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I’m a big Marvel fan and loved reading more about Black Cat. A fun story I highly recommend. Five solid stars!
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Thanks to NetGalley and Aconyte Books for the copy in exchange for an honest review.

This book is focused on Black Cat, a popular antihero, within Marvel's universe.

 I liked seeing her thought process and her two backup dudes had some fun dialogue with her. Her scenes with the panicked teen girl were the most fun by far and wholesome. Fun story!
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This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. Before I could finish reading this book it got archived and there's no way I can review a book I didn't finish reading.
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Yes! Marvel's Black Cat fans should make a point of reading Cath Lauria's Black Cat: Discord because it will not disappoint. This continues the trend of taking beloved Marvel heroines and giving them their very own novels.

Felicia Hardy is very good at what she does, namely stealing and putting her wants and needs above all else. The latest shiny to catch her eyes is a mythical golden apple in New York. The power it promises is enough to ensure that Felicia, aka Black Cat, won't be the only one gunning for it.
Naturally, this potential heist is about to get very complicated for Felicia. Not that it's going to stop her. How will she fare against the heroes and villains hunting for the same prize?

Can I just say that I adore the Marvel Heroines line? It gives some of my favorite characters (and side characters) a chance to shine. Next up on the list, we have Black Cat: Discord by Cath Lauria. If you've ever read a Spider-Man comic, the odds are good that you know precisely who Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, is.

For the Marvel fans (or newbies) who adore a good heist novel, please, please, please pick up Black Cat: Discord because it will make all your dreams come true. Given that this is Black Cat we're talking about, the heist elements should not be a surprise. Nor should it be surprising to hear how much fun this book was to read.

For those that don't know, Black Cat, aka Felicia Hardy, is a morally gray character stemming from the Marvel Universe. She initially showed up in Spider-Man, though she recently had a series of her own (which was a blast to read – go check it out!). She's a criminal who loves heists, shiny things, powerful tech, and sometimes magical items. In short, she appreciates items of high value and knows how to get her hands on them.

Thus we have the foundation of Black Cat: Discord, as Felicia sets out to snatch the mythical golden apple before anyone else does. Naturally, she goes up against many other players in this universe, as power has a way of attracting people.

Readers should prepare themselves for a lot of laughs, tension, and a shockingly tense and emotional conclusion. Oh! And the LGBTQ+ rep included in Black Cat: Discord was very much appreciated. Now, go read it!

Thanks to Aconyte and #NetGalley for making this book available for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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This was my favorite Aconyte novel yet. I love heist stories. Combine that with the Marvel universe and you have a winner. I really liked that this is set in the current Marvel universe. It references a lot of the events from Jed MacKay's current Black Cat comic. Black Cat encounters a ton of Marvel characters grounding the book. It really feels like an extension of MacKay's run as Black Cat teams up with Spider-Man, Daredevil, Iron Man and Iron Fist while encountering the likes of the Owl, Hammerhead, Silvermane and more. Cath Lauria really did her homework.

The story is two fold. Felicity decides to help a teenager whose Dad has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, there's an apple that grants wishes floating around New York City and everyone wants it except Black Cat. Unfortunately for her, she keeps getting sucked into going after it. I absolutely love Felicity Hardy's character in this. She comes across extremely likable and self-sufficient. After reading this, I'd love to see Marvel give Lauria some comics to write.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Felicia Hardy is known for her sticky fingers, so when the rumors of a golden apple that grants wishes she sets her sights on finding out more. After learning that the apples grant wishes at the demise of the wisher, she swears off having anything to do with them. She has no choice but to go against her own whishes when young girl breaks into her apartment asking for her help. The request? Find/Steal a golden apple in order to help her rescue her father. What could go wrong when the Black Cat crosses the path of monsters and heroes alike?

This was a fun, quick read that weaves itself into the Marvel universe and your heart. Felicia is everything you want Catwoman to be and more. She's beautiful, sarcastic, agile, and crazy smart...and that's not including her ability to cause others bad luck. The story is well structured and the pacing is second to none. I was nervous requesting this from the publisher as I'm not a huge Marvel fan, but this story makes me want to read further into it. I have nothing bad to say about this novel and highly recommend it to anyone!

Age range for this novel is 10+, it's fun and kids will be able to relate with Casey(the girl seeking Felicia's help) and those who love a good anti hero will devour page after page. Five golden apples from this reviewer, as it's everything I could wish for and more!
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Felicia Hardy is having a rough week. She had a runs-in with the mythological golden apple that the entire world has been going rabid over and now an ex-villain's teenage daughter is convinced she can help find her missing father. 

Look, I always enjoy a begrudging caretaker trope. I really enjoyed some of the interactions between Casey, Firestrike's daughter, and Felicia. 

But I had three main issues with this book. 
1. The writing is sometimes extremely heavy-handed. It is clunky and the dialogue is sometimes extremely cringey. 
2. I'm not the biggest fan of magic in superhero stories. I would have preferred something more grounded than a magic apple that grants a wish.
3. At some points, it felt like the book was just listing off Marvel characters so you'd go "wait I love Spider-Man!" (There was a cute scene with Danny Rand, and she teams up with Spider-Man and Daredevil at one point. But we get cameos from Dr. Strange, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, etc. It was a bit much.)
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This was a very cute story that really showed off both Black Cat's skills as a thief, as a woman in a male-dominated industry (both as a crime fighter and a criminal), and her empathy towards others. She is shown in a different light than in other pieces, with her two "thugs" aka friends/family that take care of her at home, and the teenage girl that she tries to help in finding her father.
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I'm a huge marvel fan and I absolutely love Black Cat. I hope that in the future we see more and possibly a marvel series. A solid five out of five stars read.
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Overall: Black Cat is a wonderful addition to the Marvel Heroines lineup.

Black Cat. Similarly to the other Marvel Heroines stories, I have enjoyed being able to be in the character’s heads and that we get a good idea for their motivations.
Morality. Black Cat has a fine line on her morals and it was very interesting to see how this toes it.

Action. This is not the biggest of cons, but I feel like I was left wanting a bit more when it came to the action on this one.
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I love the Marvel Heroines series, and Black Cat is just another great entry. I love Felicia from the comics, and reading a book centered around her was fun!
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Wrongly considered by many just to be Marvel’s answer of DC’s Catwoman, Black Cat is so much more than that. I’ve always loved Felicia Hardy and feel like she’s never truly gotten the respect she deserves. But in Black Cat: Discord Felcia gets a chance to shine. Felicia (Black Cat) is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to be who she is. She makes no apologies for who and what she is, which just happens to be one of the world’s best thieves. And while she doesn’t always show it, she has a very big heart as well. 

     While the rest of the world is going crazy trying to get their hands on magical wish granting golden apples that keep appearing, Felicia finds herself getting roped into to helping a younger girl find her missing father.
The story is fast-paced with plenty of action as well as heart. While comic fans will love that there are a ton of very cool cameos from the Marvel’s universe, author Cath Lauria never forgets who the star of the story is. She does an absolutely fantastic job of showing why Black Cat is such a great character, and I can only hope filmmakers treat Felicia with half as much respect if they ever bring her into the MCU movies.

     I’d like to thank Aconyte Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review an eARC of Black Cat: Discord.
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~ Black Cat’s ‘voice’ and personality comes across very clearly 
~ Reads like watching an action movie
~ Many of Marvel’s favourite heroes make an appearance
~ Light story about friendships and loyalties

Black Cat, the much underestimated (not seen enough on screen) villainy hero-ish thief, is minding her business, scoping out some marks at the MET, that is, until the golden apple of absolute selfish madness pops up and heroes and villains alike lose their minds. Everyone wants the apple that grants you anything you desire, never mind the misfortunes that soon follow (cue the monkey’s paw); everyone BUT Felicia. Nope, she has had enough to do with magic and magical beings, thank you and would absolutely, in no shape or form, go after the apple. That is… until a little girl, with guts and gumption turns up and demands she helps her find her father. The path will take them back to the apple, the superheroes and the quirky villains that live in this version of NYC. 

✨Give it a read.

~ I like my stories grittier
~ Somewhat TOO light
~ Once you know comics, HIGHLY predictable, but ehh💁
~ Black Cat is slightly annoying (her goal, so, kudos Cath 👏)

♡🌱 But that’s just me ;)
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This is a really cool book. I was not very familiar with Black Cat before reading this book so it was a great introduction to her character. That said this isn't an origin story so you are staring in the thick of things and some knowledge of the Marvel world will help smooth things along. It was really fun seeing so many marvel characters throughout the story and seeing more of the underworld of New York. The plot was great, thrilling and mysterious, making for a grand adventure. I thought the characters were well written and while I can't compare this version of Black Cat to any others it did leave me wanting more of her story. I also thought the book did a great job of keeping the spirit of a graphic novel in this novelization. All around a cool book.
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A Marvel Heroines novel

I received an advance reader copy of this book from Aconyte Books via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

This story features Felicia Hardy, a technologically augmented burglar known as the Black Cat. I was familiar with Black Cat from a few comics and one of the old Spider-Man animated series. Black Cat faces a couple of different challenges here: first, one of a series of magical golden apples appears in New York that will grant its possessor one wish – it promptly sets in motion a mad scramble to possess it, which Black Cat is drawn in to multiple times.

The other challenge involves a teenage girl who enlists Black Cat’s help in finding her father, who came to New York to testify against the organized crime group the Maggia, and was kidnapped before the trial could occur. Black Cat takes the young girl under her wing, and trains her in various skills that are useful to world-class thieves.

I gave Black Cat: Discord five stars. I enjoyed Black Cat’s character voice, the interactions among her team members, and multiple interactions with other heroes such as Iron Fist, Spider-Man, the Daredevil, and IronMan/Tony Stark. It’s a fun look at a character who walks the fine line between being a hero and being an anti-hero.
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Oh my god. I had so much fun reading this book. This novel was fantastic. The action never stops, Black Cat can barely catch a break and I was there for it. It's not a five star read because I was expecting the ending. But overall it was a great book.
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Are you a fan of heist novels? Yes? Then you should read Black Cat:Discord.

Felicia Hardy is my second favourite heroine, after Rogue, and I was so delighted to see that she got a book of her own as well. Now we just need Storm to complete my holy trinity of favourite characters.

So what has our favourite morally gray cat been up to in this book? She goes from scouting potential jewelery pieces, to chasing a magical golden apple that can grant any wish around the city all while helping a kid get her father back. And you know what? It was fun.

It was great to see Felicia's growth as a character, and her softening towards Casey. I have something in common with both of these girls, I also lost a parent to cancer and I love how that was their initial connection.

We also got to see her working with A LOT of characters, the identities of which I'll keep a secret so you can be as surprised and excited to see them as I was.

AND, THERE WAS LGBT REP! By that I mean, Felicia's bisexuality was out in the open, even though there was no romantic subplot. And I appreciate it so much.

So what are you waiting for? GO READ THIS BOOK NOW! I can promise that the action never stops, Black Cat can barely catch a break, but don't worry, she can handle it, she always does.

P.S. I cried at the end. I wasn't expecting to, but I did. IT WAS EMOTIONAL OKAY? Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be sitting by the door, waiting for the post man to deliver my copy.

*Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review*

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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media for over eighty years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing, publishing, games, and digital media.

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Marvel Heroines – Black Cat: Discord, by Cath Lauria

Legendary super-thief Black Cat takes on some of Marvel’s most renowned heroes and mob secrets in this electrifying heist novel from Marvel Heroines.

Felicia Hardy always puts her own interests first, but the appearance of a mythical golden apple in New York has everybody with a hint of power scrambling for it. And who’s everyone’s number one choice to nab it for them? The Black Cat, of course. Yet that isn’t the only job on Felicia’s radar. When a smart aleck kid turns up demanding her help, Felicia finds herself caught between the mob, her morals and some very insistent supervillains. It’ll take all nine lives to wriggle out of this one intact, but Felicia has more than one trick up her sleeve.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars
As a marvel fan I was so excited when I seen this book tour! From the start the book had me laughing out loud and wanting to read more. There were so many characters that are from the wider marvel universe included that are great little Easter eggs. I'd definitely recommend this book to any Marvel fans and anyone that loves a powerful feminine lead like the main lady The Black Cat

About Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media for over eighty years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing, publishing, games, and digital media.
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Anything Marvel is just fine with me, so as soon as I saw this was being released I knew I had to try it out. I hadn’t read a novel involving characters created by Marvel before, so I went in with an open mind. I found was a superbly written story about a character I didn’t even realised I had encountered before in The Amazing Spiderman 2, played by Felicity Jones.

Felicia certainly had her own way of doing things, even breaking laws to do what she thought was right, and I was right there with her. Her story arc was so different from many of the Marvel ‘heroes’, and her methods so different. I liked her instantly (while still picturing Felicity Jones in the role). Her character was nicely fleshed out and three dimensional, making her more personable and credible. Her relationships with those around her felt genuine and deepened her development.

Overall I enjoyed the read, and will definitely be reading more Marvel novels in the future. I gave Black Cat: Discord, by Cath Lauria, four stars.
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rated this book 4 stars so fun to five in to felicia hardys character and the author really did her justice , love how it intertwined other marvel characters into the story arc it shows the author really knows her source material and was so happy to see that felica is queer identity id represented in the novel. fast paced and action packed.
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