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Part memoir, part travel guide, this book is the journey of a young, ambitious couple who have decided to leave their lives in India behind and immigrate to Australia. Deciding the best way to discover their new home, before settling somewhere more permanently, they embark on a six-month trip up and down the east coast, Jason dutifully writing down their experiences as they move from place to place.

They set themselves a budget of $10,000, which seems like a tremendous amount, but there are two of them and they do have a lot of ground to cover, and their journey takes every satisfying penny before they have to stop and begin 'real life' by finding jobs.

An easy, enjoyable read that has lots of information about Australia in it - whether this is good or not is entirely up to you!
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Now that I’m in my 70’s, it’s nice to live vicariously through travel memoirs by youngsters. Jason and Ambika are newlyweds undertaking travel throughout Australia with a $10,000 budget and a time limit of 6 months. The couple traveled light, with plans to live permanently in Australia after their extended honeymoon and lots of happiness in their hearts.

The journey was made by air, bus, taxi, and mostly by train. Some of the places the pair visited included the large cities, the eastern coast, botanic gardens, farmlands of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef, Victoria, National Parks, and rain forests. They also selected a variety of accommodations for their overnight and weekly stays. The book isn’t just about places, but also includes stories of people they met and the history they learned.
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What  a lovely read.
Not only do you get to experience Australia from a backpacker's point of view, but the author gives you so much background story on Australia - the history and fascinating tidbits. 
I loved reading about their experiences and commend their bravery in taking on such a leap of faith.
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me the chance to read this book.
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An interesting memoir about Jason and Ambika two newlyweds from India who decide to emigrate to Australia and get new jobs. Before they settle down they take a bit of an extended honeymoon and travel and backpack around their new home. There is a lot of interesting history and cultural information about Australia and humor  about some of their travels. A good book if you are interested in visiting or moving to Australia.
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This was such an enjoyable read!

Part memoir, part travelogue, part history, _Red Earth Diaries_ truly has something for everyone.

True confession: I've often considered migrating elsewhere and wondered what would go into it. I also wonder whether certain visas are more easily obtained based on one's citizenship country--it's super hard, for example, to migrate from the US to England if one is not a skilled migrant ... ask me how I know, lol). BUT. That didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying this book! It seriously is the book of my dreams, in that I'd love to do something very close to this.

I loved the descriptions of each place they visited, and what stood out--both good and bad--about each. Entirely fascinating!

I received an eARC of the book from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions are my own.
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Have you always wanted to go on an adventure?   If so, Red Earth Diaries is the book for you!   Join Jason and Ambika as they backpack around Australia.   Australia is a country I really want to visit myself and this made me want to go there even more - the beautiful scenery, once in a lifetime experiences and the people you meet along the way!  Highly recommend!
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I found this interesting - as an Aussie - but people interested in visiting Australia would also find this interesting. Lots of great descriptions. Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with this book for an honest review. 

I quite enjoyed this book. Admittedly when I saw how long it was I was worried about it, but it was a quick and enjoyable. 

I really enjoyed that it went between what the couple were doing and experiencing while travelling around Australia as well as history of the area.
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