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The Bletchley Girls

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Karen B, Reviewer

New recruits to Bletchley Park, Britain's top-secret code-breaking headquarters, Steffi, Fran and Ailsa form an instant rapport, despite their different backgrounds. Steffi's the socialite daughter of an ambassador, engaged to an Italian who is now on the enemy side; Fran is the daughter of dull academics while Ailsa is a Scottish island girl escaping the stifling and claustrophobic attitude of home.
Their time at Bletchley leads to adventure, danger and the discovery of strong passions, but their friendship never falters and as the war progresses they grow in strength and stature, ready to face whatever will come next.
This was a really good story with three strong lead characters. I felt it gave a real insight into what life must have been like at Bletchley Park - not as rarefied as I had imagined, despite all those official secret acts!
When the narrative takes our heroines out into the field, to Egypt and to Malta, the plot intensifies - there is plenty action and suspense here, as well as a good sprinkling of romance ... and, as it finishes in 1942, the hope of a follow-up book! An ideal read for lovers of wartime romances who enjoy a meticulously researched, well-crafted story. Author Anna Stuart never disappoints.
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