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Loved the artwork and loved the premise though I am not sure that it was 100% done well. I love the idea of Pen taking care of his person, but there could have been a little more substance there between them to keep the story moving forward. It all just seems kind of one sided. 

For a slice of life kind of manga, there needed to be a little more to the story. It could just be a first volume thing setting up for the main story. Future volumes may do a better job, but if you want to hook readers the first volume might want to give a little more. 

Overall cute read. I didn't feel like a waste of time just that there could have been more here.
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A long time ago back when I was at Gaming Trend, I reviewed a manga called Emperor and I. It was a full-color series that had a loveable chemistry with the protagonist and her penguin. Penguin & House wishes to recreate that similar bond, but with a less likable main character and a hyper-competent penguin.

I feel bad for Pentaro. The titular penguin acts as a butler for his absentminded owner as the two live in a house together. It’s a cute slice-of-life series that chronicles the misadventures of the duo as Pentaro’s owner neglects… everything! Dude probably couldn’t even get up in the morning without his penguin’s help. (It’s telling that the owner doesn’t isn’t named while everyone else is.) 

The slightly sociopathic ignorance of the owner is in contrast with Pentaro’s hypercompetent housework. If it wasn’t for how adorable and efficient Pentaro was, I would be giving this series a much lower mark. This slice-of-life series is cute and surprisingly had me hooked with the dynamic the two have with each other.

That said, I would rather the owner be more appreciative of Pentaro’s actions, and his ungratefulness gets a bit repetitive as the volume continues. Thankfully, it comes from ignorance rather than maliciousness, and the owner gets his comeuppance from others. The owner’s friends are more than willing to pick up the slack and appreciate Pentaro’s efforts.

If you’re looking for a fun and lighthearted series with a penguin doing housework, you should definitely pick this one up!
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Who could not love this adorable little penguin?! This was such a fun and cute read and I can’t wait for the next volume!
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It was an interesting reading but in the end, I didn't really like it... Pen is cute and all, very skilled and caring, but his owner is just a horrible selfish guy, and I don't like him. Too bad.
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3/5 stars 

I received an ARC of this book, and I am voluntarily leaving a review. 

This is one of those books that I could easily see someone else enjoying even though it wasn't really for me. 

This is a simple, slice of life story. Pen is a very tidy penguin and he's responsible for most of the household chores. His human owner is lazy, so Pen takes care of his owner more than his owner takes care of him. 

Basically, each chapter is a short story in the daily life of Pen. You meet the owner's human friends and watch Pen's attempts to please his owner. Unfortunately, his owner often accidentally ruins Pen's attempts to make him happy or just doesn't appreciate them. 

While I think Pen is adorable and the story overall is cute, I had a hard time enjoying it when almost every chapter ends in Pen's efforts going to waste. I know this is supposed to be funny, but this kind of humor doesn't appeal to me. I just end up feeling sorry for Pen. The owner's friends seemed to appreciate Pen much more than he himself did. 

I'm not going to be continuing this series, but I would still recommend this to people who like this kind of humor. Once again, I could easily see this being an adorable and humorous book for other people. 

Content: clean
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So it is a cute story about a Penguin who basically takes care of his owner. I feel like I enjoyed seeing more parts about Pen and all the friends more than his relationship with his owner. Maybe his owner appreciates his efforts later on but in volume 1 is definitely doesn't seem like it. 

It's a slice of life I need to be in the mood for reading and not just randomly pick up to read.
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OMG after Sue and Tai-chan could another manga about animal pet win my heart? YES!! This was so funny penguin is so adorable and the adventures are short and funny and refreshing. also almost no one questions penguin who can cooks clean etc XD adorable design and MCs
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This book is cute and funny, but there’s not much to it. Very little plot and zero character development. It’s an entertaining read though!
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Many thanks to Netgalley and Kodansha for providing me with ane-arc im exchange for an honest review. 

Ugbhh, this is so damn cute! I want my own pet penguin that will cook, clean and take care of me like Pen-chan. I wanna cry bcus this is so wholesome 😭😭😭😭. If you want some comfort manga with day to day life of Pen-chan doing house chores, cooking, baking, being cute and taking care of its master, this is so damn good! 

Read it and your day will be better
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Pen is a penguin and he lives with his owner, Hayakawa. Hayakawa is a bit of a doofus, and Pen is a bit of a genius, especially at cooking. So we get a bit of a Wallace and Gromit thing going on here, and it's very cute.

There isn't a lot more to say - I like the art, the stories are light and funny. Just a nice warm bath of a manga.
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This started off so cute and I wanted to like it so much, but this wasn't even mediocre.
This boy has no respect for the things this penguin is doing for him.
The male protagonist is very much just a man child, and the penguin a stand in for a girlfriend.
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This was SO cute!!

I originally was going to try and pick this up for my husband, but after reading I don't think he would enjoy Pen-chan's cuteness as much as I did when reading! LOL! 

Pen-chan is ADORABLE! The "Owner's Friend" was so relatable because I was hesitant that I could actually like the penguin, but within those first two chapters I was done for! Sooooo cute!

Though while Pen-chan was super cute, ahhhh his owner! He is so careless and while I know that is part of the humor (and it did make me laugh almost every chapter LOL), I still was like NOOOOOO! All the work Pen-chan just did is ruined! *laugh cries*

Overall, this was a really enjoyable read! I am unsure if I would buy this physically, but I am definitely going to see if my library has volume two because this is the perfect light read to make one smile! 

*(I received a digital copy from the publisher. All thoughts expressed are my own.)*
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Penguin and House is a cute, amusing series of comic strips about a penguin and his owner. The Penguin does all kinds of housework, cleaning, cooking and generally dotes on his owner. The owner is rather absent minded and sometimes takes Penguin for granted but they get on well together. 

In the different stories we are treated to humour, mishaps and a bit of mayhem here and there but mostly love and friendship. This is a nicely drawn cuddly book which I really enjoyed and I might read the next two volumes because I want to know what Penguin does next!

Copy provided by Kodansha Comics via Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.
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Pen-chan is so adorable, I want one of my own! I like that there's not really a plot to follow, we simply just read Pen-chan and his owner go through life. His owner, Hayakawa, does irk me a little though as he comes off as an airhead, unappreciative of Pen-chan's help. 

I preferred reading it bit by bit instead of in one go as I felt like it was just a bit too mundane to read in one go (as well taking a break from Hayakawa)
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC!

The story has a slice of life type of plot with new elements I had not seen before in a manga, which made it a refreshing original story. The drawing style is very pretty and the characters and well written.
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I absolutely loved this. I'm a fan of slice of life style Manga, and especially loved this one because it was just so cute.
I'd definitely recommend.
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This was cute and silly. Like, really dumb in a funny way. The "owner" of Pen-chan was so damn annoying lol. Justice for Pen-chan
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My thanks to NetGalley and Kodansha for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.

I think I am too sensitive a reader at times, because I felt SO BAD for the poor penguin, being stuck with such a thoughtless, careless owner.  Honestly, to me, I saw the penguin as being one half of a relationship where they did nothing but give and the other did nothing but take and didn't realize how horrible the taker was to the giver.  It was such a toxic relationship.

Also, the penguin roasted a chicken for it's owner and friends for dinner.  

A penguin, a bird, bought the slaughtered body of another bird, and roasted it, to be eaten, by it's owner, owner's friends and maybe it partook of the roasted bird too?!?  

This manga disturbed me on multiple levels, but I think I read this one wrong.  

2, I didn't hate it and Pen was incredibly cute, stars.
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This manga was so cute!! We follow Hayakawa and his pet penguin, Pen. Pen helps Hayakawa around the house with the cooking, cleaning, and various other house stuff. They go out together and Pen even brings Hayakawa his lunch when he leaves it at home! I love Hayakawa and Pen together and I will definitely be checking out the next volume of this manga!
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Thank you to netgalley and kodansha for sending me an arc of this book. 

It was very cute and amusing. Penguin is such a devoted and smart pet and it was cute seeing him trying to help his owner. Although seeing his efforts go to waste most of the time is a bit dishearting. 

His owner was also very funny as he was quite good at everything he was doing and seeing penguin and his friends lose it over it was so funny. 

Howerver I did not enjoy the drawings all that much. 

I will give it a 3 stars
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