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A -Z Birmingham Hidden Walks

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I am sure this is a great little book and brilliant for those, like me, living in Birmingham but this arc was basically unreadable. 

I wish publishers would consider the reader experience of advance readers, how can you review a book that you cannot read?
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I really enjoyed reading this to see the local hidden walks in Birmingham. I’ve learnt some new routes from reading this book and although I’ve not trialled any yet, I look forward to! It is easy to follow too!
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As I was born and brought up in the Black Country, went to college in Smethwick, and worked for several years in my early 20’s in Birmingham I was excited to read this book of hidden walks around the area.  I now live in Pembrokeshire which of course has many local walk books written for it, but the industrial area of the West Midlands has precious few.  I was curious to see what the writers would unearth.

The book was assessed on Kindle for Ipad. 

It brought back many memories of the area, and showed some areas I knew of, and others I knew in the main but not the hidden walks. The descriptions encourage you to look as you walk, and describe the history or other local info for the walker. I really enjoyed looking through it, and would buy it to use it next time I go back to the West Midlands, and recommend it to my Midland friends.  It includes maps (didn’t work well on IPad) and photo images. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for my ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Some very interesting sounding walk around Birmingham, many of which I'm looking forward to trying out on future visits. I have not yet tried any of the walks but they seem to be well described and with map references so that the walks should be easy to follow.

I need to buy a copy of this book to keep in my car for when I'm there.
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The images in this book are beautiful. This, combined with the super easy to follow directions and the maps, makes me want to put on my shoes and jacket and get out walking immediately. The book is so user friendly, with the same format for each walk, showing the distance, time and type of terrain which makes it accessible for every walker. Having spent years visiting Birmingham, I haven’t explored these areas in detail and this book has really inspired me to get out and go. I’m buying this.
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A fantastic walking guide full of both long and short walks with a mix of walks based within the city and further afield in Birmingham. A wide variety to satisfy those with all interests including art, history and nature. Beautiful photos and easy to reads maps.
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lutely brilliant book, very interesting with small maps show each hidden walk 
Amazing photos show that if take time to stop and take notice of what's around us because for so long we have been missing such a beautiful city
Take some time for yourself with this book it will help your mental health wellbeing.
Definitely recommend buy this book
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