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Georgie, Iris and Nola are back in their childhood home and have to remain there together for six months. They had a falling out a number of years before and all have some resentment to their sisters. They are also all carrying their own secrets and lies! How will they survive this six months?
As always with Faith Hogans books I loved it! They are all great characters and have a lovely back story. Even though they all have secrets they are human and I became very invested in each of the sisters.
Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for granting me an advance copy
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A predictable family saga, about siblings and their turbulent lives. It was nice to return to setting of the ladies  midnight swimming club and that kept me going.
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Very charming type of book. Nice book for a light read and a read that leaves you feling good and not heavy.
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A sweet story about three Irish sisters. Their father has just died and although all have been living in London, they are estranged. Fathers will means they have to live together on the extensive estate  before the property is either sold or divided. There are ups and downs , but the story is well told and is a good and interesting read, if a little predictable. 
A good summer read, you do not have to think about the book too much and it all works out . Location is somewhere in the West of Ireland, but the Irishness is not overdone. Characters well portrayed and relationships well described and seem believable .
Thanks to Net Galley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review
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Georgia, living in London is a high powered marketing executive with prestigious firm Mellon & Sandstone. She is at the top of her game, a shoe in for the upcoming promotion. 

Iris, also living in London is dealing with the shock revelation that her husband of so many years is leaving her for another woman. Who also happens to be pregnant, further rubbing salt in her wounds. 

Nola was once an actress. She had a regular role in a popular primetime tv soap. (No not Fair City) Then there was that one advert for tea that she appeared in. However she is on the out with that acting community after daring to fight for gender pay equality. 

The Gin Sisters are all in London except for not one has seen the other since a massive argument over 12 years ago. When their father passes away suddenly they are all summoned home to Ballycove and to each other. Along with an unusual clause in their fathers will making them need to stay together in Soldier Hill house for six months before agreeing how to divide up his assets. 

What could possible go wrong between these fueding sisters. 

Told from the alternating perspectives of the three sisters. Set firstly in London and the. in Ballycove a fictional town somewhere along the west coast of Ireland (I think). 

I love the business opportunities that their fathers estate turned up. I adored the distillery as a plot point. 

My first of Hogan’s books that I’ve read, I do however have The Ladies Midnight Swimming Club on my book shelves. The title of which is mentioned in this story and it made me smile so much.
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I really enjoyed this book - I knew everything would be ok but didn’t know the when, the why or the how as the Gin sisters persistently told lies about themselves to each other.
This was about the growing as individuals and cementing their futures by working together.
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A story of sisters, promises, loyalty. Set in Ireland. Such a heartwarming story of 3 sisters and how they come together after the death of their father.
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This story follows the ‘GIN’ sisters, Georgie, Iris and Nola, after the death of their father in Ireland forces them all back home from England. This is the third novel set in Ballycove, and was the location of Hogan’s previous novel ‘The Ladies‘ Midnight Swimming Club‘.

When the sisters return to Ireland, their personal circumstances were difficult, and they had all been estranged from one another. In an attempt to unite them, their late father had a very specific condition to the distribution of his estate, by forcing the sisters to live together in the family home for 6 months before making a decision on the house and the family business, a distillery.

There are many difficult issues for the sisters to deal with, from career disillusionment, to divorce and to a stalled/failed acting career. As the sisters work together they find a reconnection that helps to heal old wounds.

The relationships between the sisters and the long held resentment between them felt very authentic, and realistic. Family dynamics can often be complicated and the story reflected that. I loved the way they all grew as the story progressed, with them finding strength and support from one another as they addressed their flaws, and as their unity increased.

This was a heart-warming delight of a story set in an idyllic coastal location in Ireland. I loved the way the story developed, and it was nice to see some familiar faces from The Ladies’ Midnight Swimming Club.
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The Gin Sisters’ Promise is the seventh novel by award-winning best-selling Irish author, Faith Hogan. It is utterly ridiculous, his three daughters exclaim, the condition that Gerald Delahaye has put on the inheritance of his estate. The sisters, who have been estranged a decade, are to live together in the family home at Ballycove for six months. Eventually, they all reluctantly agree…

Georgie, the eldest, thinks she could look upon it as a break from her high-pressure London job, a reset, and return with renewed vigour to a grateful boss. Iris can stick it out for six months if her share of the Delahaye legacy will tempt her husband back from his pregnant lover. Nola decides it is worth doing so she can get a decent flat in London near the theatre district and win roles that have been eluding her.

They all make out that life back in London is just grand, but each is putting up a good façade: Georgie has just been passed over for partnership despite all her hard work and excellent track record; Iris doesn’t want to accept that her marriage, never the idyll she’d hoped for, is over, and she is now on her own, childless; Nola’s early success hasn’t panned out to a stellar acting career, she’s been making ends meet doing shifts at a slightly shabby little Moroccan coffee house  and is about to be evicted from her bedsit.

Not wanting to waste those compulsory six months in Ballycove, they each get involved in what they see as temporary activities: marketing the Delahaye Distillery, drama classes at the local secondary school, and turning the old gate lodge cottage into a much-needed B&B. They manage to get on together OK, but have never actually addressed the issues that saw them estranged all those years ago. Until nerves frazzle and tempers flare in the very public forum that is the annual village fete…

Eventually, though, they agree that “Perhaps Dad’s idea of bringing us back to Ballycove may have been wiser than we gave him credit for that first day.”

As always, Hogan gives the reader characters who are easy to invest in, care about and hope for, and each of her protagonists grows and develops as the story progresses. Readers of Hogan’s earlier novels may recognise other Ballycove characters making cameo appearances. The conclusion is most satisfactory in this heart-warming and uplifting tale. 
This unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by NetGalley and Head of Zeus/Aria
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The Gin Sister's Promise by Faith Hogan is such a fun and inspirational read!  From childhood promises to broken promises as adults.  Broken trust, hard feelings, falling out, out of touch.  But when Georgia, Iris, and Nola's father dies, he brings the girls together one more time with his final wishes... Will he be successful?    The girls must all leave their homes and jobs in London and live together in the family home in Ireland for 6 months.   Each of the girls is convinced that they can't possibly leave their careers come up their jobs come up their homes, and a spouse. Each is convinced that they're living their best life and I'll write where they need to be. They were each comfortable and couldn't imagine leaving the known for the unknown. But life's circumstances steps in and for different reasons, each of them decides to go home and give it a shot. It's not easy to go back home,  to forge a new path, make, maybe even a new life?  But each of them finds a job that speaks to their heart and gives them their souls back.  They are each inspired and motivated and ways that they have not been for a very long time. And when their complicated relationship comes to a head and all the perceived betrayals come up, the old wounds are opened, the girls find their way back to each other, their roots, their history, their own true selves, and their futures.  I loved this story, I found it incredibly inspiring and thought provoking. This is a page turner that you'll have a hard time putting down!
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This is the type of book that makes you feel good because you have just read a wonderful piece of literature. This story depicts the journey of three sisters who come back together after years estranged for their father's funeral and stay together to meet the conditions necessary as depicted in his will. All three sisters are very different but all are at pivotal points in their lives and whether they acknowledge it or not, they need each other desperately. I think I have been each character at different stages in my life and the growth they show through the book is a beautiful thing to see. I was sad when the book ended because I didn't want to leave this Irish village and my new friends. I read this book on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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 Three sisters, once so close, but now estranged from eachother are thrown back together by the death of their father. 
One of the stipulations in their father’s will sees the sisters having to live together in their childhood home for six months before they can claim their inheritance. 
Can the sisters heal their broken bonds? Or will six months together be too high a price to pay?

This is another delightful read from Faith Hogan. 
Full of family secrets, broken promises and hope for the future. 

Written with real heart and emotion. This is an engaging story that will captivate you from the very beginning. 

With all the warmth of Ireland and lots of Gin thrown in, this book is a joy to read. 

Out now in all formats. 

With thanks to Netgalley and Head Of Zeus, for a digital arc of this title.
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Three estranged sisters. Six months to come back together.

When Georgie, Iris and Nola's mother died and their father disappeared into his grief, the sisters made a pact: they would always be there for one another, no matter what.
Now, decades later, they haven't spoken for years and can barely stand to be in the same room. As his health declines, their father comes up with a plan to bring them back to one another. In his will, he states that before they can claim their inheritance, they must spend six months living together in their childhood home in the village of Ballycove, Ireland, and try to repair their broken relationships.
As the months progress, old resentments boil over, new secrets threaten to come out and each sister must decide what matters more: their pride, or their family. Can they overcome their past and find a way to love each other once more?

This is another comforting instalment of what Faith Hogan does best - the charm and quirks of an Irish village, picturesque settings, a pinch of humour, and complicated female relationships. The latter being three sisters with so many differences it might take a lifetime to sort them out, never mind six months. Each has enough endearing qualities that it’s possible to see through the more difficult parts of their personalities. Iris is the oldest sister and, to borrow a phrase from Helen Fielding, the other two see her as ‘the smug married one’. Neither can stand Iris’s husband Miles, who is controlling, unfaithful and created a rift in the family when he was caught stealing from the family distillery. Georgie loathes him for that and the creepy hold he seems to have over their elder sister, a resentment that possibly dates back to Iris’s role as mum to the younger girls when their mother died. I felt for Iris the most. Having stuck her neck out for Miles in their teenage years, he repaid her by stealing when he should have been learning the distillery’s secrets in order to take over from their father. Over the years Iris has become lost, acquiescing to Miles’s wishes even when it came down to something very important to her. She wanted children. He didn’t. Now he has a mistress, a baby on the way and would like to talk Iris into giving him everything they own. Georgie has the balls in the family and was determined to leave Ballycove and make a success of her life. Now in her thirties she’s expecting promotion and a partnership at the marketing firm where she works, but the board have decided against it. It turns out that Georgie is universally disliked by all her co-workers. Her work is exceptional, but her manner is rude and condescending. Unable to take being passed over, Georgie’s summons home comes at just the right time. However, underneath her bullish exterior she is devastated at the loss of her father who she was very close to. The youngest sister, Nola, is the beauty of the family and the baby. She spent her teens desperate for a life beyond Ballycove and moved to London as soon as she could to study acting. Having had a burst of success playing a favourite new addition in a British soap opera, she turned an original two week part into years, but was recently shocked to be told she was being killed off. Unable to admit to failure, after a long time attending auditions which came to nothing, Nola is returning home broke and without an agent. 

I loved the way these sister’s personalities rub against each other, often in complete ignorance or misunderstanding of how the other is feeling. They neglect to realise that they need to meet as they are now. They’re making assumptions about each other based on old information, they base it on the way they acted as teenagers because that’s when they were last this close. To place them back in the family home, while grieving and with all these old resentments flying around, is a massive gamble and I enjoyed finding out whether it would pay off. The way that each sister veered towards their own niche within the estate was fun, because it balanced out the arguing and negativity. Here each woman was in their element: Iris loves creating homes and cozy spaces for people to enjoy; Georgie loves a challenge and when that’s matched with a tribute to their mother she’s all fired up; Nola starts to realise that here in Ballycove she’s been successful and can now use that experience to help others follow their dreams. There’s a wisdom that comes with age and the sisters are surprised to meet others who stayed or returned home. It’s Iris who seems to make that connection in her mind, that she can have what she wants and be fulfilled as she is. She doesn’t need a man to help her reach her dreams and she is surprisingly capable. I was desperate for her to send Miles on his way and realise her own worth, to fight her corner, but I had to wait to the very end to find out whether she would. The main focus though is the three sisters and whether they can come together, to use their complimentary skills to keep their childhood home and their parent’s memories alive. This is a cozy but emotionally intelligent read, all set within beautiful countryside and written by an author whose love for rural Ireland is evident throughout.
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One of my favourite authors. This is another great book. I loved the characters of the 3 sisters and couldn’t wait to find out their back stories and how they were going to fulfil the wishes of their father’s will. A lovely heartwarming story that will keep you gripped to the end.
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Lovely heart warming story of three sisters, a beautifully written tale, with great, easy to get to know characters. Enjoyed it.
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Another wonderful story by Faith Hogan, full of family drama where from the first few pages you get a feel for the relationship the sisters once held and what had happened in the intervening years.

Whilst on the front of it the sisters seem to have all picked a lane for their lives where they have carved out a path, the reality is very different and they are all lonely in their own right yet too stubborn to speak up and make contact with eachother.

When their father dies, all of the old drama resurfaces as the sisters return to Ireland for his funeral and for the will to be read, where they discover the latest wish from their father. 

This was a story full of intense family relationships with each sister bringing their own point of view to the table as they are trying hard to keep secrets hidden from eachother. I loved how each sister was described, so you could get to know them and see how they influenced the story and how they all came to be in the position they found themselves in.

Another wonderful read, from an author who I am always keen to pick up a book by.
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I was so lucky to receive an advance copy of The Gin Sisters' Promise by Faith Hogan from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review and opinion.  I've read other books by Faith Hogan and believe me she never disappoints! My favorite part of this book was how she used the sisters names Georgie, Iris and Nola (GIN Sisters) in the title. :)  I found this book to be so heart warming and really made me wish I had a sister as it' shows how sisters are so important to one another.
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You can go home again, but no one ever said it would be easy. This book was so emotional…sisters estranged for years need to reunite after the death of their last parent.  They need to learn to reconnect and see if their promise is still in tact.  Loving at first they are pulled in different directions by an age old reason and become totally separate.  Can they or will they come back together?  Is their separateness stronger or will the bond of being sisters win out?

I loved “The Ladies Midnight Swimming Club”.  This book, the second I’ve read by this author, did not disappoint!  I was totally invested in the characters and their individual situations.  I found their struggles relatable.  It’s emotional, raw.  It shows the importance of forgiveness, family and finding your own self worth.  Loved the nod to the previous book and to revisit the idyllic village of Ballycove, Ireland. I look forward to this author’s next book!  

Thanks to Ms. Hogan, Head of Zeus and NetGalley for this ARC. Opinion is mine alone.
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Georgie, Iris, and Nola are three irish sisters, they live in London now, but they are estranged and they haven't seen each other in a long time, until their widowed father dies and they have to go back to the small coastal town of Ballycove for the funeral and the will reading. They are surprised to hear that before they have access to their part of inheritance they have to live together in their family's home. You could easily understand that it won't be an easy journey for them but, maybe, in the end they'll gain more than the money they expect.

I can't begin to describe how much I loved this novel from the cover, and the characters to the storyline.

Georgie, Iris, and Nola have clashing personalities, they are each jelous of the others, and they keep their secrets from the others.
I enjoyed to see them change and grow up chapter after chapter, it felt like I was there with them supporting and cheering for them from the sideline. 
I have a great relationship with my sister so I couldn't grasp their behaviour at all time but I was so proud of them in the end because they had the courage to face their problems and  and overcome the hardles together.

The Gin Sisters' Promise was very well written, full of emotion and an ocean that silently in the background uplifts the mood.

I absolutely recommend to read Faith Hogan's works, she became one of my favourite voices in the Women's Fiction world.
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As ever an absolutely cracking read from Faith Hogan. I absolutely loved the GIN sisters (Georgie, Iris and Nola).

When their mother dies they make a pact to always be there for each other. Something happens which breaks that bond and years later when their dear father dies they come together again.  He's arranged for them to spend 6 months together before they can claim any inheritance, and so the sisters have to come together to make this work. Returning home to Ballcove and their childhood home.... the atmosphere is to say the least, frosty.... at least to begin with..

I loved all three sisters, all very different and all with their own issues.  A story about family, friendship, forgiveness and second chances. So, so recommend it.
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