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You're Not the Boss of Me!

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Amy Miller can’t wait to show the whole school how funny she is in the upcoming revue. However, misogynistic bully Harry has been put in charge and is refusing to accept any of her comedy sketches. It’s only when her sister alerts her to what he’s doing that Amy realises that she needs to do something to overthrow him and make everyone laugh. You’re Not The Boss Of Me is a funny story with a very loveable heroine, who I had no doubt would succeed in taking down the patriarchy within her school. It explores issues of sexism, toxic masculinity and learning to standing up for yourself while continuing to grow as a human. An amazing read for budding feminists!
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My 9 year old daughter loved this book and loved the fact it meant woman can do anything they want to do and not let anything especially gender hold you back. It is written in a way that children understand. Definitely worth a read when raising strong independent girls who can take on the world
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This is an enjoyable read that I feel that my Year 6 class would enjoy.  Since my class are aged 11, I feel that this book  is written in a style that would appeal to children a little younger than the main character is designed to be. This didn't lessen my enjoyment; it is merely an observation.
However, I loved the sense of perseverance and self-belief in Amy and I love that humour is her medium to make herself heard. I love that this book shows girls working together to share their voice!! There are positive messages here for all young people about being yourself and standing proud of who you are. Amy could be annoying at times but I guess that is, bizarrely, a part of her charm and certainly adds to the humour. Her relationships with others allow her to learn and grow so that we feel she might be a slightly easier person to work with by the end.
I would be interested in finding out more about some of the other characters in the book as I felt we were getting a taste of some back- stories that would be interesting to explore.
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"You’re not always going to have an easy path through this life. But it will be an important one."

 My actual rating is a 3.5 but closer to a 4. I usually round down but couldn't only give this 3 stars.

This is a funny one.

Lots of it is amazing, the messages about family and feminism are incredibly well done and it’s often genuinely funny. 

There are lots of great moments about feminism and fairness and the whole plot to expose Harry as a misogynist was brilliant. I generally really liked the characters and think it’s pretty well written. 

But Amy often seems quite a bit younger than she is, to the point that a couple of times it did bring me away from the story because she was being so childish. I say this all totally aware that she’s only 13 and that can’t be considered as old and mature but I really feel she could have been 10/11 just leaving primary school and nothing would need changing.
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A great story about believing in yourself even when others are doubting you and standing up for yourself and what you believe is right.
Amy’s plans might not always go the way she wants but she’s never scared to try and show a bit of kindness even if it’s often not appreciated.
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Amy is a very positive person and loves writing comedy sketches, formerly with her best friend Anvil, but now since growing up made Anvil think he had to impress the boys in the cool gang, Amy writes alone. When the Y9 School Revue is opened up for students to write, direct and perform, Amy is the first to sign up herself and her best friends. 
However, she comes up against a prejudice she’d never previously encountered. Determined to prove her point she devises a plan with Anvil which only partly works and is a further shock to Amy.
This novel is about YA aged students but could equally be aimed at MG level. There is absolutely nothing unsuitable for younger children apart from the harsh realities of blatant sexism. Most of what happens, if it occurred in isolation would be brushed over – and is - but mounting up it demonstrates the reality for many females.
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This was such an amazing read with a great message full of feminism! The plot was wonderful and much needed in today's world. Amy was a confident and likeable protagonist and seeing her steer through various problems just to be able to write her sketches in the revue was truly inspiring! The writing was very engaging as well.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for the e-arc!
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