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One Camel Called Doug

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Cool camel characters and a story about being happy alone or with others.

Doug feels a little alone, just him. He can't even play hide and seek. But oh what's this?! Another camel... and another... soon Doug is playing different games and finding company is a lot of fun. Until it gets a bit much.

And by the end of course, he can see that being with others can be fun, but being alone can be just as nice too. 

Lovely illustrations from Sarah Warburton, very funny and colourful camels, each one is individual and they are rather fascinating to see with their pinata, their skipping, their teddies. Gonna be a winner.

The rhymes are fab too, I enjoyed reading this aloud. A little bit of counting, but really it's a wonderful story about making the most of whoever is around, or enjoying some quiet time when it's just you.

For ages 3-7.

With thanks to Netgalley for providing a sample reading copy.
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Lu Fraser has created another loveable character in One Camel Called Doug. A fantastic rhyming picture book about friendship and the joy of alone time too, with a little counting to boot. It's great fun!
A definite winner for picture book lovers young and old,
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This is an utterly wonderful book in every respect! Lu Fraser and Sarah Warburton have produced something magical.  The wonderful characters and engaging story are brought to life on every page by quirky, fun, colourful illustrations.  The book has everything and more - pitch perfect rhyming, simple counting, clever repetition, laughter and a great lesson for us all about how it's great to be with others but sometimes a little self care is great too.  It is a joy to read  and as soon as you finish you really will want to read it again.  I could write so much about this book but really the only thing you need to know from this review is is go and read it as soon as you can - you and the children you read to will be so glad you did and I bet you will all fall  just a little bit in love with Doug and his gang. 

With enormous thanks to the author/illustrator, publisher and NetGalley for spreading such joy into my life today.
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Another triumph from Lu Fraser that extols the joy of companionship, as well as the bliss of solitude.

Lots of fun, inventive rhymes, camel counting and all beautifully illustrated.
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As fun as this book is, there are some clever layers that make it a top text for 2022. Firstly, it’s a counting book from one to five and secondly, there’s a clever double message about balancing friendship with time alone or, to put it another way, balancing party time with downtime. We really liked that the story comes full-circle and the ending really does make it the perfect bedtime story.

We are big fans of Lu Fraser’s picture books and Lu seems to be setting a trend for unusual, fun and larger than life animal characters. The Viking That Loved Icing and The Witchling’s Witch were both big hits but One Camel Called Doug is very much in the same ilk as Lu’s debut, The Littlest Yak. With yaks and now camels, we simply can’t wait to see what is coming next!

One Camel Called Doug is available to pre-order and released on 17th February 2022. A big thanks to @NetGalley for the digital review copy.
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If you haven't met Gertie the Littlest Yak from Lu Fraser's previous picture book, what have you been doing!? You'll love that book but here is the next one to be excited about! You must add both to your Picture Book library at home! 

One quick look at Doug, right there on the cover, you just know he's going to be such a fun camel! 

Look at that blue quiff hairstyle & groovy legwarmers!

Get ready for some lovely rhymes & a crazy, fun story. 

Doug's adventure starts with just him but guess who else will soon join in?

The illustrations by Sarah Warburton are so detailed there's a lot to talk about after you've read the story. 
We love this one so much & will be reading it to everyone in our reading MiniClub. It'll make everyone smile!
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A picture book that is as entertaining as it is awesomely colourful. A feast for the young mind to explore and engage with through Lu's fabulous rhymes which just flow from page to page and leap into ones own voice so easily. 
And who doesn't love Sarah's artwork? It had us in awe and stitches as we explored the shenanigans of Doug and his new pals as they explored the joys of newfound friends and the activities and fun they could have together. But the message as equally important as the friends, and one I was so pleased to see, was that downtime, me time, was a good thing too. As an autistic adult, this is so good to see being taught.

As for Doug's leg warmers, well, Lu will have to start a 'Doug' branded merchandise store! I'm up for some . . . for our own camel, naturally! 😉

A must-have buy for this year and a great companion for 'The Littlest Yak'.
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The illustrations in this book are really cute. This story is about a camel called Doug, there was just one of everything until more camels arrived. Great counting book. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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We're HUGE fans of Lu Fraser's books, especially The Littlest Yak. I love how through her beautiful, rhyming storytelling she can melt a single character to your heart and leave them there forever like a good friend.

You are going to adore Doug. Doug knows all about one. He's on his own and wonders if he might be missing out. It's not long before there's another friend and another. So much fun can be had with more than one and it's not long before there's a caravan of camels! Yet this story has a lovely twist that after all of the frolicking fun, it's great being just one.

This would make an ideal read-aloud book with repeated refrains where children can all join in with brilliant rhyming strings to have you guessing what the name of the next camel and number might be. 

It's so much more than just a counting book; the camels go up to five. However, each number is written in words and a maths Year 1 (England) expectation is for children to read and write numbers in their word form up to 20. Therefore this book would be useful to use if you are working on this aspect of maths. Introducing topics through story is always my preferred way.

Often in a book one spread jumps out at me and is my favourite but there are just too many to choose from. My daughter (5) couldn't pick just one either. The gentle, warm tones used by Sarah with the pops of colour are magnificent. There is so much to spot. One page had us stopping and discussing for quite a while and that was the fancy dress page; brilliant camel humps. It's a must see! Another dream pairing of author and illustrator working in complete harmony together to bring us a stand out book for 2022.

I'd recommend One Camel Called Doug for picture book lovers of any age. Both my daughter and I gave it 5 stars. 

Thank you  #SimonAndSchuster and #NetGalley for letting us read and review this eARC #OneCamelCalledDoug
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I absolutely adored One Camel named Doug - and so did my three year old! She enjoyed counting up as the new camels arrived, and remembered the names of each one, the rhyming scheme is fab and kept her engaged throughout the story, and she loved all the camels having their party! She wanted to know what the prize was in the pass the parcel... Fantastic illustrations, they kept her attention and she wanted to explore them. Personally I think the message that it's great to be with others but enjoying time on your own too is a wonderful one, I love the promotion of just being yourself, and being by yourself. Gorgeous book - would highly recommend.
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A cute picture book with some lovely illustrations, teaching children the importance of friendship. A great read for fans of Dr Zeus, would recommend for ages 3-6.
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Lu Fraser has done it again! One Camel Called Doug is another standout, sparkling picture book from award-winning storyteller extraordinaire, Lu Fraser.

Lu's ability to create such loveable characters is bewitching - I adored delightful Doug and his camel crew in this charming and reassuring tale about finding pleasure and peace in solitude (because we all need a little alone/self care time).

With flawless rhyme and a fun counting element too, One Camel Called Doug will lead the herd for best picture books in 2022.
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Loved this so much and so happy to see different animals in a child’s book fora change, loved Doug and his journey to make new friends, the rhymes are so cute and well done. A lovely read with great illustrations, thoroughly recommend 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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This is an entertaining little book! I love the illustrations and the colour palette, and a camel as the character is an incredible choice! We don't see that very often, so kudos!
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A fabulous fun counting book that follows Doug the Camel as he plays with new friends. A beautiful message that whilst having lots of friends around can be fun it’s still ok to want to have some time on your own as well. We all need a little bit of oneness sometimes. I loved the illustrations in this book - the expressions on the camels made me smile and who doesn’t love the image of a camel fancy dress party! 
One to pre-order from the writer of the very popular The  Littlest Yak!
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A fabulous book, that conveys the joy of getting a new friend, and then a further new friend, and then a newer new friend – and also of the delights of being alone with far fewer cares in the world.  Faultless rhymes, a repeated section that introduces each new camel (did I not say we're talking about camels here?!) with a kind-of 'guess what finishes the rhyme' beat as each new arrival is named...  There's a lot here to love and practically nothing to dislike.  I mean, I'd never really wondered what dromedaries would wear as fancy dress – now I know.  The charms of this book will be lasting.
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