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When I day I could not put this book down, I mean it.  Finished this book in two sittings (would have been one if I hadn't required sleep) 

We join lonely Kara, with a Mum who works hard and an aging Grandfather and no friends to speak of.  She meets a girl, Rebecca, but nothing is simple.  Rebecca, and her brother Samuel, are stuck in time in WW2 and through some kind of magic on the island, they connect.  Kara wants to help them but how much can you save someone from a different time and place.

What a sweet, touching, tug on the heart strings read!
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This is a heartwarming story of friendship, taking risks and bravery. Kara is a relatable character who is facing her own struggles when she spots the mysterious snow angel. Soon after, she meets Rebecca and her younger brother and that’s when the adventure truly begins. The time-slip works well and doesn’t confuse the storyline and the link to World War Two is approached in a sensitive way. Some children may struggle with the slow pace of the story but it builds well to a climactic ending which pulls on the heartstrings. I enjoyed it!
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A girl in Sweden, seeing the ghosts of Germany's dark past, should have had an impact on me but unfortunately this story felt too rushed to allow me time to connect with any of the characters, and left me with more questions than answers.

I was really stuck on how Kara, in Sweden, was able to see and possibly help the ghosts of two Jewish children that were in Germany, but also how they communicated in two different languages with ease. I also felt that Kara seemed strangely detached, emotionally, from her family.

The ending should have been uplifting and heartbreaking, but something about the way it was written (and how short the story was) meant that I didn't really feel any twinge of sadness, and overall the story felt pretty forgettable.
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This book follows a lonely girl, Kara, through a snowy town in Sweden when she notices a snow angel without any footprints around it. She investigates and realises she can see another girl, Rebecca, from another time.  This is an interesting take on ghosts with companionship and purpose, instead of being frightening. 

This is beautifully written. The writing is sparse, leaving many things unsaid, empty spaces like fresh snow, spaces for the reader's emotions to swirl alongside those of the characters. This isn't a pacey read, it's unusual and not all children will get it, but it draws you in and makes you feel everything Kara does.

It isn't a book for children who have just lost someone,  but it could help them process things a while later, when it's less raw. Kara is kind, resourceful and solves her own problems and shows that friendship and understanding are timeless.
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I was so excited to read this, the story sounded intriguing and not like anything I’ve read before. It was so beautifully written, I could feel myself right there on the ice with Kara and Rebecca. Heartbreaking in parts, uplifting in others, and such a unique idea. I absolutely loved it.
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A stunning story that brings home the challenges that Jewish people, especially children, faced as they tried to escape the Nazis.  During the war.  this book  really highlights the issues and the fact that the heroine is able to go back in time and communicate with these 'ghosts' makes the whole story more urgent and poignant.
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This was such a heartbreaking and beautiful story about courage, loneliness, war and a friendship forged across time. I adored the friendship that developed between Rebecca and Kara throughout. I also loved Kara's relationship with her grandfather and their shared fascination with the stars. I grew to care so much about Rebecca and Samuel and desperately wanted them to get their chance to live a life of freedom. 

However, I did have a few issues. I found myself feeling a bit confused at various points throughout the book and I wasn't exactly sure how the whole time travel aspect worked. The rules surrounding it seemed to change. I also felt a bit disconnected from our main character Kara.
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Kara is lonely. Very shy, she hasn’t made friends at school and at home her Mum works long hours into the evening leaving Kara to her own devices. She has a kindred spirit in her Grandfather, living a short distance away, who passed onto Kara his telescope to look at the night sky. In Winter Kara has plenty of time to do this as Stockholm, where she lives, spends much of the time in the dark, although the opposite is true of the Summer. Yet still light pollution prevents the sight of some of the sky.
One day on the way home from school Kara spots a newly made snow angel – curiously with no footsteps leading to or from it. Later she does see footprints in the snow but across the rooftops as if someone has floated from roof to roof. Yet both are impossible.
These questions of Kara’s are answered when she finally meets Rebecca and her brother Samuel. But more questions arise, not least how can Kara help the pair more than simply donating an old woollen coat to help keep Rebecca warm.
A different take on a period of history and which even now in this story offers up a new perspective from someone affected by its events. Being told Rebecca’s story through Kara’s thoughtful nature informs children without going into graphic detail the horrors of a persecuted nation at that time.
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This story is set in Stockholm, Sweden and the main character Kara notices she keeps seeing snow angels but with no footprints leading away or to them.Em Eventually it leads her to finding a girl called Rebecca and her young brother Samuel who are Jews trying to hide during the war. The only thing is, Kara shouldn’t be able to see them, she is living in the future but currently see people from the past on an island. 

An emotional tale about loneliness, friendship, forgiveness, war, family, death. Beautifully written and a different take on books about the war.
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WWII, time travel and friendship. A lovely story about a lonely girl who makes friends with a ghost from the past. I enjoyed this a lot and will definitely be looking out for more by this author. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC.
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This is a beautiful and original book, which joins the modern day world with the past in a seamless narrative. Kara, a lonely 10-year-old girl living in Stockholm, is used to spending days by herself whilst her mother works. One evening, she spots a mysterious snow-angel with no footprints leading towards, or away from, it. Intrigued, Kara decides to investigate. Soon, she discovers a girl, Rebecca, and her younger brother Samuel, living on an island in the middle of the frozen lake. At first, they seem a little strange to Kara, and it soon becomes apparent that Rebecca and Samuel are from another time altogether - they are Jewish children hiding from the Nazis in WWII and they are lost, cold and hungry. Kara does what she can to help them, taking them food and her mother's old blue winter jacket to keep them warm. As time passes, Kara begins to realise that the children are trapped in a specific time-frame, with no way of escaping until the plane that Rebecca keeps mentioning, lands on the lake. With no one to ask for advice, except for Grandad who has his own troubles, the children are relying entirely on Kara, and we are whisked along on an emotional rollercoaster ride as the opportunity to help them escape finally arrives.
This book is full of twists and turns, heartache, joy and fierce determination. A stunning read!
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Kara lives in an apartment block in Stockholm with her mother who spends most of her time working.  With no friends or siblings, Kara spends a lot of time with her elderly grandfather. At night Kara uses the telescope given to her by her grandfather to search the skies above her and map out the stars. One night he tells her to look for a meteor shower, something which will change Kara’s life forever.

Kara stumbles upon a hidden world, mysterious footprints in the snow, and curious markings on the ice where she skates. The footprints increase in number and Kara knows that somehow she is not alone on the ice. Determined to discover the truth about the footprints, Kara sets out on a mission which leads her to siblings Rebecca and Samuel, outsiders from another time and place entirely who are desperate to remain hidden, but who also long to be free. The siblings are being hunted and Kara brings supplies to her friends whenever she isn’t dodging obstacles in her own life and the three form a close bond having been brought together by a shared sense of grief and loneliness which transcends time, distance, and personal circumstances.

As an outsider in her own society, Kara desperately wishes to help Rebecca and Samuel to escape the horrors they face, but at the same time is filled with sadness at losing her new found friendships. Kara’s mission is to discover how and why their worlds have collided so that she can assist her friends to escape. Along the way she finds a new sense of courage as well as grief, that friendships can blossom in the unlikeliest of places, and that there is more magic in the world than she ever thought possible. 

A refreshing and modern spin on the timeslip novel, The Sky Over Rebecca is a captivating, haunting, poignant, and joyous read. It’s also a timely reminder of the damage that can be done when people act on their fears of the other in society.
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When Kara is exploring the woods near her house in Sweden she meets a mysterious girl called Rebecca, a Jewish girl trapped in 1944. 

This is a time travel story but although there were some gripping parts, I didn’t think it completely worked. If you’re writing a time travel story you need to decide on the “rules” for travelling & gradually reveal these to your characters and readers. In this book the author didn’t always stick to the rules which meant that it had some weaker parts to the story.

I chose to read it on the basis of the setting - a Jewish girl in WWII but in the story, apart from the children being in danger and needing to escape, the Holocaust was largely irrelevant - the author could have chosen any situation which they needed to escape from and the plot would still have worked.

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a beautifully crafted novel set in a time loop. Kara is lonely and lives with her mum, who is  single parent. Her mum needs to work hard to pay the bills and Kara is often left to her own devices. On one such night, she meets Rebecca and realises that they are from different eras. Rebecca and her brother Samuel are in imminent danger.  A simple blue woollen coat can be used for some much more than a coat and becomes increasingly significant.
A wonderfully philosophical novel for young an old alike.

I received a free copy of this ebook in return for an honest review.
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I'm afraid I've been unable to finish reading this book and I hate not finishing a story. It feels like it has missed its last edit. 

There are chapters missing. It jumps from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3, then later on from Chapter 15 to Chapter 18.

The author constantly repeats themselves and then tries to say the same thing in different ways. This became extremely annoying, the further I moved into the story. The author often knows what Rebecca is thinking when it is written from Kara's point of view. 

The book feels like it hasn't been finished and maybe the wrong draft was put up on Netgalley or the manuscript needs a micro edit. It does not feel like it is ready for publication.
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A beautiful book with beautiful characters and sentiment. I was captivated from the first page! This would make a fantastic book for a scheme of work as it would offer great material for class discussions around friendship, family, war and loyalty.
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This story begins with a mysterious snow angel. Kara lives next to a lake in Stockholm, Sweden, with her mother. When she spots the snow angel, she doesn't immediately notice what is strange about it - it is only later that she realises that there were no footprints leading to and from the snow angel. But this is only the beginning. On an island, on the middle of the frozen lake, Kara meets Rebecca, a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl, desperate to get her disabled brother to safety away from the Nazis. Kara must work out a way to help Rebecca, despite living in a completely different time. 

It's an ambitious concept that doesn't get tied up trying to explain itself too much, and the time-slip technicalities remain quite lyrical and vague throughout. 

Kara is a lonely girl who finds a friend in Rebecca, and through their encounter finds the courage to open herself up to others.

This is a haunting story of friendship and bravery, saturated in nordic-noir atmosphere. The ending is beautifully and sensitively wrought and made me cry - a lot! (It's also a great story for Holocaust Remembrance events in schools.)
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"I wanted to reach out, to touch her, to show her that I was there, that I was real. But I didn’t want to scare her away again. "

Someone had made snow angel in great bank down the river and Kara found something is strange- there is no footprint.. She found out that they are of two jewish siblings Rebecca and Samuel who is hiding from Nazis. They are from different times than Kara and she must do something to help them. She have found friend for the first time in her life and couldn't lost them. 

It also deals with bully and how you should stand from it. 

"I was never going to win this fight because he’s stronger than me and heavier than me. The point was to show him I’m not afraid of him. The point was to show him if he tries to bully me again, I’m going to hit him. Hard. The point was to show him he can’t humiliate me or make me feel like I’m lower than him. Because I’m not lower than him. I’m not lower than anybody. I’m as good as anybody in the world. "
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I found this book extremely moving. 'The Sky Over Rebecca' is set in Stockholm, with a time travel element that sees the main character Kara meet with two Jewish siblings, Rebecca and Samuel, who are hiding out on an island in the middle of a lake trying to escape the Nazis.
The book is about loss and hope and standing up to bullies, and I really went on an emotional rollercoaster as the story progressed. This is certainly a story that pulls at the heart strings and I think it would make a great book to be read by classes so that they can discuss many of the themes in this book. I would highly recommend!
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The Sky Over Rebecca was an absorbing read. Set in an icy, snowy Stockholm, Kara is puzzled by snow angels which seemingly seem to have just appeared, without footprints leading to them. She encounters a teenager called Rebecca and there the reader realises that there seems to be two periods of time colliding at once - Kara’s world is the present day and Rebecca’s is during World War Two. Intriguingly, the story delves into Rebecca’s story and we soon realise she is a Jewish refugee and has a brother, Samuel. Kara is a strong, determined character who helps Rebecca and Samuel. This story helps the reader to think about the lives of refugees during the war and makes us stop and consider the choices we in the present day would make and can make. This is a powerful story written in a delicate way and it was a privilege to read it. I will certainly be recommending it to my Upper Key Stage 2 pupils.

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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