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Grace is one of 10 children who escaped a Mormon compound during a police raid. A decade later, the other survivors are starting to die under suspicious circumstances. Detective Beau Brunelli is on the case, but with Grace suffering from multiple personalities this investigation isn't going to be straight forward. 


This is an amazing thriller, but it comes with some pretty hefty trigger warnings so it might not be for everyone. 

The narration alternates between two points of view. The main character is Grace, who escaped from a Mormon compound with 10 other children almost a decade ago. The secondary character is Detective Beau Brunelli, who is looking into the suspicious deaths of the other survivors who had fled with Grace. 

Utilizing flash-back chapters we are taken into Grace's childhood. Being raised in the juxtaposition of a loving home in a cruel community where leaders are predators and arranged child marriages are the norm, Grace developed DID to survive. Now that she's safe, the other personalities are reluctant to step aside and let her take back control of her life. 

When she finds out her peers have been found dead, Grace tries her best to keep it together while Burnelli tracks down the killer.

TW: childhood sexual abuse, domestic abuse, miscarriage/infant loss, incest, spousal rape, indoctrination suicide, mentions of drug use
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Grace, along with her sister Desiree and eight other youngsters, escape from the FLDS compound when it is raided by the police.  After suffering years of physical, mental and sexual abuse, all the escapees are damaged to some degree, though Grace’s mental illness is frightening, and she never quite knows “who” is in control of her.

Wow!  This book is amazing, totally gripping, and although at times slow paced, the reader needs the action to slow down so all the story can be absorbed.  There are clues throughout the plot that give some idea of what’s about to happen, but the storytelling is so good that the ending still comes as a shock and needs to be reread at least twice.

This is not a book for the faint hearted, and it certainly doesn’t pull any punches, but the abuse is not done in a sensational manner, quite the contrary, it’s all done very sensitively.

This is a fictional book, written alongside factual events, and the result is excellent.  One to definitely recommend.

Thank you NetGalley.
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woah, trigger warning for abuse first of all and for religious trauma oh my gosh the religious trauma!!!! 

this book primarily follows Grace after she escapes a fundamentalist Morman compound. Grace has to deal with not only the guilt of leaving her family behind but also suffers from dissociative identity disorder, making Graces life fragmented and full of blind spots. 

the book also had POVs from Detective Beau Brunelli, while he is working the case and some of Grace’s alters, while not much is known about DID i think this book does a pretty good job at representing it! 

this was definitely a slow paced book, which typically i’m not a fan of BUT! the book was so good that i didn’t mind the slowness too much, and the ENDING!?!? i didn’t see it coming and i was absolutely blindsided. 

i really liked the characters, Grace and Clayne, especially. i felt so sorry for them, reading Grace’s flashbacks was truly heartbreaking, i have read about the FLDS before and so i knew how messed up it could be but it’s still so tragic to read about.

if you know anything about the FLDS or just like a good slow paced thriller i definitely recommend this!
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I want to thank Netgalley for the chance to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Blood Atonement is shocking and thrilling, terrifying you from the moment you realize what events this book describes the aftermath of. And of course, it pays to pay attention. There are numerous details on every page that are intrinsic to the plot of the novel, and some can easily slide past your eyes and hide in the ink on the page in the rush towards the end. 

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*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange for my honest review*

Dark disturbing thriller - my first book by S.M. Freedman!  Can't wait to read more books .from her.!
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This went beyond my expectations. I loved the conceptz it's a very unique plot line and something completely different. The characters are so well depicted that it feels like you're watching them on a netflix series. They're these complete, 3d, individuals that are written so clearly and concisely that its just really easy to imagine. I found it a really fascinating take and enjoy it immensely
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In this crazy age when America seems to be returning women’s rights to the Middle Ages this book serves as a reminder of how power in the wrong hands totally corrupts. A wonderfully written whodunnit or indeed was it a done at all. The investigating detective has to battle not only a suspect with multiple personalities but budget constraints from his boss and the overwhelming guilt of a suicide in the family. Intricately written the story draws you in. A wonderful read.
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Blood atonement was a great book !! This book was definitely a mind game thriller! It had suspense, intrigue, and a sort of who done it! The storyline was very interesting and flowed nicely! I will definitely recommend reading this one! It was well worth reading! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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Just wow!! My first by Freedman; I was drawn to it by the cover and the description. Definitely was a page Turner. Delving into cults and religious ones to boot plus DID is some big shoes to fill! There were some points I was a little confused as to time period; Grace then or Grace now but caught on pretty fast. Adding to all her alters, lot of context! I did figure out who was murdering all the escapees from the cult pretty early on. I definitely will be reading more by her! Thank you NetGalley for the ARC!
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I’m amazed. 
The book had me hooked from the very beginning
The story follows two characters, Grace and Beau. Beau is a detective who was an important part of the investigation of cult years ago. Grace is one of the ten children that manages to scape the horror of that same cult. A place where they lived in isolation, whit a leader that insisted that every man needed at least three wives to go heaven. A close community where abuse of any kind was normalized by the community. That was years ago, now the ten survivors and others who where excommunicated are being targeted. Beau jumps town the seven once more. Grace faces hers dissociative personality disorder to try and figure out if she’s guilty or the next victim. 
The book tácheles an amazing characterization, every character goes trough the very deeps of their minds. Every single thing adds to the story. The narration id fragmented you get to see the point of view of Beau and both young and adult Grace. The plot hooks from the very beginning. An amazing triller that will defiantly have anyone by the edge of their seats. 
Thank you so much NetGalley for giving me ARC of this truly amazing story.
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Dark, disturbing, atmospheric and absolutely banging. I loved everything about this book, although it does include mental health brought on by childhood abuse but this was handled really well in the book. I whizzed through this and need something else by this author immediately. Totally compelling.
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Grace DeRoche escaped the fundamentalist Mormon compound of Brigham and worked to prosecute its leaders but when loyalists including her own family commit mass suicide to avoid jail Grace retreat’s into solitude racked with guilt and suffering from dissociative identity disorder from childhood abuse Grace’s life is fragmented and full of blind spots dissociative triggers are everywhere and Grace never knows when an alter personality will take the reins
Abut slow starting but soon livened up and turned into quite an enjoyable read 
Thank You NetGalley And Dundurn Press
I just reviewed Blood Atonement by S.M. Freedman. #BloodAtonement #NetGalley
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A dark story that will keep you reading if continual tension at a high level is your preference. Grace’s life has been so broken that the pieces don’t seem to know where they belong or how to pull together to make her whole. Meanwhile forces keep pulling at those pieces.
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