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Three Cheers for the Shipyard Girls

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Many thanx to the author, publisher and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
As this author writes about the area in which I live I was very keen to read this book. I only wish I had read the previous books in this series! 
This was a very good read and the author kept the tempo up for the entire book! Not having read the previous Shipyard Girls books I admit to being a little confused with some of the characters and found, at times, I really didn't know who was who!! This was simply down to me not having read the whole series!
I felt the excitement, worry and sorrow came through well and could feel myself being drawn to certain of the women. 
A good read which follows the strong female workforce during WW2 and how each deals with life's curved balls.
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The story certainly tied up all the loose ends and showed what friendship was through thick and thin during the war.

A wonderful end to a series which kept tied in till the end.
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I have been a fan of Nancy’s work ever since I had the good fortune to pick up a copy of ‘The Shipyard Girls’, which is the first book in the bestselling series, back in 2016. Since then I have read and loved every single book in the series. ‘Three Cheers For The Shipyard Girls’ is the twelfth and final book in the ‘Shipyard Girls’ series. I was fortunate enough to have a sneaky peak at an early review copy and boy what a conclusion it is to what has proved to be a superb series. I absolutely loved reading ‘Three Cheers For the Shipyard Girls’ but more about that in a bit.
Had anybody told me at the start of the series that by the time I got to the end of the series, I would end up liking Helen, I would have thought that you were mad. Throughout the series, Helen has gradually changed and has become a beautiful person inside and out. The Shipyard Girls have adopted her into their circle even if she did make their life hell to start with. Helen has certainly proved herself. Helen has proved to be a kind and caring woman. One character who has not changed a bit is Charles Havelock, who is Helen’s maternal grandfather. He has consistently been a swine in more ways than one. Every time I came across his name in the book I would utter an expletive because he really got my back up. By the time I had finished the book, my swear box would have been full!! When I visited Sunderland I had to physically restrain myself from attacking a sign with ‘Havelock’ on simply because I loathe the character so much. I kept hoping that Charles and his daughter Miriam (Helen’s mother) would go for a long walk off Roker Pier and that they would get the comeuppance that they both so deserved. They have consistently been horrendous and nasty. I won’t go into any further detail about what happens to Charles and Miriam as I don’t want to get into any bother for letting spoilers slip. To find out what happens you are just going to have to read the book for yourselves to find out as I am not going to tell you.
In some ways this review is one of the hardest that I have ever had to write but I mean that in the nicest possible way. it will finally sink in that the series is at an end and I will have to say goodbye to the girls. As soon as I started reading the book, I knew that I wasn’t going to be doing anything else other than reading for the rest of the day. I had reunited with old friends in the shape of the Shipyard Girls and I felt as though I was back ‘home’ as it were- in other words I felt comfortable in what had become a familiar environment. The book wasn’t exactly glued to my hand but it might as well have been because it travelled everywhere. I couldn’t bear to miss a single second of the story. I became so wrapped up in the lives and loves of the girls that I lost all track of time and just how quickly I was getting through the story. When I looked up to check on my progress I was staggered to realise that I had read a third of the book in one go. I managed to read this book within the space of a single day, which is really good for me.
‘Three Cheers For The Shipyard Girls’ is superbly written but then I have come to expect nothing less from Nancy Revell. Nancy has one of those easy going writing style that is easy to get used to and easy to get along with. Reading one of Nancy’s books feels more like a chat between friends rather than reading an actual book. I hope that makes sense. Nancy has clearly done a lot of research into the era in which the story is set and this shines through in the quality of her work. I never knew my grandparents so I don’t know what living through the Second World War was like and reading Nancy’s books are the nearest I am going to get to actually being able to travel back in time. I loved the fact that the series was set in Sunderland, which at the time the story takes place was in County Durham (and always will be as far as I am concerned) as I live just a few miles down the road from there and I have various family members who lived in the Sunderland area at that time. The way I see it when I was reading Nancy’s books I could easily have been reading about my relatives. ‘Three Cheers For The Shipyard Girls’ has a bit of everything – drama, tension, romance and loss.
In short I adored reading ‘Three Cheers For The Shipyard Girls’ and I would definitely recommend this book to other readers. Nancy Revell is a superb author and I have no doubt that she will excel with whatever she chooses to write next. I will certainly be reading more of her work in the future- well for me, she is a must read author. I can honestly say that it has been an honour and privilege to read this series. I am sure that the series will be snapped up for television and will be just as successful as the book series. The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.
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Three Cheers for the Shipyard Girls, should be followed by Three Cheers for Nancy Revell as this wonderful series of books comes to a conclusion, with this the final instalment. I have been with all the girls since the beginning and I am heartened and sadden to know that as soon as I picked up this book it was inevitably going to come to an end.

As the end of the Second World War, approaches the lives of these women welders in a Sunderland shipyard and going to change inexplicably once again. Gloria has finally found her happy ending and is going to marry Jack and unite her family once more.

Rosie, now happy that Peter is home from his secret missions abroad is finally starting to settle into married life but there is still her own secrets she needs to reconcile to be able to move on.

Angie is to be married to Quentin and with that the final escape from her family and the behaviours of her parents. Little does she know, she will end up with a ready made family as soon as she is married.

Dorothy whilst content with planning Angie’s wedding, does not want one of her own and is determined along with Gloria’s son Bobby to see the world once the world is available to be seen once again.

Polly and Tommy are reunited, their family complete. Along with all those who make the extended family as well, Agnes, Bel, Joe, Pearl and Lucille. All names you will be familiar with if you have been with the books from the beginning.

Of course there is some unfinished business with Helen and her family secrets which are still going to affect all the women she employs. Can she possibly keep it together to protect those she cares about. And will anyone ever care about her for who she is and not what she might bring to a relationship?

Nancy Revell does not hold back with the events in this book and I was positively hooked as I had to make sure all the bad and evil got their comeuppance. Some of the evil was never going to be reconciled and I adored the fact that Nancy sent Hannah, back to Austria, via the Red Cross to the liberation of the concentration camps to face those particular demons. Resonating so much reading this book in the world we currently live in.

The book came to the conclusion it rightly should have done. It is a double edge sword to come to the end of a series of books when you have been with them since the beginning. I want to know what happens next but on the other hand, I know that all of the Shipyard Girls lives will continue long past the final page and word written by Nancy Revell.

The best saga series I have read in many years and begs to be made into a television drama. I feel bereft that I am no longer going to take a peek at their lives anymore but I am so glad I did.
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I really enjoyed this book.  It was a wonderful story and I loved reading about the history of Sunderland. It was both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.  I hadn't read all of the series and will now go back an start at the beginning which I am sure I will be hooked as much as I was on this book.  It really did make me laugh and cry - the sign of a beautifully written story.
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Nancy Revell brings her superb series about Sunderland’s finest to a triumphant end with the final mesmerizing installment, Three Cheers for the Shipyard Girls.

It’s 1945 and at long last it looks like the end of the war is in sight. The future that had once looked so bleak and hopeless is now bright and hopeful and although the shipyard girls cannot wait to celebrate the long-awaited conclusion of this terrible conflict with their nearest and dearest, there is still plenty of drama and upheaval to give them many a sleepless night. Gloria is finally going to marry the love of her life. She cannot wait to walk down the aisle and start married life with her beloved, Jack. However, she cannot help but worry about her youngest son and won’t rest until he is safely back home. Will the happiness that has long been denied to Gloria ever be within her reach? Or should she prepare herself for further heartache and disappointment?

The return of her husband from enemy territory has made head welder Rosie so happy. Knowing she no longer has to worry about her husband is a weight off her mind, but she cannot help but be concerned about what the end of the war could mean for her and her beloved squad. The shipyard girls have worked so hard and come so far. But with the men back from doing their duty to king and country, will they find themselves forced to give up their cherished freedom and independence?

Caught between two men, Helen is in a terrible dilemma. Although her heart is pushing her in one direction, circumstances beyond her control might compel her to make a choice that she could regret for the rest of her life. Can Helen follow her heart and be happy at last? Or is she about to make the biggest mistake of her life? Luckily for her, the shipyard girls are always ready to dispense advice and to help her out when she needs them most.

The shipyard girls have been through so much in the last couple of years. Will they finally get the happy ending they so richly deserve? Or will tears and anguish end up putting paid to their celebrations?

In the final installment of this wonderful series, best-selling author Nancy Revell has pulled out all the stops and delivered an excellent saga full of warmth, hope and heart that readers are going to love. Three Cheers for the Shipyard Girls celebrates friendship, family and the indomitable courage of women rising above all the challenges standing in their way and triumphing when everything seems hopeless and desperate.

All the characters are, as always, beautifully drawn and so wonderfully vivid that it’s a wrench to say goodbye to them on the last page. Over the course of twelve books I have laughed with them, cried with them and despaired at some of the choices they made and decisions they took. They truly feel like old friends now and I will miss catching up with their lives every couple of months.

Brava, Nancy Revell for writing such a fantastic series and I cannot wait to see what you write next.
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Last in the series featuring the girls who worked in the shipyard during the war. Great to catch up with them all,they are excellent characters who stand by each other through thick and thin. Heartwarming.
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What a mixture of emotions reading the final book in the series, loved catching up with Rosie and the rest of the gang and reading how life had panned out for each of them and how they all got their happy endings eventually.
Glad old havelock got his comeuppance and by someone we would never have guessed.
Emotional read knowing that this is the last of the shipyard girls when we have followed them for so long, heartbreaking saying goodbye to the girls but many thanks must go to Nancy for her fabulous writing, wonderful characters and brilliant storylines that have kept us entertained for so long, not to mention the many cliff hangers we were left with at times.
A brilliant read as always but so sad to see the girls go
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I have read every book in this wonderfully brilliant series from the start & I am so sad & feel bereft that this is the final one & the series is at an end.
I'm not sure my review can do justice to such a fantastic series that I have enjoyed  these past years.
I have followed the lives of the shipyard girls for so long & it's held me in its grip throughout I couldn't get enough.
The storylines have been brilliant & have kept me engrossed as I've followed all the lives of the fabulous characters portrayed in these books.
Beautifully written, the author takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as she weaves her story about these wonderful young women who helped build the ship's during the war.
Britain is at war & as all our young men are away fighting, it was up to the women to step up  & fill the big hole in the workforce at the shipyards.
Rosie & her squad of women welders took on gruelling work that was needed to help build these ships that were badly needed.
It takes great strength & fortitude to cope with such gruelling work as well as running a family & they have been stretched to their limits.
The storylines have been brilliant & will keep you engrossed as you  follow all the lives of these fabulous characters that you will come to love.
The story has drawn me in each time & left me wanting more .
The shipyard girls will make you smile , be overjoyed but shed a few tears too.
Now it is at an end as the war as ended & the author brings down the final curtain.
This has been a remarkable story of how these women gave up so much & came out the other side true heroines & an inspiration to us all.
While I have given no spoilers on the final story the author has done a brilliant job of bringing this series to its conclusion & I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I would like to say a big well done to this author for writing such an engrossing read & will be looking out for more from this talented author.

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When I started reading the book, I had no idea that this was actually the last book in the series.  Because of that, you feel like you are the only one in the room that has not been told the secret - lots of the storylines seem carry forward from previous book(s) and while some background info is given, its not really enough to enable you to fully enjoy the book, hence the lower mark I have given (its probably a 3.5 rather than a 3).

I am not sure if all these characters are in all the books or if they've been gradually added but while there were a number of more major ones, I was really struggling to understand who was who and who was connected to whom.  I did though really like the characters of Helen and her grandmama - both really did seem standouts as well of course as the nasty Charles!  

If you have read the series, I think you'd love this book but if you've not read any before, then go read the rest before reading this one.
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It feels like only the other day that I began the Shipyard Girls series by Nancy Revell but in fact it’s been six years since I was first introduced to a remarkable bunch of women who have shown nothing but pride, strength and courage throughout the long years of the war. It’s rare for me to stick so long with a series from the beginning to the bitter end but the fact that I have done so for 12 books is testament to what a brilliant series Nancy has created and so carefully developed. It’s bittersweet to reach the end as I have become so attached to this cast of characters. I was reluctant to start this book because I knew once I reached the end that that was it. I’d no longer read of Gloria, Helen and co and that made me sad. I have really grown to love these special women and always look forward to reading of their adventures and trials and tribulations twice a year. That feeling of dying to know what happens next and the excitement of seeing a new book appearing on NetGalley and just having to get it and read it as soon as possible will no longer be there but the characters and all that they have been through will long live on in my heart and mind. 

At this stage to go into the various characters and all the issues and problems they have would be fruitless given this is the last book and that everything they have been through and the hold a certain person has over them is reaching its endpoint. Needless to say, these women welders and both their friends and families have been through the mill since the outbreak of war but the end point is in sight. They just need to push through these final few months and hopefully emerge victorious on the other side. As world events progress at a rapid pace so too does the personal lives of each character that I have come to know and love. There are plenty of problems and situations, both good and bad, that need an outcome to be found be it positive or negative. The author gets straight down to action, and you get the sense she has a lot she wants to say and cover and gets on with it right from the outset. That’s not to say things felt rushed or brushed neatly under the carpet. Given the length of the series to do this now at this stage would seem futile and just such a let-down for readers who have been with the girls since the beginning. No, thankfully that didn’t happen at all and the pacing and revelations were all perfect and at times you have a smile on your face to see certain characters getting the comeuppance you have longed to see them receive. 

The one thing that does continue to hang over the group are the secrets that Charles Havelock, the supposed pillar of the town, has over each of them. I’ve been continuously wondering how on earth can it be resolved given how complicated and twisted things have become? If the things that Gloria, Rosie, Dorothy, Angie, Martha, Polly and Hannah hold close to their chest for very good reason and whether they be big or small go on to be exposed the repercussions don’t bare thinking about. Charles, Helen’s grandfather, is one of the nastiest characters that I have read about in a long time and that’s saying something given how much historical fiction I read. He wields axes over so many characters and in doing so has contaminated their lives. Even in this last book, he is still working out how he can emerge as top dog and keep his reputation intact. For the women too have secrets regarding Charles that would shatter his ‘generous’ reputation.

No one will ever get the better of Charles as he is determined to be the victor in this last battle. To be honest I didn’t think there was any hope of the women emerging unscathed through the process that was unfolding. Charles had lots of tricks up his sleeve and the evil within him especially considering what he had done to his wife Henrietta I just saw it continuing on and on. His power appeared never ending and I didn’t think the women would have the tactics and ammunition to play him at it his game. But a character who had featured in the background in previous books was not to be under estimated and I thought this aspect of the plot was brilliantly done. I wouldn’t have seen it coming from a mile off. In fact, that’s how I felt about how a lot of the things were worked out. You could tell the author had things worked out for a long time and was relishing putting all her ideas into motion. I loved how things developed it felt like issues were being resolved naturally rather than forcefully.

I can’t not talk about Helen, especially considering how against her I was when reading the earlier books, it’s amazing how much compassion I feel for her now and I am so deeply invested in a positive outcome to her strand of the story. She shows that perhaps after all a leopard can change their spots. Without doubt, she has to be the best written character even though I love all the girls. I think I am now really connected and deeply invested in her story as she has been through so much and undergone such a transformation from a baddy to a goodie and she is a character for whom you really want nothing but the best for. Her journey has truly been remarkable. She now has a firm place in the group and continues to try and thwart her grandfather’s plans even though it means putting her own wants, needs and love on hold perhaps even permanently rather than just as a stop gap. I know I am not alone in wanting Helen to finally confess to Dr. John how she feels and for him to do likewise but still even at this late juncture there are so what seems like so many insurmountable problems placed in their path most notably her grandfather and Dr. Claire. But as one character says ‘For what is life without hope?’ and that what is everyone that features here must have. Be it hope that the war will reach a positive conclusion without too much more bloodshed or the loss of someone they hold dear or hope that their own personal problems will find resolutions and explanations. 

Hope is such a strong word but it’s what these women have in spades and I desperately wished that it would carry them through to the bitter end. There is lots of water to pass under the bridge before things can be celebrated but bringing Charles down so to speak is the major one not to mention there is lots of love, laughter, bright days and a wedding or two that will go side by side their main goal. As the series progressed, I had wondered how could resolutions to such insurmountable problems be found? Especially as there were some really tricky and complex situations but  Nancy worked things out brilliantly. I really got the sense that she knew right from book one how things were going to conclude and although readers, myself included may have doubted that positive outcomes could be achieved she in fact had full faith in her girls that the good times would once again come around.

In Three Cheers for the Shipyard Girls, Nancy Revell has given her readers the most perfect ending to what has been an utterly brilliant and deeply satisfying series. It was everything you were hoping for but also much much more. I know in the future I will go back and read the series from start to finish in one go and treasure every moment of it and it’s rare that I would venture to say that. There is no let-up in the action throughout the book as there are lots of little subplots feeding out from the overall plot that need resolution. The reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride packed full of twists and turns as imagination is blended perfectly with historical fact. You are kept on your toes guessing the eventual outcomes to some aspects until the last possible moment which mean you can’t bear to leave the book out of your hands and that’s the way a good book should be. As one door closes another door opens and although I’ll remain gutted for some time that this series has reached its satisfying conclusion, I am very excited to see in what place and what era Nancy Revell will turn her attentions to next. If it’s anything as good as this series I know her loyal readers will be in for a real treat.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

In this book, Gloria has chosen to get married to Jack, but she’s not wanting a big wedding so that the attention stays on Angie’s wedding. 

It’s not clear how Helen’s life will pan out, but  at least the war is ending. 

I’ve enjoyed reading each book, it was sad in places, but loved how the story ended for each character.

A fabulous series, that’s come to an end.  So, a big Thank you to Nancy Revell for this set of books which can be re-read again.  

Can’t wait to see what you write next. 

Highly Recommend This Series.
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A great ending to the series. The undertones of menace and secrets to be exposed ran through the book and kept everything on edge. The lives of all the shipyard girls are so inter twined that this book does a cracking job of tying it all together and ensuring that things fall into place, or at least where they are supposed to fall. A fantastic epilogue puts the bow on it all. A lovely romance that overcomes the hiccups, some minor and some major.
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A satisfying and thrilling end of this fantastic series. A lovely book with a great cast of characters.  Beautifully written and I got really invested in the girls story.  I would highly recommend reading this fabulous series.
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A really good read. I haven't read all the books in this series so I didn't know some of the girls back stories but didn't take away any enjoyment from the novel. Full of great  warmhearted characters who share their Hope's and dreams with each other but lots secrets that have been kept for years which have to come out eventually. Great friendships which have lasted years shines throughout the story and obviously love affairs feature witch all adds up to make this a lovely read. Three cheers for the shipyard girls love them
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This is the last in the series of the Shipyard Girls and everything is nicely rounded off. If you are able to read the whole series start from the very beginning so that you have the continuation of the lives of these girls during and after the war.. Great read and well worth doing so.. 5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this e ARC
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Thank you fir allowing me to read ghis final book in the series  about the Shipyard Girls.   I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have read some of the earlier books, but think I missed one.  However I don't think this matters this book will stand alone  although knowing the background of these girls who all took on work in the shipyard during the 2nd World War.   The characters are determined to look out for each other, to ensure each of them are safe and well.  This is set against the problems of the war, Charles Havelock and in the case of some their own  family.  Nancy Revell has written about these girls so well, that I feel I know them personally.   
I recommend this book to all.
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It feels like losing old friends having come to the end of the series! Living near Northallerton(!) and knowing Sunderland I've thoroughly enjoyed the series. At times I have found the nastiness of Claire and Charles to be a bit ongoing and sometimes not needed so was glad that all ended well and they both suffered in the end. I wish in some ways a further book had been written as I have been left with questions about some of the characters that wasn't covered in the final chapter - Did Isabelle have another baby? Did Helen have a family? What happened to Miriam in the hospital? 
For anyone who has not read the series I would highly recommend it to others and look forward to new work from the author. Congratulations!
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I’ve enjoyed all these books in this series and this last one just finished them all up nicely. It was lovely to read about the girls again and carry on from where the last one left off. What a lovely series this has been. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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Wow,   This the last in the Shipyard Girls wring every emotion out of you.  On finishing I just want to go back to the first one The Shipyard Girls and read them all again.   I love that the books give everyone a part to play, no matter how insignificant it may at first appear.  Even when you think you know the way the story is going it usually turns a corner and takes a different route.  Just loved it.  Well worthy of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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