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The Book of Last Letters

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The Book of Last Letters by Kerry Barrett

London, 1940
When nurse Elsie offers to send a reassuring letter to the family of a patient, she has an idea. She begins a book of last letters: messages to be sent on to wounded soldiers’ loved ones should the very worst come to pass, so that no one is left without a final goodbye.

But one message will change Elsie’s life forever. When a patient makes a devastating request, can Elsie find the strength to do the unthinkable?
A poignant gem of a book , and I couldn't put it down !
A dual time line Elsie in 1940 , and present day Stephanie . I very much enjoyed both times , and how they linked.
The author Kerry Barrett came up with a wonderful way in telling the story .
Heartbraking and heartwarming . Excellent.
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What a beautiful story 💗 I took me on an emotional rollercoster, there are heart filled moments but also moments of sadness. I loved everything about this book, I couldn't put it down 💗

It was told by two people Elsie based in London in 1940, and Stephanie in London at the present day. The description really took you on the journey, i was transported back to WW2. What made it extra special is that this story is based on true events. I loved how the story came together, there was a twist in there that I didnt expect. I loved that they both got their happy ending 💗
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The Book of last letters  by Kerry Barrett.
Firstly  can I say what a beautiful  moving Book, set past and present.  Through the work of friends  Elsie and Stevie it all comes together.   I really loved this and would recommend  this to anyone  how enjoys historical fiction.
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An absolutely beautiful book told over two time frames, each coming together in the most beautiful way. I love anything to do with WW2 and this book really touched me.  To know it was inspired by a true story gave this story even more depth.  It’s a definite read and read again for me. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the ARC in return for an honest and unbiased opinion.
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I’m not a huge reader of historical fiction but occasionally I come across one that really appeals, this was one of those and I really wasn’t disappointed. This engrossing novel is set during the Second World War  and in the present day, both of which are linked by a book of messages that wartime nurse Elsie encouraged her patients to write in as a chance to send a message to a loved one should the worst happen. After a bomb damaged part of the hospital the book was buried under rubble for many years until it was unearthed in more recent times. In the present day Stevie has turned her back on her artistic past and works in a care home that was once the hospital, when she starts thinking about a historical art project the book becomes her inspiration and she becomes determined to find out more about the wonderful nurse who started it, 

This book features two fabulous women in Elsie and Stevie, both of whom have suffered in their pasts but who are both good, strong, caring people. Elsie’s story was brilliant and really brought her experiences to life both the good and bad, Stevie was a more damaged character but it was good to see her start to move forward and heal. The two timeframes worked together so well and the story was gripping, I’d actually love to know more about the real life inspiration for this novel as of what such a wonderful read.
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