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Ok, this was absolutely ridiculous, and in the beginning, I was totally here for it. Everything felt so silly and over-the-top: uber rich families, massive security compounds, boys who do nothing but train all day and describe themselves multiple times as “built as f*ck,” a girl with a pseudo-mysterious heritage (not mysterious if you’ve ever read a novel). I loved the tropical Hawaiian setting and I really loved Cassidy and how independent and badass she was. I easily would have read an entire book of her survival story.

Unfortunately, as soon as Knox and Cassidy meet (about 30% in) they both completely lose their personalities and become obsessed with each other and it gets SO sappy. Y’all, this is the most instant of instalove I think I’ve ever read. The rest of the novel is basically sex (just okay; really cringeworthy dirty talk), with a little bit of surprisingly low-stakes angst and danger thrown in at the end.

To be fair, this is marketed as erotica, so I guess it’s just delivering on what it promised and I shouldn’t complain or be surprised. I just wanted more of the actual story!

This could also use a heavy round of editing, which is my main reason for only giving 2 stars. The timeline didn’t make any sense (has it been a week or a month? Depends on the page!), phrases are repeated by characters and in inner monologues a LOT and there’s a lot of very repetitive writing in general. Knox gets stabbed in the stomach but still manages to have sex, go swimming, and carry Cassidy around before the wound has healed. Cassidy also has a tattoo on the back of her neck that she manages to hide from Knox the ENTIRE time even though they’re apparently having sex nearly 24/7? 🤔 These things all really took me out of the story and I think with a bit of editing it would have been a much smoother reading experience.

Despite all of this and my low rating, there’s still a good chance I’ll read the rest of the series. 😂

Thank you to Julie Capulet and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I received an ARC of Devil's Angel in exchange for an honest review. I was intrigued when I came across this book I had never read a book of Julie Capulet's before and I have to say I was really impressed. I will be picking up other books of hers in the future. I loved the hero of this story Knox, his possessiveness for Cassidy just made my toes curl. Knox is in the middle of an arranged marriage when he meets Cassidy but once he gets to know her he's ruined for any other woman. He refuses to marry the other girl and pursues Cassidy instead. There's a lot more involved in the plot but I highly recommend picking up this book. There was a great storyline and the book had great plot twist at the end.
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This amazing story reminiscent of bits of Oliver Twist mixed with Cinderella kept me ignoring life as I didn't want to put it down. Knox's situation seemed so unfair and poor Cassidy's life was chock full of hard knocks. But when fate steps in to lead them together after a heartfelt plea, the Insta-love Julie is best known for writing and is so good at comes into play and it just takes off from there!
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This book is the first of a series, called Paradise. I was very curious about it, especially the setting in Hawaii Island, on the island of Oahu. I really liked the description of the ambients and also the legend of The  Goddess of Fire! The plot is very original, sometimes a little too predictable, but very enjoyable.
The only thing that personally I didn't appreciate is the "insta love", but Is a personal opinion based on my favourite tropes :) 

In conclusion, I appreciated this book and I gave it 3 stars!
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This book started as 2 stars and towards the end he definitely picked up to 3⭐️.
It is a reaaally sappy book, be warned

Let's start with what I enjoyed: 
* This book is set in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. Julie Capulet's descriptions of the island really made me imagine well the setting and the feeling of beauty and relaxation. Good job!
* Alternating dual POV! I really like to know what people think and with dual POV you can really understand both parts and POV (duh)
* 🚨  THIS POINT MIGHT BE A SPOILER :the h (Cassidy) tries to escape from Knox (H) twice to "save" his life, and I hate this when it happens, just talk and figure things out. What I liked is that she escapes but each time she tries, Knox catches her in time before she actually escapes and, for me, this is a relief. 🚨
* I don't like sappy things but when Knox calls Cassidy "baby girl"... he melts a bit my heart.

Now, what I disliked:
*Insta-love and "predestination": ok, I get it but this time he was pulled by the hair and not well placed: Knox has a dream once about this angel and soon after meets Cassidy, and lo and behold she looks just like her. We are never told that he had dreamt about her before, that he was looking for her, waiting for her. Had the dream been introduced earlier it would have made much more sense.
* they do unprotected sex from the first time (they have just met) because yes, let's do a baby together! 
* the time setting was all over the place: was it a week? A month? Months? Bha

So, if you want something sappy, for one sitting this is the right boo to go. Don't expect an unpredictable plot, because you can understand how things are gonna go from the beginning.
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I don’t know Julie Capulet’s plans for this series, but I’ll say right now that I need a book about every single character from all three of these powerful families. 

Devil’s Angel is book one in the Paradise series and follows Knox Ramsey, a member of one of three powerful families in Hawaii. These families have a long standing tradition of organizing arranged marriages between the families to keep one another safe from a deadly curse. 
Knox is ready to make the sacrifice to protect his family until a deadly encounter with an Angel changes everything.

Everything about the plot of this book had me hooked. I’m low key obsessed with the overall premise of this book and where future books in this series can go. There’s romance, danger, powerful families, and of course spice 🌶 Just a few of my favorite things. 

However, this book fell a bit flat for me personally in the romance department. The love story in this book is instant love, which I am not a fan of. I 100% understand why the story needed it to be instant love and it fits in with the story the author was portraying. Personally I’m just not fan of instant love (I’m a slow burn kind of girl lol) 

But that being said I would recommend this book to anyone who does like instant live with a side of action. I loved the overall plot of the book and it was very cute and I’m now obsessed with all of these families.

From the looks of it book number two in the series (Wild Hearts) might be more my speed and I cannot wait to read it!

Thank you to Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for this ARC!
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Devil's Angel is a book which progressed very quickly, but the romance is very sweet (with some spicy scenes). It ws very clear who the main characters were of the book and what they should mean to eachother. Th plot however kept you guessing at the start and slowly became more clearly. Both Knox and Cassidy gave grown throughout the book, which was nice to read. 
To conclude, an awesome novel with a hint of erotica.
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Someone call 911 this book is ABSOLUTE FIRE🔥
I went into this one blindly and was awarded with the following:

😈Damsel in Distress
😈Rich male lead
😈Extremely possessive/jealous alpha
😈Delicious levels of angst
😈STEAMY scenes
😈Arranged Marriage

Cassidy has been abandoned all her life. Knox is privileged but with a curse hanging over his head. 
Cassidy and Knox come together in a moment of lust, and bonds them in a way that can’t be broken. Knox immediately would risk the curse, as long as he gets to be with Cassidy. 

“You’re here.” “ Do you know how long I have been searching for you?” “I need you, angel.”

Absolutely gripping, and consuming. 
How Cassidy discovers herself is empowering and touching. These two characters will have you hooked from page one. I loved the danger aspect of this book the most, the Ramsey siblings just are another class men. I can’t wait for Wolf’s story!
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This book will be posted on Goodreads on June 14th, 2022. 

UHM... I don't even know where to start with this book. 

The book follows Cassidy and Knox. Cassidy has been in and out of foster care her whole life until she escapes. Knox's family is rich, like they own most of an island rich. His family has a pact with two other families that every generation must marry one other family. (Honestly this itself didn't sit right with me lol, the lack of genetic diversity bugs me.) 

The book started off strong and I loved learning about Cassidy and her past. The plot was great until we reached the cave scene... that's where things took a weird turn. The scene was basically SA and was VERY unnecessary. Knox's whole obsession with the Angel creeped me out. His lactation and angel obsession were not it for me. Everyone has their own cup of tea but this book was definitely not mine. NGL some of the spicy scenes are good but would've been better if it weren't for that darn kink. Also, the end was very predictable I was able to guess it within a few chapters.
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This is a new adult erotica about three powerful families who have a curse that each generation must wed between them at least once in order to secure their alliance. However, Cassidy comes along, and matches the woman that Knox, a member of the Ramsey family, has been dreaming about. When he falls in love with her, he refuses to concede to the arranged marriage he has been committed to since his birth, even if it means dying, as long as he and Cassidy can be together.

This book was pretty straight-forward in terms of new adult erotica. A loose plot line that mostly holds up the sex scenes, falling head-over-heels in love within a few days (or hours), powerful rich families, etc. I had a good time reading it and I certainly don't regret spending time on it, but the entire book felt fairly average to me.

Knox's character felt supremely different pre- and post-Cassidy. This could've been intentional, but it seemed too drastic for my taste. The other characters also felt a bit flat to me, besides maybe Echo and Remy. They didn't have much personality besides "Knox's sibling," and it wasn't necessary, but with so many kids in each of the three main families, it would've been helpful to have something to differentiate them by. I would've loved a deeper exploration into the blood curse and what exactly it entails, what magic this world allows for, what the goddess myth stems from, if Cassidy has relation to it, etc, but maybe that's just the science fiction lover in me. I thought Axel as the villain was pretty good, though he was mostly a villain from afar, not an up-close threat, even in the fight scenes. I LOVED Cassidy and Knox's meeting — it was very much a meet-cute to me, even though it was deadly. I rooted for Cassidy getting more angry at Knox in certain parts, but she was hopelessly in love the whole time, even through his shitty decisions. Oh well.

Some thoughts (both good and bad) on the erotic parts:
- Cassidy had an orgasm based on breast stimulation alone. I don't know if that's possible, but Ms. Julie Capulet, if you are writing based on personal experience, please know you are in the blessed minority.
- Please know that there are other ways to describe a penis besides "fat." That word was used so many times in reference to Knox's junk that I got a little uncomfortable.
- Knox's dirty talk in this book is GOD-TIER. So good. I was getting a little sweaty, not gonna lie.
- If you categorize your book in the erotica genre, you are not allowed to have fade-to-black sex scenes or vague, brief descriptions of cunnilingus mentioned on a page. Ms. Capulet, I did not read this book for the plot. I want to hear all the dirty details.
- THANK YOU for focusing on the clit. Oh my god, the amount of erotica I've read with no foreplay or no clitoral stimulation is reprehensible. Thank you. The clit thanks you.
- Overall, the sex was written pretty well. Long descriptions, not too cheesy, and again, really good dirty talk. It was a good length too, and a good mix of activities.
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Knox was so perfect and the story was much more magical realism than I expected. Was it magic? Was it not? The relationship definitely was. I could feel the magnetism seeping off the pages as the main characters were drawn to each other. I could not put the book down and I lost track of time.
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Overall, this was a great, if typical, romance story. Cassidy is an orphan, and she’s led a rough life. A series of contrived circumstances lead her to Knox, a man who needs to marry someone from one of two families or he and his family will all die mysteriously due to a curse that is actually more of a pact enacted by the three families’ ancestors. But, is Cassidy more connected to them than anyone knows?

The pacing of this book could use some serious work. There is no reason the first chapter should take up a full 10% of the novel. The writing was fair but could have been stellar if the author did more showing than telling. The sex scenes are hot, but the scene toward the end that involves breast milk honestly kind of turned my stomach.

That being said, I did thoroughly enjoy this book. It was fun and sexy, the perfect thing after a long day at work. I hope the author continues on and gives us Wolf and Vivi’s story, and I’ll be keeping an eye on this author’s future work. 4/5 stars
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What do the Goddess of Fire, a tattoo, and an arranged marriage have in common? This book. But please let me know if you have another answer because now I'm curious. This book starts off by introducing us to Knox Ramsey who is one of the five heirs to the Ramsey fortune and Cassidy who was abandoned by her mother when she was a baby which caused her to be in survival mode for most of her life. As Capulet was establishing the characters, I really liked their personality and how strong they were. But once the two characters met, it was like they took a whole 180 in their personality. This all begins when Knox notices Cassidy doing something she shouldn't be doing and catches her but low and behind, they are both armed, and turns out, can't read body language. In their defense it was dark, but they still got gravely injured so I'm not letting them off the hook. Specifically, Knox because from the introduction of the book we get the vibe that he's pretty familiar with a knife and fighting so the whole mix-up shouldn't have occurred. But I digress, they do end up getting help and get back to tip-top shape which is when this book truly begins as the two try to navigate the muddy waters of their future together. 
Though something that bothered me with their navigation of the muddy waters was how easily they got in their relationship boat. Knowing me, it may just be me and my rocky feelings on insta-love, I feel like it has its place in a book if set up correctly but I don't love it. And this book really went from 0 to 60 in milliseconds and I was not here for it. Let me tell you, if a guy I just met says he wants to marry again and have me carry his children, I'm running away as fast as I can. And I don't like running. But Knox was out here proposing to her right after meeting her, I get their blood loss might've attributed to it but come on. 
After moving past that scene I realized that to really enjoy the book, you should leave realism at the door. And some people can do that, but I've studied biology for a couple of years and just couldn't. The intermarriage deal that has caused Knox to struggle with his love of Cassidy and vice versa had me wondering if there were still offspring in the families that weren't related to the other families. I don't remember how many generations participated in this deal but at what point these families are going to become one big family and this deal is going to cause incest.  
Ok now I feel like I'm bashing the book but I don't mean to, I just don't think we meshed. This book did have its highs, the writing was good, the descriptions of every scene were phenomenal (I felt like I was in Hawaii), and the idea is great. I like how there are the three main families and they all have their own quirks and must marry between themselves to not get cursed. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! CURSED! Also, I might sound like I don't want to read more books in this series, but I do! I want to see what happens in the next book Wild Hearts which is going to be about Wolf and Vivi and I hope we get to experience more of their world because this book was a bit of an info dump about the whose and what of this world.
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Read in one sitting. Entertaining and addictive. The book was spicy and I couldn't put it down. If you like romance books with all the spice then this one is a book you should pick up and read.
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The Devil Angel was a good book and one I read over night. Do I want to read it read it again ? You bet I do. It is in my digital library so I can read it again.
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This is the smutty book lovers dream! Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read it in a couple of hours which is a lot considering it’s almost 600 pages.

The storyline is a slow burner but enjoyed it so much!
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I’ve found my new guilty pleasure.

Growing up alone in Honolulu, Cassidy Kelley has been trying to keep herself afloat for years. But a series of events have pushed her to leave her meager belongings and have brought her to Kauai and face to face with Knox Ramsey.

Knox is rich, powerful and gorgeous. He’s also one of the two Ramsey siblings who must marry into one of the other two rich and powerful families who live on the islands, otherwise a curse will descend on him and his family. But when he literally sees the woman of his dreams, Knox must choose between love and family.

Julie Capulet is an expert at intertwining sizzling hot steam, sweet moments and insta-love. I enjoyed getting to know the Ramsey’s as well as Cassidy and Knox’s romance.

Devil’s Angel is book 1 of the paradise series by author Julie Capulet. It is a standalone young adult romance, told from both points of view with a happy ending. Subgenres: insta-love | other woman drama | billionaire hero | virgin heroine
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I really wanted to absolutely love this book. It started off with so much potential, even up to the point of the two MC’s meeting. I could honestly have seen it being adapted into a screenplay. However, upon meeting they both became completely one-dimensional. This the over-use of the specific term of endearment that he uses had me rolling my eyes every single time it was used. It was very predictable. 
That being said, I did enjoy the story and the amount of smut was great.
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It’s kind of difficult to rate this one because I loved the story but the writing didn’t do it justice… if that makes sense? 


Cassidy is an orphan, she’s been alone her entire life, living off scraps, minimum wage jobs, dingy apartments and orphanages. Knox comes from a long line of wealth and rich families. 

The story is set in Hawaii. Cassidy wins a plane ticket to Kauai in a poker game and drops everything and goes. She hides out in these caves and Knox finds her one day. Very very insta love. 

Knox is apart of 1/3 powerful families in Hawaii and there’s a rule/curse that someone from each generation has to marry into one of the families (I don’t get how this works because if they intermarry generation after generation wouldn’t that become incest at some point? I digress). He falls in love with Cassidy, but he’s arranged to be married into one of the other families. I’m not going give more details than this because I’d ruin it. The story is really great. How everything plays out is great, there’s a HEA. But something about the writing was just off. The author goes into extensive detail about EVERYTHING. While that can be a good thing, I don’t need to know what every single side character looks like from the top of their head to the tips of their toes. I feel like she could have spent more time elaborating on the story or the epilogue rather than minute, unnecessary details. It’s still worth a read though. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Found family 
Insta love
Surprise pregnancy 
Touch her & you die
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I’ll be honest here and say that this cover is what won me over on this one. I. Love. This. Cover. 💗 
Julie Capulet is new to me. She wrote a dreamy, smexy, insta-love that just hit the spot.  I’m a mood reader and my job is pretty stressful, so my favorite romance was what this one was. Great chemistry and I loved how much they wanted each other. This whole family seems interesting and Im intrigued. 
This is only book one of a series and Im excited about book two. 
I highly recommend if you just want to escape for while. 
Thanks Julie Capulet via NetGalley.
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