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This was a fantastic read. I loved every single second of it. It was definitely a page turner. I definitely had to read it in one sitting. If you don't know about warhammer 40k this short novel is a perfect read to get you in the mood for more fantasy books by black library. 

The book was wrote in a fantastic and humorous style with plenty of action too.

I really miss playing warhammer 40k but these book definitely never let me forget about it. I think it's great having these books as it gives the table top game even more life. It could even inspire you to create the scenes from this story.

I thought the story line was so much fun and very exciting. Loved how dumb some of the characters were. This really made me enjoy the story even more. I felt like a was reading Orks : a history lol a short intriguing story into there lives. I definitely recommend this book to all fantasy fans. I will definitely be looking out for more books by this amazing author. 

So much praise goes out to the author and publishers for creating this wonderful and very imaginative short story. 

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Just to start I’ll say I’ve never played table top, but I love the lord of the world that games workshop has created with Warhammer 40k, and because of that, I’ve read many of the books based in the 40k universe. Having done that I’ll be the first to admit some are good, and some are bad. But there are many talented writers that I’ve contributed wonderful stories to the black library collection. Mike Brooks has become one of my new favorites with this book.

The story is fast paced, filled with humor, and believe it or not, has pretty great character development for a book based on what are usually considered very minor characters in the 40k universe. The story focuses on one Grot character who through a weird, and often hilarious set of circumstances, finds himself assuming a mantle of leadership among his small band of Grotz. While telling us this story Brooks does a great job of showing us the inner thought processes of such a creature, and it’s about what you’d expect.

The story flows well, and it never feels boring. You could blaze through this one in an afternoon if you wanted, but either way it’s really fun. I really hope brooks puts out more like this. It doesn’t take itself seriously, is loyal to the source material, and is a fun, light story set in a universe where many writers have focused on the dark, grim, world that 40k usually is described as. If your a fan of 40k, and orks specifically, it’s worth a read.

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Wow, just wow. Who would've thought that there could be such light hearted and fun reads set within the Grim Darkness of 40K and from the Orks' perspective? Not me that is for sure. While Gobbo's is a really short novella that I buddy read with Swords and Spectres, it was great one. It is packed full of action and orkish kulture and their way of thinking and speaking was quite a breath of fresh air, even though orks are on the stinky side of things...

Our story mainly follows Fingwit, a grot, lowest of the low in the ork race's ranking system. He is fighting alongside his boss and their job is to take hold of the guns on the imperial ship they have boarded, as ordered by the Big Mek and how they run amok on said ship, it was great! When Mek decides to stop a few bullits with his head, he commands Fingwit to take lead over the grotkin under his command while he rests his eyes for a while. Fingwit tries his utmost best to take charge of the situation and in the process ends up becoming a legend not only to the grotkin everywhere, but I believe in quite a few people's hearts as well. While the Orks are not a faction in 40K to be taken lightly, they are always looking for the next big fight and the harder the fighting goes, the happier they are. It was quite cool to read from their perspective too. The language and mannerisms are so funny and the fact that they exist in 40K still just makes me exited for more ork fronted books. I now regret not requesting Brutal Kunnin when it was available on NG. But that means I can look for it out there on my many book trips.

This book works well as a Stand Alone novel. I would like to see more of the orks and goblins in 40K written in this style. Great comedy and likable story even if it is from the perspective of a xenos faction.

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This is my second green-skinned offering as far as reading goes and, much like Brutal Kunnin' (although not quite as much) I really enjoyed this. Anything orcish, from the mind of Mike Brooks, is going to fun. Lots of fun.

Our story follows Fingwit, part of a grot gang known as 'Da Fingers'. Much like the rest of grot kind, Fingwit, and his band of grottish companions, live in the hope of getting through their day not being eaten, tortured or just flat out killed by their orc overlords. It's not a big ask for all of the above, but a grot that makes it through any given day without any/all of the above things happening to them can consider themselves richer than most.

Sadly, for Fingwit and his crew, their mission takes them deep inside a human warship. So violence, pain and bowel-loosening fear are things they'll have to get used to.

Brooks has a certain rough beauty that goes into his orcy works and it was on full show here. He uses the orc lingo and mannerisms perfectly to get across the fact you're reading a book from an alien perspective rather than a book with alien pov written as though it could have just been a human race. So bravo for the continued attention to detail that goes into these.

As much as I loved this book, I did feel certain parts of it got a bit samey. I liked it a little less when Da Red Gobbo appeared, and perhaps felt it could have done with a dash more orc throughout. Although, saying that, seeing the way a grot's mind works things out and puzzles through the way we humans do things was a lot of fun.

Overall, buying this, or any orc book written by Brooks, is well worth your time and money. I just hope he's got the creative juices flowing at full-speed. Need more orc in my life!

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You have to love Gobbos!

Following around a bunch of goblins on a humie spaceship, getting kicked by Orcs and humies alike, all the while being hilarious!

I love the bits where reality clashes with the goblins's self-ascribed acts and motivations. "clinically making sure of the kill" vs. "frantically stabbing the throat 17 times"

I was disappointed a bit that it was only a short story, I wanted more of that!

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I absolutely adored this book. It’s the first time I have read any of Mike’s stories, but I am a huge fan of Da Red Gobbo and his 2 miniatures adorned my Xmas tree this year. I loved reading more about him and his Gobbo pals. The story was an easy read, but quite exciting! It made me want to get my own Gobbo squad together and kill all the hoomies!

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Mike Brooks has once again created a masterpiece within the Ork space - no other author at BL can delve into the minds of the greenskin for comedy, drama and excitement the way he is able to. Da Gobbo's Revenge is one that I'll re-read whenever I need a pick-me-up, and I look forward to any more stories Brooks writes.

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I really wanted to like this one, but it was my first ork centric read and I might not have realised what I got myself into. The ork way of speaking, while amusing in short bouts, turned out to be really draining to read longer conversations in, possibly not aided by the fact English is not my native language. This really took away from my enjoyment of this read, and I really struggled to get through the first half of it.
Credit where credit is due, though, when the story picked up in the second half there was some amazing character development and an amazingly narrative that somehow gives a glimmer of light to the grimdarkness. It was fun following the little guys, too, where a lot of warhammer books focusses on the big hitters.
all in all, not a bad book, perhaps just not for me.

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I enjoyed this. It’s the rare book from greenskin POV that didn’t frustrate me. (I have a limited patience for books/stories that feature heavily in ork-speak.)

It’s a fun, action-packed and oft-amusing romp in the WH40k universe. Well worth checking out if you’re looking for something a bit lighter in the setting.


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