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Complex mystery with interesting characters and lots of twists Did Sam commit suicide or is there more to this mystery.
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Sam Goddard missed his own wedding because he drove his motorbike into the Thames. Dying with him, a sixteen year old girl riding in his sidecar. A message on his phone apologizing. To the police and several friends, case closed. But his fiancee. Toni wants answers so she hires Tyrone Swift. Is she prepared for what Tyrone turns up? 
This is number 9 in the Tyrone Swift series. Tyrone’s an ex-detective, now turned private, who doesn’t take no for an answer. An excellent read.
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In this ninth installment of the Tyrone Swift Detective series, a grieving bride-to-be hires Swift to investigate the death of her fiancé that the London police ruled a suicide. I was gripped from the first chapter and recommend you read this for yourselves.
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It surprised me to see that this author has written so many books. She’s an adequate writer, but not a good storyteller. (And to describe this book as ‘gripping’ is ludicrous.) 
I won’t be posting a review. Not a bad book, per se—there just isn’t any there, there.
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Another enthralling installment in a strong investigative series - engaging characters, complex mystery with many players and red herrings - the series is a good one, but the story is strong enough to stand on it's own if you haven't.  Recommended for all investigation/mystery fans!
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4 stars    
Ty investigates a presumed suicide at the behest of the victim’s fiancée, who suspects foul play. This is a complex mystery with great characters.
[What I liked:]

•I enjoy Ty’s investigative style, which usually has multiple leads ongoing at once. Some may turn out to be dead ends, others connect in surprising ways. The level of detail & intricacy in not only the solution to the case but also how Ty gets there is very satisfying to read.
•Once again, great character development. We continue to get glimpses of Ty’s personal life including new developments with his daughter Branna, & other family members.

•The other characters in this book are great, too! From a food loving retired opera singer to a magenta-haired high school student & aspiring designer to a well meaning yet terrible house guest, the cast of supporting characters is memorable & amusing.

[What I didn’t like as much:]

•Ty basically ends up sleeping with someone he’s not interested in in order to get information out of her. He literally says, “Debts had to be paid.” That’s really manipulative & not okay.

CW: murder, infidelity, suicide, underage sex, manipulative sex

[I received an ARC ebook copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Thank you for the book!]
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Book 9 in the brilliant Tyrone Swift series.  They work perfectly as stand alone but it is always beneficial to read them in sequence so you are better able to follow the personal background stories.

Toni is getting ready for her wedding when she receives the tragic news that her fiance is dead.  If that isn't bad enough it appears that he committed suicide along with a 15 year old girl.  Toni is unable to accept any of this and asks Tyrone to investigate.

As Tyrone starts to unravel the lies and mystery surrounding the even he finds that everyone seems to have secrets but which of those secrets have a bearing on the case?  He has his work cut out sorting the wheat from the chaff.

I do love Tyrone's books they may not have the adrenaline pumping suspense of a detective thriller but I really enjoy the slower pace of the private investigator getting into the nitty gritty of a case and uncovering the personalities and secrets of the people involved and then working through finding out what is relevant and what is still hidden.

As the book progresses there are several red herrings thrown in that add to the intrigue and the ending where all is revealed comes as a shock I wasn't expecting.

Tyrone's relationship with his daughter, Branna adds interest and makes the characters all the more human.

A very enjoyable read and I am looking forward to more in this series.
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I really enjoyed reading this book.  It was the second Tyrone Swift mystery I've read.  It gave a glimpse into the personal life of Swift as well as his actions concerning his attempt to find out what happened to the fiance of his client.  It was an interesting and engaging mystery.  I highly recommend it to other mystery readers.
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This mystery/thriller got off to a slow start, then picked up speed and never looked back. It kept me going right to the end, with plenty of red herrings and a twisty ending that I didn't expect. I hadn't read this series before. Now I'm hooked!
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Superb storyline and believable characters. I have not read anything by Gretta Mulrooney before but will certainly look out for the previous books in this series. Well worth reading!
Thank you Joffre Books and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to give my unbiased opinion
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Death By The Thames by Gretta Mulrooney is the ninth book in the PI Tyrone Swift Series and this is the first book I have read by Gretta and I really enjoyed it. It's a cosy twisty crime mystery book which  is based in London. All the characters were excellent especially PI Tyrone Swift which I adored!. I will be going back to read the other eight books in this series. Even though I have only read one book in this series I highly recommend this book! 

Big thank to NetGalley, Joffe Books and the author Greta Mulrooney for my ARC of Death By The Thames in exchange for an honest review.
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This is book number 9 in the highly popular series about Tyrone Swift, the ex-Met policeman turned private investigator, He has a young daughter Branna, the result of a one-night stand with Ruth, the lady he was once engaged to but then lost to another man. He has personally survived a dreadful attack and people close to him have died as he has pursued his investigations. Ruth is soon to be married and is taking Branna to live in Guernsey so once again there is turmoil in Ty’s personal life. At least his cousin Faith is now doing well after her recent harrowing experiences but the arrival of the larger-than-life Eli certainly keeps Ty’s hands full. In this story Ty is approached by Toni Sheringham who was informed of the death of her fiancé Sam on the morning of their planned wedding. The circumstances are rather strange since Sam plunged into the river Thames together with his beloved motorbike and with a teenage girl in the sidecar. The police can find no connection between the pair but an odd text message on Sam’s phone indicates a bizarre suicide pact and after three months the investigation is closed. Toni refuses to believe it was this simple, even though most of Sam’s friends seem willing to accept that the man was having an underage relationship, and hires Ty to get to the truth. As Ty digs deeper he finds more and more people with links to the two victims who each have their own tales to tell about them. Not everything is as it first seems and it looks like there was a lot the police didn’t uncover. So what brought this rather self-centred attention seeking teenager and a mild mannered and frankly rather boring man together to meet their deaths?
It's a great slow burn story with loads of red herrings and trails that lead nowhere, and Ty has to run each one to ground doggedly and make sense of all the clues in his search for the truth, which ends in a shocking finish with wide reaching ramifications. Well written, with a very clever plot and great characters that were easy to visualize. 5*
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Death by the Thames by Gretta Mulrooney.
Tyrone Swift Detective Book 9.
One dead fiancé.
One dead runaway.
One woman desperate for answers.Respectable, dull Sam Goddard is found dead in the River Thames the evening before his wedding,But Sam’s bride-to-be Toni refuses to believe this.
Desperate to uncover the truth, she turns to Detective Tyrone Swift for answers.
A good read with good characters.  Likeable story.  4*.
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I love this series of books and this one does not disappoint. Great cast of believable characters and a satisfying plot. The main protagonist seems so real, he is the intelligent and heroic type, but has empathy and depth of feeling.
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Financier Sam Goddard never made it down the aisle. Instead, his body is pulled from the Thames. Everyone says he rode his motorbike into the water & in the sidecar was fifteen year old Naomi Ludlow, a tearaway with a taste for older men. 
 On his phone, a text.  So sorry to do this to you . . .
The police know a suicide pact when they see one, and as far as they’re concerned, it’s case closed.
But Toni — Sam’s grieving fiancée — can’t believe it’s true. Desperate to uncover the truth about Sam’s death, she turns to Tyrone Swift for answers.
This is Tyrone’s ninth outing & the first I’ve read in this series. I wasn’t lost or felt as though I was wading through mud to catch up however I enjoyed it so much that I’ve bought all the eight earlier books. The characters were likeable & had depth, there were quite a few to get to know too. I loved Tyrone, yes he’s flawed but adores his daughter & is like a dog with a bone when working. There wee plenty of twists & turns & I found the plot was more complex than many stories & the author dropped in other small mysteries, which I enjoyed. I sort of guessed the culprit but wasn’t sure & the reveal did surprise me. An engrossing read
My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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The time former detective, now private investigator, Ty Swift is asked to help ascertain whether the death of a young man on the day of his wedding really was suicide or murder. Sam is found dead in the Thames with his motorbike and a young girl Naomi; there's a suicide note on his phone. Toni is informed of this as she is dressing for her wedding to Sam and, not surprisingly, doesn't believe the suicide aspect. Sam was sound, devoted to Toni and his motor-bike, conventional and all the rest. Certainly not one to prey upon an underage girl, a girl who is pure as the driven snow according to her parents although her brother is a little more open-minded/candid about this.  Ty has quite a few leads to follow but most turn up as dead ends or irrelevant. He persists and uncovers plots to scam elderly people from their savings, quite successful scams to be told.  The characters feel real, Toni's grief and disbelief very strong and Ty's dogged detecting thorough. He has enough personal life to add to his character although he seems a bit too keen to have one-, or 3-night stands and then feel guilt for me. He's human though and, at least in this book, there's little or no beating up and gore. A good story that keep the reader going. Thanks to NetGalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for an advance copy of Death by the Thames, the ninth novel to feature London based PI Tyrone Swift.

Toni Sheringham asks Ty to investigate the death of her fiancé, Sam, who died the night before their wedding in an apparent suicide pact in the Thames with fifteen year old Naomi Ludlow. She doesn’t believe that he killed himself or was having an affair with an underage girl as the police have said.

I thoroughly enjoyed Death by the Thames and have rated it 5*, not because it’s a literary masterpiece, but because it whetted my curiosity at every turn and held my attention throughout and that’s a difficult thing to do in this season of distractions.

I should say that I am a big Ty Swift fan. I like his doggedness and his smarts during his investigations and I love that his life is full of women he respects and wants to support. And, yet, he’s no pushover. In this novel I was amazed that he came to no physical harm - is this a first? I would also like to give a shout-out to Eli, an old acquaintance, who talks Ty into letting him stay. He’s so awful that he’s funny.

The plot isn’t particularly exciting on the action front with only one real physical altercation, but it doesn’t need to be go, go, go to be gripping. The plot is full of small mysteries that the reader wants answered, like how did Sam and Naomi know each other, why do Toni’s friends oppose Ty’s investigation, who were Sam and Naomi and a myriad of others? The author does a good job of throwing up more questions every time Ty gets a hint of an answer. I found it insidiously addictive. The best is saved for the denouement. I must admit that I didn’t see most of it coming, so there were plenty of surprises and a small mystery turns into something much larger and more nefarious.

Death by the Thames is a good read that I have no hesitation in recommending.
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Tyrone Swift Detective Book 9

Financier Sam Goddard never made it down the aisle. Instead, his body is pulled from the Thames. Everyone says he rode his bike into the water. And he didn't die alone....  Riding in his sidecar, there's an underage girl. On his phone a text. So sorry to do this to you....  The police know a suicide pact when they see one. and as far as they are concerned, it's case closed.

Toni hires Tyrone to find out what had led to her future husbands alleged suicide taking a fifteen year old girl with him. Toni doesn't believe that Sam would be involved with an underage girl and she wants to clear his name.

I quite like this series of Tyrone Swift books. They're quick and easy to read. With very little evidence to go on, Throne Swift has his work cut out trying to solve whether it was a suicide or something more sinister. There's quite a lot of characters to remember. Tyrone Swift is a flawed but likeable character and I love the relationship he has with his daughter. A great  addition to the series.

I would like to thank #NetGalley #JoffeBooks and the author #GretaMulrooney for my ARC of #DeathByTheThames in exchange for an honest review.
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An excellent, gripping and well plotted mystery. It's the second I read in this series and I'm thinking of reading the rest of the series.
Interesting characters, solid mystery that kept me guessing.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Death By the Thames is the first book that I have read by Gretta Mulrooney. This novel is number 9 in a series of 9. I did find this mystery compelling.  The characters were nicely defined, although not always likable.  However the protagonist was always interesting. Death By the Thames held my attention, and while I was sure I knew why and how pretty quickly, the story remained interesting, as the details unfolded. I liked Mulrooney's writing well enough that I will go back and read the earlier books in this series.  One thing that I definitely appreciated was that Death By the Thames is a book that stands on its own. It wasn't necessary to have read the earlier books to be able to follow the events in this most recent mystery.
I want too thank the author and publisher for making this ARC available. I read a great many mysteries and I am always willing to write an honest review.  I liked Death By the Thames, and I am not shy about saying so.
And thank you to NetGalley for introducing me to so many new authors and for making these books available.
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