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The House Across the Lake

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This book started off really strong for me and instantly played on my own fear of not knowing what’s below you in water. Making me feel both claustrophobic and fear of the unknown openness. The imagery instantly hit me and it set the book off to a great start for me, making me excited for how this was all going to work and where the book could go from there. I was excited for the writing and for the adventure I was about to embark on.

I did enjoy both the writing and the overall story, but I did also find this to be repetitive and could have benefitted from being a little shorter and more condensed. There were sectioned that shocked me and I wasn’t expecting, which was fantastic and left me with a positive attitude towards this book. But because of the main characters alcohol problems, there was so much focus on alcohol, that it became a little daunting to constantly be reading and distracted me from the main story.

Overall, I did enjoy this book, more than I thought I would but it wasn’t until the latter half (once it stopped being so repetitive), I really started to enjoy it. The ending was unexpected and I did like the weirdness of it.
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Unfortunately this one just wasn’t for me, I have previously read and really enjoyed books by this author but I feel like this one was just a whole bunch of ideas thrown into one book.
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WOW!!!!! Hooked from the first page and read this book in one sitting… Full of tension and suspense. A real page turner
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Thankyou to netgalley and the publisher for allowing me a copy of this book. Riley sager is an author whose work i will always purchase and read. However i was disappointed by this and i have had to dnf this book, i was bored and found myself not wanting to pick it back up. i will try again in the future.
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This book had me stumped. Sitting smug and thinking I had it all thought out, the author put me in my place. Finally we have a thriller that will keep you your toes.
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This was unfortunately a no from me. This is the first of Riley Sager that I have read and although I have heard good things about previous novels, I have heard very mixed reviews regarding this one. I didn't like the twist at all. It seemed to jump in to a completely different genre and I didn't see it coming, not because the twist was so cleverly woven through the story and writing, but because it was so outlandish. So yeah, sadly I can't say I enjoyed this story. I did think that the main character was well established and I loved the setting of the book around the lake.
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I could not stop thinking about this book! I instantly fell in love with the characters and the way the writing is done makes you like a character one moment and then hate them the next. I had so many theories and none of it was what I expected! 
This was such a quick read and a very good thriller read. The friendship dynamic I absolutely loved. 
Everyone needs to read this book! I definitely want to read other books that this author has written!
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Firstly there was nothing happening 

Then suddenly there was way to many things at once happening and all out of no where and it was bonkers and most it in a really bad way.

Sorry, but it's a no from me
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My favourite one by Sager yet. people will really enjoy this when October / spooky season comes around. Very atmospheric!
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This surprised me.
Casey a down on her luck actress who turned to drink when her husband past is exiled to her lake house to hide away from the eyes of the press. 
Things are boring on the lake and Casey picks up a new hobby. Watching her across the lake neighbours, Katherine an ex model and Tom who own a social media app that’s just getting it footing. 
The thing is what Casey sees doesn’t look like a perfect marriage, far from it and when Katherine just up and vanishes Casey can’t stop until she finds answers. 
This was a ride! I went in expecting an average run of the mill thriller but was pleasantly surprised by the route this took. The characters although none overly likeable (besides the one your meant to like) are well written and important to the story. Also the unreliability of everything in this book keeps you on edge to make sure your not being led astray. 
Although I could have done with less time hearing about Casey’s drinking habits I totally get why it was there lest you forget also it’s realistic because just like we get told every few pages about her drinking is a reminder that her day revolves around this.
The twist well I did not see that coming, there’s more than one story line going on in here and the first reveal was good but the second was even better. 
Overall I had a good time with this, I haven’t seen the best of things so far but I for one recommend if your looking for something fast paced, with an unreliable narrator and that takes it to a place you don’t see coming. 
Great pick hope you like it!
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4.5 stars 

I read my first Riley Sager thriller - Survive the Night - last year and loved it. I knew then I’d be reading more from this author. My most recent read is The House Across the Lake which follows the story of actress Casey Fletcher. 

Casey is exiling herself at her lakeside family home having recently disgraced herself with her drunken behaviour. There she spends her days drinking and spying on her neighbours across the lake. 

I don’t have much experience with thrillers and certainly haven’t read authors like Hitchcock and King to comment on the likeness that Riley’s novels are compared to. What I do know though is this: this had me hooked. Even when it did take a turn into paranormal (where I have even less reading behind me) I went with it. 

Which Riley Sager would you suggest I try next?
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The House Across The Lake is a stunning example of the Riley Sager magic. The Rolling Stone referred to Sager as the “master of the twist and the turn”, a title that continues to ring true with his most recent thriller. One for the books for Sager fans! 

The biggest thank you to Hodder Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book early.
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Disclaimer: e-Arc provided by Hodder & Stoughton, via Net Galley for Review. All thoughts are my own. My thanks to Hodder & Stoughton, for providing me with the arc for review.

Casey Fletcher, a recently widowed Actress is having trouble with the press, and her Broadway Actress mother sends her to stay in their lake house as punishment. She spends her time spying on her neighbours across the lake and drinking to excess. She meets her neighbour, former model Katherine Royce on the lake, when she saves Katherine from drowning. When Katherine vanishes Casey becomes obsessed with finding out what happened.

Actual Rating: 2.5 Stars

I don't know what I thought of this book. I've now read two Riley Sager books and the both have been such let downs. I predicted the main twist pretty early on in the book, and thoughts the rest of the twists were boring, ridiculous and lazy. I do not recommend this book, although I am looking forward to the online book club discussions that arise from this book.
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I wanted to give Riley Sager another chance after not loving his last book - admittedly because a YTer I love was doing the same.

But I just don’t get it. I’m just not that into him.

Again, the book drawls on with nothing of substance, only silly decisions and weird plot points. I don’t find his scenarios believable, the character actions silly.

I think this is it for our relationship.
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Riley Sager delivers the ultimate power packed pill of thrill through her books. This book is nothing short of that. Fast paced and hooking you in, this book is a wild ride and enthralling to your senses. Recommended!
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THE HOUSE ACROSS THE LAKE is the sixth psychological thriller from Riley Sager. Having loved “Final Girls”, “The Last Time” and “Survive The Night” that I have read from this author, I am anxious to start his latest novel. Now after finishing this novel, I plan to catch up and read “Lock Every Door” and “Home Before Dark”. I am very impressed with his writing and having the other novels on my Kindle to read, I must make the time to complete his works.

Casey Fletcher, a grieving widowed actress, and the daughter of the world-famous theater actress Lilly Fletcher, is an alcoholic as a way to cope with her loss of her husband, Len. In order to hide out from the press, she has retreated to her family’s lake house in Vermont, on Lake Greene. Here, Casey passes the time drinking and spying with a pair of her husband’s binoculars, on her neighbors, across the Lake, Tom and Katherine Royce. Tom is rich and Katherine is a former supermodel.

One day on the lake, Casey saves Katherine from drowning, and the two start up a friendship. But the more they get to know each other—and the longer Casey watches—it becomes clear that Katherine and Tom’s marriage is not as perfect as it appears.

But then Katherine suddenly disappears without a trace. Casey becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to Katherine but soon uncovers some very dark truths hiding just beneath the surface.

Casey is convinced that Katherine’s husband, is plotting to murder her…

The format of the story is divided into sections of “Now”, “Then” and “Later”, which provides depth and understanding to the novel. The beginning of the book is very slow-paced, but stick with it as things soon change.

There is a lot more going on in this story and I will not say too much as I don’t want to spoil it. Exciting gripping read with interesting characters, psychological suspense, and a shocking twisted ending; I did not see coming. Highly recommend!

Many thanks to the author, Hodder and Stoughton and NetGalley for granting my wish to receive a digital copy.
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Another brilliant read from Riley Sager. Much different to 'Survive the Night' but with the same feelings and vibes as his other work. I loved the setting and although I don't usually like books about the rich and famous, it really didn't come to play in the storyline, thankfully. High stakes and full of trepidation this book would make a brilliant movie!
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Thank you to NetGalley, Hodder Books and Riley Sager for this advanced copy! 

The return of Riley Sager, something I have been so excited about since this book was announced. When I got approved for this advanced copy, I squealed! So when I picked this one up a few days ago, I was expecting not only great things but the usual feelings that come with reading a Sager book. I'm heartbroken to say, this was my least favourite one to date! When I first started, I was getting Rear Window vibes straight away and was beyond excited for the read ahead. I love Hitchcock, I love that atmosphere. Just like reading Lock Every Door which reminded me of Rosemary's Baby, I thought The House Across the Lake was going to be a winner! 

I dont know about anyone else but this didn't have the usual feel I've come to expect. Previously, I have been scared out of my wits reading his books but this was just bland. There was no real eerie or foreboding atmosphere. It definitely lacks suspense for about 75% of the novel which is a shame. The build up of the story also felt quite dragged out whereas usually, I am page turning like a mad woman. 

What I will say is this. There are many twists in this one and I was blindsided by all of them! I've come to expect this from Sager but I genuinely thought I had this all worked out but of course, I was nowhere near which I loved! 

Don't get me wrong, this is in no way a bad book! In fact, it's quite an enjoyable, thrilling read. The story is very gripping and its so hard to tell what will happen next. Not only that, but all of the characters seem so unreliable it's hard to tell who you can actually trust! It's just not what I was wanting from it at all being such a huge Riley Sager fan! But I am, of course, comparing to his other books. If I read this as a standalone, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. 

* Please research any trigger warnings before reading *
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With thanks to  Hodder & Stoughton for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

This was a 3.5 for me - but I couldn't bring myself to round up to 4 , and had to round down. 

The description of the lake, and the landscape was evocative and absolutely made me want to book a holiday. As with Sager's other books, it's well written and I liked the nod to Rear Window but here is where the positives end I'm afraid. Partly because of the "unreliable female narrator" trope, partly for the unnecessary romantic ending - I'm also never a fan of the spooky supernatural twist. It may be that this one just wasn't for me, but I'll be thinking twice about picking up a book from this author again!
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Casey Fletcher a well known actress has been recently widowed; after her husband's death she retreats to her house at the lake after grief and drunkenness can no longer be hidden. Now ensconced at the lake she spends her days drinking and watching her neighbours but when the woman who lives across the lake goes missing Casey is convinced her husband has murdered her but is she thinking clearly or is she mistaken?

I thought at first this may be an unreliable narrator story but I was so wrong! Loved the unexpected twists and turns of this story made this a gripping read and I was truly surprised which I love.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review
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