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I’ve reviewed The Generation Killer for book recommendation site LoveReading. I’ve chosen it to feature as a Liz Robinson Pick of the Month. Please see the link for the review.
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Absolutely brilliant follow on to the Dying Squad. Daisy May is one of my favourite characters of the past few years, and Joe isn't far behind her. Such a brilliant concept and cleverly constructed world for events to play out in, and I'll 100% be buying the next instalment whenever that comes out!
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I'm definitely getting addicted to the series. What a wonderful continuation of The Dying Squad! 

The story sends Joe Lazarus and his new partner Bits to the soil. They're chasing a murderer, who's taking the oldest and the youngest of a family, poisoning them with radiation. The media called him the Generation Killer. 

Daisy-May is stuck in the Pen, she's trying to find out who's kidnapping the Dispossessed's children. Kids are disappearing, rumours about the woman without a glimmer spread, and it takes a Warden to find the truth. 

While The Duchess is following her crazy sister Hannah on the soil, trying to stop her from committing the unforgivable crimes. After almost destroying all existence, Hannah has a mission which will be disastrous for those who are still alive. 

The cases seem to be disconnected at first, the plotting is perfect, and when everything comes together it's a big wow! I didn't want the book to end, and at the same time I didn't want to stop reading. It's a fascinating story with really well-built characters. 

Mixing crime with a fantasy and dystopian is a perfect combination for me -  engrossing and unique.

THE ENDING! I have *so many* questions! And I truly hope that the next book will be released soon! 

I said it about The Dying Squad and I'll say it about The Generation Killer - I'd love to see them on the big screen, or as a Netflix original series.
I can't wait to see what Adam comes up with next!
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This was different from the usual books I read, but after reading this I may have to expand my choices. The descriptive writing meant I could see the characters in my mind. The mixture of thriller and ghost story was combined so the story flowed. I did find I had to concentrate in the beginning, but that could be because my son kept interrupting me. A completely different book, but enjoyable reading
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This felt to me, very original. But didn't speak to my personal taste so I image that many other readers would enjoy some of the things I struggled with.

The Dying Squad is a great concept, as is the quest to bring to justice The Generation Killer. To have elements of true originality as well as a clever plot and varied characters - is quite rare for books in this genre.

Although the characters were likeable, I did find the cast quite hard to stay on top of, and for me that was a distraction.

This book should have been everything I love, wit, police procedural, something novel and good characters - but for some reason it didn't gel.

That said, I will give this another read in the future because I suspect I haven't quite done it justice right now.
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Everyone knows God didn’t create Manchester it was actually the unused parts of Birmingham 😉 another great story in this work with Joe being Joe in his usual inimitable style, it would help if you had read the first book but I would not say it’s a prerequisite as the book is a damned good read regardless
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I really liked this book, it was well written with a compelling and engaging plot and well developed characters. It was fast paced and  full of tension that created suspense, twists and unpredictability that kept me guessing. I really enjoyed it.
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