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33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Financial Life

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Very simple way of thinking about your financial situation and finding some ways to make it better. You might recognize the errors from examples around.
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A quick and easy read, I like the books bullet point style layout.  Unfortunately unable to relate to this book and it’s suggestions due to being British (American book).  The points seem to be more common sense compared to actually giving the reader any new or ground breaking financial advise.  As already stated, maybe an American reader might benefit from this book more.
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Short and simple, it offers good financial advice. It is easy to make mistakes which will just ruin your financial life. The full title is 33 Ways Not to Screw Up Your Financial Life.

Does anyone really want to be one paycheck away from homeless? This book discusses 33 common mistakes which could put you on the road to that situation or just otherwise make your life more difficult than it should be.

It is quick read. And even quicker as it is organized into short chapter on various situation. If you are pressed for time just read those that apply to you.

Basic finance in simple terms. Don’t Screw Up Your Financial Life.
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I picked up this book because as someone in their late 20s, I was hoping it may help me further stabilise my finances (I would say I'm middle of the road with money management, not great nor terrible). So this seemed an interesting prospect.

It is quite a short book, which I think is helpful to get readers to focus on a particular heading or title - the problem I have with being able to review this, I'm British and it is a very American focused title. 

Therefore a number of the sections are unfortunately not relevant to me (thank you NHS for meaning I do not need to factor health insurance into so many financial decisions) and I work under PAYE so thankfully I also do not need to complete my own taxes. As such, I am not sure it is fair for me to rate this title, but since I need to, I am going to mid road for the informationthat actually was usable for me. Some of the overarching headings work for other countries (e.g. start considering a pension sooner rather than later), but the detail is of course very specific depending where you live.
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