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Twin sisters Margo and Cora lead polar opposite lives. barely seeing each other thanks to a horrific incident that happened to them as children completely tainting their relationship. Margo begins to want to learn the truth behind what happened to them that night but she can't bring herself to find the memories thanks to the tramua that she experienced as a child. Slowly, with the help of a therepist and an old friend Margo starts to piece together the goings on of her past and uncovers the shocking family secrets that Cora is so desperate for her to forget.

Ive got identical twin sons and often find books about twins INCREDIBLY clichè... swapped at birth.. own parents don't even know them apart.. lumped together as the same person.. no individuality.. NOT IN THIS BOOK! The fact that Margo and Cora are twins is very much a minor part of their identities in this book and I found that so refreshing and exactly as it should be.

A fab phycological thriller that really gave me the perfect escapism I needed whilst stuck at home with two three year olds and COVID for Christmas! This book had lovely short snappy chapters bouncing from Margo and Coras points of view. High energy and kept me guessing right up until that end reveal.. which was not what I was expecting at all!  Overall a really enjoyable entertaining book that I would most definitely recommend to all the thriller lovers out there.
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Absolutely gripping psych thriller. I wasn't 100% convinced by the twist at first, but it soon brought me along with it, and by the end I was in tears for Margo and Cora. Will definitely recommend.
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This was a bit of a slow burn for me but once I got into it then I was hooked!! I loved the 2 perspectives and the fact that the 2 perspectives come together, it's not 2 isolated stories, just the 2 very different outlooks running parallel to one and other. It's very much a psychological thriller and will have your mind doing one heck of a spiral as you try to figure out answers to all the questions that the sisters lives bring up. It's not a book you can just skim over whilst also texting your friends, shut the curtains, put the fire on and allow yourself to be swept up on this gem of a story
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A gripping book full of delicious twists. Dance is one of the themes of the book and the plot itself is a clever dance that keeps you engaged throughout. A really interesting psychological thriller.
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Wow glad i am not a twin.  This book gripped me didnt hold any punches thanks for the opportunity to review....never read any by this author before but would read from them again
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This is a complete gem of a book.

Cora and Margo are twins - Cora a seasoned dancer and Margo a nanny. Cora is wild, untameable, flies by the seat of her pants twin, whereas Margo is responsible, reliable, and sensible.
The book constantly leaves the reader gripped, pondering questions such as - why does Margo take the tablet,s where is Annie, what was the devastating event that the twins endured in their late teens. Each twist and turn of the tale leaves the reader gripped. It has the best ending I've read in a very long while!
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Dark, compulsive and fiendishly clever; L.V. Matthews’s brilliantly drawn characters will lead you on a merry dance and then hit you with a sucker-punch you’ll feel at a visceral level. Absolutely brilliant!
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A Suffocating Bond….
Twins, an intense almost suffocating bond, a dreadful secret which may well tear them apart..Emotional and disturbing psychological suspense laced with dark humour and with a credible cast of characters. The immersive storyline grips from the off and lures the reader into this dark and suspenseful tale.
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I was captivated by this book, it gripped me right from the very start and would not let me go until the end. It was fast paced, suspenseful and unpredictable. It left me guessing all the way thorugh and I didnt know what to think or who to believe. I loved it.
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The Twins is a riveting psychological thriller! I am absolutely thrilled by this compelling, pacy, and mysterious debut!

The story is written through the eyes of 27-year-old twin sisters, and both are really interesting or actually fascinatingly disturbing! 

I loved how the twins deal with a tragedy from their past in totally different ways: Cora lives sex, drugs and the show business as a professional dancer, while Margo is a dutiful, sensible nanny, who barely has a social life.

Cora’s passion for dancing is described very tangible and therefore intoxicating! I also liked the pinch of black humour here and there, as well as the symbols or rather allegories the author uses, very much - they add to the darkness, the sadness and the dilemma the sisters have been enduring…

Both sisters struggle with the shadow their dark past casts, and both must face the whole darkness of it eventually. I loved how the author gives you hints, bit by bit, about what happened when the twins were teenagers. I was fascinating to read why the sisters cannot ignore their past any longer, how it catches up with them, and what happens when they are forced to deal with it. 

I really enjoyed immersing myself in this suspenseful psychological thriller!
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