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The Cornish Cream Tea Holiday

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It is always good to be back in Cressida McLaughlin's Cornwall and this was no exception, I knew what to expect in terms of style of writing and quality of characters etc. I was so keen to get started on this book and I couldn’t put it down.
This book is a must for book lovers – Thea’s dream is to open a book shop; a girl after my own heart, and she is on holiday in the hopes of finding a dream location. 
I loved everything about Thea, a go getter and someone not afraid of getting involved. She may be having to holiday solo but she meets people in the local community and seamlessly fits in well. 
With romance not far away, will Thea find all she is looking for?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE being in Cornwall via Cressida’s books; we have mentions of previous characters but it doesn’t take away from this story and you don’t need to have read any others. 
Brilliant as always.
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A quick and easy read that I found myself picking up after a long day to unwind. The characters are beautifully written and I came to love them within the first few pages and was rooting for them all the way to the end. At times I wanted to stop reading because I just wanted the experience to go on for longer.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I would firstly just like to say a big thank you to Netgalley and the publisher who very kindly forwarded me an arc copy of this book, for my Kindle, in return for my honest review.

I have read a few books from this author and thoroughly loved them all and this was no exception - I loved it too!!
Once I started to read this book, I just couldn’t stop and read it extremely quickly, I just needed to absorb it all and quickly!
I absolutely loved the setting and the descriptions of all the Cornish countryside was beautiful and made me feel as though I was there - pure escapism…
This was a very heartwarming hug of a book full of lots of familiar characters from the rest of the series and I loved getting to know all about them…
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When Thea’s friend backs out of their holiday at the last minute, Thea must step out of her comfort zone and go alone. She has a list of things she would like to do in Cornwall and this may be her only opportunity. Unfortunately, her grumpy holiday neighbour, Ben, might put a dampener on the whole thing. 

This was a gorgeous return to the Port Karadow community.
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This book is just what I needed warm and fluffy a great beach read you love. The characters were amazing the writing style was excellent. I’m hopeing to collect this author other books two and read them. Loved every paged. X
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This has been one of the books I was so looking forward to read as I have loved the series so far. Having established her characters in the first four books, the focus is now moving onto another set of characters, although we still get to meet familiar faces during the story. The setting in Cornwall is as gorgeous as ever and the whole story feels like a hug of a book. Thea is at the centre of this story. She is an interesting and thoughtful character who has found herself on holiday alone, but with a mission in her mind. She remembers Port Karadow from her childhood and it lives up to her memories.

Ben, Thea's next door neighbour, turns out to have his own backstory. Neither of them is bubbly extroverts which adds another layer to their personalities and you find their growing friendship to be credible. You also get to meet up again with Finn and Meredith who seem to gather friends into their circle. I can absolutely visualise the gorgeous holiday cottage where Thea is staying. It would be a perfect holiday read this summer - do try it!

In short: sun, sea, cream teas and romance
Thanks to the author for a copy of the book
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I haven’t read the other books in this series but I certainly want to now! However this was a great standalone book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The setting was idyllic and I could imagine myself cycling through the Cornish lanes. I loved Thea and bens story and definitely want to go back and read the others in the series
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Once again, Cressida has written another outstanding book which is a new installment in the Cornish Cream Tea series. It is fabulous and I'd highly recommend it!
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Thea has a bucket list. She goes on holiday to cornwall by herself and has a list of things she absolutely has to do. She was supposed to go with her best friend but she drops out and Thea goes alone. 

She goes on adventures, meets new people and sets out to fulfil her dream of opening up a bookshop by the sea. 

Good read, but i miss the bus!
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What a perfect summer read, especially if you can pair it with a cup of tea and a scone with all the jam and cream! 

I’ve really enjoyed Cressy’s Cornish Cream Tea series but I think this has been my favourite so far, I loved Ben and Thea and was so engrossed in their story. We also spent a lot of time with Meredith and Finn from the previous book so it felt like returning to a group of friends that you’ve not seen for a while. 

The setting, Port Karadow, is so stunning, with its walking trails, the beaches, the coves and then the quaint high street and shops… I feel like these books could go on forever! I mean I’m already eagerly awaiting the next Christmas one as it sounds amazing and I can’t wait to see Thea’s next chapter!!!
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I hold my hands up and confess that I still haven’t gotten around to reading the last book in Cressida McLaughlin’s, Cornish Cream Tea series, Christmas Carols and a Cornish Cream Tea which was published last year but I will definitely rectify that once Christmas reading season comes around again. But not having read the previous book did not in any way detract from the huge amount of enjoyment I got from reading this new book, The Cornish Cream Tea Holiday. This was a brilliant read from start to finish and it’s been rare this year that I have given a book five stars but this story deserves it and so much more. Once I started it, I couldn’t leave it out of my hands and in fact I read it one sitting which these days is unusual for me but it just goes to show how good it was. This is the perfect summer read that delivers on all fronts - the perfect location, characters you root for, an interesting plot and a great pace that keeps you rapidly turning the pages and of course all the mentions of books and bookshops. I mean you can’t fail to love Thea and her passion for books. She is a character that will speak to so many people and you root for her every step of the way on her journey.

It really makes no difference at all to your reading experience if you have not read any of the previous books as all can be read as standalone stories and in particular I feel this one even more so than some of the others. Cressida whisks us away once again to Cornwall and the seaside town of Port Kadow. Wow, is all I can say. The descriptions of the town and the surrounding coast and countryside were just fantastic. I have no hope of going anywhere on holiday this year but reading this book I felt I was transported to the hot days of summer near the beach and I was with Thea on her holiday which turned into much more of a life journey than she had anticipated. 

Thea arrives from Bristol to spend a few weeks in Cornwall. She works in a library (my dream job if I wasn’t teaching) and has been looking forward to some time away for ages. Everything had been so carefully planned with her work colleague and best friend Esme and numerous things were going to be ticked off their summer bucket lists as well as lots of reading. But work commitments mean Esme has had to pull out. Of course, Thea is angry and upset and you can tell she is not looking forward to spending so much time on her own but still she will make the best of the situation. As soon as she pulls up at Sunfish Cottage with its uninterrupted panoramic sea views Thea feels herself start to unwind but that’s not to say her time away will be all smooth sailing.

The glorious coastal descriptions had me from page one and didn’t relinquish their grip until the final page. The use of the landscape and the coast throughout the story was just fantastic and so vital to the overall plot. I could easily visualise Thea sitting outside the cottage reading a book and enjoying the sunshine but next door at Oyster Cottage noise abounds as its been renovated by Ben. Thea and Ben don’t get off to the best of starts and although he is very handsome he is quite closed off and wasn’t perhaps as welcoming as he should have been. He can be gruff and cantankerous but the more we get to know him and he slowly reveals himself the more I thought oh please let good things happen for both himself and Thea in both their personal and professional lives.

The reader can instantly tell that Ben has secrets and a backstory and you know over time that Thea will try and delve that little bit deeper and get to the heart of the man that is Ben. But the journey to do so was just so amazing and incredible that I didn’t want to rush through any of it. Unfortunately, I did because I was just so gripped by everything. It was like Cressida wove a spell over me and I just became so deeply invested in the story. I don’t know what makes some books just OK reads and then others you are just so totally taken in by but I was just wrapped up and enveloped by Thea and her story and all the elements came together to make for the most perfect book that I have read in the contemporary women’s fiction genre in a very long time.

I could identify with Thea so much. I mean who doesn’t love a girl who says books are an essential part of her life. She was just such a real and down to earth character. Yes she has her flaws but she knows she does and is trying to repair them. The scenes where she was determined to tick something off the bucket list despite dreading it so much, well that would be me all over. I felt every bit of her pain as she traversed the cliff edge on a scorching day and the blisters just intensified. She was stubborn and wasn’t going to admit to Esme that she would rather curl up with a book for the day. What really makes Thea stand out is her hidden lifelong dream. Yes she has come to Cornwall for a holiday but she has other motives too. For as long as she can remember she has wanted to open and run a bookshop. Thanks to a friend Alex, she has gotten support and has a business plan together. She hopes to explore the streets of Port Kadow and find a suitable location for her shop. She has kept this all secret from Esme despite them having such a close bond which goes back to troubles during Thea’s time at school. This aspect was handled so well and allowed the reader to truly understand what was motivating Thea. Her time at school had given Thea a mistrust of people that she couldn’t banish but books and her job give her a confidence that was otherwise absent in other areas of her life. I hoped this confidence would shine through and allow her to fulfil her dreams.

There was so much that occurred in this book but at no point did things feel overwhelming or just added to the storyline for the sake of it. The adventures Ben and Thea took were wonderful and of course food and cream teas have to be mentioned and again this fitted in perfectly with everything. The further I got into the story the more I was enjoying it and I didn’t want it to end. I could have kept reading about Thea and Ben for many hours. Thea starts to grow and change and is enhanced by her new experiences and the friends she makes. Whilst out walking she stumbles across The Old Port House which overlooks Port Kadow and was once the post office. Sylvia lives there alone and it is in desperate need of repair and is being handed back to the council. I could picture so clearly the old house and what it could be in the future. Will Thea see the same? Has she the resources to make her wishes come true?

No doubt about it, this book was a fabulous read that I urge you to place at the very top of your summer reading this year. It will provide you with the perfect slice of escapism that so many people are desperately craving right now. The only thing I will say is that I understand that this book is book six in the series and using Cornish Cream Tea has worked well for the books all along but I feel we are moving away from the cream tea aspect. I understand wanting to keep the same words in the titles as readers have become familiar with the series and the setting etc but the characters that established this series have been dealt with. Yes, they do make a brief appearance in this book and it’s fun to be able to say oh yes I recall so and so from this book and you remember what happened. But I think the series has become so well established and we have even moved away from the original setting, although not too far, that perhaps the title is slightly misleading at this stage. But that’s just my opinion and really in the major scheme of things it’s very minor. 

The Cornish Cream Tea Holiday is certainly one for the keeper shelf and has reminded me why I love Cressida’s writing so much. November can’t come quick enough, as that’s when the next book will be published, because I felt we were left on a slight cliff-hanger at the end and it just gave me a sense that there is a lot more to come from Thea and I desperately want to see her ambitions and life dream come full circle. Of course with some new characters thrown in too. The Cornish Cream Tea Bookshop is firmly on my wish list and I feel it’s going to be just as good if not better, which will be hard really, than this wonderful book which was so captivating, uplifting and simply an utter joy to read.
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Although it's part of the Cornish Cream Tea Series it can easily be read as a standalone...although why you'd want to read just the one is beyond me! 🤷‍♀️

I love venturing back to Cornwall, whether to Portgalow or Port Karadow, I know I'm going to have the best time EVER and catch up with old friends and make some new.

I loved Ben and Thea, such great characters and the chemistry between them was great!

As always Cressida's descriptions are spot on and I was able to immerse myself into the pages, visualising everything so clearly from the food, the scenery 💤....wake up Stacey you're dreaming again! 

Highly enjoyable, uplifting and the perfect book for the beach, or the back garden whilst soaking up the sun. 

When can I go back again? 

Many thanks to Random Things Tours for my tour spot.

Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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The story of Thea and Ben. She meets him while she is on holiday  - he is grumpy and she judges him just like she thinks he judges her. But as they spend time together things change, so what will happen when Thea's holiday comes to an end.

Great setting for a summer read.
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The perfect summer read, entertaining and compelling. I throughly enjoyed it, loved the setting and the well developed characters.
The plot flows and kept me hooked.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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I love this series (think 1 book was just ok but the rest I adored) Ben and Thea are no exception, they are wonderful characters, I loved how supportive Ben was, filling Thea with  confidence. I loved all the cameos and appearances of all the familiar characters. Cressida McLaughlin always knows how to make me, smile, laugh cry and go smushy inside, this is yet another fantastic book.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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TCCTH is a delightful story and an equally wonderful setting in a fictional Cornish village. With a great list of side characters, gentle humour and quality writing this is a fantastic book to read on the beach, in the garden or even stuck on a bus travelling to work. The story reads easily as a stand-alone, any characters from previous books are introduced in such a way as to enlighten the new reader without boring or irritating the returning reader.

Whilst Thea was very easy to warm to, I found it harder to connect with, or particularly warm to, Ben. My investment in him as a love interest was mainly the result of me wanting Thea to find her HEA. He was a little too bland for me personally but not enough to ruin what was still a great read.

If you are looking for a slow-burn, low-heat rom-com then I do recommend both this book and the series as a whole.
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Thea has to go to Cornwall oin her own which is not something she likes to do.. Loved this as much as all of these in the series
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What a truly stunning read this book is and Cressida never fails to disappoint. Heart warming and beautifully written, just like the rest of the series.
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Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the arc ebook.
Although the 6th book in the series, it also works perfectly well as a stand alone.
This book was like the breath of fresh sea air I needed. I felt like I was on holiday with them! Cressida has bought to life the most wonderful characters - and she sure knows how to create a leading man! It's a heartwarming, comforting summer read and I loved it.
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Cressida Mclaughlin is one of the best adverts ever for Cornwall! Every time I read one of the “Cream Tea” books I want to move there.
Thea was expecting to go to Port Karadow with her best friend Esme to spend 3 weeks relaxing and soaking up the Cornish sun, and, unbeknown to Esme, searching for a suitable property for Thea to turn her dream of owning a bookshop by the sea into a reality.
When Esme has to pull out at the last minute, Thea decides to go alone. When she arrives at the beautiful cottage she has rented she meets neighbour Ben who is renovating the cottage next door.  As Ben is initially grumpy, Thea doesn’t think she will have much to do with him. 
However, fate has other ideas and Thea soon finds herself both immersed in the community and in Ben. 
As her 3 weeks rush by, Thea knows she has to find her ideal premises as she has firmly set her heart on living and working in Port Karadow.  
I love the cream tea books, as well as introducing new characters you get to catch up with some old ones as well and it’s always like meeting up with old friends. Perfect to escape with this summer.
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