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An amazing debut novel. Thrilling, fast paced gory. The book had me hooked. Genuine twists that I didn't see coming and an ending that left me wanting more. Please tell me there is a sequel
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Dark, terrifying and bone-chillingly gruesome! 

It’s unbelievable that a debut can be this mature, complexly plotted - delivering a level of impact so deep, that you can feel it in your veins. 

The audiobook was a fantastic experience! Thanks NetGalley and HarperCollins UK, Audio for the ALC! 

Synopsis – 

England is witnessing a series of murders that are exceptionally unique, inhuman and macabre. When Jess’s house is set ablaze and she is suspected of arson, she seeks the help of the infamous detective Nate Griffin. They soon discover that this killer is copying some of the world’s most nefarious serial killers and is now known as the “Echo Man”. How many more will become his victims? 

Review – 

Alternating between the perspectives of Jess, Nate and chief detective Kara,  the narrators do a terrific job with the voice adaptation to set the tone and mood of the book – somber and serious, tinged with that ominous feeling and a sense of foreboding. 

Where Sam Holland really shines is how she has managed to portray her characters of Jess and the detectives with the very essence of humanity, while at the same time transcending human behavior into an almost demonic territory with the serial killer and his killings. 

I loved the dynamic that Jess and Nate shared – united by the enormity of their loss, suffering and grief, the author treats their vulnerability with great care and gentleness. The same is seen with Kara – her struggles and challenges, as she battles anger, frustration and helplessness, when tasked with the impossible feat of catching a serial killer the likes of which the world has never seen before. 

The plot is multi-layered and as nuanced as it can get. Some of the snippets from the killer’s diary and his past – show us what really drives him to be what he is, inducing terror that messes with our minds. 

The murder scene descriptions are simply shocking, utterly disturbing and deeply traumatizing. Each of their setting and the evocation is equally sinister and atmospheric. 

As some of the findings lead us to figure out who the killer is, the ending is still bludgeon to the reader’s mind with a twist that was confounding and incomprehensible. I almost ended up gasping and panting for breath with blooming fury, as we are hit with the unfathomable truth behind these murders. 

I should say the trigger warnings are quite a handful and if you can handle them, then this crime thriller will certainly exceed expectations for lovers of the genre.

Highly recommend!
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A troubled police detective currented suspended from work becomes mixed up with a murder suspect after a house is set on fire and a man dies. Clues at the scene link this case to another brutal murder and assault, and the detective becomes convinced that the crimes, despite their differences, are the work of the same killer.

The characters are interesting if a little cliched (maverick detective suffering with chronic pain that requires him to take increasingly strong pain killers, troubled but innocent murder suspect with apparent mental health condition) although I couldn't say I liked them very much. The murders are brutal, cosy murder mystery this ain't, but I was gripped by the story and eager to find out who the killer was, and whether he would be brought to justice. My one (small) complaint is how the killer finds the time to murder as many people as he does without it being flagged up as the work of one or more serial killers, but ignoring that tiny plot point I thought it was a very good book.

I enjoyed the narration. I thought the male narrator was particularly good and I liked the differentiation between the killer's narrative and the main story by having them read by different narrators.
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A fabulous thriller!! 

I listened to this audiobook very quickly as I found myself on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. 

I was constantly left guessing who our our bad guy was and guess what.. I still got it wrong! 

A creepy/eerie well written thriller! 

Pick this up, you won’t regret it.
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*Audiobook review*
This was a dark, dark book, with triggers all over the pages. Had to warn you.
I am not put off by anything in thrillers these days, as I have come to expect it. From the premise, a copycat killer who replicates the murders of notorious killers, it was bound to have dark and gruesome deaths in it.
That said, even with the murders and suspense, I did struggle to stay engaged with the audio. I know my attention span is struggling at the moment, but some audios are gripping me. I can't even really put my finger on what it was.
I think there was so much content on the murders, some could have been saved for another book! But I loved the premise and the ending was fantastic.
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Loved this audio book it had enough twists and turns to keep me interested up to the very end 
if  The Echo Man" is Samantha Holland's debut book then bring on more 

Yes its a usual serial killer storyline but I liked the characters and the police perception of a killer

I listened to this is a day
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Loved it. Once it gets going, the story is so fast paced, twists galore and will keep you guessing and doubting your choice over and over. The narrators were brilliant, great characters throughout who you end up routing for. Just amazing.
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With thanks to the author, publishers HarperCollins UK Audio, and NetGalley for an ARC of the audiobook version of this work, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Wow, just wow!

I have read a lot of books in police procedural/crime/thriller genres over the years, but this book is right up there as one of the best in terms of both the quality of the writing and the unrelenting pace of the plot. Several times in the second part of the book I thought I had figured out who the killer was, only for another (entirely plausible I should say) plot twist to occur to send the story off in another direction.

Also, what a fantastic idea for a novel. I have always been fascinated by the true crime stories of the famous serial killers, and really enjoyed how the plot so cleverly incorporated the details of so many of them while the story of the characters unfolded. The back and forth style of the writing from the perspectives of the police and the killer was also really effective, particularly from that of the killer, where the details given of how the murders unfolded were particularly cruel and gruesome, and at times bordering on uncomfortable to listen to.

The performances of both narrators were excellent, and really brought the book to life. The fact that it is a debut work for this author makes the achievement all the more impressive. I absolutely loved this book, and can’t wait to see more from her!
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It’s difficult to believe this is a debut; the writing is accomplished and the theme is original and challenging.  Sam Holland is clearly a gifted writer and on the strength if this book, one I’ll be keen to follow.

This is a thriller with a twist; it’s part police procedural but it also explores the way in which a serial killer is keeping one step ahead on his gruesome killing mission.  It’s graphic, but in context and the detail makes every death different and real.  It’s a complex story, very fast paced and I listened to the audio version which is well narrated.  It has everything I want from this kind of book; intrigue, plausible characters and I became immersed in the hunt for the prep.  Really enjoyed it.

My thanks to the publisher for a review copy via Netgalley.
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What a great debut by Sam Holland! She comes right out of the block at a pace that leaves you breathless. This is a gritty and very dark crime police procedural thriller and I loved every bit of it. Yes there is a fair amount of gruesome violence but it works superbly well with the plot. The characters are all written with a quality that brings them to life in a totally realistic and believable manner..
The pace is fast and remains so throughout the whole book.. The plot is complex and utterly intriguing and I became totally invested in the killer being caught. The narrator was, for the most part brilliant but it did take me some time to get used to her trying to do a male voice. It is the only bit of this audio that I found disappointing. I wish she hadn't tried so hard with male voices as they kept changing accents or just didn't sound right to me. However don't let this out you off the audio version. It is graphic and full on but brilliant.
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Wow what a debut novel by Sam Holland! 

We begin with Jessica Ambrose who is on the run from police as the suspected arsonist that killed her husband and placed her young daughter in hospital. Jessica proclaims her innocence and is taken under the wing of ex-policeman, Nate Griffin. Together, they investigate the killings of the Echo Man, piecing together the jigsaw of how they link to the killings of famous serial killers.

With the help of detective Cara Elliot and Noah Deakin, they embark on a man hunt. The body count and grisly details of the murders are pretty extreme in this novel, and they soon stack up to make the Echo Man the most extravagant serial killer yet.

I love a good gruesome thriller, where the twist and turns in the plot are unexpected yet believable, and The Echo Man really delivered. The ending twists I did not expect, but I was left feeling pleasantly surprised.

I had the pleasure of enjoying this book via Audible. The narration was brilliant, with multiple character voices, I found it an easy listen. With the last third un-put-down-able.

I would definitely recommend this book/audiobook to anyone who enjoys a good serial killer thriller and doesn't mind the gory details. I will be looking into future publications from this author.
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The Echo Man by Sam Holland, a gruesome crime thriller, read by Sarah Lambie and Leighton Pugh.

A large cast with complicated connections are at the forefront of this story, Jess, looses her husband when she saves her daughter from a fire at her house. She becomes number one suspect and makes an unlikely team with ex officer Nate Griffin, to solve who really started this fire. Nate believes the case to be linked to other serial murders happening locally, his sister is lead on the case of those copying previous notorious serial killers.

Everyone has a secret they are hiding for various reasons, which are revealed throughout the book, we get small snap shots into what's happening from the killers perspective, which is quite gruesome, certainly not for the faint hearted!

I enjoyed the pace of the book, even though it's over 12 hours long there was always something new happening.  There was a lot of killing, and the targets were getting closer to the investigation team, increasing the tension. The cast overall were good, I didn't get Jess, her motive to chase the killer rather than be with her daughter I couldn't understand but it didn't distract from the story as there are plenty of characters to like. 

Overall a very good crime thriller with plenty of gruesome detail and complex characters 4.5*.
Thanks to Netgalley and HarperCollins UK Audio for the ARC
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I loved this one. Mystery gruesome murders.I enjoyed the killer's point of view through out the book. Listening to this book made it just a little bit creepier than just reading it. I loved the different twists through out and at the end of this!  A couple of my theories panned out but it still didnt disappoint.
I would definitely recommend this book!

Thank you NetGalley and HarperCollins UK for this Audiobook for an honest review.

TW: Murder, Assult, Violence, Rape, Deaths, Grief of loved ones
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4.5 stars rounded to 5

If you are looking for tension, gruesome murders, and heartbreak, look no further. This book has it all!

I was lucky enough to listen to the audiobook of this and I just had to have it playing at every occasion. The narrators did a brilliant job and the chapters from the killer’s point of view were amazing. I could not stop trying to figure out who could it be, and I was so scared it wiuld be a disappointing ending - the ones were a random unknown person is pulled in and ta-daaaa here’s you killer. That was not the case… and the twist at the very end made it all even better.

In summary, I loved the concept, the execution  was brilliant, and I think listening to the audiobook added an even creepier dimension for me.

This is a book I will recommend.

Thank you Netgallery and HarperCollins UK for the audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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Wow. Wow. Wow. Sick, twisted, disturbing and thrilling! I could not get enough of this book! 100% being reread at some point! Absolutely loved it!
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Wow wow wow.

Okay, this book is not for the faint hearted, but it is absolutely perfect for any true crime fans out there.
Although this is obviously (& thankfully) fictional, it just doesn’t hold back, it pulls off the same level of horror that true crime stories will bring.

The narrators were incredible and the change of narrative in chapters between the main character and the killer was so exciting.
The twists literally had me gasping and that ending!
Please tell me this means a book two will be possible, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
I absolutely cannot wait to read more of Sam Holland’s books as they are absolutely up my street and her writing is incredible, I might even go as far as to say this is my favourite crime thriller I’ve ever read.
It was completely unpredictable and unputdownable.

Normally when I listen to an audiobook also I’m afraid of missing details but with this it was the opposite I found myself just sat listening with every spare moment I had.

Thank you netgalley and Sam for granting me free access to this audiobook, it has been my top read this month by a mile.
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3.5 star ⭐️ 
Trigger warnings for all the triggers definitely not for those against violence, rape, murder and abuse.

Strong and fulfilling debut book by Sam Holland who will sure deliver more promising and engaging books in the future.

The echo man is a thriller/crime book that follows the perspectives of DCIA cara Elliot trying to solve the case of gruesome copy-cat murders taking place.

I was not too engaged with most of Cara’s dialogue and relationships with other characters in this book however I found other characters delivered a far more enjoyable perspective.

The scenes detailing the murders were very dark and twisted which all took place by our killer  wanting to copy and out do other prolific serial killers, I have no knowledge on the Intricacies of murders that inspire events within this book so cannot comment on how accurate they are however it made for a unique and gruesome tale connecting horrific crimes from multiple real killers into a fictional killer proceeding to creating a web of clues and bodies that our detectives find themselves following, and even getting caught in our killers web.

The start of the book hooked me, the middle of the book was engaging and fast moving however the ending and epilogue I personally found to fall flat for what was set up.

Excited to look for more Sam Hollands work in the future, wring and story were great despite detective books not being my particular taste.
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So this is a review that’s hard to write for me. I liked a lot about this book, but alongside that, there were some themes that I found harmful and struggled to get past. 

The good - 
The idea of a serial killer who is ’echoing’ others was an excellent premise. 
The pacing and style was brilliant and there was so much tension and suspense. 
Everyone was a suspect and you’re kept on your toes the entire way through. So many thrillers are absolutely predictable, but this one nailed that. 

The bits I can’t get past - 
Whilst the ‘echoing’ was a fantastic idea, it did at times feel revelled in or a little gratuitous. I appreciate that quite often was deliberate to portray a particular mindset and really give that unsettled presence to the story, it absolutely did that, just at times I found myself distracted by that. 
I work as a childcare solicitor and the elements taken from childhood records / historical abuse perpetrated and how that linked in with the narrative unnerved me. I understand why crime and thriller writers do it, but it’s such negative representation and I really struggled with that knowing how this feeds into perceptions of looked after children as adults and how history shapes a person. I can only imagine this was thoroughly researched by the author and she approached this with care, but I personally found it uncomfortable to read those parts. 

Despite those couple of niggles, I did enjoy this one and I have already recommended to thriller loving friends.
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I was accepted for an audiobook copy of this book via NetGalley and I had heard so many good things about this book that I just had to read it and I’m glad I did. This a twisted story that had me doubting the good guys at one point. It came with its twists and even ended on one! A great thriller book and the narration on this audiobook was great! Very enjoyable to listen to which made it an easy read and easy to follow.

A special mention for the cover of this book also as it truly nails the creepiness that this story entails. I would definitely pick up another book by this author in the future
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what this was amazing !
I love serial killers adn the echo man had me going !
this was a very good whodunit and it took me some time to see how each story linked up and when it did it was shocking.. i still have questions!!!
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