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3.5 stars
This is a nice little mashup of horror and thriller. I found that I was invested in the characters, and i enjoyed the overall story. This wasn’t an extraordinary book but it was very enjoyable.
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I have read the last three books by Cailynn Lloyd and I have loved her writing style and she spins a good yarn that make you care for the characters even when put in impossible situations.  She has a way of making you so invested that every turn of the page yearns you to continue on your journey and you can’t veer away from the story.

The Mill is no different and I have to say, this is one of my favourites of hers.  With its extraordinary plot that meshes together horror, spirituality, crime and mystery into a well constructed ball.    This shouldn’t really work due to all its moving parts but it does and this is to Lloyd’s incredible strong characterisations, plotting and intriguing story telling.

The plot is well delivered and gives the reader so much twists and turns that they feel like they are stuck in a maze.  The author masterfully takes the reader by the hand and leads them through this maze to the point you feel like she has spun you off course.  Stay with her because eventually you will see the light and step into the brilliance of the careful articulate world she has produced. 

The characters are very strong and not a weak character amongst them.  Lili, Martin and Emma work as a great team but come with an inner depth seldom found in a book of this ilk.  Chase is deliciously horrible and you want to reach into this world and physically take out your anguish on him.  Lloyd does something else here which many writers have a time doing and she gives her secondary and third characters so much sole that everyone here is a three dimensional well rounded character.

Lloyd has delivered another surefire winner and one that will bring even more phrase to her back catalogue that is already full of gems.  Her writing gets better and more secure with each instalment and she is going to be one to watch.

Overall, with her strong plotting, characters you invest in, tangled plotting that is masterfully untangled by the end.  This is a highly recommended read and one that will attract all genres due to its many great cross plotting meshing.  A pure outstanding winner from a very accomplished writer.
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The Mill is fast-paced and reads like a paranormal crime thriller. Each scene has its own self-contained arc while also pushing the plot forward. Switching between multiple perspectives throughout the novel also builds tension and urgency up to the conclusion.

The main point of view characters are: psychic Lili, ghost Emma, sadistic murderer Chase, and detective Martin, though we do get intriguing snippets from other characters as well, including the malevolent ghost living in the mill’s basement, Eamon.

It’s clear that Lloyd did a lot of research regarding her character’s professions. I particularly love small details, such as detective Martin’s analysis of serial killers and the professions they’re drawn to depending on their varying circumstances and aptitudes, and the logistics of how Lili supports herself as a psychic by doing readings and running a shop. Lloyd also weaves many metaphysical, pseudoscientific, and philosophical theories regarding psychics and the supernatural into Lili’s backstory. These specific details bring the characters and their world to life and make the more supernatural elements of the novel seem more plausible.

The Mill features intriguing ideas about ghosts and the supernatural. Emma can “read” books by diving into them and absorbing the content. In this way, Emma, unlike many ghosts, is an active protagonist who purposefully works to expand her knowledge and experiences character growth, even after death. 

Lloyd does an excellent job of differentiating the motivations and perspectives of her characters. With Chase, she’s particularly successful. It’s upsetting to read the sections from Chase’s perspective precisely because Lloyd forces the reader to inhabit his mind so successfully. He’s an arrogant, cold-blooded killer who believes in his own infallibility.
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Thanks so much to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC!

~ ~ ~

The haunted Rock River Mill has been recently converted into apartments. New resident Lili, a professional psychic, gets more than she bargained for when she tries to contact some of the local spirits and instead becomes embroiled in the hunt for a serial killer operating out of the mill. How can she aid the police in catching the killer when her only source is a ghost?

~ ~ ~

I found this to be just an okay read. It had some really interesting aspects and kept my interest enough to finish it. I wanted to love it so badly though. The premise sounded super interesting, but the delivery was mediocre at best, unfortunately. I wasn't really invested in any of the characters, which was really disappointing because there were several that should've been fascinating. Additionally, I felt like a lot of the plot points and "twists" at the end were kind of ridiculous and contrived. Would still say it's worth a read for those who are into supernatural thrillers though! You might like it more than it did, especially if characterization isn't as big an issue for you.
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Part thriller, part ghost story, The Mill is an excellent read for those who enjoy a paranormal twist to their murder mysteries. The author does a great job with creating realistic characters, both the good and the bad. There were several points-of-view, but I never got confused.
Lili, the main character, stood out as a competent, independent woman who - despite her faults - remained likable. The villain of the book wasn’t likable to any degree (no surprise!) but I still enjoyed his part in the book since I wanted to see him taken down!
The only misgiving I had came towards the end. I thought it was slightly anti-climactic. A really good book will end with a bang. This came more as a muffled pop. It wasn’t bad; it just left me wanting something bigger. 
Altogether, though, I enjoyed this book a great deal and will definitely read more of this author in the future.
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The Mill is the story of Lili who is an apartment complex that was formerly a paper mill and is haunted.
It’s a horror / thriller about not only the ghosts that haunt the apartment complex, but also a serial killer.

Scary and fun to read with a unique plotline.

Highly recommend!
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The Mill by Cailyn Lloyd 
I thought this was a good, quick read. The story flowed nicely and the storyline itself was interesting. It definitely kept my attention and turning the pages until I was done! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for this book, I leave my own honest opinion.
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Lili, a psychic, moves into the mill to try and connect with the ghosts there ... namely Emma, a woman who died in an awful accident. Lili starts to realise there's pure evil in the mill, both evil and human...

Oh I loved this book! It had me gripped from start to finish, and made me feel chills at parts! This author is incredibly talented, and make a story that is terrifying and yet absolutely brilliant. I can't wait to read more of their work!
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The old mill was developed into condos. Haunted condos. Several vivid personalities are at play here--a condo owner who's also a psychic, a condo owner who's also a law enforcement officer moonlighting as a serial killer, a number of different ghosts--there are lots of good ingredients. This is a heavily plot-driven story using a number of exciting devices very lightly, which could come off as lurid to the sensitive reader. It's a lightning-quick pageturner, though. Readers who enjoy a breakneck pace and don't want to stop for tons of detail or character development will have a great time.
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4.5 stars

The Mill by Cailyn Lloyd is a psychological thriller.

First, let me thank NetGalley, the publisher Land of Oz LLC and of course the author, for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

My Synopsis:   (No major reveals, but if concerned, skip to My Opinions)
The Rock River Paper Mill was converted into condo's a number of years ago....but some of the original inhabitants stayed.  There are four ghosts living within the walls, and for the most part, they keep to themselves.  Emma floats rather freely among the main floors, but generally stays quiet.  Tommy keeps an even lower profile.  Frank has his own space too, but likes to scare people occasionally (and he's really freaking out one of the tenants).  Eamon has the basement to himself, and he's been getting more adventurous, and mean.  Eamon is also in contact with one of the tenants.

Lili is a psychic, and the main reason she moved to The Mill was to interact with ghosts that supposedly haunt the old building.  She really hopes to meet Emma.  But Lili discovers more than just a rather benevolent ghost.  She discovers that one of the tenants is a serial killer.  Needless to say, the police are a little skeptical when she approaches them.

Detective Martin Kettridge has been with the Ash Grove Police Department for many years, and although he doesn't believe in psychic phenomena, or ghosts, he is starting to feel that there may indeed be a serial killer on the loose, and evidence is pointing to The Mill.  Perhaps Lili does have a bit of a gift.

My Opinions:   
It looks like I may have to delve into some of this author's other works!

I really enjoyed this book.  Some of the topics included rape, murder, and mental illness.  In spite of that, the book felt like a light, fun read.  I'm not sure how the author did that, or whether that was on me (sometimes my idea of entertainment is a little off).  Perhaps it was the paranormal and psychic aspects that created this affect for me.

The actual story was told from multiple points of view, included the thoughts of the ghosts.  This was really entertaining, and all of the characters were quite interesting.

I think my only complaint might be that the psychological disorders may have been portrayed a little "lightly".  However, it worked well with the plot, and it is, after all, fiction.

Overall, it is not a deep read, but it was highly entertaining, and kept me glued from start to finish.  I'm almost hoping that Lili and Martin come back in a sequel.
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The Mill by Cailyn Lloyd is an interesting take on a paranormal thriller. As a psychic, Lilli is not surprised to find some ghostly cohabitants of her home in an old industrial mill that has been renovated. One of those hauntings, Emma, makes contact with her in order to help save a woman in danger from another neighbor who is a predator. Many more characters are introduced and multiple more situations arise in this tale. 

Lloyd has come up with a unique idea for this story. Although original, this story falls a little flat for me. The chapters are short and concise which I appreciate and help to move the story along at a fairly quick pace. However, I found myself getting a bit overwhelmed by the amount of characters and povs initiated within the story. I also lost interest at times during the read. Although not a horrible read by any means, it was simply mediocre for me. 

Thank you to NetGalley for an arc of this story!
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I received a complimentary copy of The Mill from NetGalley.  Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

This was an interesting read.  Fairly well written, with an original storyline and a uniquely interesting plot twist contribute to a strangely almost mesmerizing novel.  It was difficult to put down at times, but for no specific reason I can pinpoint—just that I was curious as to what exactly would happen next, specifically concerning the spectors.  Interesting book!
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3 Stars!

What is the nature of evil?  Is it something that lives in people or something that can take root in a place and works its will against any that come into its boundaries?  These are the questions Cailyn Lloyd takes on in The Mill.  Although I knew little about the novel or the author, the book called out to me with its creepy cover and promise of a terrifying story within.  I was eager to jump into this one and discover the chills and thrills that lie within. 


The old paper mill seemed to have death in its foundation.  Over the years, several of its workers had died in the mill and many of those were due to questionable (at best) circumstances.  When the mill finally closed, it seemed as if the ghosts that still resided in the building would be forever trapped in the building forever alone.  Then came the renovation and the mill evolved into luxury condos.  The past was not supposed to be a part of the new building.  After all, the roots of the building were largely covered over and the new structure built atop them.  Ghosts, however, are not so easy to cover up and the darkness that resides at the root of the building would once again work to be set free. 


Lilli was not surprised that there were ghosts in the old mill upon which her new apartment was built.  As a psychic, she was used to encountering spirits in old places.  What she was surprised at, though, was the evil force that she felt from the basement of the building and the fact that this evil was made greater by a serial killer/rapist that inhabited the building.  When a body is found and a woman who lives in the building goes missing, Lilli works with the spirit of a young girl who died long ago to help the police track down the killer.  With their skepticism and some untrustworthy allies, though, the task seems like it may be too much for Lilli and she fears that the killer will escape to stalk prey once again. 


The Mill promised to be a supernatural thriller and it does not fail on that point.  What surprised me, however, was the amount of thriller that there was in the novel.  While the supernatural does play a part in the story, much of the narrative is more of a serial killer story than that of a ghost story.  There are ghosts here and they weave in and out of the story but the main storyline is about a deranged killer stalking his prey and attempting to elude the police.  The killer is a very human monster and not born of the supernatural.  This is not a criticism of the story.  In fact, the human character is a very evil presence and drives the novel forward with his insanity.  I was just expecting more of the supernatural than the background player that it quickly became.  There are ghosts in the old building but the man who is the monster takes center stage throughout. 


Cailyn Lloyd creates an interesting story in The Mill but one that ultimately fails to reach its full potential.  There is a lot of darkness in this novel and some readers may not be comfortable with its depiction of rape and violence.  The method of storytelling is different from the norm as well as the reader knows who the killer is from the beginning as his thought process is an integral part of the story.  This may not work for some but I did not find it to be a detriment to the overall story.  The biggest downfall of the novel is that the characters remain fairly shallow throughout and feel more like window dressing than true people (or entities, in the case of the ghosts) in what really feels like what should be a character-driven story.  There is a lot to like here.  The Mill gives the reader an interesting take on a serial killer story with a touch of the supernatural thrown in for good measure but it ultimately falls a little flat due to its lack of a very strong character or two.  I would recommend the novel for those who are not afraid of very strong, dark themes and passages in a nontraditional story but the novel falls short of what I would have like it to have been. 


I would like to thank Land of Oz LLC and NetGalley for this review copy.  The Mill is available now.
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Whoa! What a ride. It was very fast-paced. The writing style kept me hooked and I didn't find myself losing any interest. I enjoyed getting to know each of the characters and how real the story felt. The author did a great job painting the setting, so it was easy for me to visualize the scene played out before me.  I recommend giving this one a chance!
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A spooky, twisty book that had me sleeping with the lights on. I bought myself a copy just so I could read it again and experience the chills as often as I want
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I really enjoyed this book, it was right up my alley! I enjoy the paranormal genre where ghosts are involved.

The story centers around an old mill converted to condos/apartments. Living in one is Lili Paltrinieri, a psychic who senses ghosts roaming around the mill and what drew her to live there. Lili owns a shop, working during the day, but at night she tries to commune with the spirits.

One of the ghosts is Emma Kiekhafter, who died after a freak accident in 1894. Emma is tied to the main part of the mill. There's also, Frank Zivkovic, who occupies one of the family's homes and meets a fateful end after trying to do a good deed in 1936.  Another apartment was occupied by Tommy, who died following an accident at the mill in 1993. In the basement rules Eamon O'Keene, an Irishman killed in a cave-in, filled with vengeance. 

Emma is fascinating! She snoops on one individual and is angry enough to learn how to try to activate his computer. When she witnesses something terrible, despite her distrust of Lili, Emma learns how to use the iPad to send Lili information.

Lili begins to have nightmares and soon realizes that there is a psychic connection with one woman. Lili tries her best to relay the information to Detective Mark Kettridge, who is not a believer in the paranormal. He's got better things to do, like finding missing persons.

When evidence is brought to Mark, he knows he needs to act quickly and with a leap of blind faith, he's going to have to trust Lili is the real deal.

Lili starts to have terrifying dreams and fears they might be premonitions.

I wouldn't say this was a horror story, but it was a nice paranormal, spooky story with a ghost lending a helping hand. I especially liked how Emma used the iPad to connect with Lili. This was a 5 star read for me!

I received an ARC from NetGalley via Land of Oz LLC and I voluntarily reviewed this book.
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Thank you to Netgalley for giving me a copy of this book! 

The book The Mill is based is a newly renovated apartment complex that was formerly a paper mill and houses both living and nonliving residents. It’s a fun, quirky and upbeat psychic thriller about a psychic, serial killer and the many ghosts that haunt an old mill. 

While there were a lot of characters in this book the most interesting was the ghost, Emma a girl ghost who was killed in an accident in 1894 whom Lilia psychic moved in the building in hoping to meet her and ends up working with Emma to bring the serial killer in the mill to justice. The plotline overall was good and easy to follow. 

A psychic moving into a super haunted building trying to contact the Emma the spirit that lives in the building is very aware of what’s going on in the world around her. She reads books and has taught herself how to use a laptop and an Ipad but can’t speak to Lilia. When Emma realizes that a very bad man is living in one of the apartments she feels she must do something, decides to find away to stop him.

While imagery is very good and the plot in itself is good. I had a problem with the ending involving Emma being very confusing. However, I liked the ending with Lilia and Martin,a police detective.
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For anyone wondering if there is life after death, then reading The Mill by Cailyn Lloyd might have you questioning your preconceptions. We have ghosts who can use tablets, some who can summon poltergeist activity, shape shifters and the thoroughly melancholy ones who just want to be left alone. In writing The Mill, the norm was left far behind, so it becomes quite a unique novel. Underlying the supernatural overlay is a crime thriller. Certainly it had good pace and the sceptical police were helped along by Lili (the medium) and her chums in the next life. Obviously a novel which can't be taken too seriously in the detective crime thriller genre but it was a fun read nevertheless. My review rating is based upon the previous sentence as I am completely baffled as to whether there is a fitting category for this type of novel.
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Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for giving me a copy of this book! 
Before I start trigger warnings for: Sexual Assault, Murder, some gore, 

Character: The characters were fine, but there's a mental health reason thrown in at the very end for one character (not the villain), and it made no sense.  Honestly that being put in is going to turn people away.  It was not necessary.  It was like having the main villain having DID the entire time.  There was no need for that twist, and all it's going to do is harm the book.  The main villain was very easy to hate.  I'm glad there was no attempt at trying to have him have a redemption arc at the end; there was no redeeming that. Emma as a main character was great I thought.  I liked the Eamon as this chaotic neutral maybe leaning towards chaotic evil character.  I wish I got more of him.  

Atmosphere: I thought apartments that were once an old mill was a great setting for the book.  I think Cailyn did a good job of setting that up.

Writing: The writing was fine.  Honestly the book should've ended a few chapters back and didn't include the mental health twist that's just going to harm the book.  This author should've edited this a bit better.

Plot: The plot was easy to follow.  I could see more books about the psychic Emma in the future.

Intrigue: I was intrigued the entire way through about how the main villain was going to be caught.  What was going to happen to his victims?  

Logic: It's interesting to see a book that shows how a serial killer can get away with murder for so long.  We've seen it time and time again in real life. 

Enjoyment: I enjoyed it up until the last few chapters.  The twist really brought this story down a star.  I was confused as to why that was thrown in, and it really added nothing to the story.  3 stars.  It was a fun thriller.
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While I enjoyed the book it did not push me to a creepy edge. I enjoy killers, ghosts and psychics but feel there were to many variables to this story. 

There was a ghost I don’t remember being introduced to but was In the latter part of the book. The ending seemed rushed in some parts and dragged in others. I feel like the use of DID was a tad bit off. 

Over all I enjoyed it but not sure if it was just to much by the end.
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