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Once Upon A Fairytale

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So far I've really enjoyed all of the books in this series, so much that I've gone on to buy my own physical copies for my little. These books are beautifully written and with gorgeous illustrations. Can't recommend them enough.
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Incredible. Over the last year we've discovered the dynamic duo that are the O'Hara sisters - what a partnership! We've fallen head over heels in love with their dreamy books full of delightful vocabulary to soak into your mind from Natalia paired with the most exquisite, ethereal illustrations from Lauren.

Once Upon a...Fairytale is no exception and we're enraptured by this latest book that will have you returning time and time again to entrance you with a new adventure. It's a clever idea where you the reader become the hero of the story and get to choose the path that the story takes. You can choose the characters, setting, what happens and special artefacts. The special artefacts were very much the favourite for us and how the story developed and allowed you to use your chosen object was pure genius and very much brought the story to life.

My daughter is five and thought this was such an incredible concept for a book. At the end of the book it invites you to go on another adventure and she wanted to return straight away back to the beginning to change the fate of the hero again.

It would be such a brilliant book to use as a starting point for story generating, especially for children who struggle to come up with ideas themselves. The perfect spring-board to be the author of your own adventure.

A sheer triumph O'Hara sisters - you've done it again!

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This is a really good choose-your-own adventure picture book, following a fairy tale theme, but allowing the young readers to decide the key points in the story. I loved the options in each of the cases, and thought they each fitted well into the way the book develops. The illustrations are quite beautiful, full of familiar characters and tropes, as well as being bright and attractive. It's a lovely book to share, and as a children's librarian, I can see how this would work with story times etc.
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This book is an absolute delight! 
The O hara sisters have taken pictures book creation to a wonderfully enthralling new level! 
What could be more enticing than directing your very own fairytale? Complete with absolutely stunning illustrations and a new adventure every time you open the book, this book is going to be absolute favourite part in many children’s collections. 

The story is told with various ‘choose your own adventure’ opportunities scattered throughout. My daughter absolutely loved choosing how the story unfolded and giggled so much along the way! 

Adults will never tire of sharing this superb book with little ones and seeing where their imaginations take the story! Congratulations on another wonderful book!
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A strong four stars for this competent little read, where we follow a pretty standard fairytale fantasy adventure story, but on multiple occasions we have multiple choices to pick from.  Therefore the hero character is anyone we choose from the selection offered, their lunchtime repast with whoever is whatever, and more importantly being gallant gives us our choice of magical boons.  Unlike certain other brands of these build-your-own-adventure stories, the selections all carry through, and aren't just there for wackiness' sake, so if we get given this and this we are obliged to do that and that with them to save the day.  The art is pleasantly old-school – nothing to really write home about but fine – and the story isn't the strongest, but it's the pleasure of helping take the artistic decisions ourselves – and therefore falling into the invisible trap of learning about narrative at the same time – that makes this a fun possession.
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I was intrigued as to how this interactive fairytale book would work, but due to some clever planning by the author the young reader can choose different elements that all work equally well with the central story that runs through the book.

I tried this out with a 4 year old and a 7 year old, and both were equally enthralled.  The interactive nature of the book was very good at holding young attention spans!

Both illustrations and narrative were of high quality in my opinion, and as such I wouldn't hesitate to highly recommend this book.  My thanks to Net Galley, author and publisher for the opportunity to review this book in exchange for an advance copy.
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