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Cover Image: Cause of Death: The Shires Mysteries 3

Cause of Death: The Shires Mysteries 3

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Fiona B, Reviewer

Cause of Death is an easy cosy mystery that was entertaining to read but left no lasting impression.

With the opening scenes and cast of characters, this felt reminiscent of the Agatha Raisin novels but lacked their humour and deft lightness. More Midsommer Murders TV series, a bit clichéd,

Maybe it's a 'it's me, not you' situation. I do like cosy mysteries. I don't expect them to be amazing, just to do what they say on the tin. Light entertainment to snuggle up with, with a scone and a cup of tea. Nothing wrong with that. It's just that this one didn't grab me.

I'm grateful to the author and publishers for an opportunity to read and review this novel.
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