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This was one of the best graphic novels I have read in a while!!!! Great characters with the most iconic looks and outfits, I mean we all have to appreciate how they were developed so well. None of them merged into a single personality and you could identify each one of the characters for their own quirks. The artsyle is honestly uncomparable. The colors, the illustrations, the dialogue, all of it is on point. You don't get any info dumps and everything that we learn seems to come naturally. I really really enjoyed this volume and can not get over how beautiful this book was. I finished it only on half an hour cause that is how gripping and interesting it was and I absolutely can not wait for the next ones!!!!!!
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When Planet Earth was abandoned, human-kind set off to Mars to build a brand new future, a paradise. At least, that's what the privileged and rich will tell you. In reality, those deemed unworthy of the high life instead found themselves on the moon; the land of crumbling buildings, rusty tech, and a healthy dose of good old-fashioned propaganda.
The art style is so so so beautiful, I wish I had all these girls as friends. I already am obsessed with the world too!
I'm disappointed it was so short. It did a great job of setting us up for future volumes but I couldn't help but wish this one had a little more meat to it's bones.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this graphic novel! 

Earth is ruined, or so the youth who now live on the moon have been led to believe. However, three young women learn this may not be the case and plan an escape back to their native planet.  

This is the first book in a planned series, which shows in this graphic novel. A lot of it is set-up and backstory, but none of it felt boring or too forced, which is an impressive feat. The art style is a little grungy, for lack of a better word? I don’t mean that in a bad way! It reminds me of old comics from the 80s. Just not well-versed enough to know the exact term those go by ^^;

This book ends by giving us a huge cast of characters. I liked the three we got to know so far, so I have high hopes for the rest of them, too! I would pick up Book 2 for sure.
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Space Trash reminds me so much of the different punk comics I'd read when I was younger, except more feminist and in space. This retro-futuristic astro-punk is a solid read for emerging adults and it feels like something I would have wanted when I was younger. This first volume doesn't have as much action as I was expecting, but it sets up the next volume very well. I'll definitely see where this series goes, and I think there's enough going on here for me to recommend this to some patrons regardless of how they feel about the (very) niche aesthetic.
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A breezy opening volume to an interesting, punky SF story.  I get "Starstormers" vibes from the premise: they both feature a bunch of teens who aren't necessary all friends and who plan to fabricate their own escape craft from the tedium of their oppressive school.

The characters aren't as young as "Starstormers" though, opening up the opportunity for fun "X has a crush on Y" sub-plots that are very cutely executed.

The art is sold.  I like the use of colour and the fact that the characters aren't all willowy superhero body types.

Only caveat for potential readers is that this very much feels like a volume that is putting all the pieces in place: it ends on a pretty big cliffhanger that won't be resolved until volume 2 emerges.
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The story is interesting.. I like the concept of having to leave earth and going somewhere else. The characters are fun and relatable. The art style is absolutely gorgeous. I really want to see where the story goes!
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This book is full of super fun, punk, lesbian, space high school vibes and I am here for it. 

While some of the silent panels didn’t always seem to work that may have been because I was reading it digitally instead of with glorious paper like a graphic novel is made to be read.  

The writing was fun and the art was well done and matched the feel of the topic and writing. Can’t wait for the next installment!
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Really cool art and I especially love how easy flowing it was. Each panel is equipped with its own attention to detail, and overall amazing. However, I did not click with the story. Maybe because it's the first in the series or maybe it's just a little below my intake. 

The story follows humanity now living on Mars after the supposed failure of the earth to provide. Three teenagers, Yuki, Una and Stab are part of this new life and it's a bit unfulfilling, to say the least. 

I liked the characters but again this being the first book there isn't much to build a connection with them so it's an almost fleeting introduction to them but there is definitely a lot of personalisation. 

I imagine Jenn Woodall has a long way to go with this and honestly the art alone is reason enough to check this out. 

Thanks NetGalley for the arc!
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Space Trash is the first volume of hopefully many in a new sci-fi comic series. And it was so much fun to read. I loved the characters and their introductions, and I'm also really intrigued by the mystery that was set up. I can't wait to see what the main characters will get up to in the next volume. On top of that, the artwork is beautiful. 
Definitely give Space Trash a chance if you're interested in queer comics and space, you will not be disappointed.
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thank you to netgalley for giving me this arc in exchange for an honest review. 

this was absolutely adorable. i LOVED the graphics in this so much. they were so detailed and thought out, and i loved the little background posters that were stunning. that was definitely my favourite part about this book. 

this is the first book in a series, so it’s mainly just about introducing the characters and setting up for the next books. i loved all three main characters and i cant wait to see where they go in the next volumes!
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thank you Oni Press and Netgalley for the ARC!

Space Trash is the first volume of a comic series. 

On 2115, humanity has already abandoned Earth and colonized Mars, where rich people live, and Moon, where poor people live. Our three main character are students at an high school on the Moon and they do not believe what the government tells them.

Obviously this volume is just the premise, so it just sets the context for the real story to start. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. It alternate light-hearted moments with a bit of mistery, and it has all the premises to become a very good and valid story
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The first volume of Space Trash focuses mainly on world building and introducing the reader to the characters. It doesn’t really go beyond teasing the plot for upcoming volumes. This makes the comic quote short and it can be read in a half an hour or less! Saying that it does end on an interesting cliffhanger which makes me interested in reading the next volume! There’s also some sapphic main characters!

It is also illustrated beautifully. The colours are vibrant and the style reminds me of the TV Series ‘Recess’. 

I give this book 3.5/5 stars and I would like to check out the next volumes! Make sure to check out this comic volume on September 6th!

Thank you to NetGalley and Oni Press for sending me early access to this comic in exchange for a review!
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Space Trash is so, so, so, so much fun. This first volume sets up this series with so much potential. The images are striking and the colour palette is beautiful. The representation in this book, whilst I cannot relate to it, seems to be done well and respectfully and I truly cannot wait to see more from this series.
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This first issue has so many good things going on! The art is beautiful, so full of colors and details, and even if in the beginning I wasn't completely sold on it, in the end, I changed my mind, because it is beautiful. And we have some interesting characters, this bunch of teens is pretty amazing, and I love how fierce and how unique they all are!
And sure, this is only the first issue, so we get all set in motion, but we don't have a lot of space for the plot itself, and yet it promises to become interesting pretty quickly!
I really enjoyed it, and if you are in need of something a tad different, with a bunch of spirited teens, who would try and steal your heart, while in space well... try this one out!
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In 2115 humans are no longer inhabiting earth, it was deemed a lost cause and everyone has been moved to space. Teenagers go to school, they have strict rules and if they break them their are consequences. Three teenagers in particular are not a huge fan of living in space; Yuki,Una, and Stab. Yuki and Stab grew up together on earth and miss their old lives, they don’t understand why earth was abandoned in the first place, to them earth wasn’t a lost cause. Una has never been to earth but she’s curious as to what it’s like, one day the girls team up with another group of teenagers and what they discover could change everything as they know it. 

Okay let’s just start out by saying this…..


I repeat…


I’m in absolute love with this comic already, the cover is beautiful and don’t even get me started on the characters. All three girls are stunning and have such different personalities, I honestly wish they were my friends. Stab is so adorable I just want to give her a big hug! 

I am curious about why we haven’t seen any men or adults in this, I mean that’s weird right? Like where are they?! Why was earth deemed a lost cause? What’s really going on? AND WHO WERE THOSE GIRLS AT THE END?! 

I’m excited to see where this goes! 

Also I’m not 100% sure what these teenagers identify as pronoun wise or sexuality so I apologize if I’m incorrect by calling them girls!

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Oni press for giving me this arc in exchange for my honest review!
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Thank you to Netgalley for the eARC!

Space Trash Vol.1 was a short and enjoyable book, perfect for fans of Paper Girls and Mooncakes. I'm a huge graphic novel fan already and this one was right up my alley! YA, lgbtq+ representation, an all-female cast (to my knowledge), and a more lowkey sci-fi setting. My favourite part was the three main characters. They all had very distinct personalities and I can't wait to see more of them. 

There were some things I found a little lacking, however. I would have loved some more backstory and the plot was almost nonexistent until the very end. Though I do think there will be much more action in further volumes.

While I don't think Space Trash was a groundbreaking read in any way, I definitely do recommend it. 

4.25 stars
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Loved the artwork! Held my attention very well-
Looking forward to new volumes!! 

Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me
To receive an arc in exchange for an honest review- all thoughts and opinions are my own!
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This was a fun, snappy graphic novel centered around three girls in a boarding school on the moon. I thought Jenn Woodall was able to create a good atmosphere and three unique main characters in a fairly short amount of time. 

The art is beautiful! It was vibrant and bold and really fit the punk aesthetic of the story. The plot is light, but I think it really sets the stage, and the ending left off on a pretty big cliffhanger, so I'm interested to see where the story goes!
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This was such a neat concept and really well executed! I love the graphics and I can't wait to read another volume!
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I was a bit reluctant with this one at first, but as I read and it gained momentum it really grew on me and I am now honestly deeply excited for both this Volume to get published and to read the next one. 

First of all: the artist was fantastic. The character design was simple without losing individuality and easy recognisability, and made for some fun appearances. The environment never felt oversimplified for the sake of skimping on backgrounds and anything that involved perspective was done accurately but still in a way that felt organic enough to match the rest of the art style. The backgrounds for panels were effective in setting mood or lore without drawing attention away from the flow of the comic. I liked the vibrant colours without a real set colour palette, and I can't remember a specific name but it reminded me a lot of the old Sci-Fi comics I read when I was a kid. The only thing I'd like to see the artist explore a bit more is panel dynamics; they had good composition and were easy to follow, but I think with this art style it would be great to see some more experimental or interesting shapes/visual flows here and there, like they did with the gorgeous dreamscape panels. 

The font chosen bothered me immensely, solely because of the E that looks like a backwards 3. It made it clunky to read and felt gross to look at. There was one occasion where the letterer wrote the word 'ladies' in a particularly wiggly font that I liked though, because it definitely evoked the same feeling you get if you've ever been called that by a teacher. 

I think some of the dialogue felt a bit strange and awkward. Words like "clutz" and "dork" were thrown about which felt quite dated already. Some of the conversations were really abrupt and had sudden unnatural segues to get to the point of the page or plot. There was also more than one bit where there was an excessive amount of text squeezed into one box - it might be better to lessen the text or separate the box up a bit otherwise it feels a little overwhelming. I do think as it went along the visual storytelling really began to take over and those moments were really good, it felt especially fun to notice something specific in the background and begin to guess how that tied in to the main story. 

The main plot itself has a straightforward goal that I'm very excited to see more of, and I appreciate that the author didn't spend a lot of time waffling about at the start. I'm very excited to see them try and restore the Minerva and see what happens after. 

I did like the characters a lot. I despise the typical comic art that fits everyone into an easily repeatable blueprint, especially with women, and it was nice to see that the artist obviously made an effort to show some variation. I also liked the hint at a relationship, or at least a crush, between Una and Yuki and I'm excited to see how that will develop as well.
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