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The Cat Purrsonality Test

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If you have a cat or have ever met one, this book is for you! Help understand what our feline friends mean with every interaction.
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A different taste of book for me, I personally don't have a cat however I do know a few moggies quite well having spent a lot of time with them and it was particularly interesting.

The art style is pretty cute and I found it to be super quirky to be honest and I really enjoyed learning about the five different traits cats have, obviously which ever one tots up to the most answers wise is the one your cat is mostly likely to be personality wise. It's such a unique read and really allows the reader to feel more connected with their animal which is really in and important these days. 

With thanks to netgalley for this free arc in return for my review, a quick and easily enjoyable read!
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It was a fun cute book with personality tests for the furry family member. It was interesting but some questions and answers were quite random and I don't feel like the personality split was done scientifically (does that even make sense?)
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When I saw The Cat Purrsonality Test on Netgalley I couldn't resist requesting it for review. I'm so glad I did because it was such a cute read. Inside of it are nine different aspects of a cats life and a quiz to take for each of then. It also describes the five traits of cats: neuroticism, extroversion, dominance, impulsiveness, and agreeableness. I found it informative and a fun way to learn more about my cats.

The quizzes are broken into the following categories: confidence, day to day play, mind work, beauty routine, sleeping patterns, purr time, cattitude, chat chat, and cat moves. There are also cute graphics on each page to go along with the reading. These categories break down the uniqueness of cats and what really makes them tick. It is a book based on scientific research but it is more of a guide to help you understand your cat.

I took the quizzes for all three of my cats. Overall, Belle appears to be a dominant and extroverted cat; Simon appears to be an extroverted and agreeable cat; and Bootsie appears to be an extroverted and impulsive cat. I think that this is pretty accurate for who they are personality wise. Of course all of the questions did not line up exactly but it gave enough insight to paint a picture in my mind. 

The Cat Purrsonality Test was so much fun to read. It was light and also taught me some British slang such a moggy. The quizzes and results are easy to follow and understand. This would make a good little gift to anyone with a cat or who may be interested in learning more about them.

Rating: 3.5 Stars
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As a cat owner I was excited to get my hands on this book.  This is a fun little book that can shed some light on your cat's personality. Very well laid out and I love the illustrations. A perfect gift for the ultimate cat lover. Purrrrfect.
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Fun book! More if something that I’d have on the coffee table vs actually read through/take seriously but it’s  always fun to think more in depth about our fur babies. I enjoyed this!
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  This is the fun kind of book that some of our hopelessly obtuse humans might require.  I say this because we cats understand how limited humans can be and in their great desire, nay say need, to understand us, they will go to great lengths to try and pigeonhole us.  We are cats and not pigeons so p[ease be aware, whatever conclusions you may think you have determined, we, of the feline purrsuasion, ultimately reserve the right to change our minds and do something completely different.

It does have some interesting questions in which the feeble human mind can attempt to explain what we do and why we do it.  It is for you to decide if we are merely playing with you, for our own sport, or whether we truly do exhibit these personality traits.

Either way, it could lead to hours of endless fun.  Probably more for us as we lead you on a merry chase than for you but why else are you here but for our amewsement.  Five purrs and two paws up.
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2.5 stars

I know that this isn’t a size fits all but not much of the questions and answers apply to my cats. I would say around 25% of the questions and only two personality types matched while the rest where unrelatable. My cats are very chill and most of these are very active personalities or have some extra details that eventually makes it inapplicable. Besides that, I think it would have been better if the authors used “they” instead of making each question/personality a specific gender because I have both male and female cats.

Overall, the test is fun if you could answer most questions (I was having a hard time doing so because most options where almost all the same in spirit, just worded out differently). The art is amazing and the extra information for certain cat breeds and their common personality was fun to read.

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a digital copy for an honest review.
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Since the beginning of the pandemic, there are two truths I’ve learned: 1. The days seem to blend together and time is irrelevant, and 2. Pets make staying at home better. So I can’t remember exactly when we adopted our two kittens, but I do know it was somewhere between the tapering off of Delta but before Omicron.

That’s why I was so excited to get the chance to read The Cat Purrsonality Test. I want to get to know these creatures that have already provided our family with so much comfort and laughter. Plus it’s been a while since I’ve had a cat! I haven’t had one since I lived in Michigan back in 2006, but that cat belonged to my now ex and he was kind of a dick (the cat and the ex, tbh). Also the cat had a stupid name. 🤷🏻‍♀️

The tests in this book are entertaining and even enlightening at times, though I did tend to struggle with the overwhelming amount of alliteration, the quiz format, and the excessive use of the word “puss.” It essentially reads a little like someone trapped a Gen Z cat lady in a room with one of the people that used to write all of those quizzes in YM Magazine and this book is what they came up with. The illustrations by Alissa Levy are gorgeous and it’s clear the publisher took care to produce an excellent quality gift book. This is would make a great present for anyone you know who is obsessed with their cat(s) or who has recently adopted a pandemic kitty. It’s witty, fun, and surprisingly informative!
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I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publish through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Every cat has a different personality. There are many different frameworks to help categorize the various aspects of those personalities to help their humans understand them better. This book includes a series of multiple-choice questions for humans to answer about their cat’s habits and behaviors to define their dominant personality traits.

While reading this book, I completed the quizzes with my own cat in mind. The results yielded somewhat accurate results, but the set of potential answers for each question did not always include an option that applied to my cat, so there was not always a clear personality group that was a match.

I gave The Cat Purrsonality Test four stars on Goodreads. It provided a couple of general personality groups for my cat for each set of questions, but the answer options were often not thorough enough to give a definitive personality assignment.
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My thanks to Quarto Publishing Group – White Lion for a temporary digital edition via NetGalley of ‘The Cat Purrsonality Test: What Our Feline Friends Are Really Thinking’ by Alison Davies in exchange for an honest review.

This charming illustrated little book is intended as a personality questionnaire for cats. Each of its nine sections offers nine questions about cat behaviour with answers A-D. The idea is to determine how many As, Bs etc describe your cat and then match to the results that follow. 

The author points out in the Introduction that while the book is based on scientific research, it is not a scientific book but rather a light-hearted guide to assist in understanding our feline companions. 

The book concludes with a guide to common breeds and suggestions for further reading. 

The book is illustrated throughout by Alissa Levy and her images of cats at rest and play were delightful. I happily purchased its hardback edition for my library.
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I had a lot of fun and enjoyed this book, perfect if you like magazine quizzes.
The graphical part is amazing and it's a lovely game, sort of basic introduction to feline behaviour
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Interesting concept and totally not what I expected. The information contained here tries to help you understand your cat(s) better. My daughter’s cat had a bad accident about a year ago. She healed physically but was mentally  a different cat. It certainly gets you thinking about what might be going on in their heads. But I seriously doubt that we garnered any more insight than what we had before. Perhaps this book along with others would give a more complete understanding of our cat.
I received a free copy from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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This is the perfect coffee table book for cat lovers. 

The book gives you different questions and descriptions that may of may not describe your cat. As you work your way through the book, you'll get an idea of your cat's personality type. Not only is this interesting, it helps you understand what type of interaction your cat craves most. 

I truly believe many pets in homes are misunderstood. Helping cat owners understand their cat as an individual will make a much more harmonious home. 

The illustrations are beautiful and captures the reader.

If you are a cat parent, this book is a must have.
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This is a fun quick read for anyone who loves multple-choice quizzes and loves cats..  I did find that the answers didn't always ring true (at least when it came to our 4 cats) but half of the fun in those quizzes is just in taking them, not in trying to get an accurate reading.  At the end, it listed several of the major cat breeds and which personality traits they are associated with.  This could be helpful for anyone looking to potentially adopt a cat and was unsure of what type would be the best fit for them and their family.
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This book is perfect for people who love cats and taking magazine quizzes. I thought I loved both and yes I do love cats, but the range of answers in this book sort of irritated me. I know its just supposed to be fun and it did start out that way but meh. It would be perfect if you had to get a gift for someone and needed a little something extra to complete the gift.
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This is a cute book. It is full of nine cat personality quizzes perfect for a cat lover. I enjoyed the idea, but the book was clearly written by someone who is okay with cats going outdoors and used British terminology. It made many of the question irrelevant to those who keep cats indoors. I know pet ownership and indoor/outdoor is different in other countries but it is mostly not done in the U.S. if it took out mention to outdoors, it would be more adaptable to a US audience.
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A gorgeous book for cat lovers and cat owners who want to understand their cat a little better. While I think it should be taken with a pinch of salt, there is a lot to be learnt from this lovely guide to our feline friends and their behaviour.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me read an advance copy of this book in exchange for my feedback.
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This was a fun little book!  I enjoyed taking the tests and seeing how my cats fit.  I quite often will read articles that are on the topic to cat behavior and found this to be an engaging way to read about it.  Many of the sections were spot on about my cats.
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This is such a cute book of quizzes designed to help you get to know your cat a bit better, with wonderful illustrations to accompany them. I highly recommend it to anyone with a cat!
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