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Cover Image: We Had To Remove This Post

We Had To Remove This Post

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Fiona B, Reviewer

This is a horrible, disturbing and fascinating novella, on something we all know exists but probably know nothing about.

Internet moderators. Oh what a job. It's the sort of job you can't bear to think about (like police scouring the internet and dark web for the horrors that reside there).

There was fantastic potential to go deep and dark if this had been a full-length novel, and in the right hands. I was expecting an insightful dive into the impact of doing this job, the type of company employing people to do this, and so on. Unfortunately, it left me hungry for more as it sidetracked into a personal story that I wasn't particularly interested in.

Great cover and book title though. Sadly, the content doesn't live up to the promise.
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