality, the tension and how organically their relationship bloomed. The conflict is pretty predictable but it didn’t take away from the story for me! Really enjoyed reading this and it’s exactly what I need this time of the year.
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Tis 'the season for Christmas books and romance!

Imagining  waking up one morning to find out that your new neighbor is a celebrity , I can't . This is what happens to single mum Tess who is recently widowed and avoiding romance (if I may say so) . Sam is hiding from the press in this tiny village and avoiding everyone but Tess won't allow him,  It was so heartwarming following two seemingly heartbroken people find their way to healing. Does love give you a second chance at love ? I recommend this book and look forward to reading more books by Tanya . The author did a wonderful job of character development, plot development  and she painted this village like a place I want to escape too

I received a complimentary copy from Sapere Books and opinions expressed are my own
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Tess lost her husband 6 years ago. He was a soldier. She is raising her 10 year old Finn, and runs a bakery in the small English village. Sam flees London after his model girlfriend is video taped bragging about using him. Licking his wounds he meets Tess and Finn and gets swept up in the ready made family. Good story, although a bit rushed at the end. Still though, fun Christmas read and would recommend.
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