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Simon Philip is renowned for brilliant books and this is no exception!

Bill is absolutely chaotic, that is the only way to describe him! He struggles with knowing how to say please. He has a whole host of fairytale characters who come along with him on this journey. They teach the reader about the importance of good manners.

The book is beautifully illustrated with brilliant rhyming prose. If you have a small human who tend to forget their manners or like to push boundaries sometimes this is the perfect book for you!

It is a hilarious story which is perfect for a bedtime read or an EYFS or KS1 class reader.

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You probably know it's good manners to ALWAYS say 'please' when asking for something. But when Bill forgets this very simple rule, the consequences are WACKIER than he could ever have imagined. Get ready for a laugh-out-loud adventure featuring spaceships, jungle tigers, mountain yaks, fairytale castles and a whole host of alien toads. Saying 'PLEASE' has never been so important!

Funny AND educational, you say? Yes, please! If you have a little person in your life who loves to push boundaries and finds remembering his ‘please’ and ‘thank you's’ challenging, this one's for you (and them!)! Bill’s misadventures are hilarious and the consequences of his forgetfulness escalate completely out of proportion,little ones will be holding their tummies with laughter!

From the bestselling, award-winning Simon Philip, author of You Must Bring a Hat and I Really Want the Cake (shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize), and the incredibly talented Nathan Reed of Think Big by Kes Grey. Librarian approved, happy reading!

Thank you Bloomsbury Children for providing this book for review consideration via NetGalley. All opinions are my own

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In Three Words: Brilliant, Bonkers, Manners

We've read quite a few stories about manners of the years but this one is probably the most brilliantly bonkers one we've read. If you struggle to remember to say 'please' then prepare to be whisked off on a rip-roaring journey that will never let you forget again...

Uh-oh! Bill wanted ice-cream but forgot to say please. Now he's been kidnapped by alien toads, crash-landed in a jungle and has had an unexpected encounter with a yak. What's going to happen next? Will Bill ever find a way to get his sweet treat?

Told in bouncy, upbeat rhyme, this cautionary tale will make readers laugh out loud whilst also imparting an important life lesson. Manners cost nothing and using them might save you from upsetting those around you. But instead of hammering the message home in a dull and didactic way, readers will have a whale of a time predicting what crazy thing will happen to Bill next.

The voice is as hilarious as the illustrations and the repetitive refrain is a delightful and funny treat. Each spread is as random as the next and you can just imagine the author having the best time writing this text. Little ones will surely want to invent their own scenarios too and the ending leaves you with another big laugh. This is exactly what everyone needs to read in January

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The most joyous reminder to use the simplest of Ps and Qs, as a lad doesn't add on the P-word to his request for ice cream, which starts no end of ever-escalating, daft, well-rhymed bonkersness. Some of the things he is forced to pronounce on his adventures certainly wouldn't have had "please!" naturally tacked on to the end, but it's the fact that he could have said it at the beginning and all would have been well. Really strong verse (although a source of potential hiccups, as it switches in turn from ABCB to a limerick pattern), great design building the words on to swoops across the page to fit in with the dynamic and colourful artwork – this must count as a great success. Four and a half stars and you're welcome.

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Bill is a boy who just can’t remember to say please. This leads to a hilarious adventure in a spaceship, a jungle and a fairytale land, filled with aliens, surprisingly helpful crocodiles and bold knights. Lots to spot and talk about in the great artwork.

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A completely anarchic and surreal children’s book, that will have adults and children alike in stitches, while trying to make sense of the wild and wonderful illustrations.
Bill never thought much about being polite – if he wanted something, he just demanded it, and never said ‘please’. He was soon to learn how important that little word could be.
When he ‘forgot’ the magic word while demanding ice cream, he was kidnapped by alien toads and whooshed into space. More impoliteness, and he (and the toads) crash into a jungle with crocodiles, tigers and chimps – then a yak, a fairy tale land with wizards and witches and …. The unending chaos becomes just too much for young Bill, and finally he realises that he must say PLEASE! if he wants something.
The madness does end, he is back at the ice cream van, politely says please when asking for some ice cream … but then forgets about that other important little word ….
Each page is a delight, filled to the brim with insane bright characters, animals and places. The text is also completely crazy – it rhymes, but the rhyming takes second place to the sheer weirdness of the prose such as “while llamas in coats, tickled farmers in boats, and cheesemongers sneezed referees”
I loved this book so much when I read it, that I immediately wanted to buy it for my great niece – but it wasn’t to be published for another couple of months (I had an advanced digital copy from the publishers). So, I bought another book by the same author: “You Must Bring a Hat” which is equally fun. I will definitely be looking out for more books by Simon Philip – and I really highly recommend him to anyone who likes their imagination to be tickled.
PS. I have pre-ordered this book from Amazon, not long to wait now for the physical copy.

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Thank you NetGalley and Bloomsbury Children's Books

We really enjoyed reading Please! It was incredibly funny and my 2 children will not be forgetting their manners in a hurry. Fantastic illustrations and an easy way to discuss being well mannered. Would recommend to all parents, childminders and teachers, we read it a few times and each reading is just as hilarious

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This is a cute story about the misadventures that happened to a little boy who forgot his manners and didn't say "please". Cute way to illustrate the need for children to remember their manners. By about two thirds through the story my children caught on to the fact that Bill should be saying please.
Lovely illustrations which were a great discussion point for my two.

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A super funny book about the importance of saying Please! My lo loved it, she kept turning the pages amazed about the illustrations and the story of the little boy who kept forgetting to say Please! She found it hilarious!

I would definitely recommend it to any parents, teachers and librarians!

Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for my early copy.

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A delightfully funny caper, centred around forgetting to say... 'please'.

Simon Philip and Nathan Reed have produced a fast-paced, fabulously enjoyable, giggle-inducing book filled with anarchic fun. PLEASE! will be heaps of fun to read out loud.

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This is a wonderful picture book that uses a far-fetched, brilliantly illustrated disaster story when a young boy forgets to say please. I’m sure children will find it very funny - I found myself smiling along at where the character ends up as he is learning the importance of good manners. I think children will enjoy visiting this story again and again to join in with the caper.

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This was so cute! Really enjoyed it - lovely story and really gorgeous illustrations! Definitely one I’ll be buying for school to share with classes I teach!

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Simon Philip has created some of the best story books for young readers / children over the the last few years. PLEASE! Is another winner; young Bill just doesn’t know how to say “ please” and as a result of this finds himself taken off on a venture featuring a Yak, aliens and jungle animals. A fun book with a message.
Nathan Reed’s illustrations are humorous and very entertaining - comical and visual eye- catching .
Simon Philip’s rhyming prose is really funny and is pitch perfect in its vocabulary and rhythm for under 7s.
This is an ideal bedtime read or a great book for a class of KS 1 children. There is so much to look at and talk about in the imagery and listeners / readers will love to read along .
The ending is wonderful and comical too .
A fantastic book - highly recommended

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A fun and imaginative picture book on the importance of good manners. Bill often forgets to add the magic word when he asks for things and here we follow the many adventures he goes on as a result, from alien toads to mountain yaks and spaceships. A nice message on remembering to say please, with fun rhymes and some very colourful illustrations that will certainly keep young children entertained.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy in return for an honest review.

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