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I really like this author, and had high hopes for this boom. Unfortunately I just did not enjoy it. I think there are people out there who will like this book. I just could not get into it. I got about half way through the book, and just could not finish it.
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I have been reading Graham Masterton books for more years than I wish to admit and in this time  there have been some excellent ones and some duds but  The Soul Stealer is pure old school Masterton, and it’s been fun reading some of the other reviews who obviously haven’t read a Graham Masterton book before, yes It’s graphic in violence and sex, totally non PC and not for the faint hearted or prudish. & I’m not going to say that this is his best work but it was an intriguing few hours of nonsense, which is what reading fiction should be about, suspending belief for a while. 
I don’t think it needed the Covid throw ins as they didn’t do any thing for the story it was just like he felt he ought to mention it and it was good to see him go full circle & back to the Native American background and reminding the reader about how their lands were stolen from them by the white man.
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So i fully understand this is written as a horror/ thriller type book but to me there was still a lot of pointless gore and really disturbing images more for shock value more than anything else. It wasn't intelligent, get under your skin type creep factor, it was more like blatant "how twisted can you get and people still read about it" which I just find lazy. Horror always need to be taken with a bit of artistic licence but I just struggled to find any of it believable or even logical. The only things actually detailed were creepy sexual things (which are scarily detailed) and shock value extreme torture stuff. It really does have quite the torture porn feel to it rather than horror

I liked the fact it touched on the history of genocide and theft towards the indigenous community buuuuuuut i felt it maybe minimised traditions and beliefs and didn't really show the respect to the culture. And I also didn't buy that all the "good" characters somehow had a native bestie there to teach them the ways of their beliefs. No office but again, sacred rituals and traditions can't be learned in an hr and aren't usually just taught to outsiders for fun. The "casting couch/ me too" moment was also a bit lacking I guess. It basically went as far as to say, yes it happened, it still happens, not much anyone can do to stop it. And luckily women are stupid and desperate and will go along with almost anything for a step up. Which isn't true n isn't the world we live in. It felt more like throwing in current hot topics for clout with absolutely no clue as to the depth of the subjects involved to be fair. 

And it still never explained how or why the initial event happened. Why one character was allowed to come and go to these parties but was then used for sacrifice in a completely different location and time without any of the prep apparently required..... but the items are all trapped and have to go through a big process. And when there was another murder in front of our main protagonist, and it's another close link to her..... I just can't see anyone would go on with their day ofter that or not actually do something to stop it. It was jist really weird. Maybe too many ideas but none which were thought out particularly thoroughly. Its a short read but I'm not sure it's time well spent. 

I loved the fact that the historic murders and theft from the native community was the backbone to this story because that does still need to be drummed into society and acknowledge as to what happened in the past, even if its not pleasant,  but I just wish it had been done in a more respectful way with more actual facts from the culture. Not just "great, we like you! Now you're a powerful healer aswell even though you have no link to the community or gifts passed down the family line or have spent years practicing and learning" Luckily all it takes is knowing the right words and boom, you're as powerful as the most skilled and respected shamans of the tribe. 

I also didn't quite get why internal affairs agents would be involved at all. If you want to hire someone to keep someone else quite.... would internal affairs really be your 1st call?! A team who investogate hr breaches and bribes and such? Rather than say..... absolutely any other tactical devision of the police force who may actually be trained in hunting people or catching them or weaponry rather than paperwork 

I won't even get into the fallic "scorpion"..........

Or whether the term "American indian" is even acceptable these days..... especially from a white English guy 

Yeah this book is just really problematic for me. What a let down
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I went into this book thinking I was going to have a great time. I had never read Graham Masterton before, but I had always heard good things. The description was interesting, it sounded like it would have heavy folk horror vibes, and I was really here for it. Unfortunately, it was a huge miss for me.

I only made it 15% into the book before I was ready to drop it. I only continued because it was an ARC, and I was telling myself that it might get better. That hope ended up being unfounded as the book never did get better. But it did keep getting worse.

This book suffers from a range of ailments. The characters were cardboard, the dialog and overall writing was stilted and awkward, and the plot was fairly atrocious. I went into the book expecting some "problematic" content based on what I read in the summary. Let me preface that I'm not someone who thinks that we should never write/read about problematic things. But context is important, and in the context of this story, I felt like this book way overstepped the line and walked right into misogyny territory while trying to pretend that it was about women's empowerment. I don't want to say too much and give away the plot, but suffice to say that I was not impressed with the content.

Overall, I was incredibly disappointed by this book. I tried really hard to find at least one positive thing that I could say about it, but I just couldn't do it.
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Will please horror fans, but the Indian aspects don't sit well when there is so much amazing horror being put out by authors who are actually Indian. As a librarian, I would recommend prioritizing the purchase of Native authors.
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I couldn't get into this story. Thanks for letting me have a copy. I really wanted to like it. But this wasn't what I thought it would be. I found it to slow paced for me.
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The Soul Stealer is fast paced and engaging, and I read it in one sitting as I really wanted to know how it ended. It started off like a normal thriller, then turned to a horror story around half way through. I liked the references to American Indian tribes and their history, and the sense of the mystical. The two main characters are likeable, and I found myself rooting for them.

The setting is very much the modern day, with references to the MeToo scandal, Covid 19 and an interesting discussion around the 'Casting Couch', and women's power vs men's power. 

The story is very graphic, with in depth descriptions of rape and murder and may not be for anyone of a sensitive disposition. As with many horror novels, you do have to suspend your disbelief for large parts of the story, however this is done cleverly with the American Indian mythology.
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I was really hoping to relive my first reading of the manitou which I purchased when it originally was published and made me a fan of Graham Masterton, happily for me and all the other readers I can say that the author has aged very well indeed this book left me satisfied indeed
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Old school horror at its finest.  The characters were filled with emotion and the story line was fantastically creepy at best.  A quick read. Graham masterson tells a supernatural scary story like no other,

Thank you NetGalley for this arc
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I loved Graham's Pardoe/Patel series. This doesn't come close. Too sexually charged and descriptive, the writing is a bit stilted. I won't be finishing it. I'm sure plenty of people will enjoy it.

Thanks to Netgalley for allowing me the chance to read this. All opinions are my own.
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Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of The Soul Stealer.

I'm always on the lookout for something scary to read and the premise sounded intriguing so I was eager to dive in.

My first clue I wasn't going to be enjoy this is when the main female character, Trinity, tells Nemo, the P.I. that she has a lot of experience in forensics because she...wait for a lot of C.S.I. and reads forensic textbooks.

And then they team up like Butch and Sundance.

I'm no prude when it comes to blood, gore, and violence, but there are graphic depictions of sexual violence, rape, brutal depictions of torture that felt gratuitous.

Most of the men in the story, minus Nemo and Trinity's brother, are predators and abusive, including Trinity's father.

It's incredibly coincidental that Nemo and Trinity meet Rafael who has a grandfather that is a shaman, and they teach Nemo and Trinity the ways of the 'Force.'

The writing style was immature, the tone (I think) was meant to be darkly comedic but it felt flat for me.

This wasn't for me.
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480 pages

3 stars

This book starts out painfully slowly. There also seems to be a great deal of useless filler. 

That being said, this is not one of Mr. Masterton’s best efforts, a shame for one of my favorite authors. 

Former detective Nemo Frisby attends a death scene at a local bar. Also there is a young woman, Trinity Fox, who witnessed the death. She was to meet her very frightened friend there and looked for her in the restroom. She saw her friend in a toilet cubicle. She was on fire. 

The police call it a suicide, but Nemo and Trinity don’t agree. 

Together they decide to investigate. That leads them to a fancy mansion where a movie director lives. What goes on in that mansion is horrific. The home is sited on an old Indian burial ground and there is something/someone malignant that lives there. 

With the aid of members from a local tribe, they enter the home to fight for those they love. 

I was disappointed in this book. While the writing and story idea were great as in all of Mr. Masterton’s novels, this book seemed to fall flat. The character development was lacking in my opinion. I like  to know more about the main characters. This won’t stop me from reading more of Mr. Masterton’s work, however I still think he is a great author. 

I want to thank NetGalley and Head of Zeus – An Aries Book for forwarding to me a copy of  this good book for me to read, enjoy and review. The opinions expressed here are solely my own.
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Outstanding yet again. Best horror author alive, no offense King, This story is creepy and so captivating I just couldn't put it down. A must read for every horror fan out there!
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I only read about 12% and i just couldn’t force myself to continue. 
The writing was terrible and the way the male author wrote women just doesnt sit right with me. I wanted an uncomfortable horror feeling reading this, not being uncomfortable because of the misogyny in this book. 
I decided to skip to the end and i saw some stupid stuff that made me glad i did not continue…
(thanks netgalley for the book tho!)
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