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Thank you NetGalley for the audio copy in exchange for a honest review. Anna is a recently single mother. She is trying to hold together her son, home and job as a heart surgeon. She returns home to a nightmare. Her son has been kidnapped and her friend murdered. They are demanding she kills a local MP during heart surgery in exchange for her son’s life. A great fast paced thriller.
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This had me gripped from the beginning. A great storyline, the characters all seemed to be different degrees of "bad" as no one was particularly likeable or innocent.
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The concept of what would you do in this situation is thrilling and intense and a real rollercoaster.
The audiobook has 3 main female characters telling their element of the story.
It’s a scary thought about how far you would go for your child and to a point all three women have this within their character storyline.
I shuddered though every time Anna plucked hairs, I hated it!
The plot is a brilliant idea that I just don’t think was executed to its best. It took me forever to get through this because the pace was so slow at times but also there so many holes by the end that I couldn’t feel satisfied the book was finished.
It just couldn’t work out the way it did- even if the whole idea is a little extreme, I can get on board with that but blatant disregard on the murder of Anna’s neighbour not being fully followed up. The fact that Anna’s brother and husband will want more information on what happened.
Ultimately though I really disliked Anna, she wasn’t a nice person to start with so I wasn’t invested in the best outcome for her, in fact by the end I was hoping the thieving nurse would come out of it all on top!
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For me, I find the measure of a book is how memorable it is and I can safely say that this is one that I can clearly remember even though I finished listening to it a number of weeks ago.

I found this rather gripping and was disappointed when I had to stop listening when work and family life got in the way!  

The story is intense and fast moving; the plot is engrossing with a number of twists and turns that had me taking a few sharp intakes of breath at times.

The three main characters of Anna, Margot and Rachel are all told by different narrators - this was genius and helped to differentiate between their 'parts' in the story.  The narrators did an excellent job and helped keep the tension going from start to finish. 

I haven't read or listened to anything by Jack Jordan before but I will certainly be keeping my eyes open in the future and I must thank Simon & Schuster UK Audio and NetGalley for allowing me to listen to Do No Harm and share my thoughts.
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This is a shocker of a thriller that will grip you and you won’t be able to put down until the last page. 
What would you do it your child’s life was put on the line? The choice is kill someone on the operating tablet or let your child die.  This is the choice put to the surgeon in this novel. 
This is a compulsive read and you have no idea of the twists and turns it will follow.
You can tell a book is well written if it makes you feel uncomfortable and gets under your skin.
Expect some sleepless nights! 
Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley in allowing me to listen to this audiobook in return for a review.
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This was a real on the edge of your seat thriller! A ‘What would I have done?’ Plot which was thought provoking! Told by the POV of the 3 main characters, who each had their own storylines it was a very cleverly written plot that had you right on the edge of your seat until the last page. 

The narrators were excellent as each one portrayed their characters really well , and brought each character to life
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Do No Harm is a thrill ride from start to finish. Jack Jordan’s characters stand out from the page and their narrative drives the book forward at a relentless pace. Told in three first person voices, this is perfect fare for audiobook listening and our three narrators more than did it justice.

Our key protagonist is a cardiothoracic surgeon who, when we meet her, is due to perform a coronary bypass on prominent politician, Ahmed Shabir.  Anna Jones is at the top of her game in Redwood Hospital and although she is in the midst of a difficult divorce, she is more than able to do her job with skill and precision and her outcomes are always good.

Ann is mother to 7 year old Zack, the light of her life. So when Zack is kidnapped and Anna is told by his kidnappers to do the unthinkable and break her Hippocratic oath, the dilemma she faces is one that causes her major anguish.

Our second narrator is scrub nurse Margot Barnes. Margot is at the bottom end of the hospital food chain. She has some serious issues of her own to deal with, including serious debt and not least of problems is her seriously deranged brother and she survives by scrimping and stealing. When she sees something that no-one else has noticed, she reckons she has an opportunity to put all her money worries aside for good.

Finally, we hear from Detective Inspector Rachel Conaty. She has a trauma in her past that she can’t get over and she carries a massive chip on her shoulder that impacts  on her professional life as she tries to fathom what’s going on with Anna.

Do No Harm is gripping, propulsive and full of intense emotion. You really feel for Anna when she is faced with an impossible dilemma. To rescue her son she must kill her patient. Jack Jordan lays out Anna’s soul-searching anguish so clearly that as a reader you really feel for her. All they along you hope and pray for a different choice, but as you read, the position only becomes more stark and your heart is in your mouth as you wait tor Anna to make her impossible decision.

Interspersing Anna’s chapters we learn more about the personal lives of both Morag and Rachel as we hear directly from them. Neither has had an easy life either and who they are and the decisions they make in this scenario are very much also shaped by their experiences.

Jordan manages to make both Anna and Morag feel like real people and they go through the gamut of emotions which ultimately drives them to do some pretty extreme things but for the most believable reasons.  Even though they may not always be likeable, you do want them to succeed.

Verdict: Jack Jordan’s writing is nail-bitingly tense; his plotting clever, twisty and his pace relentless. Do No Harm is a tale of the power of motherhood and the extreme lengths that people will go to to protect their children. It works really well as an audiobook and I’m sure just as well on the printed page. It’s an all-consuming rollercoaster ride and I really enjoyed it.
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Great audio. All 3 povs are Narrated by a different person which i really enjoyed. It really helped to differentiate between the characters. All 3 did a great job at bringing theirs characters to life especially Annas it really helped feel the tension and pain she was experiencing. 

What a ride! I was team kill the patient from the off. As a mother I would like to think id do anything for my child. Reading Anna's part of the story really makes you think. I went on a whole rollercoaster of emotions reading this book. I enjoyed it being split into 3 different pov. All 3 of our main players are going through some heavy stuff and it was interesting going on the journey with them as they navigated this horror they find themselves dealing with. I was totally hooked from the off. Jack's writing and story telling sucks you in and doesn't let go. I will definitely keep my eye out for more from him. A gripping thriller that I would highly recommend
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When a prominent surgeons son is kidnapped she is given a choice kill the prominent patient on your operating table or your son dies. As the events get darker than you can possibly imagine this audio has more twists and turns than you can shake a soon at and is a joy to listen to.
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They have your child. The only way to get them back is to do what they say. What they want from you is to commit murder.

This is an intense, fast-paced narrative keeping you on your toes in every chapter. The two main characters are Anna and Margot, which switch between chapters, driving the narrative and keeping the tension. 

I could not stop listening; at times I had to stop everything I was doing just to hear what was happening next and hope for a certain outcome. I had made a small guess within the narrative but I still did not expect it coming. 

This is a novel that you can pick up again and again and it will never get boring, Jordan truly gives us a great suspense thriller and I can't wait to pick up more from this author.
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Wow this was an amazing book. I was hooked from the very start. This was an excellent fast paced novel that literally had me on the edge of my seat very early on. It was a fantastic roller coaster ride packed full of unexpected twists and turns. I couldn't put it down the atmosphere and tension was electric. I read a lot of thrillers but adding the medical element was pure genius and put it in a class above the rest. The author did a tremendous job of writing this book. I listened to the audiobook and just loved the production of it. The narrators were fantastic, in fact they were a perfect fit. They just added to the intensity of the book. I really can't recommend this book enough it was amazing. The characters and story line were amazing causing me to really connect with this book. This is the perfect medical thriller book and I just can't wait to read more from this epic author. 

Only the highest of praise goes out to the author and publishing team for producing such a thrilling story line filled with emotions. I am positive that every thriller fan is going to love it just as much as I did. This will be the next big seller.
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What would you do for your child? Anything? Let's test that theory. Do No Harm pits the Hippocratic oath vs. a mother's determination to do anything for their child in a gritty tale full of twists and turns. 

The concept and staging of the book were brilliant. The book reminded me of many tv shows, books and movies with similar concepts, but this story took a darker tone, and each turn corrupted the characters more. The issue I had with the book was the characters because from the start, I disliked them all, and unfortunately, I was never able to get past that dislike. Where previous works in the genre would find a way for the characters to redeem themselves or justify their actions, this one did not or at least not for me. Regardless, it is a brilliant tale if you are in the mood for a dark thriller.
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Do No Harm is the first book I’ve read from Jack Jordan, and what an introduction!

It did everything I wanted it to. It was fast-paced, dramatic and kept me listening
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I listened to this on audio and  for me it was a good read,  I was slightly disappointed as I didn’t totally love it.  Yes it’s an action packed thriller but it just lacked something slightly for me.  However this will not stop me from reading more by this author,  I’ve read and loved all his previous books.
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Do No Harm by Jack Jordan Narrated by: Lucy Paterson, Sarah Feathers, Jane Collingwood. was an excellent "Read" and I really enjoyed it. However, the audio book version was sorry to say really bad!  and I mean Bad/poor! 
I listened till the end of the third chapter, beginning of chapter four, and I just could not get into it, Sadly all the narrators did not do this book any justice and just droned on and on!!! and it just sounded Boring! 
There was no feeling or empathy from these narrators whilst reading this book. I would of asked for my credit back!!! Hence why I ended up closing the audiobook and ended up reading it, which was so much better. Especially as this, was a book I wanted to read and was lucky to get an audio copy.

I recommend the book but not the audiobook. Sorry

So No stars for the audiobook. and 4 stars for the book. 

Thank you to Simon & Schuster UK, NetGalley and the Author for the opportunity to read this book ahead of the publishing date, in exchange for an honest review.
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Actual rating 3.5 stars. 

I always think the sign of a great thriller is if I have a good idea of how it’s going to go, and yet still can’t put it down - and that was certainly the case with this gripping and fast paced read! 

Renowned surgeon Anna comes home one night to find her son gone, her home bugged and a man telling her that she must kill her patient, an MP, during their operation, or her son Zack will die. Nurse Margot is the only one who sees what happens, and ends up messed up in the kidnap plot because of it. And then there’s the detective, Rachel, who is the only one who thinks Anna is up to something, but whose team think she is focusing on the missing child because of her own tragedy. How does Anna get herself, and Zack, out of this situation? 

This is definitely what you’d call a page turner - the pace and the three different narratives really keep you zooming through the chapters as the tension and danger ramps up! Whilst the plot felt familiar (and reminded me again to never be the best at anything 🤣), it was executed brilliantly, and almost reminded me of an episode of 24 with the race to get Zack back and having to break some rules to save a life! 

Whilst I never warmed to Anna, who comes across as a serious cold fish, I could totally imagine myself doing the same things in her position - those mother bear instincts are pretty relatable! But it was Rachel who I really felt for and have to admit I was rooting for - her backstory was really emotional! Definitely an interesting trio of female narrators here. 

I really enjoyed this one and can see why there’s such a buzz about it - plus bonus point to the author for saving the dog 🤣🤣
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I have both read and listened to this book and both versions are absolutely incredible. This is a tense rollercoaster ride of a read. Keeping you absolutely hooked from start to finish. As the characters are narrated you feel the tension mount more and more as you listen.

The story is told from the points of view of three women. Dr Anna Jones a very well respected heart surgeon, Margot a nurse assisting Anna in theatre, and Inspector Rachel Conaty who is investigating a murder.

Each of these women show very strong character traits each of them determined to do things their way. 

Dr Anna Jones comes home to find strange men in her house, she is told to sit down when she asks where her son Zachary is, her neighbour normally picks him up from school for her, the men tell her they have her son, and she has to do something for them which will ensure she gets her son back alive, if she fails to do what they ask he will die. Anna has to kill a VIP patient and get away with it. What would you do save the patient or save your son? 
Margot is broke, she is stealing money and items from her colleagues and patients she is in debt and being threatened. She is assisting in theatre on the surgery on the VIP patient. Standing very close to Dr Anna.
Detective Conaty is called to a murder scene where a woman’s body has been found dumped in a well, she has been shot in the head, all her teeth removed and her fingertips all removed. But it’s not long before the identity is found and she lives next door to Anna!

This is one tense, gripping, rollercoaster read or listen which will have you hooked from start to finish guaranteed. The tension builds from the opening scenes, to the closing pages. If you love audiobooks and you live a dilemma and crime then definitely listen to this.

Thank you to #NetGalley and Simon and Schuster audio UK for the audio of this book in exchange for an honest, fair and unbiased review.
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As with all hyped books I was a little apprehensive when first starting this book, I was expecting big things and didn’t know if it would live up to it.

Well, half way through it I was hooked! My heart was racing and I really didn’t want to put the book down. Jack’s writing was so good that I had numerous suspicions, some proving right and some nowhere near but when a book gets you doubting everyone you know it’s good! Despite all of these theories though I still couldn’t predict how the book was going to finish and felt like I needed to discuss things with other readers. 

The book kept me on the edge throughout and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more books by Jack in the future.
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The blurb for this book on Amazon doesn’t give much away because I think this is a hard novel to review without giving a spoiler. The simple premise is that Dr Anna Jones, a very skilled and experienced surgeon, who has found her niche at fictional Redwood Hospital, arrives home one day and discovers a number of men, probably of Eastern European origin, in her house. They are installing surveillance equipment and they have advised her that they are holding her son hostage and have also killed his childminder, her neighbour.

What do they want? They want her to kill the patient on whom she will be operating over the weekend, a top secret assignment, as he is a high profile politician and potential future leader of the Labour party – Prime Minister one day, perhaps. If she acquiesces, she will see the safe return of her son.

Phew, that is a powerful opener. Of course, the reader doesn’t know how Dr Jones will respond. Will she kill her patient? Does she even have what it takes to make the decision? How will she marry her lioness care of her son with her moral compass?

She is being trailed by investigative duo Conaty and Ryan who have a whiff that her child has somehow gone missing, atthough she hotly denies it whilst she assesses what to do; Conaty certainly is following her instincts. Her superior, however, is not buying her surmised version of events. The child is supposed to be on holiday with his uncle in the West Country but even the uncle is being evasive and side-stepping the police’s demands for an interview.

Dr Jones is an efficient woman, she likes to be in control – a valuable skill in the operating theatre. But she is a woman who has a foible, however. She suffers from trichotillomania, compulsive plucking of hair, so she pulls and pulls to relieve stress and she is in fact without eyelashes because of her affliction. She is therefore a woman who is not all she seems. She is also in the midst of a break up with her husband, so there is a lot going on for her long before this particular trauma is foisted upon her. What an utter and scary mess all round.

There is a lot of surgical detail.. and blood. It all feels authentic and the tension is kept at a good constant. It is set over approximately one week in early Spring 2019 and because the story progresses almost hour by hour, there is a good sense of bristling pressure on the main character. I listened to this as an audiobook and found it a gripping listen.

Setting is not strong.
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A Great listen and a good story 
Dr Anna Jones faces a moral dilemma and with her son at risk it seems she has no option but to comply with the demands being made of her 

This book really gripped me and I enjoyed the whole story line 

It’s the first book I have listened to by Jack Jordan but it certainly will not be the last. as I enjoy a good thriller 

My only negative and it could actually be down to my download but the narrator seemed very fast and I had to go back to a couple of bits I obviously missed.

Thanks to Net Galley for allowing me the opportunity to listen and review this book
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