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The Outlaw Noble Salt

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This book has your classic western backdrop from the movies you loved (or were forced into liking) with the romance you wish they had! Amy did not disappoint. It has the grit of a true western tale and the sweetness of a man in love. Need I say more?

Now I want to preface that when I say grit I mean it. This book isn’t going to be for everyone (reference my triggers/content warnings below). I personally love it when my romance isn’t so completely cut and dry with an obvious, “happily ever after” ending. While those books have their place, this isn't one. This one is when you’re longing for just a little bit more. When you want to go on an emotional roller coaster. When you want your heart to hurt. When you want a taste of darkness.

This is a Butch Cassidy retelling. This is a redemption story. This is a love story. This is the sunrise after a long dark night.

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Amy Harmon does it again, bringing the past to life with characters that pull at all of your heartstrings.

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This is my first novel by Harmon and the beginning started off SO STRONG. I loved this fictional account of Butch Cassidy and thoroughly enjoyed this “what if” story. It did lean a little heavy into the romance and I wasn’t a fan of all of the “honey” endearments but overall it was a solid story. I was a particular fan of The Sundance Kid and Van and appreciated the author’s note.

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Where the Lost Wander is one of my favorite historical fiction books, so I was very excited to see Amy Harmon had a new release. I'll admit I was surprised the main character was Butch Cassidy, but Harmon spun this famous outlaw's story in such a way that you forget about the "bad" parts of his history and you start seeing him in a different light. I loved Butch and Jane's swoon-worthy romance, and even though the story dragged a bit in certain places, I would still recommend it to everyone. As always, Harmon's writing is impeccable, and she manages to draw you in and make you feel every emotion until you turn the last page and you're finally able to take a breath. I can't wait for her next release!

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I always love Amy Harmon, I felt like reading her books is coming home to a cozy, warm and always welcoming place full of passion, values, depth, loyalty and other intense feelings.

Outlaw Noble Salt is a beautiful retelling of Butch Cassidy’s life after the height and thrill of defying law and breaking rules. Amy Harmon has successfully and masterfully created a romantic duet of two remarkable characters between Butch Cassidy- aka Noble Salt and Jane Touisaant, a Parisian songbird. A melodic narrative of the uncertainty of trusting the good despite all the bad, gambling all the aces in your cards hoping that strategies will work. Like all of Amy Harmon’s work, this book was carefully and intricately researched and packed with the best characters both real and fictional. The romance was clean and yet very intimate that touches the core. Noble Salt’s dialogues and promise of love was so heart warming one could almost reference it for a wedding vow!

I did find it a little slow burn at the start but that is just me and my slowness. The book is a treat to behold! I thank Lake Union via Netgalley for the e-Arc in exchange of my honest review! I enjoyed this book very much and I highly recommend!

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I was so excited to see a new historical fiction by Amy Harmon pop up. Where the Lost Wander is one of my favorite novels to date. But this one was just too slow of a burn for me. I didn’t really like Jane so it was hard to enjoy the romance between her and Butch.

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I have yet to read an Amy Harmon book that isn’t amazing, and I’ve read nearly all of them. The Outlaw Noble Salt was no exception! I loved this take on what might have been in Butch Cassidy’s life. Harmon takes an idea and spins it into a story that captures the reader’s heart and imagination. She gave Noble and Jane an unforgettable love story.

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Usually I tear through Harmon’s novels with abandon.
This one was a very slow build and I really struggled to get behind the story, never really being fully engaged with the book.
The writing was good but I just found the characters uninspiring and I wasn’t very interested in their stories.
This one was a miss for me.

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I really loved Amy Harmon's early novels. They were such simple, pure love stories and I read them all quickly. But I love her foray into historical fiction even more. The direction she's taken on her last several books has been fantastic. Her research is deep and her writing continues to be phenomenal.

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While I enjoy Amy Harmon’s stories, this was my least favorite thus far.
It exceeded the level of romance I feel comfortable with. I also found the overall plot less compelling.
I appreciated the historical context and love that Amy writes about so many different time frames.
I will continue to read her books. Others may have enjoyed this more than myself.

Thank you to NetGalley and publisher for the chance to preview this book.

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This is one of Amy Harmon’s best works. I am truly blown away, I felt so deeply for these characters. I felt their pain & anguish, they came alive on the page. Amy Harmon has a gift for writing. I find myself hi-lighting so many quotes, going back and rereading pages because it’s just so good. This story touched me so much, I can’t describe it. One of those books where you know you’ll never forget how you felt reading it. A new favorite!

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4.5 Stars

Butch Cassidy was done with his life as a wanted outlaw. Determined to change his fate, he adopted a new identity as Noble Salt. But an encounter with famed singer Jane Toussaint could change the course of their lives.

Before starting this book, I didn’t know anything about Butch Cassidy except for his name. And I’m glad the author’s note provided an insight into what’s fact and what’s fiction. The first half of the story was quite slow for me. Thankfully, I was invested from the second half until the end.

I loved how unassuming and honorable Butch was. Jane being haughty and prickly suited her situation. But my favorites were Gus and Van who were endearing.

Outlaw Noble Salt is a story of sacrifices and new beginnings. It would appeal to readers who enjoy Historical Romance.

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Amy Harmon, the master storyteller, does it yet again! No matter what she writes - I will read it! Again and again! I never anticipated falling for this MMC but I loved him. Always so much depth in her stories. Definitely recommend

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An interesting take on Butch Cassidy and what his life might have been. I love the way Amy Harmon weaves real people in her books and The Outlaw Noble Salt was no different. Loved!

Thanks to #NetGalley and the publisher for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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How does Amy Harmon do this? She continues to gift us with beautifully written books that touch the heart and soul. Who would have thought that a fictionalized book about Butch Cassidy would grab my heart so tightly, but it did.

When Butch decides he wants peace from his outlaw ways, he knows he'll need to vanish because he's too well know. So, he does just that. But what he doesn't count on is running into a woman he'd met once before. A singer with a voice like an angel and a face that matched - - Jane Touissant. She seems to have it all, but she actually has her own heavy burdens that she carries privately. When the two of them meet up again, she needs his help. To help her may put him in harm's way again, but he can't turn her down. And helping her gives him the chance to go home again. And he really wants a chance to go home.

The research that Ms. Harmon did for this book is evident. I love the bits of history blended in with the fictional aspects to create a fantastical tale of adventure and romance. This book really was something and I loved each and every word.

Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC.

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Like all Amy Harmon books the writing was spectacular, the prose beautiful. Jane and Gus were truly amazing characters with such depth and dimension, but unfortunately I didn't care for Butch maybe as much as I should've. I appreciated the idea that all people are gray, not merely good or merely bad; that there is the capability and willingness for both in everyone, but for some reason I just had a hard time getting into this story, unlike with the author's other books. Still an amazing work, the historical aspects were clearly well researched, and I did enjoy the story even still despite whatever else I might not have liked as much.

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Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance

Infamous outlaw Butch Cassidy has had enough of the outlaw life and wants to make a clean break and live a peaceful life. The problem is he is too well known at this point to go unrecognized. Ironically, on the evening he is about to leave the country to hide for a while, he is mistaken for a doctor and introduces himself as Noble Salt helping the child of a famous singer, Jane Toussaint. When they run into each other in Paris many years later it feels like fate. Jane asks Noble (although she admits to knowing his real identity by now) to accompany her and her son, Augustus, on her singing tour in the US and be their bodyguard. Butch reluctantly agrees as he feels a strong connection to Jane and Augustus, but he is concerned about what is waiting for him when he finally returns home.

I was totally not expecting this to be a romance, but it was beautiful!! Lots of familiar tropes for romance book readers, but with a historical twist on them (e.g., bodyguard romance, cowboy romance, one bed, he falls first, slow burn, and more!). I loved learning more about Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and the Wild Bunch. Jane and Butch/Noble had a lot of emotional baggage, but Butch Cassidy was so patient and gentle you couldn't help but fall in love with him, even if he made some not so great choices in the past! Augustus was such a sweet addition to the story, too (and had some nice representation for the time period--he has a birthmark that caused significant disfiguration to his face--and how they dealt with that. Love a mama bear!). The writing was absolutely stunning, though I did trip over the switching of POVs at times. It is written in third person, which doesn't bother me, but it would often focus on one person for a little while and then switch within the same chapter and sometimes I would miss where it switched and realize a sentence or two in it was a different person was being referred to. This did not deter from the overall story though! Still highly recommend!

Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read this eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Known as an outlaw to many but also as fair and kind to others, Butch Cassidy was a man who made certain choices and was ready to take responsibility for them. Yet, when Butch assumes a new identity during an unexpected encounter, he is willing to sacrifice and protect two people extremely dear to him.

“You can never leave it all. Not something you’re raised on. It’s part of you. You don’t ever get rid of it. Most things aren’t all good or all bad.”

In starting this story, I had known about the legend of Butch Cassidy and was intrigued to read the author’s narrative interpretation. Butch did not disappoint, as he had a certain quiet and steady magnetism. Of course, Sundance was his opposite and together they made me laugh. As for Jane Toussaint, she also brings complex layers into her relationship with Butch, and this highlights the actions of these characters. Lastly, Augustus is such a little treasure.

Overall, the journey these characters take is one with highs and lows, but ultimately are true to themselves. Though the pacing was a bit measured in the beginning, it all comes together nicely.

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Famed outlaw Butch Cassidy on the run…. Will he be running forever? Does he meet his end? Does he find happiness? I didn’t have much detailed knowledge of Butch Cassidy going into this read, aside from name recognition and outlaw status. Amy Harmon has always ensured that within her fictional tales, there is historical fact, her research is thorough and I’m always ready for it!

This was an adventure!! I found myself rooting for the outlaw, who perhaps isn’t all that bad! It was a little different from what I was expecting as it had a quicker pace compared to previous Harmon tales but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride! I was engaged throughout rooting for the all characters!!! Love shown in different ways, the Noble way.…the writing was fabulous as expected, certain parts had me tearing up!

This is not a wild west novel but a tale full of adventure, mischief, realization and love….if you are up for an adventure, it’s a must read!

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I never thought the day would come that I would DNF an Amy Harmon book but here we are.

I just could not get into this one. I tried, I really did, but nothing was drawing me into the story or characters like previous books that I have read and loved by her.

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