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This was my first read by Rona Halsall and I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed the characters and the storyline. I liked that each character had their own voice in the audio so it was very easy to follow. The narrater did have an accent that took me a little bit to get past, but once I got used to the accent, it was very easy to follow. I really enjoyed the twist at the end and felt hooked to find out what was going on. Overall, a good read that I would recommend.
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Audio version of this book 📚- A really good storyline that had you thinking you knew where the plot was going but then threw you a curveball! 

The narrator was good narrating the storyline but not the characters!! Her portrayal of Bea was just dreadful and nearly made me stop listening and Stephs character wasn’t much better . Probably would have been a lot better if she’d not tried distinguishing between the characters and storyline
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This was nicely written but a little boring and the characters were rather bland I was hoping for a page turner but I picked this up a few times and had to push through
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This was a really amazing book. I thought the story line was epic. I just couldn't believe hope this story progressed it was amazing. What's better was I didn't even see the ending coming. Wow. It is such an excellent gripping story packed full of twists and turns. This book will definitely make you think you know whats going to happen. Then boom a shocking surprise that will keep you on the edge of my seat. I listened to the audiobook and really loved the narrator. She created such a wonderful sense of atmosphere and tension. The was the author created the characters was amazing I loved the main character. I just have to mention how amazing the ending was, it was so shocking. And I won't be giving anything away. You won't see it coming. If you love brilliant roller coaster of a ride then this book is definitely for you. I really do recommend that you read this amazing story. I really can't wait to read more from this author. 

So much praise goes out to the author and publishers for producing such an amazing book that I just couldn't put down.

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#TheGuestRoom by #RonaHalsall is a #thriller that is based on #gaslighting It took a little while for this story to get going, for me it was a little clunky in the beginning but then it all falls into place and flows smoothly. I listened in one sitting after a few false starts.  Many thanks to #Netgalley and #BookoutureAudio for gifting me an #ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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The Guest Room
by Rona Halsall
Narrated by Emma Gregory

Stars: 3.7/5

First off, Ms. Gregory did a good job narrating, but I could not stand Bea's voice. I cringed every time I heard it. She sounded so whiny and high-pitched. Okay, aside from that, this was a pretty enjoyable story. Steph's life is kind of falling apart. She's separated from her husband, is estranged from her son, and her daughter, well, she's just annoying. In all fairness, her daughter is happily married and seems to be pretty well off. 

As Steph's husband is trying to get her out of the house so he can sell it, she takes in a kind of drifter, a man that reminds her of her estranged son. Things start going...strange. Strange people are showing up at her door, there are break-ins and a fire, nothing is making sense and Steph is terrified that she's losing her mind. Just when you think that you know what is going on and who is behind the strange things happening, the story takes a crazy twist.

Overall it was a good story that kept me guessing. Though it has some slower spots, I'd read more from this author as well as listen to more from this narrator. Thank you #NetGalley #Bookouture and the author for this ARC!
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Although I found this book to be quite predictable I did enjoy it. The twists could have been written better and felt the beginning of the book to be more engaging then the second half. 
But a solid thriller which I enjoyed
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Thank you Netgalley for the audio copy in exchange for a honest review. Steph's husband has recently left and with her children all grown up she finds herself living alone. She starts to her noises in the house then strange things start to happen. Steph thinks her estranged husband is trying to scare her into selling the house. She decides to take in a lodger and more strange things start to happen. Is Steph safe in her own home?
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The Guest Room sounded interesting, but unfortunately, the storyline fell flat for me. The stakes, it seemed, were not as high and there was just a lot that wasn't convincing. 
I listened to the audiobook version of the book and thought the narrator was good at voicing these characters. 
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy.
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What a gripping mystery

This was a very disturbing but good read.

Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish and could not get enough of.

This is a must read for anyone who enjoys a good thriller!!
Absolutely loved the characters, the plot, the tension -  impossible to put it down.
Certainly recommended!
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Not a bad read. It is an exciting and interesting story that maintained the tension to the last pages. The author did a great job conveying the scariness of the things that were happening and I really felt Steph's fear. The suspense holds quite well till about 75% of the book. The pace and build-up are good.
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Steph had it all, a loving husband, two wonderful children and their lovely home. When her son was old enough, he left home to join the armed forces and Steph hasn't heard from him in a long time. Her daughter marries a retired footballer and moves to a nice house leaving Steph and her husband as empty nesters. When Steph is downsized at work, she takes a job at a homeless shelter and realizes that although she doesn't make a lot of money, she loves her job. Out of the blue, her husband accuses her of infidelity with her boss and moves out. He wants Steph to sell the house so he can get his share, but she refuses. She does not want to move from the house where she has happy family memories. But then, then things start to go wrong. Vandalism and someone getting into her house is a bit creepy. Steph realizes that if she wants to buy her husband out, she will need a lodger. Will she find someone she can trust?

The story is basically told from Steph's POV, but there are some others scattered throughout. Steph loves her job, but is a bit too trusting if you ask me. Noah, a homeless young man reminds her of her son, so she makes some questionable decisions were he is concerned. I found the beginning of the story quite creepy, and could feel Steph's fear and apprehension. As a mother, we tend to think the best of our children, but it seemed that Steph was blind to what they are and were really like. There were several people who might be responsible for the things happening, but I had my suspicions and was proved correct. Although there was suspense and some mystery, I didn't connect with Steph. She was a woman who had raised two children was smart and well-respected at her job, but was naive and made way too many confusing and dangerous decisions. I know this book had a lot to like and I do recommend it, but be prepared for the shortcomings I mentioned. The audiobook was narrated by Emma Gregory and I was very pleased with her narration. Her emotion and tone added some tenseness to the story, which made it more enjoyable for me. If you enjoy a slow burn story, with some suspense, this might just be the book for you.
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I did enjoy this audio book its not the best book I have listened to but its definitely worth a listen 

 lSteph is a middle aged, woman who is going through a contentious divorce with her husband of 30 years who has left her. 
Steph loves her work at a homeless shelter and when she meets Noah, a homeless young man  who needs a place to live. Steph decides to take Noah in as a boarder . This seems like a win win a home for Noah who reminds her of her estranged son  and another income to help her buy her husband out and allow her to stay in her beloved home.
Then things start to happen in her house. Who are doing these things to Steph and why? Are they trying to scare Steph or kill her?

There are a few suspects which give the book a few twists and turns and keep you guessing but I did work out early on who was doing these things . That said I did enjoy it 

Thank you to Hachett UK & Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to listen to this book in return for an honest review
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The Guest Room By: Rona Halsall and Narrated by: Emma Gregory was an excellent audiobook. I've always loved Rona's books and this one did not disappoint, I was hooked within the first chapter I listened to and ended up putting my earbuds in and started to do some DIY. I was in a world of my own! Steph thought she had everything, 
a loving husband and two wonderful children and they had a lovely home. Then, after thirty years of marriage Steph’s husband wants out of their marriage and he left their beautiful home.Then, their son rushed off to begin his own life in the military without a word and then Steph’s daughter got married leaving Steph on her own all in their family hime. Steph has never been alone for over thirty years and all of a sudden strange things start to happen around her home and then she starts to have money worries. Steph needs to act quickly and decides to take a lodger in. Out of all the people Steph could of had as a lodger, she decides to take on a young lad called Noah who reminded her of her son. Noah os homeless and she wanted to reach out and help him especially as  .
the idea of him moving in sounded like the best solution for both of their worries. 

This book had lots of twists and turns throughout that will have you hooked. You will never get bored of Rona's books. She has a way of bringing you into all her books. Once you start you will not put it down!

I highly recommend The Guest Room.

Big Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.
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There are weird things happening around Steph's house at a time when her life is in shambles. Her husband left her after 30 years of marriage, and she is on the brink of losing her home because of the divorce. Her children have grown and moved out and she is alone for the first time. She suspects that there is an intruder in her house, but it could also be her imagination playing tricks on her. But then the incidents turn into a pattern, and she strongly suspects that someone wishes her harm. She was recently pushed down an escalator and broke her ankle, so she has no choice but to examine those in her life who may want to hurt her. 

Desperate to save her home from her divorce and because she yearns for company, Steph invites Noah, a homeless man, to stay with her. It is a foolish move considering the incidents became more frequent now that she has company. Will Steph be able to stop the intruder before something terrible happens?

Who would want to harm such a kind and helpless woman? The Guest Room is a thriller that will take you for a ride. 

I listened to the audio book and the narrator's accent can be challenging to listeners who are not used to it. 

I got the copy from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
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After splitting up from her husband, Steph is coming to terms with the breakup of her family. Her husband has left her, her daughter is married, and she hasn't seen her son since he left home ten years ago. Looking forwards to the opportunity to be independent for the first time in her life, Steph ignores the advice of her overbearing ex-husband and interfering daughter, and takes in a lodger - a homeless young man called Noah, who reminds her of her son Max. But Noah has problems of his own and when unnerving things start happening to Steph at home, she wonders if it was a mistake to let him into her life after all.

The story was okay but I thought it was obvious from very early on who was behind all of the attempts at intimidation. I found it annoying that Steph, a woman who I think is meant to be in her 50s is portrayed as a doddery old woman by every single one of the characters around her! Is that really how women of this age are viewed in 2022, or did it just work for this particular plot? Although the narrator's voice was fine for the descriptive passages, I heartily disliked her downtrodden old lady Steph voice and screechy harridan Bea voice. I wanted to keep listening to find out if what I suspected was correct, and it was, but other than that I didn't really find the story greatly appealing.

With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of the audiobook in return for an honest review.
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You think you’re safe in your home. You’re wrong.

Steph has a wonderful life, a loving husband, two wonderful children and a fantastic home. So where did it all go wrong? And so quick! 

Soon Steph is tucking into meals for one and surfing through the channels. 

Until the intruder, until something doesn’t feel right. Until she doesn’t feel safe in her own home. 

With mysterious things starting to happen around the house and her life in danger, is Steph still living the picture perfect life? 

Or is something more sinister at large? 

I really enjoyed this one, it was a little slow to begin with but it soon picked up and the twists and turns! I honestly thought something was going off, but certainly not that, it was such a shock! 😧 

The book keeps you hooked and the narrator was very good at various accents, I listened to this at normal speed and took me about a week. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will certainly be on the look out for more of the authors works.
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Took a while to get into, but once it got going I really enjoyed it. A solid 3.5 stars from me. 

Thanks to the publisher, author and NetGalley for my ARC.
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I loved this book from page one! Rona Halsall created a fabulous twisted plot with characters you’ll instantly bond with. Many times a thriller will leave you suspicious of everyone and their possible guilt or role in the demise of another character. What I liked about this story was that I felt that there was no way anyone in this story could be guilty!
First, Steph seemed like a middle aged woman going through a tough divorce while learning ways she could gain her independence. She has an admirable job helping the homeless get on their feet. She doesn’t want to sell the house she shared with her husband so she’s working on finding a way to keep it.

Then, Andy…her ex seems to have suspected Steph of an affair leading to their demise as a married couple. He wants to sell the house and get his share. I mean other than being a nuisance about it, he doesn’t really seem too suspicious of anything other than being kind of a jerk.

After Steph lends a hand to a young homeless boy, Noah, who reminds her of her estranged son, she takes him under counsel on a wing and a prayer that she made the right decision.

Weird things happen in the house and it seems like someone keeps intruding but she has no reason to suspect anyone.

Bee her daughter is worried about her mom and tries to convince her mother to move in with her.

It seems like everyone’s intentions are good but it doesn’t seem to answer the big question about why anyone would be trying to scare Steph out of her house! When you learn how all of the pieces fit together, you’ll love it!

This is a great thrilling read that will definitely keep your guessing until the end.
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The book was a bit of a slow burn. Things didn't really get interesting until the last 20% of the book, however it was still a very good and well thought out story.
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