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Another brilliant family saga from Sinead Moriarty.

This author has the power and the capability to see deep into family life, and write about it accurately.

This book was absolutely amazing, I loved it and the characters are so real.

Jack, Bella, and Grace are dismayed at first when their parents split up and find other partners, and the children find themselves living together in one household. But surprisingly when things start to unravel, it’s the children who want to pull it all back together.

If you haven’t read Sinead Moriarty before, this is a brilliant book to start with! And if you have, you’ll love it anyway.
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After 17 years of an unhappy marriage, Anna finally leaves husband Conor and moves in with James, but both have “baggage” - Anna has two children, Jack and Grace and James has a teenage daughter called Bella. 

The “blended” family isn’t exactly the Brady Bunch that Anna and James had hoped for - the kids hate living in their new set up but just how do they all live together in harmony?

I absolutely loved this book but I think it resonated with me, because I am a Step Mum, and when I first met my partner’s daughter she was a teenager and my own son was Jack’s age so there were a few similarities, but not that many and my son certainly didn’t share our bed!!

Anna’s ex husband Conor was an absolute idiot, a man-child and I hated him from day one as he used his children to get back at Anna, and his behaviour at Jack’s birthday part was just unforgivable.

Anna;s character also annoyed me at times as she was constantly making excuses for her sons behaviour and I felt she should have put him in his place from day one and set the boundaries.  However, Anna’s sisters were great at telling her a few home truths and making her see reality.

I couldn’t put this book down and I didn’t want it to finish, I want all the characters to be in my life forever…their stories rolled off the pages and into my heart!

A perfect book to read on the beach, or a long flight and just sitting on the sofa.
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This book followed Anna and her family through the break of her marriage with Connor and her new blossoming relationship with James. In the haze of being loved up Anna and James decide to move in together straight away and with both their own kids in tow. Whats obvious to most but not to them with their honeymoon love filtering their view is that blended families are not easy. Especially when the relationship is brand new and you move them all in together. 

I really enjoyed this book and found myself really thinking about it and looking forward to picking it up each night. The book was great, this is the second Sinead Moriarty book I have read and I will definitely pick up more from her. I really get the vibe that her books are based on families, marriage and self discovery just based off the two I have read.

This book was an easy read although at times frustrating due to the naivete of some of the characters and the toxicity of some of the characters. As some one who fell in love with a person who had a child I can totally understand a lot of the plot of this book and that was without me even having my own kids at that point. 

The ending was a little bit cheesy but i wont minus points for that because it is what was deserved. My only thing I would bring up that i wish was added was more plot to Anna's and Jame's relationship as whole on its own. We don't know a lot and from what little we know it doesn't seem enough to want to uproot your family to blend them together. Regardless of that it was a good read.
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Anna, married to ‘good for nothing’ lazy Connor for seventeen years, most of which was torture. Connor being disinterested in working and lacking any ambition meant that Anna was working a lot harder to support their family. They have two children together Grace and Jack. Grace being a teenager and a head full of sense can see that her Mum needed to get out of the toxic environment with her Dad. Anna makes the tough decision to leave.

Having met the most wonderful man James and promptly fallen in love she decides to take a leap of faith and move in together. Along with Grace, Jack and every second week James’ daughter Bella.
Can they overcome all the fighting and obstacles and make their new family work? 

The most wonderful story told about the amalgamation of two families and their respective lives.

Told from the perspective of the whole family at one point or another. A highly emotive read that captures the complex nature of families very well. I didn’t always like all the characters especially the children.

Bella, a confused teenager was actually quite pleasant and underneath it all very well mannered. As was Grace, however Jack was completely obstinate for a ten year old. I realise this was his Dad, Connor projecting his feelings and ten year old Jack didn’t understand why his parents had split in the first place. 

Moriarty never fails me to capture the raw and real side of family life in all her books, most of which I have read. Another fabulous book to be added to everybody’s tbr.
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Always enjoy Sinead Moriarty's books. The story is set around 2 families where the parents have separated and found new partners. The children move in with Anna and Frank. And the story follows the blending of the families. I enjoyed the storyline which is very relevant to modern life . I thought Anna's approach to her sons behaviour was a bit far fetched but otherwise an great book
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Firstly a big thank you to the publishers for my copy to review. I have read some of her books previously and this reminding me how great a author she is.

I loved this!

Funny,realistic ,packed with drama and mishaps .Packed with wit and warmth.

Really relatable and interesting characters . The children definitely reminded me of mine at some points .

A close examination of blended families and all what comes with them.

Published 7th July
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Chock full of drama, Sinéad Moriarty's Yours, Mine, Ours is a truly terrific read. Anna, who is one of seven siblings, has been married to Conor for seventeen years but a change is long overdue. When they separate and she moves in with lecturer, James, whose ex-wife is Ingrid, the children - Anna's teenager, Grace and ten-year-old Jack as well as James's teenage daughter, Bella are far from happy...

In this tale about blended families, the characters are well crafted. They are not necessarily likeable and are frequently annoying but they are realistic. Yours, Mine, Ours made me sad, laugh, and stirred up feelings of frustration, hope and excitement and I felt as though I was in the pockets of the families throughout all of the occurrences. Though occasionally slow-moving plot-wise the characters were strong enough to hold my interest and I was rooting for a good outcome for everyone involved. Well worth a look.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from Penguin General UK, Sandycove via NetGalley at my request and this review is my own unbiased opinion.
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I really enjoyed this novel and it is my favourite Sinead Moriarty novel so far.  I found the characterisations to be very well drawn.  My only problem was frustration with the way that the main character, Anna, handled the disciplining of her son. This led to me not as engaged with the character as I would have liked.  Overall I thought the plot was well thought out and the book well written.  I'm sure Moriarty's many fans will enjoy this book.  I look forward to her next one.  Thanks to Penguin General UK and Netgalley for an arc of this novel
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Sweet and occasionally exciting book.  Captures the highs and lows of family life and life in its layers.  A gentle and kind read very enjoyable Thankyou
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I was lucky to be able to read an advanced copy of this book courtesy of netgalley and I'm so glad. This book has a slightly different take on  family dynamics as it features the struggles of 'blending families, their exes and all the trials that come along with it. An enjoyable story.
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This explores the challenges of a blended family.  A light and enjoyable read, full of drama. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this book.
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Well what can I say. It was a light read but explored the challenges of a blended family really well. I enjoyed it. The second book I’ve read by Moriarty and I wasn’t disappointed. Surely everyone deserves a second chance at love right?
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EXCERPT: Anna sighed. 'I wanted the three of us to spend some quality time together. I think we need to make the effort to get to know Bella better. You're kind of sisters now and I want you two to be friends.'

Grace turned to face her mother. 'Let's be clear, Bella and I are not sisters in any way whatsoever. If you want to get to know her better for James's sake, fine, but I don't. She is some random person who has been dumped into my life. I didn't choose her, and I don't want, or need, to be friends with her. How would you like it if I came home with an annoying, rude woman the same age as you and said, "This is Jane. You'll be living together from now on, and you must be sisters and best friends." '

ABOUT 'YOURS, MINE, OURS': What's another branch on the family tree?

Things are finally looking up for Anna. Seventeen miserable years of marriage to man-child Connor have left her drained and ready for a new start. So when they separate, she couldn't be more thrilled to move in with James, a handsome lecturer who is everything her ex-husband is not: kind, thoughtful, and above all, reliable.

But Anna and James's kids hate living with the loved-up couple and the new set-up. Their teenage daughters - one a studious high achiever and the other a cool rich girl unbothered by grades or exams - have nothing in common. And Anna's wild football-mad nine-year-old son declares war on bookish James.

Nobody said step-parenting was easy; Anna and James are about to find out exactly how complicated it can be. With exes, new partners-of-exes and money all in the mix, home life is fast becoming a minefield and their new-found happiness hangs in the balance. Do they have what it takes to make their blended family work?

MY THOUGHTS: Blending two families is not an easy task. Everyone comes with habits, opinions, preconceptions and baggage. Children don't like change, especially when it involves parents and living arrangements. Parents tend to be protective of their own children and perhaps a little critical of the stepchildren. Moving away from familiar surroundings and friends doesn't help either.

Welcome to Anna and James world. Anna was married to Conor, and she has struggled for years to keep her family together. James was married to Ingrid, a high-flyer in the business world. Anna and Conor have two children, 15 year old science geek Grace, and nine year old tearaway Jack. James and Ingrid also have a fifteen year old daughter, Bella, used to having the best of the best and denied nothing. Anna and James are blissfully happy, excited to be starting a new life together. Their children aren't.

This is, no doubt, a common story, one which we view from all sides. We are privy to the children's discomfort at Anna and James open displays of affection; their resentment of the new partner and their child/ren. We watch as Anna and James try to negotiate new common boundaries for behaviour between their new home and their old ones, negotiating not only with the children, but with their exes.

The stress, on everyone, is astronomical and something or someone needs to give.

Moriarty has written with empathy and understanding of a difficult situation, made even more so by the economic disparity between the households. Relationships are fraught, tempers and tolerance stretched, things said which cannot be unsaid.

The characters are well crafted; not always likeable, but realistic. Millie is the voice of reason, and a thoroughly likeable character. She and Grace were the stars of the book for me. A strong young woman, she knows what she wants and takes sh*t from no-one.

Yours, Mine, Ours is an honest look at the blended family. It's amusing in places, dramatic in others. It's sad, funny and enlightening.


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THE AUTHOR: Sinéad was born and raised in Dublin where she grew up surrounded by books. Her mother is an author of children’s books. Growing up, Sinead says she was inspired by watching her mother writing at the kitchen table and then being published. From that moment on, her childhood dream was to write a novel.

DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Penguin General UK, Sandycove via Netgalley for providing a digital ARC of Yours, Mine, Ours by Sinèad Moriarty for review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions.

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More often than not families in books are of the nuclear variety, or a single mum looking for love. I've no complaints about that, but this book was a refreshing and different approach. The  dating and falling in love has already happened, and this tells the tale of what happens next.......the bit we don't often get to read about, instead we hope for a happy ever after. 

In real life though it's messy and complicated! And @sineadmoriartywriter does not shy away from that. When these two families blend together, the hopelessly in love parents forget that kids are complex, with a whole heap of their own needs. Anna overcompensates, James tries to tighten up the reins, not a good mix at all. 

I really enjoyed this book, the chaos makes for a bit of a roller coaster ride, I'm sure reflective of real life. I loved how the children were central to the story; the writing had a younger feel in parts, bringing the children to life. 

If you want an easy read, about a family with a difference, this ones for you. Perfect to cosy up with 💕
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I enjoyed this book and loved all the charterers in this book and loved the story, I won't ruin this review with any spoilers, I wish the author all the best with this book 
Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for the arc of this book in exchange for this review
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𝗧𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗲𝘀: single mom, single dad

This book is a roller coaster of emotions, and it is full of drama. 

Sinéad Moriarty shows how two separated families come together.  We meet Anna and James who are a couple and their children who are trying to become a united family.  Anna has two children, 9-year-old Jack and 15-year-old Grace, and James, a 15-year-old girl named Bella.

This book showed me another perspective of the single parent trope. In most books with this trop, children are very sweet and have an immediate connection with love interest, but here everything is different. You have to be patiently loaded because everything will surely annoy you, especially Anna's apologies for everything her son does because he is only 9 years old and that he is "traumatized" by the separation between her and her ex-husband. I mean, okay, I understand he's 9 years old and he's definitely affected by this situation but she doesn't have to say this EVERY TIME to James when a conflict arises between him and Jack. Nor did the conflict between Bella and Anna irritate me as much as Anna's apology to James for ANYTHING Jack caused.

I don't even want to talk about Connor. He is an ASSHOLE and only at the end of the book he changes his attitude.

These are the only things that irritated me, but otherwise everything was ok. I really liked how the author portrayed this situation and showed that not everything is easy when you try to unite two families, with different growth styles and rules.

Thank you NetGalley, Penguin General UK, and Sinéad Moriarty for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A thoroughly enjoyable easy read . It is a book that can enjoyed on a rainy day with a cup of coffee or a sunny day with a large glass of wine . 
The story is based around two families trying to merge together as one and the ending is a bit of a forgone conclusion .That said it is a good holiday read .
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*3.5 stars*
I really struggled with book, it wasn’t the writing per say, it was almost like waiting for the train wreak to happen….hands over eyes. I think it was the subject matter and characters that made it such a difficult book to read. And in all honesty, I believe this could be flying so close to the truth in many second relationships and that is why it was hard to read.

Anna and James have decided to move in together and try to work with a blended family. James has a high maintenance, 15 year old daughter Bella, who spends every 2nd weekend with her mother and her high flying partner and Anna’s marriage to man/child Connor has been over for a while in her mind. It’s just that Connor doesn’t believe it nor does their 10 year old son Jack.
And that is where I believe the problem is! Anna went from one relationship, straight to another, expecting her children to understand and accept. Luckily for Anna she also has a very mature 15yr old daughter who saw sense in many things.

I really could go on more about the characters, behaviour and situations that I don’t really agree on but that would just spoil the story. It’s worth a read and I’m just grateful that my family has not gone through all that.
Thankyou to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy to read.
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I’d like to thank Penguin General UK, Sandycove and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘Yours, Mine, Ours’ written by Sinead Moriarty in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

When Anna and James fall in love they make the decision to move in together hoping that Anna’s children Grace and Jack and James’s daughter Bella will become friends.  But it’s not easy being part of a ‘combined’ family and after eight months of arguments tough decisions need to be made.

‘Yours, Mine, Ours’ is a well-written emotive drama about two people in love who want to share a life together but make mistakes as they try to please everybody but end up being unhappy themselves.  It’s an excellent novel with a host of appealing characters that add a greater dimension to the story, it touches on the breakdown of a marriage and how living with new families can affect children, and also how teenagers can have the additional problem of wanting to fit in with the popular students at school.  I found Anna and James interesting and although they didn’t get much right, especially the way Anna dealt with Jack who was obnoxious most of the time, and Anna’s ex-husband Conor who acted as a spoilt brat all of the time, but we all make mistakes, and I ended the story hoping that Anna and James can sort out their problems and live happily ever after.
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I have been a big fan of Sinead Moriarty for years and was delighted to get the opportunity to read her newest book. I loved Yours, Mine and Ours from start to finish and simply couldn’t put it down!
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