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A wonderful take on a familiar premise. And one of the best books I’ve read in years! If I were a bit younger this would be my obsession.  Instead my older self is simply enthralled.  It has well rounded characters, entertaining phrasing, and exciting action scenes. I could  easily see this being adapted into a series or movie in the next few years. The humor, historical tidbits, relatable characters and edge of your seat action is unmissable! 
    The audiobook is narrated by the great Wil Wheaton himself and as such is masterfully done. He’s one of my favorite audiobook narrators. His ability to create unique voices and enact various dialects is practically unmatched. I’m so happy Netgalley gave me the opportunity to review this.
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I listened to this as an audiobook & I  was obsessed with Will Wheatons Voice. This is a very original story that pulls you into young Alexander’s story immediately. What I loved about this book? I loved the characters, the fun and fast pace of the book. It was funny, light and yet gripping at times and great action. Very enjoyable listen. 
Alexander Grant is a teenager who seems to be excellent at everything he does, but likes to stay hidden in the shadows and stays away from the spotlight… why ??? It’s because Alexander has a secret he doesn’t want others to find out? 
He has lived a very long life… how long you ask? Over a 100years. Alexander is exposed by this when a mysterious other tried to kidnap him and kill his friends.
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I listened to the audiobook version narrated by Wil Wheaton. This was a very fun listen. Lots of action, sarcasm, and an interesting plot. A whirlwind of adventure. Trying to explain this to someone, I said it was "An adventure packed, real world, young adult, martial arts, escape from the known and unknown, mystery, with a touch of The Martian type explanations of history from the main character (I think the history is a twist on actual US history. I'm not a historian so I'm not sure if there is more truth to the twists or not, but they are believable in the descriptions from the main character)." I was engaged and entertained the whole way. A few times the explanations got a little expansive, but it adds to the main character and the reader's understanding of how he is so experienced and capable. He has lived a very long time. I loved this story and will listen to the next audiobook which is narrated by Wil Wheaton also.
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This series has been well received by youth who are phasing out of the 39 Clues / Rick Riordan series and looking for a similarly exciting story, intended for a slightly older crowd. I found the audiobook to be entertaining and engaging, and ended this book ready to jump into book #2.
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"Though many have the ability to be great few have the ability to be good "

Just like the theme of many of my favorite comic books like The Avengers, X Men, and Superman, Alexander X (Book One of The Battle For Forever series) is all about being a hero despite the hardships.

In this world building to the series the author has created a fun premise with endless possibilities for future stories. In fact fact Book Two, Ancient Among Us is already out and Book Three, League of Auld will be available 6/21/22.

Our hero, Alexander, looks like any average 15 year old high school student except that he is 1500 years old and has been through high school numerous times. He is one of an elite group of the population who have a genetic defect (mutant?) That has him aging one year for every 100 years is alive. 

The formidable Wil Wheaton perfectly narrates Alexander's adventures with equal amounts of snark, frustration, tension and hilarity. Imagine learning about history you were a part of and knowing that what is being taught is a lie. Or dealing with acne for over 300 years. Or at 1500 years still going on first dates.

Everything changes when an evil cabal knows his secret and tries to kidnap him. What they don't expect is Alexander has had centuries to learn many forms of martial arts, has had debates with the likes of Shakespeare and has read all the books. 

With a mix of Marvel heroes from The Eternals to X Men, to comedies like Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure and even a bit of Forest Gump this story is perfect fun for all ages.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from the publishers via #netgalley for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.
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I'm not normally a sci-fi reader but I was intrigued by Will Wheaton being the narrator. It was an interesting story that kept me engaged but I wasn't invested in the story or characters. I had to force myself to finish the book. Not my cup of tea.
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The first audiobook I listened to and finished. An exciting experience to listen to someone speaking for 9+ hours. However, I imagined a different storyline based on the prompt I had read at the beginning. The whole audiobook was filled with action but I was not that engaged. It is also written nicely and it's simple to understand, but I felt like the story was missing something deeper. Moreover, we did not learn anything that would resolve the conflicts discussed in the book, just barely, all of it might have been put into the second book. All in all, the concept excited me and the book made a nice company with calming storytelling, but it did not charm me in the end.
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This book looked like it would be a perfect fit for me… I love YA, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, and Will Wheaton as a narrator. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

I didn’t really connect with the protagonist at all and there were too many history explanations for me. To make it worse, sometimes they completely interrupted the plot. The book seemed to drag and I was not at all compelled to finish it and it took me forever to force myself too. Will Wheaton’s narration was a savings grace.

I will not be reading any more books in this series.
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*Easy listen
*Likeable protag
*Pleasant narration 

I don't really have too much to say. It was fine. Nothing groundbreaking but enjoyable enough.
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Thank you so much to @netgalley and Edward Savio for an audio copy of Alexander X in exchange for an honest review!

I originally requested this book because I saw that Wil Wheaton was the one narrating the story. He did an amazing job narrating the Ready Player One series, and his rendition of this book was equally as wonderful. He really brought all of the characters to life and made it a very engaging book to listen to.

The story itself was enjoyable. The author created very dynamic characters who represented the "high school experience" well. I found some of the parts to be slow, and it seemed to take a long time to get to the action. But overall I think it was a good mix of sci-fi and realistic fiction that most YA readers would enjoy.
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Excellent YA Fantasy. Wil Wheaton does an awesome job of narration. I very rarely give 5-stars. This one deserved it!
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Alexander X by Edward Savio is an action packed adventure featuring almost-immortals and a fantastic fantasy meets reality setting. Alexander has been a highschooler for many, many years and has successfully hidden his identity - until now. When his secrets are exposed and he has to fight for his life, he unwittingly brings along his fellow classmates on a hilarious epic adventure. This story was narrated by the amazing Wil Wheaton and he does a great job bringing the characters to life. I enjoyed how the author balanced humor with action and the sidekicks were great additions to the story.
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Audiobook received for free through NetGalley 

Loved the story. Chose it for the narrator and then got stuck in the storyline. Definitely putting the next ones on my want to read list.
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Whatever reason I just didn’t like this from the first page. There’s nothing wrong with it per se it just felt very flat for me
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This YA adventure thriller starts out tamely enough – our long-suffering protagonist is taking yet another History test. And given that he’s been going to school for a very, very long time, this is actually his three-thousandth test. Savio nicely captures the tone of a perpetual teen, without making him obnoxious which is quite an achievement. It doesn’t hurt that Wil Wheaton does an outstanding job as narrator, so that I even enjoyed the regular rants on how History is wrong. The only time I felt this monologue verged on being a bit self-indulgent and significantly interfered with the ongoing action was the piece about Paul Revere. I also appreciated the explanations on why and how Alexander is ageing so slowly, which made sense and gave a solid reason for the near-immortality of a very small sample of the population.

The story takes a bit of time to get going, which gave me a chance to fully bond with the main character. That’s important, because if I hadn’t cared about Alexander then most of the book wouldn’t have mattered. And once the action kicks off, it’s foot to the floor all the way. Alexander and his hapless companions find themselves facing a number of powerful and determined antagonists who apparently want to capture him to use against his father. Though they don’t seem to worry too much if he’s seriously hurt in the process. It certainly makes for a series of desperate chases in a variety of vividly described settings. Savio writes action well. There is plenty of tension, along with strong pacing so that he continues to up the stakes, other than the occasional monologue about the past – which I would expect from a near-immortal teenager.

The romantic thread is well handled, showing a more vulnerable side to Alexander without derailing the pace or taking over from the overall narrative. All in all, I enjoyed this YA science fantasy thriller and recommend it for fans of the genre, particularly this audiobook version. While I obtained an arc of Alexander X from the publishers via Netgalley, the opinions I have expressed are unbiased and my own.
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The premise is full of promises but those promises are not kept. I wanted to enjoy this. Wil Wheaton is one of my favorite narrators. He does his best with this. He is believable and funny. He gives this book the best shot it could get at being good. However, even with Mr. Wheaton's talent, this book does not live up to its potential. 

Once again an immortal (ish) being is wasting their time cooling their heels in high school. WHY? Why would any experienced, mature (sometimes), older person in a young person's body EVER choose to be a high school student? 

The only answer I can come up with is so the author can indulge himself and live out some of his clearly yearned-for fantasies. "If I were back in high school, but knowing what I know now, I'd really show 'em!"  You could ace every test, be the best in every sport, and date a cheerleader!!! Woohoo!

The book is full of action and yet boring. The villain's motives are unfathomable and do not make any sense until the end, but by then I didn't care. I didn't buy any of it. It made me angry because I really did want to love this book. After several (I lost count after 6) mentions of his or someone else's testicles or penis I basically hate-listened until it was done.
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I love a new story line, and that is what you get with the Alexander X series.  I listened to the audiobook version and enjoyed that I could pretty much listen my way through the book with limited interruption.  I also got a kick out of Wil Wheaton being the narrator!  This story is told firsthand by Alexander X, and is told more through the tangential thoughts and memories than the actual progression of the story.  The action, however, is all present day, and is fast and furious without being overly gory.  It all came together as a very rich story with so much detail, but enough action to hook and hold you to the end.  It is weird to think of someone living so long yet still having the thoughts of a teenager, but that is explained.  Alexander is not my favorite character, but he is a kid and I am not, so my impatience with him is likely due to him not doing what I would do in situations.  Situations that I would never find myself in, of course.  Still, I really enjoyed the story and plan to continue the series.
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Almost a week later I am still unable to decide how I feel about this book. Hands down Will Wheaton makes it. I mean as a closet trekky and a Big Bang theory fan he can’t go wrong but still his voice is warm, comforting, almost like you’re being read the story by a friend. 
The story however leaves me questioning. I am discovering more and more that I’m not a sci-fi fan and this book is skimming this for me. I liked Alexander as a character and his friends too. I’m still curious to know what happens and will probably look for the follow-ups but it just hasn’t ignited me. Slow and meandering would be how I would describe this. But enjoyable at least to keep going.
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Alexander X is a know-it-all teenage boy, as wise and expert in History as an ancient but in the body of an adolescent with the strength and abilities of a warrior. In fact, he is incredibly old even though his external appearance and endocrine system has not changed in centuries because of a genetic condition.  So we are in the realm of sci-fi, but at the same time his recall drives us through historical events. Additionally, I have found all the elements for a good adventure, persecutions, intrigues, fights and romance. I have felt its cinematic dynamic although there are moments when the story derails a bit, going out of the tangent with battles of the past, extended explanations about sports,… I guess is understandable when the main character is 1500 years old;) 
It has been an entertaining exercise of empathy, watching the world through the eyes of a youngster in different periods of history. 
The audiobook is perfectly narrated by Wil Wheaton. Each character has his precise tone and is clearly recognizable.
I would like to thank Edward Savio, Wil Wheaton, NetGalley and Babelfish Press for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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What a romp through world history. What hasn't Alexander X done. Alexander doesn't age at the normal rate, and he has experience well beyond your typical 15 year old American teenager.  He has tried to hide and not bring attention to himself. But the digital age will not help him in this. Someone wants him for their own ends, and will stop at nothing to find him. In a fast past, action filled story, Alexander has to look out for a best friend and possible girlfriend, as they are all drawn into life-threatening danger and a race against time to protect humanity. I enjoyed listening to this audio version. Thank you to Edward Save and NetGalley for sending me an audio ARC. The views expressed are all mine.
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