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I enjoyed the unpredictably of this title, with a storyline which I kept trying to work out where it was heading - without success! It was a fast paced, quick read and one that I'd highly recommend. The twist at the end was one of the best I've read.

Many thanks to Welbeck Publishing UK and NetGalley UK for the review copy.
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Loved this book I really enjoyed the Prank so was really thrilled to get this one . It did not disappoint it was an enjoyable refreshing read definitely a page turner so a quick read as you want to know what’s next . A great read
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I thought I had reviewed this as I read the ARC a while ago but it appears that I didn't.

This plot is twisty and full of surprises. The twins who are chalk and cheese. Margo the live in nanny and Cora the wild dancer. And a dark secret from the past that threatens to explode.

Its hard to review without giving to much of the plot but if you love twisty thrillers then this is for you.
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With a guessable plot this book was an ok read, a fast paced one.
This was a read now on NG - thanks to the publisher and NG!
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This is such a clever book! I absolutely loved the storyline of the twins. Wasn’t a predictable thriller and the twist at the end was amazing! I will be reading all of this authors work now
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I really struggled with this one , I just couldn’t get into it. It was so slow, the storyline just didn’t grip me at all.
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This book would have gotten a higher rating if it weren't for the fact that I read another book which had the exact plot of this, that book also had twins and the 'twist' was the exact same as this. From abt 1/2 way into the book I knew that the thing which happened in the other book was gonna happen here and it did. Im not saying the author copied the other book coz the two books were pub at the same time. But I was pissed off coz I knew what was gonna happen. But I feel like this book was done better! And the ending almost made me cry.

I got late to post the review for this because there was a problem with the netgalley copy and it wasn't getting sent to the kindle, and I had no way of downloading the netgalley app so I had to wait until the book was published to get a copy and review it.
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I adore Liv, I was so excited to get my hands on this one and squealed when this one dropped. Instantly I knew, I needed to drop everything and get stuck in.

I have been completely unwilling to put this one down. It is dark and filled with twists that you don’t expect. Matthews hasn’t disappointed with this gem.

This has been unpredictable and I can safely say I’ve been captivated. I found myself unwilling to put this down, to the point I’ve given a Death Stare to anyone that has attempted to interrupt. Matthews has a superb writing style and this compulsive read has been one that I have been kept guessing by throughout.

Margo has been an interesting character, one I’ve felt needs to deal with her trauma in order to understand the truth. I have loved everything about this book! Matthews is high on the list of favourite female authors and I cannot wait for the next book already. I know it will be fantastic.

I cannot say anything negative about this one. It’s definitely one for the TBR.
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WHAT A TWIST! I loved this dark thriller that perfectly sums up obsession, family secrets and sibling rivalry. I will certainly be reading this author's other novels. She is a real talent to watch. The ending still gives me chills!
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Absolutely amazing! Fantastic story, beautifully written..Not that I'd expect anything less from the fantastic LV Matthew's.
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This is such a gripping read! My interest was hel throughout 

I didn’t trust any of the characters, whilst I throughly enjoyed ‘hating’ them, I loved finding out why I did

A dark and twisted read, you need to add this to your tbr
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Oh. My. Gosh!! This book has left me speechless and being a big crime/thriller lover, it takes a lot for a book to do that.

I absolutely loved @lvmatthews debut, The Prank, so I was super excited to be asked to take part in the book tour for The Twins. This book is unputdownable and it literally consumed me until I had finished it; I just could not stop reading it!

The Twins are Margo and Cora and despite being identical, they are world’s apart! Margo; a quiet, well mannered, nurturing nanny. Cora; a wild, spontaneous, party girl dancer. Both have locked their past away but the secrets slowly start to unravel, it becomes clear that only one twin can survive!

Liv writes the twins brilliantly, switching between the two through out the book. She is a master at character writing, creating these brilliant, deep and dynamic girls who are just so utterly different! Whilst part of me connected with Margo more, I loved the wild side of Cora and so looked forward to her chapters. How she created this complex and intense relationships between the sisters was spot on and really made for great reading.

As for the plot, well it completely blew me away!! I won’t say much for fear of spoilers but this took some brilliant masterminding from Liv herself and it certainly packed a punch. I did not expect the ending at all and loved the originality and ingenious shown!

I can’t sing this books praises enough and certainly will be recommending it to everyone. Amazing work @lvmatthews - you totally smashed it out of the park!
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The Prank was one of my favourite thrillers of last year so I was so excited to read The Twins. This book is even more dark, intense and has even more twists! You will not be disappointed!

Twin sisters Margo a nanny and Cora a dancer are not your stereotypical twins. Margo nannies in Kensington and lives a more than comfortable life. She adores the twins in her care, her life is orderly and controlled which is helped by the pills that she takes.
Meanwhile Cora is a struggling dancer, down on her luck, finding it difficult to make ends meet and shares a flat with her friend Nav. Her luck changes when she lands the lead  in Mirror, Mirror, a role she was born to play. The only constant connection Cora and Margo now share is their sister Annie. 
What happened to her? What secrets are in their past? Why are they haunted by their childhood?

This book is character driven and is filled with obsession, dark secrets, family relationships and trauma. It’s fast paced and fantastically twisty! A story that will stay with you long after the last page!
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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Welbeck Publishing UK for the electronic copy.

This is a really good psychological thriller, full of twists and red-herrings and interesting characters.  I really liked it.

Told from Margo's and Cora's points of view - they are identical twins but have taken different paths in life since an accident happened when they were 18yrs-old in which their younger sister Annie died.  They were part of a wealthy family, travelled the world, and had a house in Switzerland.  Their Nanny was Miss Patricia - a retired ballet dancer who coached all three girls in dance.  The family moved to Switzerland following the accident - that was 9 years ago.  Now, Margo is Nanny to a wealthy professional couple in Kensington and their twins;  she has a life of luxury and is excellent at her job.  Although Margo danced as well, Cora was the most talented and is living with Nav in a dingy flat in London.  Cora uses her feminine charms to secure work and lands her dream role in a contemporary dance production of "Mirror Mirror".

Margo is addicted to the pills she's taken, on Cora's advice, for the past 9 years, but they've run out and she nervously awaits a new supply.  As she does so, she experiences flashes of memory - but she just can't remember how Annie had died - why not?  She searches for answers through a therapist as well as contacting Cora's ex-boyfriend to try and unlock those memories - with devastating results.  Is she ready to face the truth?
Why won't anyone tell her how Annie died?

Does Cora know the truth?

Totally absorbing - a really good read!
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As a reader who finds tales about twins fascinating I was thrilled to be approved for this story by LV Matthews. Cora and Margo lead completely different lives; Cora is a broke dancer living in London with only enough money for her daily needs, whereas Margo works as a nanny for an upper-class Kensington family, enjoying the material fruits of her employers' wealth.

I just love LV Matthews' compelling writing and her characters are so richly drawn. This dark, twist-filled novel leaves you wanting to read another chapter as it plays around with memory, secrets and relationships as well as deception and obsession. Told from alternating perspectives I was held in its enthral until I reached the shocking conclusion. This book should be on the lists for all enthusiasts of deep, suspenseful mysteries.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Welbeck Publishing UK via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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The twins is another must read story I will recommend.

I loved “The prank” last year, and this one is so much more suspenseful and twisted.

And these two have their plate overflowing with buried secrets.

I’m not even sure who I was rooting for more all along because I was always changing my feelings between one or the other while discovering more of their lives and scenarios with each chapter.

One trying to forget and the other trying to remember everything from that unfortunate night. 

It’s a fast-paced story that kept me up way into the night because I really wanted to know how everything will unveil and there were quite a few moments when I had to reread certain scenes because my theories were so out of place compared to what I was reading!

Twisted, addictive and intriguing story that many readers will enjoy.
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Puzzling and haunting family drama, with a needle-sharp sting that will pierce your heart!

I was a really big fan Matthews debut novel, The Prank, last year and had really high expectations for The Twins. Matthews does not disappoint and The Twins demonstrates what a gifted writer she is. In many ways, this is a more accomplished book than The Prank (which is very hard, as that is such an engrossing and satisfying thriller!), with a complex yet exhilarating plot and exceptionally developed characters. Not only does Matthews deliver a tense and twisted narrative, she writes some incredibly beautiful prose that is woven seamlessly into the dark tale between these pages.

There’s something very Hitchcockian about The Twins, with the core characters skirting around obsession, madness and deception. I can fully see how the master of cinematic thrills could have adapted this novel and brought it to the screen (and I hope that someone does do this, even though Hitchcock himself can’t). This novel is very much about its central characters and I was immediately drawn in to both Margo and Cora’s lives. Unlike a lot of twins, these two are like chalk and cheese and I was absolutely fascinated by the contrasting lives and personalities of both sisters. As Margo delves deeper into past traumas and Cora’s role in Margo’s life begins to become clearer and clearer, I can honestly say that neither sister was who I initially thought they would be. The format of the book really helped with this too and I really enjoyed the chapters alternating between the two distinct voices of Margo and Cora. Matthews is a master herself at leading readers down a certain path, only to unceremoniously rip the rug out from under and completely flip the story on its head. It makes The Twins an exciting and pacy, character driven read that is nigh on impossible to put down.

Without revealing too much of the perfectly plotted story, this book deals with some incredibly difficult and affecting issues too. Matthews does this with sensitivity, whilst also packing a massive, powerhouse of a sucker punch ending that I didn’t see coming until exactly when she wanted me to. It’s an incredibly satisfying conclusion that neatly brings all of the different elements of the story together and immediately made me think, “Of course!” and berate myself for not picking up on all of the clues that are so expertly dropped like Hansel & Gretel’s proverbial breadcrumbs through the course of the narrative. As the final revelations come to the forefront, I found this a heart-wrenching and powerful story in a way that I wasn’t expecting. I will be thinking about it for a long time and highly recommend it to those who enjoy a solid thriller with a deeper, thought-provoking meaning.
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I really enjoyed this book. I found it to be really well written with likeable characters. The plot ws very engaging nd tense and kept me guessing on the edge of my seat throughout.
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This review is so difficult to write as I do not want to give anything away regarding the plot as you absolutely must go into this without knowing anything otherwise you will ruin the epic twist that blew my mind!!

I will say that this is brilliantly written and fast paced. I couldn’t put it down and for the majority of it I was sure I knew what was coming… wrong I was.

Both twins lead completely different lives, yet I warmed to both of them and wanted them both to succeed in their lives and careers. However I definitely think Cora was my favourite, she was completely wild and reading about what she got up to was brilliant along with the intense pressure of being an upcoming dancer.

As mentioned there is a mind blowing twist which at first I thought was revealed a little too soon, but everything that came after it was needed to fully explain everything and I was very satisfied with how it all concluded.

Overall this was a captivating and jaw dropping story that is a must read!
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L V Matthews has done it again! The Prank is one of my top favourite thrillers and now The Twins is right up there too. 

This was an unputdownable read that had me gripped from beginning to end. Quite often I’ll theorise when reading thrillers and sometimes predict the twist, but wow this utterly blew me away! 

It’s hard to say much more without giving any spoilers, but seriously if you love a gripping page turner, I highly recommend you give The Twins a read ASAP! 

A huge thank you to NetGalley, Welbeck  and L V Matthews for an advanced copy of this gem!
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