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Gripping, gritty and gutsy, The Longest Goodbye is the mesmerizing new crime novel by Mari Hannah.

Three years ago, police officer Georgina Ioannau was brutally murdered and her killers were never brought to justice. The prime suspects were meant to be brought to the UK, but within hours of their return, they had all been shot dead. As this case gets even more twisted and tangled, Kate Daniels realises that the only way she can get to the truth and to the bottom of this investigation is by looking back in time – even if it means confronting uncomfortable truths and her own past mistakes.

With the stakes having never been higher, Kate’s investigation is going to test her and challenge her like never before. With everything to lose, Kate and her team. must all tread carefully, work together and trust nobody because one false move and everything they care for and cherish will go up in smoke: their reputations, their jobs and even their lives…

Will Kate manage to solve this case? Can she bring Georgina’s killers to justice and allow her to finally rest in peace? Or will old sins and dangerous mistakes end up putting Kate firmly in the line of fire?

Crime fiction fans will not be able to resist devouring Mari Hannah’s The Longest Goodbye in one go. Fast-paced, unsettling and engrossing, this deftly plotted and brilliantly written thriller chills readers to the bone and will keep them reading until the early hours of the morning.

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So I need to be honest, despite this being book 9 in the series it is actually the first one I have read. I don’t feel that it made a massive impact me not having read the previous ones but I do feel that I want to go back and read the others.

I really liked Kate our main character, we saw different sides to her but I think the hardest part was finding out that she lost her friend. And her drive to get the right answers for her even after the time that has passed.

I loved the pacing of the book and felt that it flowed really well. There was twists and turns and I had to keep on reading to find out how it was going to end.

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Ninth in this series featuring Detective Kate Daniels. Another twisty,engrossing story which will keep you guessing. Kate and her team strive to solve a cold case which is mixed up with a new one.

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This is an excellent series by Mari Hannah which I love and this, The Longest Goodbye, is the ninth and latest in the series.

The book opens with a tragic and appalling murder from some years ago. Georgina Ioannau was Kate’s colleague and best friend her death was devastating for Kate and of course for Georgina’s family. The original investigation centred on two brothers but they fled abroad and so Kate and the family had no real closure.

The opening scenes of the book bring all that up close to the reader and it is impossible not to feel the emotion, the injustice, the pain.

Kate, DCI Kate Daniels, is temporarily acting up to cover for her boss so when the murder of the main suspects in Georgina’s murder happens it is her second in command DS Hank Gormley, now acting DI, who is put in charge of the investigation.

Still, Kate is not the ‘hands off’ kind so she undertakes to look into the original, now cold case, murder investigation of Georgina.

Is she too close to the case? Of course! Does she care? No!

She’s determined that the investigation will be thoroughly checked out and that the perpetrators be established. If it is the brothers then fine. If not and Kate has reservations on the way the case was originally handled then she is beyond determined to ensure whoever did it be brought to justice. No one is out of bounds for this and Kate may well ‘ruffle a few feathers’ but to lay this case to rest once and for all will make it worthwhile.

The two investigations are kept separate until and if they are proved to be connected. It’s interesting to see Kate and Hank in roles with greater responsibility and how they feel about it, how the team reacts to it and how they respond to that. You know that there is a team and you see the difficulties that they have to deal with and overcome. Kate is, of course, the main character and a great one.

We do, of course, have the personal side of the story for Kate. The story is set over Christmas so her being brought into work has an impact on her family life. Of course, we know Jo is not only Kate’s partner but a consultant for Northumberland Police and is brought into the story on both sides. It’s a fine balance between the two regarding work and home life. As a reader I really enjoy this relationship.

Mari Hannah is a master at writing police procedural stories. She is certainly one of the best crime fiction authors around. Even more than this she has the ability to make the characters, the situations so real, so believable because she is not only very thorough in her research but she has the skill to make the reader feel as devastated, as angry, as determined as Kate so you become completely engrossed and engaged in the story. The Long Goodbye is a master class in this. With its twists and turns, its very human characters and excellent plot it is a compelling, pacy, thrilling and very well executed story.

If you’re a crime fiction fan you’ll love this book and the series so if you’re looking for something new to read make it this one.


Many thanks to Anne at RandomThingsTours for the invitation to join this amazing BlogTour and to Mari Hannah and Orion Books for a copy* via NetGalley of The Longest Goodbye by Mari Hannah.

Many thanks to Orion Books for sending me an actual copy* of this amazing book even when I had already been sent an eCopy via NetGalley for the BlogTour, it allowed me to post photos of the physical book alongside my thoughts.

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One of the reasons I love Mari Hannah’s book so much is that she understands the stresses and strains of modern policing and is never slow to highlight the lack of resources and other constraints under which the police have to work – especially in a wide rural area like Northumbria, adding authenticity to her police procedurals.

This time the case is intensely personal for both Kate and her team. Three years ago, one of Kate’s closest friends and colleagues, Georgina Ioannau, was murdered. Shot dead in a remote bit of parkland, leaving behind a husband and two children. Worse, her case was never investigated as thoroughly as Kate would have wanted because everyone thought they knew who was responsible. The detective leading the case was, in her view, at best formulaic and at worst, derelict in his duty to investigate thoroughly. The people assumed to be responsible, the Bradshaws, two gangland brothers, fled to Spain and no-one was ever charged.

Now, the Bradshaw brothers have returned to spend Christmas with their mother, the matriarch Christine Bradshaw and no sooner have they got to their Newcastle home than they are executed in the family driveway before they even get inside the house. Kate is acting up for Major Crimes’ DCS Bright who is away and her DS, Hank Gormley, is Acting Senior Investigating Officer in her stead.

Kate takes charge of re-opening Georgina’s original case. If this was a revenge killing, she needs to know everything she can about the original case and whether the Bradshaws were indeed responsible, while Hank Gormley is in charge of who killed the brothers.

There’s a heavy air of responsibility hanging over the whole team because another one of their own has died and catching the person responsible is taking every ounce of energy they have. Christmas is cancelled for these teams as they work closely together to look for their murderer/s.

Mari Hannah’s writing is pacy and compelling. The tension is high from the outset and Kate’s mettle is tested at every turn, even by her own team who rebel at some of her decisions, feeling that her actions are betraying their colleague. The pressure takes its toll on everyone as emotions run high and tempers fray.

Kate and her life partner Jo Soulsby are trying to hold things together, but with Georgina’s unsolved murder weighing on Kate’s conscience, she’s not the easiest person to live or work with.

Mari Hannah does a terrific job of letting you into all the conflicting emotions of the team, showing the tight procedures that they follow and the leadership skills that Kate employs to keep her people on track.

It’s a dark time for them all and you can feel the anxiety seeping through the pages. The Longest Goodbye is also a cracking murder mystery, offering surprises throughout and in Christine Bradshaw she has crafted a queen of crime who deserves all the vilification she gets.

Verdict: A strong, nerve-shredding thriller that shows Mari Hannah is riding high at the top of her game.

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For the last few months I have been involved in #TeamDaniels which was set up to support the full series of Kate Daniels novels, in particular this latest book which was published today. For me this series has stood out for its setting, an area I know little about, but more importantly for its wonderful characters who are shown to be more than just police officers. With all of the main characters I could see their personalities, the impact the job they loved had on their lives and regret for things that they wish they had handled differently.
It is set during the pandemic, something that strangely feels like a lifetime ago in many ways. Kate has to remind Hank that going into a crowded area isn’t the wisest decision when the police are already running on reduced staffing levels. Businesses struggling to survive and conducting meetings in chilly rooms made worse by keeping windows open isn’t a happy memory.
The Longest Goodbye is probably one of the most poignant novels in the series. A loss of a friend is hard to accept and in many ways retribution could help loved ones. But the retribution carried out here has a bigger impact for Kate and her team. For risk of spoilers I have to say less but this aspect of the storyline did create a bigger role for one of the main characters and they are definitely a character who I could see a bigger role for in the future as their career progressed. My only concern is that they used some of Kate’s worst ways of coping. Throwing themselves into work and making mistakes through grief and exhaustion. Kate, Hank, and Jo, who works closely with the team throughout the investigation, but don’t always handle the situation correctly try and help with differing results but what is evident is the amount of genuine support and understanding. It’s strange how all of these characters now feel real, May’s because I’ve read all of the books so closely together but more likely because of the strength of the writing.
I have no idea if this series will continue, if it does I will be a happy reader. If it doesn’t, the ending was perfect.

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My first book by Mari Hannah and it worked really well as a standalone, despite being number 9 in the series. It has made me wonder what I’ve missed!!!

A compulsively brilliant, detailed police procedural, dark, gritty, thorough, uncomfortable and compelling reading.

DCI Kate Daniels makes for a brilliant lead character, showing sensitivity, flaws and vulnerability alongside dogged determination to solve the case and care for her team.

It took me a while to get used to the many characters in this book, but this was not a distraction to the enjoyment. Each is portrayed fully with their personalities developed making them individually succinct from each other. The darkness and brutality of some is unnerving and certainly raised the fear levels.

What really impressed me was the intricacies of the plot and the reality of the time the investigations took. I felt it reflected what real life investigations might be like, the long shifts, exhaustion of the team, emotional costs to name but a few. This was an amazing, fast-paced 5 🌟 read with twists and turns and revelations.

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When I read Her Last Request, the previous book to this one, I pondered on what would come Kate’s way next - I couldn’t have predicted it.

2021 - Two prime murder suspects are gunned down on their doorstep having only just returned to the UK from Spain.
2018 - Who was killed? A female police officer who also happened to be a close friend of DCI Kate Daniels.
In the intervening three years justice had not been served but has it now? Kate is acting up as Head of & reopens the old case which means Hank is SIO on the double killing. They are well acquainted with the criminal as well as the bereaved family, are they too close?

I love this series of books, the characters are just like old friends & Kate is fabulous; flawed, determined & written with realism. Even though this is book 9, what stood out for me, apart from the excellent plot, was the dialogue. It is written so well, I could ‘hear’ it, it wasn’t stilted or forced to make a plot point, it just flowed naturally be it banter, procedural or argumentative. I really didn’t see the reveal coming & having read the previous eight in a relatively short timescale, I thought I might have. The fact that I didn’t is down to an excellent writer & storyteller; where Kate goes from here I don’t know - I’m worn out let alone her!

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This is the last book (hopefully just at the moment) in the DCI Kate Daniels series & you already know that I love this one just as much as I loved the others.

I picked this book up & honestly felt like I’d never left the incredible world that Mari Hannah created and it just mesmerised me from start to finish.

Honestly the end had me questioning everything & I just wanted to pick up the next book and continue reading. The whole narrative was beautiful and flowed seamlessly. This book is out on January 18th & I urge every man and their dog to read this series. I think it is my most treasured detective series of all time. In fact, I know it is my most treasured detective series of all time.

Did I want this to end? No.

Until next time, DCI Daniels ❤️

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Three years ago police officer Georgina Ioannou was killed, executed in cold blood, and her assailant was never apprehended. The force believed it was two brothers who had been released from custody recently and conveniently fled the country. Now they are both dead, killed as they returned to Newcastle to celebrate Christmas with their family and friends. Temporarily in charge of Major Crimes, Kate has to balance the reopening of the original case with the new events which have left four dead, including another officer.

I really enjoy Hannah's books about policing in the North East. She has created a set of characters who interweave throughout different stories and all are realistic and hard-hitting. Here there is the element of vengeance for a colleague who was murdered as well as a great deal of consideration of the effects on all involved. There is also some background around the prevalence of organised crime groups and their networks. All-in-all an excellent police procedural to start the new year!

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Another cracking read from Mari Hannah.
It’s Christmas Eve and the Murder Investigation Team (MIT) are looking forward to Christmas. Then a call comes in of a double murder which turns out to be very close to the heart of Kate Daniels. Three years ago a very good friend and colleague of Kate’s was gunned down and the perpetrators were never found, even though the team were sure who they were, the two men who had just been murdered. Kate sets out to find their killers and hopefully confirm who murdered her friend Georgina. But is it such an open and shut case and who shot the two low life’s?

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Yet another fantastic story from this great writer. The author gets you into the mind of the characters, teasing you along as though you are an active participant in the story. As always a disappointment to finish the book and looking forward to the next instalment from the author.

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I love this series with Kate Daniels. After having a promotion in her bosses absence. Kate promoted her number 2 Hank Gormley and Lisa Carmichael the case which wasnt solved which was. Kates close friend and fellow police offer georgina. The case is re opened and kate is determined to find the truth. Kates partner jo who is a physcological profiler is also called in. This goes from one suspect to another in seeking the truth, will she get it? Many hurdles stand in the teams way, will they solve it??
I really enjoyed this book, there are plenty of suspects and i was un decided on who i thought had done it ! Definately a cracking read! Highly recommended police procedural

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I feel I have been waiting for the next kate daniels thriller for ages and this one did not disappoint. Love it how it ,moves everything forward with characters, plot and adds a really interesting crime too. Off to Northumberland - Rothbury - and it made for a nice change as there's history and more threaded through the novel. This is still my favourite of Mari's series and I can't wait for more!

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Mari Hannah has produced another first class read in the well written DCI Kate Daniels series! My heart was in my mouth at times as the action careered along at a fast pace. The plotting was excellent, the developing characterisation was brilliant and the tension was cranked right up until the end! I highly recommend this series, it's 5* from me. Thanks to Net Galley for my ARC.

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Another excellent read from the ever reliable and entertaining Mari Hannah. DCI Kate Daniels is back as lead cop in this novel and she is as tough and resilient as always. The plot combines past and present cases and it is very much personal. It perhaps takes a tad too long to reach its denouement but it is nevertheless extremely enjoyable.

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I would like to thank Netgalley and Orion Publishing Group for an advance copy of The Longest Goodbye, the ninth novel to feature DI Kate Daniels of Northumbria Police.

Three years ago Kate’s close friend, PC Georgina Ioannau, was shot dead. Kate wasn’t allowed to investigate and the case was bungled by the investigating detective. Now, the prime suspects in Georgina’s murder have been shot dead on their return to the UK. This time Kate will get justice for Georgina.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Longest Goodbye, which is a way above average police procedural with a great premise that offers two murder investigations that may or may not be linked. To be on the safe side they are kept separate with Kate taking on Georgina’s unsolved case and her deputy, Hank, taking on the recent murders.

I don’t really know what to say about the plot as there is so much that shouldn’t be mentioned to avoid spoilers. It is immersive for the way it is written with a strong sense of realism and plenty of developments. Kate’s case revolves around trying to get proof that the recently murdered prime suspects actually killed Georgina or if a sloppy initial investigation overlooked other obvious suspects, while Hank is trying to deal with the victims’ family who are major players in local organised crime and the repercussions of that. The two crimes intersect in interesting ways and diverge in others, so while it isn’t a merry go round there are times when the overlap can’t be ignored. Despite all this, the final resolution is still a surprise and I was impressed by the way the author avoids any hints about identity and yet has the possibility in play.

Kate Daniels is a tough cookie. She faces down mutterings from her staff about her decisions (I loved it) and still has the emotional intelligence to support a staff member or witnesses in pain. She isn’t afraid of the hard decisions and backs herself in taking them. All round she’s a great character.

The Longest Goodbye is a good read that I have no hesitation in recommending.

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I've been a fan from the outset in fact I'm proud to say we have supported Mari from the publication of The Murder Room many years ago. So it's a welcome return to Kate Daniels and her team, and what's nice is there is an overlap from the Stone and Oliver novels. The Longest Goodbye finds Daniels stepping into her chief's shoes and Hank finds himself leading the team in a double murder, which is connected to the murder of a policewoman 3 years previously.

This is probably the darkest Kate Daniels read in the series, there's alot to unwrap and there are some truly dark characters in this novel. As with all of Mari's books, Newcastle and the surrounding areas feature heavily, in fact the northern location is key to the success of the novels.

If you love your crime fiction entertaining, packed with intelligently written characters and plots with plenty of twists which keep you turning those pages then Mari is the writer for you. She is the queen of Newcastle Noir.

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A little slow to get into but suddenly it ramped up and I raced through this book. This is a new series for me and I’m going to start with the first book and catch up. This is a series I’ll make sure to keep up with as more books are released.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the ARC in return for my honest and unbiased opinion.

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I have read all of the books in this series and have enjoyed them all this one was just as good & informative as the rest.
There is a good balance between police procedure and life outside. Am looking forward to next.
Thankyou for advanced copy.

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