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Decorative Needle Felting Projects

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Decorative Needle Felting Projects is divided into projects representing the 4 main seasons with 20 projects to follow.

The book begins with an introduction that explains how to follow the patterns, tools required, and techniques.  Each of the techniques comes with stepped instructions and full-colour photographs.

The projects themselves provide a difficulty level: easy, medium, or medium/hard  It gives a list of materials required, tips, and numbered steps with accompanying colour photographs.  At the rear of the book is a list of suppliers.

Included in the projects are brooches, garlands, eggs, Christmas decorations, and more cute items.  There are certainly enough to cute items to choose from and get you started in needle felting.

I've had some felting kits before, but often they can with a foam shell that you put the felting onto - this book requires you to create the shapes yourself, which is much more fun!

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With lots of cute projects and advice this is a great book for someone who wants to take up needle felting. There are great tips and support with easy projects.
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Lovely ideas for felting projects.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me access an advance copy of this book in exchange for my feedback.
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Decorative Needle Felting Projects has fully illustrated instructions showing how to turn wool into cute designs for your home and jewelry chest.

The book begins with an extensive section on tools and techniques. It then includes twenty projects: five per season. They include Easter eggs for Spring, a brooch for Summer, a bangle for Autumn and a tree topper for Winter.

To be honest, I didn’t realize how difficult it is to felt wool. However, the author breaks down the work into easy-to-follow steps. If you have an interest in learning a unique craft, check out Decorative Needle Felting Projects. 4 stars!

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Oh my goodness there are adorable!! I love the step by step instructions with pictures for each of the steps. The creations are so cute and unique as well! I adore the chicken, eggs, lollipop trees, squirrel, okay they are all cute and it is hard to choose a favorite! Separating by season was a nice touch as well.
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Decorative Needle Felting Projects does a great job of laying out all the tools and methods to make felted needle projects.  Lots of adorable projects to try out with plenty of pictures to help you follow.  I am eager to get started.
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I really enjoyed reading decorative needle felting projects. It is well illustrated and wrll laid out. I learnt a lot from it
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Fun projects and easy to follow instructions make this a great starter craft book. People interested in trying out needle felting would be well-served by this book.
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A delightfully handy book for lovers of needle felting. Perfect for beginners those thinking of dabbling in this whimsical art. The possibilities are endless!
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I was excited to read this book as I have long loved friends felting items.  However I previewed the Kindle ARC version of this book and there were only pictures of the finished projects and none of the step by step instructions as mentioned in the synopsis.  Not even a picture of the basic tools that are required.  This was disappointing as I’m a visual learner.  Hopefully the final version will have all pictures included.  

The projects are super cute and if you’ve at least had an introduction to felting, you should be able to follow the written instructions.  Unfortunately I am a beginner, so I’ll see what the printed version looks like and go from there, as I REALLY want to make the gingerbread items.
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This is a lovely book on the easy techniques of using needle felting to make beautiful small projects to be used for gifts or decoration. The projects are a good way for people learning needle felting to practice with an end result, and for others to  create lovely projects.
There is a very cute chicken egg cup and some gingerbread cones just to name two. The instructions are easy to follow, fully photographed and level of difficulty (and cuteness) grows with each project. 
The beginning of the book explains the basics and it is a great book learn from.
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What a fem and a treasure of a book about needle felting art!  Gretal Parker is very talented. Oh my goodness the  chripy chicken bowls' and the 'slinky fox bangles'!  Gretel made an amazing book. 

The photographs are beautiful, sharp, and clear and the instructions are very detailed. Even the most reluctant beginner could feel confident that everything is covered and spelled out how to start and complete each project. Each project is listed in skill level from easy to difficult. Most are easy with a few moderately difficult thrown in.

The book of course starts off with what supplies are needed to begin and then each project has the list of what you'll need for each additional project. Each project has Gretel's tips which I found VERY helpful. There are about twenty projects with great technique photos along the way. I can't add anything helpful except maybe more projects or another book because Gretel has it down on how to achieve success on her felting project ideas. Just a note Gretel's style is a bit tight but it works so well on so many of these projects, especially the fox bangles.

I would like to thank NetGalley, the publisher Pen & Sword White Owl Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Decorative Needle Felting Projects by Gretel Parker.
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Simple and practical; utterly cute projects I would say! Who wouldn't love those cute little strawberries or the small animals made possible with a little bit of needle felting! Yes, needles do work wonders. This is such a pretty good guidebook on how to make simple, yet beautiful creations in no time just using a barbed needle.

The instructions are easy to follow, precise and clear.
The real pictures do help a lot.

Amazing compilation. Get ready for some easy-to-do project ideas from this new guidebook.

Thank you, Pen & Sword, for the advance review copy.
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Decorative Needle Felting Projects is a wonderful introductory guide to the craft.  The instructions are really clear and easy to follow and the book is bursting with wonderful photographs and illustrations.  Many of the projects are small and easy so great for beginners.  All of them of beautiful and appealing and you really will want to make everything.  I love the process and I am dying to have a go.  This is a brilliant and inspiring book.
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The projects in this book are so sweet and more importantly look like something you could achieve with a little practice. Many craft books are beautiful to look at but you could never achieve the results shown and then you give up, disappointed. This is so much better, I can't wait to start.
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A lovely, simple to follow book on the fabulously addictive craft of needle felting. There is an introductory chapter with explanations on techniques used, equipment required, reading instructions and handy tips. Following on, there are lots of simple and quick to complete needle felting projects, using the theme of seasons with some lovely photographs to illustrate the finished project. There are a couple of projects with no photos including the wrist wrap, the slinky fox bangles and the chirpy chicken bowls which is disappointing - although a couple of these are illustrated on the front cover. Overall a wonderful and informative book, useful for both beginners and inspiration for more experienced needle felters.
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