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The Man Who Killed Martin Luther King

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This book is incredibly researched. It does a great job of a deep dive into a lot of the conspiracy theories around Martin Luther King's death and explains why a lot of the conspiracy theories can't be true.
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A fascinating and educational dive into a tragic event in our nation’s history and the conspiracy theories surrounding it. Thank you to Pen & Sword, the author, and NetGalley for the e-ARC!
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Thank you to Netgalley for allowing me to read this book in return for an honest review. I have read books on this subject in the past so I was intrigued to find out what angle this book would take. I have to admit that I found it very interesting and it did contain some information I haven’t come across before. It was a refreshing take on an interesting topic and I would definitely recommend to anyone with an interest in the topic. 4 stars from me.
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I don't think there is an adult who wouldn't know who Martin Luther King was or that he was assassinated, but I wonder how many could tell you much about James Earl Ray. For me he was very much just a name of someone who had done something awful out of hatred and so I was keen to read this and learn more about him. 
This book is incredibly well researched and manages to get the information across in such an engaging and interesting way, without feeling very heavy and bogged down, like some historical non fiction can. 
I learnt things about Martin Luther King that I didn't know and that was really interesting, as well as some things that shocked me, such as his lifeastyle. I also learnt a lot about James Earl Ray, which wasn't hard as I knew nothing before hand, but I was suprised by how truly awful and manipulative he was. 
The conspiracy theories were also really interesting anf has made me look more into them, some of them are truly out there. 
i will definitely be looking for more from this author
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The research that went into this story is amazing and deserves a big congratulation to Mel Ayton for bringing the facts and the misinformation that has occurred over time since the assassination. 
One thing I must admit is I did not know just how Martin Luther King was able to behave in such a decadent lifestyle without the populace knowing.
Overall, I would recommend this book for studies and also as a concise view of what took place in 1968. 
An independent review thanks to NetGalley /  Pen & Sword.
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I know if I’m in the mood to read a true crime historical book to go look for Mel Aiden‘s latest so when I seen that I could read the book who killed Martin Luther King, the life in crimes of James Earl Ray in exchange for an honest review I was so excited to do that. So here we are I have read the book and OMG I feel like one of those emoji‘s with the big eyeballs I was shocked and dismayed to see the tragedy that this man visited on the king family not once but twice. He even had the nerve to look at Dexter King‘s face and tell him he didn’t kill his beloved father and I have no doubt that Mr. King‘s youngest boy prayed with him before leaving the prison… That makes me sick but such a despicable man was Grace with the presence of such a forgiving son. because no matter how old the younger Mr. King was he was still there because his daddy was murdered. If you’re wondering why in-house such a loving family could Grace a racist and a murderer with their presents then you should read this book or read the summary because James Earl Ray not only had maps times marked off where he start Mr. King and keep in mind this was in between trying to get his homespun porn business often running in that right after Mr. King was shot in the head head eyewitnesses that saw him peeling out of the parking lot to essentially get out of town. He was already on the wrong for breaking out of prison but now he would go and bring his evil to England. Due to great police work an old fashion stick to it of Ness they caught him. He was trying to get to Rhodesia thought he would be a local hero and live comfortably in a non-extradition country. If you think I have given everything away in this long review you would be wrong I didn’t mention the movie stars that are involved the panels set up to get to the truth and barely touched on how he pull the wool over the king families face. This is truly a tragic book about a sand event in American history. People love to talk about historical legendary people and bring out the bad qualities but I find that a relevant and not the point. Anyone who would try to take down a man trying to do nothing but good in the world he lives in should be ashamed of their self.  I have nothing but respect for Martin Luther king his family are in those trying to achieve his dream. I loved this book as I do all Mel Aidans books and highly recommend it. I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind to dictate my review.
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Fascinating insight into this tragedy…… Over time many Americans became convinced the government investigations covered up the truth about the alleged assassin. Exactly what led Ray to kill King continues to be a source of debate, as does his role in the murder.
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