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Enola Holmes: Mycroft's Dangerous Game

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Was excited to read this graphic novel after having seen the Enola Holmes movie on Netflix. This graphic novel did not disappoint. You definitely don't need to have seen the movie to appreciate this beautifully illustrated and well-written graphic novel.
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Very fun quick read - the graphic novel format works well and ties in nicely with the film.  I see this as a great stepping stone for some reluctant readers who have enjoyed the film.  Definitely one I'll be recommending in my school library.
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I have not read a comic/graphic novel since my childhood but this being a continuation from the first Enola Holmes film caught my interest. And I'm glad I requested it! 

It was such a fun read. I loved the illustrations and how close they are to the actors' physical appearances.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this.
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When Mycroft Holmes is kidnapped Enola is on the case.  Along with her are old friends and newly made ones and she's on the tail of anarchists, finding clues as to her brother's disappearance and scandalously wears trousers while she rides her bicycle.
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I knew there was a Netflix movie, but I haven’t seen it yet (but it’s on my list); however, I really enjoyed this. Enola is quite the young lady. Her level of intelligence easily rivals Sherlock’s.

The writing is engaging, and the story is fun. However, I think this story is a part of a series, and this is the only book I’ve read in the series if that’s the case… So I was able to follow along without any issues. However, if there’s a bigger plot at play, it may be worth it to get the other books.

The illustrations helped move the story along, and they were stunning. My only complaint, though, is that some of the writing was a little blurry, making certain parts difficult to read. I was reading this on my iPad, so that could be a contributing factor. I would recommend reading this on something a little bigger.

Overall, this was a fast-paced, fun read that everyone could enjoy. I recommend watching the film first, however.
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Enola Holmes is baaaaaaccck! And she's just as spunky and independent as ever. If you have read the series by Nancy Springer, the movies and this graphic novel are slightly different from the series. AND I LOVE IT! Enola Holmes's hideout is found out by her brother Mycroft. Having left in a haste, she left behind the language of flowers book given to her by her mother. Mycroft promptly takes her book and leaves her dwelling. Enola isn't about to let this theft go unanswered, but in attempting to retrieve the book, she witnesses Mycroft's abduction by ALARM (an anarchist group). Will Enola take up the case of her incorrigible brother or will she pass the case off to Sherlock? More importantly, can she stop the anarchists or get her book back? Read on to find out! 

What I loved:
The beautiful illustrations 
The fast paced plot
Enola's new friend 
Enola's old friend 
Edith - she's always a great character and I love how she made Enola work for intel and train in her dress 
Sherlock - his salty character brings me joy
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Enola Holmes: Mycroft's Dangerous Game was a fun read. The quick-paced, high-action style of Enola's adventures lends them perfectly to the medium of a graphic novel. I think many kids (and adults) who enjoyed the Netflix movie will enjoy this continuation of Enola's story. However, I'm not sure individuals who have not seen the movie will get quite as much enjoyment out of the story as you kind of have to already know who the characters are, like Lord Tewkesbury. Plus it's helpful to understand the backstory of Enola's relationship with her brothers and mother. 

The art style of the book was very realistic, mimicking the movie medium of its predicesor . It's impressive how well the artist managed to capture the likeness of the actors, you immediately recognize  Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Helena Bonham Carter. However, I'm not sure the novel quite captured the unique atmosphere of the movie. It didn't quite have the victorian-epistolary charm that I was hoping for. I also think it would benefit from a few more panels. The movie is very action based so seeing more of the escapes and fights would be cool and a couple of times I was confused by things that happened out of frame (for example at one point Lord Tewkesbury just seemed to disappear and I wasn't quite sure what had happened to him). 

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the Enola Holmes movie. But I don't know If I would rush to put it on my library's order list as a general book to add to our graphic novel collection.
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The artwork in this novel is 10/10!

The story is interesting enough but might be confusing for people who haven't read the previous books or watched the Netflix film. Therefore, it would be helpful to check those before picking this one up.

All in all, a nice fast-paced read with fabulous artwork. Will definitely recommend :)
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If you are a fan of the Netflix movie and are waiting for the next one to come out, you will enjoy this short graphic novel. It picks up where the movie left off and is very quick paced as it follows Enola trying to solve the mystery of her brother Mycroft's kidnapping. The illustrations mirror the actors and settings from the movie which paints a nice continuum between the two in establishing the world of Enola Holmes. 

This is a great book for younger readers and readers who might not usually read straight prose books. I enjoyed it as an adult reader. Some may wish that it were a little longer or that the plot was a little more complex. But I found it enjoyable as a fun read and would recommend it to wide age range of readers. The explanation pages at the end of the book explaining the illustration and plot choices was a nice touch! It would be very ideal for a young reader interested in script-writing, illustrating and/or writing stories to learn and think about the choice that were made when creating the book.
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This is apparently the graphic novel sequel to a movie I haven’t seen, so that made for odd reading. There’s also the eternal trouble of reading something clearly designed as an American print comic book on my laptop in Adobe Digital Editions (the second worst comic reader after Amazon’s remake of ComiXology). So my complaints about lettering probably need to be taken with a grain of salt. The speech bubbles seem far too small, and therefore the text too small, given that the panels have a lot of uninteresting gray space. 
And wow is there a lot of uninteresting background that the speech bubbles are completely failing to hide. If there’s one thing I look forward to when reading or watching anything set in the Victorian era, it’s the sheer visual extravagance of it. Clutter! Florid wallpaper! The chiaroscuro of gas and candle lighting! Absolutely none of that is here. The line art is competent but lacks variety and dynamism. It’s lit precisely like I would expect from a 2010s movie. Actually, I applaud the colorist for managing to transfer to comics the same depressing aesthetic as single-hue color graded uncorrected LOG footage. If this is what the original film looked like, well done, you’ve saved me the bother of watching it. 
I’m a lifelong Sherlock fan. I love Sherlockian pastiches and I’m willing to forgive a great deal, including the poor research shown here. It’s clear the film is the main reference, as that’s the best explanation for inaccuracies in costume and etiquette that very much fit modern cinematic sensibilities. I could happily forgive that if the plot were good, or the characters interesting. Enola is spunky but that’s all. The other characters don’t get enough page time to develop personalities, so they’re simply unmemorable. The plot itself is fatally flawed from the start, and only gets worse by the end - it’s completely circular and nonsensical. Characters do whatever is necessary to fit the outline and not what they might actually do if they had any motives of their own. I know this is YA, but there’s a difference between age-appropriate and insulting the intelligence of your audience. 
I will, however, grant that the increase in roles for both women and people of color was a nice update to the Sherlock pastiche. I also enjoyed the absence of offensive glosses for various accents, although characters did lack individual voices. The violence is sanitized and it’s all very campy, with which I’m perfectly happy.
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I found this book to be a really fun read! It had all the characters from the movie, except Enola‘s mother. The drawings were well done. My only challenge was reading the text. I was provided with an advance readers copy via NetGalley and read it on my iPad. The text was a little fuzzy.

I would fully support and encourage people to read this book.
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Enola Holmes investigates the disappearance of her brother Mycroft in this fast-paced graphic novel that's perfect for fans of the show and reluctant readers. Lovely, atmospheric art drops readers right into the story, and Enola's plucky determination to get to the bottom of the mystery keeps the story moving. I have to admit: I haven't seen the show yet. It's on my list, but I haven't had the time. That didn't interfere with my ability to enjoy this story, and now the show is higher on my list of things to watch. Highly recommended for mystery fans.
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Short, but entertaining graphic novel with beloved character from TV series Enola Holmes. The illustrations are full of color. The art is outstanding and fun to look at. The story is fast paced, full of action. Smooth transitions and quick story development keeps the reader glued to the pages.
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Another great Enola Holmes book.  There is more character development, feeling like you get to know Enola better as a person and a detective.  Highly recommend!
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I do not have Netflix, so I have not seen the first movie, nor was I aware that there was going to be a part two released this year. I have read the novels by Nancy Springer and very much enjoy Enola's character and her struggle to be independent at a time when that just isn't possible for young girls. 

The problem I had with this is that if you do not have the other graphic novels, or are aware of the show, it doesn't really connect to the current graphic novel. This is most likely my fault, but it also means that I don't feel comfortable recommending it to tweens and teens that do enjoy the novels but haven't seen the show. I think there is too much placed on the movies rather than the character herself. 

The artwork was good, I did enjoy the London that was shown and ran through. I know that this is a media tie-in, but these always just seem to fail unless you're a huge fan. The story was fun and dangerous, so it will be appealing to kids who like historical mysteries, or are already Enola Holmes fans.
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Loved this Graphic Novel version of the Enola Holmes series. The images are very clear and support the story well. Enola continues to detect despite gender barriers to her careers and avoiding her displeased  brothers.
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This is the second of two graphic adaptations of Enola Holmes that are coming out at roughly the same time. Personally I feel this one is vastly superior. It is heavily based on the film adaptation (which took quite a few liberties from the books) both in narrative style and character design. The artwork is great, the story pacing is compelling, and it manages to jam a complete story in just under 100 pages. Bravo!
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I am a true fan of this series. With Millie Bobby Brown on the cover too, I can picture in my head her as Enola every time.  It's a fun adventure series and I enjoy trying to catch the clues as they are dropped.
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A fun, suspenseful little mystery that may not set the world on fire, but will tide movie fans over until the next film comes out.
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Graphic novels are something I usually go for but thought this would appeal to some of my tutor group. I have to say it was thoroughly enjoyable. I loved the film and it's nice to see Enola back investigating the disappearance of Mycroft.

The story is easy to follow and is beautifully illustrated. I hope the final copy before publication is full colour.

One to talk about my tutor group when I see them.

Thanks Netgalley for this advanced copy.
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