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This was an interesting story. Amelia and Lexi are sisters born years apart but since they were conceived through IVF they are technically twins. When Lexi gets a call that her sister is in the hospital after having been found on the mudflats without a pulse, she gets on the next flight back to the UK to be with her family. When Amelia finally wakes up she is insistent that she is married to a man named Sam and can describe in detail dates that they have been on even though Lexi and their mother know this is not true. Amelia draws Sam for her family and when Lexi runs into a man that looks exactly like the drawing, she decides to recreate Sam and Amelia's dates in the hopes of giving her sister some comfort. As Lexi spends more time with this stranger they start to develop feelings for one another. This man is not Sam and yet if Amelia saw him, she would think he is her husband.

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Always love a Dani Atkins book so I couldn't wait to read this new one. And I have to say, I was hooked right from the very beginning. I find her style of writing very easy to read and find myself racing through the pages. This one was very much up to her usual standard - you will find yourself grinning from ear to ear, empathising, frustrated, worried, laughing and definitely crying! Although at heart it is a typical romcom, it is such a great (and unusual) story that you just have to keep going to find out what is going to happen next.

Highly recommended - I'm sure you will not be disappointed! Thank you to Net Galley and the publishers for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review, which is what I have given.

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This book engrossed me from the first page! The mystery element was great! There was no time wasting, building a world or adding context. Boom! And it was straight in!! I desperately wanted to know who the 'mystery husband' was - I was thinking it could be 'past life' related.
The pacing of the book started with a bang, but unfortunately the more the book went on, the less engrossed I became. I think the book should have been 50 to 100 pages shorter! Once we 'solved the mystery' I lost interest. That was what was keeping me interested and not the love story unfortunately.

It started well, but the romance plot let it down...

Also - was I the only reader that actually wanted to hear from the heroes at the beginning of the book? I was hoping they would reappear again... just me then?

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Sisters Lexi and Amelia had always shared a special bond. When Lexi received the devastating call that Amelia was found unresponsive and is now hospitalized, she immediately left her life in New York City and returned home to Somerset. Reuniting with Amelia was bittersweet because as relieved as she was to see her sister, Amelia's repeated questions about her husband Sam's whereabouts were troubling to say the least. Because Amelia was not married and Sam did not exist. Intent on helping Amelia by any means possible, Lexi meets Nick, a man who looks exactly like Amelia's drawings of Sam. Lexi embarked on a journey to recreate Amelia's "memories" with Sam by staging photographs with Nick, hopeful that they would somehow jolt Amelia from her confabulation.

I was immediately intrigued by the premise of the story but it was the execution that brought the characters to left and dealt an emotional punch. The bond between the two sisters was something magical (in more ways than one), and the relationship that formed between Lexi and Nick was heartwarming and gave meant-to-be vibes. I sat back in wonder as the story unfolded. Like a movie, I watched each scene unfold and I was completely invested. Atkins delivered a few twists that I did not see coming and by the end I was shedding tears and smiling, despite my battered heart. This is not my first from Atkins (I enjoyed the equally moving The Story of Us) and it will certainly not be the last

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Amelia is found unconscious on a deserted beach, only moments from death. She is taken to the nearest hospital deeply unaware of the seriousness of her condition. however, when her younger sister Lexi arrives from New York, Amelia confuses her family with her apparent connection to a man called Sam who her family have never heard of before.

What then follows is a beautiful family drama about the connection between these special siblings and the abiding love between Amelia and Lexi gives the book its heart and soul. It is both heart warming and heart wrenching in equal measure and there were times when the author took every ounce of emotion and wrapped the story around my heart so that it will stay there long after other stories are finished and forgotten. Beautifully written, and sensitively explored, there is a steadfast family connection, some laugh out loud funny moments and a beautifully written love story which had me wiping away tears on more than one occasion.

Some books are so special that its difficult to describe them without giving far too much away and The Memory of Us is one those stories which needs no spoilers from me, just read it.

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A young woman is found on the beach by her house, close to death and when she wakes up her memories have altered.

She believes that she has a husband and can remember the highlights of their relationship in great detail. However, in reality she is single so cant understand where he is and why her family is confused!

Heartbreaking and beautiful, I couldn"t put this book down.

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Wow this book was so heart wrenching and fulfilling as well. I loved it. It was the perfect emotional book to curl up under a blanket and read. So great!
I just reviewed The Memory of Us by Dani Atkins. #TheMemoryOfUs #NetGalley
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Dani Atkins is an auto read for me and if you know her books I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed.
Let’s just say this is pure escapism, if your looking for some high brow fiction, don’t look here but if your looking for an easy read, instant attraction, family, the feel goods and a little dose of magical realism, then this could be the book to while away an afternoon.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy to read.
Throughly enjoyed it.

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This was a really interesting idea for a plot. First time reading this author and I would definitely read more. This story had a lot of emotions in it, although it did seem a bit long at times. Great love story/ sister relationship/ going after what you want in life. Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publishers for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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This was okay book for me. I must say that I expected somthing a little bit different, but, all in all I liked it.
I am happy I sticked till the end

3.5 stars

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This was an abrupt start which allowed me to become immersed immediately. I was bought into Lexi's story. This does take a surprising turn of events, and at times felt a tad far fetched but the emotional bond between the sisters and Nick and Lexi's relationship kept me invested and eager to read on.

This is an emotional read, and is a rollercoaster too, so tissues at the ready! This touches on some sensitive subject matters that I don't think are portrayed in books enough, so hats off to the author for tackling that.

The ending left me dissatisfied, I have to say. a bit too open ended for my liking.

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I found this a little slow to start off with but it certainly improved and I was very glad that I gave it a go.Good read and worth 4 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley, author and publisher for this ARC

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Oh my I’ve never read a Dani Atkins book and I couldn’t put it down. I smiled and I cried at Lexi and Amelia’s beautiful story. The whole book had love at the heart of all elements and I enjoyed the supernatural aspect of the book. I look forward to reading more of Dani Atkins books

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Initially this was a bit of a slow burn. But then the pace stepped up and everything was what I have come to expect of books written by this author.
There was so much to like about it. A slightly different type of love story running alongside the storyline of a close family (mother and two daughters) whose lives are turned upside down by one of the daughters having an accident and the repercussions of that. There were movements of sadness which made me cry and those of happiness making me smile. The characters were brilliant and so realistic. The depth of love between the sisters was strong and heartwarming.
Not wanting to give any spoilers away in this review there was plenty more to enjoy.
I absolutely loved this book and cannot recommend it enough.
5 stars

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In a Nutshell: There are some beautiful moments herein, but on the whole, it was a mixed read for me. If you are prepared for a whole load of suspension of disbelief, this will work better for you. And if you enjoy cutesy + emotional books, this might even be a winner.

Plot Preview:
Somerset. When Amelia is found unconscious with no discernible pulse on the mudflats outside her home, it is almost a miracle that she survives. When her younger sister Lexi rushes over from New York, she finds Amelia in the hospital but with false memories of being happily married to someone named Sam. Neither Lexi nor their mother have any knowledge of a ‘Sam’ in Amelia’s life.
Determined to help her sister, Lexi ropes in a local vet named Nick, who bears a striking resemblance to the non-existent Sam and gets him to recreate some of Amelia’s dream dates with Sam, in a bid to help her “remember”. But (as you might have rightly guessed), Lexi soon finds herself falling for Nick. Can they have a future together when Amelia thinks she is married to him?
The story comes to us in Lexi’s first person perspective.

Bookish Yays:
😍 The prologue: Utterly marvellous in its description and action. It is a treat when authors use the prologue well without merely repeating some future event from the plot.
😍 Nick: Too goody-goody to be real, but this book required someone like him for strength and steadiness, and he delivers what is required.
😍 The emotions: The book covers an entire spectrum of human emotions, mostly resulting from Amelia’s diagnosis and the family’s reaction to the same.

Bookish Mixed Bags:
😐 Lexi: Loved her sincerity, her emotions, her strong feelings for her family, and her determination to do anything to make Amelia happy. But I simply couldn’t believe she was 31; she never acted her age.
😐 The other characters: Amelia is impressive but we don’t really understand her or her decisions. The girls’ mum, who is “Mum” for almost the entire book, has a powerful role, but her portrayal was somewhat unsteady. She was one character with an amazing potential that was not realised. Amelia’s neighbour Tom is the only other major character. He was a typical coconut with a grumpy exterior and a soft heart. While I liked him, I wish his depiction hadn’t been so clichéd.
😐 The twin bond: Amelia and Lexi are supposed to be twins but born eight years apart. (Twin eggs separately implanted through IVF.) I liked how the book uses their “twin sense” to understand each other’s feelings, but the story never explains why their parents, so desperate to have children, waited eight years before going ahead with the second egg implantation.
😐 The mishmash of genres: The book tries to be a medical fiction, a family drama, and a romance all at once. The medical part was decent, and the family drama was quite good – both of which were reasons I picked up this book in the first place. Unfortunately for me, it spends most time on the romance.
😐 The romance: The connection between Nick and Lexi is written very well, with some sweet moments and fun banter. But it doesn’t help that we already know they will end up together. The middle section is too repetitive because of the elaborate detailing of their recreations of Amelia’s “dates with Sam”. There is also an extensive steamy scene that had nothing to offer to the core plot.
😐 The overload of themes: The story includes too many tropes, some of which are not even necessary to the main plot of Amelia’s health. It feels very cluttered. That said, a couple of the themes (can’t mention them as they come up towards the end) are well handled.
😐 Amelia’s imaginary marriage with Sam: The best and the worst feature of the book. It was intriguing to see how Amelia’s temporary “death” created such fake memories in her abut an entire life not lived. However, the resolution of this issue was eyeroll-inducing!
😐 Lexi’s first person perspective: As the entire story is from Lexi's pov, we feel her emotions as she goes through the uncertainty and frustration of her elder sister’s medical struggles and her growing feelings for Nick. Because we don't get a glimpse of what's going on in Amelia's mind, her struggles are known only to her, and we, just like Lexi, are on the outside, trying to make sense of what's happening. However, a part of me feels that at least some interlude chapters should have come from Amelia’s perspective. These would have added a greater poignancy to the story.
😐 The ending scenes: The final few chapters of the main plot and the epilogue are really beautiful, and if you are the crying type, these might even leave you sobbing. However, I hated that the ending left many things unexplained.

Bookish Nays:
😟 The time jumps: There’s no time/year reference anywhere, but many a time, months have passed. The epilogue even jumps years. Most of the time jumps happen in the final section. So the middle part feels dragged out and the finale feels rushed because of the quick span of months and years.
😟 The plotholes: The story disappoints in how much it leaves unsaid and also in how much it takes for granted. To give just two examples without going into spoilers, 1. We never know what Amelia was doing on the mudflats that ill-fated night. 2. Lexi’s plan to recreate photos based on Amelia’s description of her dates has one great flaw: Amelia was mostly describing her *imagined* dates with Sam, not the photos of the dates. How does Lexi know exactly how and where to recreate the pics, and more importantly, that there was a pic of the said date? (It is tough to accept that a couple took a pic of themselves while passionately kissing in heavy rain. Think about the poor phone! And the phone doesn’t get even a little waterlogged! What magical brand is it?)
😟 The plot jumps: Many events happen just in the background and we learn about them only later through the conversations. Some of these were crucial to the narrative, such as how Amelia never realises that her house has nothing owned by “Sam.”
😟 The suspension of disbelief required: There is no way to accept the plot without keeping your head firmly locked up. My heart did enjoy the initial part of the read, and did its best to ignore my head going “But… but… but…” BUT after a point, even my heart felt tired of being flexible about the proceedings. The whole thing was too farfetched!

This was my first book of this well-rated author, and based on this experience, I feel like she is good in writing human emotions but I am not the right reader for her works. Such stories require readers to listen only to their heart while ignoring their head, and I simply can’t do that.
Nevertheless, there are some truly touching moments in the story. So if you can go into this book ready to suspend disbelief and not ask too many hows and whys, you will surely have a better experience than I did.

2.5 stars, rounding up because I think it will work better for the right reader.

My thanks to Aria & Aries, The Pigeonhole, and NetGalley for the DRC of “The Memory of Us”. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book.

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3.5 stars I didn't like the ending especially because Holly was never mentioned again. The rest of the book was okay but not good enough to make me forgive the ending

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I can never resist a book by Dani Atkins. I always know that I will be in for an emotional and heartrending read and The Memory of Us didn’t let me down.

There may be a few years between them but twins Amelia and Lexi have a special bond. Amelia is the oldest who has traditionally looked out for her younger sister however when Amelia is found in the most desperate of situations it is Lexi, together with her mother, who must be the protector. The only difficulty is that Lexi lives and works thousands of miles away in New York and needs to put her life and publishing career on hold with no idea as to when she will return.

The story is focused around memories, but not all of them will be true. How far would you go to ensure not just the physical but also the mental recovery of a loved one. Lexi realises that in order to assist Amelia’s recovery and her wellbeing, she has to go above and beyond but needs the help of someone else. There are some aspects of Lexi’s mission where you might just have to go with the flow but I just immersed myself in the story with the desire to know how everything unfolded.

Dani Atkins knows how to write an emotional story that slips effortlessly from sadness to humour. There are some fabulous characters – Amelia we don’t get to know quite so well because much of the story is told from Lexi’s perspective but the relationships there, both old and new, are touching and poignant, whatever the age. I also fell in love with Nick – he is the perfect book boyfriend!

The Memory of Us has so much to enjoy. A heartrending story of drama and romance with characters that are sympathetic and compassionate. As ever with a book by Dani Atkins the reader is taken on an emotional rollercoaster and for me she is very much a ‘must read’ author.

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The Memory of Us explores a very deep sisterly bond and had me shedding a tear at points.
I have to say I was more of a fan of the Lexi / Nick thread of the book, I found Amelia and Sam irritating, it was so far fetched however it all wrapped up in the end and the last 60% had me gripped!

I loved the epilogue even though I really wanted to know the outcome written on the letter!

Although this wasn’t my favourite Dani Atkins book, I will definitely recommend it.

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I really adored this story and couldn't put it down,
Amelia had an accident which ended with her in hospital, she had been saved just in time, Her sister Lexi makes her way back from New York to be by her side and very quickly they realised that Amelia had no memory of her life, but instead could remember a whole life that just wasn't her own.

I wasn't sure where the story was going and at the beginning it felt a little eerie, especially since Amelia had a whole fake memory of a life she wasn't living!

Highly recommend!

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This story started a bit slow after the initial excitement of Amelia's incident and hospitalization. There's the set up of the story where some of the sister's history is told, the recalling of dreams of another life with her nonexistent husband, then Lexi finds veterinarian Nick and things started to get more interesting/complicated. I didn't completely agree with Lexi's plan and thought it would only confuse Amelia even more and then denying her own feelings toward Nick even if she's trying not to hurt her sister just seemed selfish and unfair to the poor man. Overall it's more family drama than romance and I didn't really like the open ended conclusion to the story. Just an ok read for me.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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