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Her Feud (The Drew Family Series Book 7)

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OK so where the hell have I been…I didn’t realise that I hadn’t read any of the books in this series. Her Feud is book 7! So I have spent the last couple of months working my way through this series. This genre is my absolute favourite and this is something to sink your teeth into. Definitely no regrets from me. This book and series has been freaking awesome. I have throughly enjoyed reading them back to back. Oh and I’d also like to mention that some of these I have listened to on audio. The narrator does a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life.

I read Her Feud in a day I literally couldn’t but it down. Now I am gutted that I have finished them. This is actually the last book in the series…..What on earth will I read next?!

I loved everything about it and it is exactly what this genre is all about. With characters you will love and some that you will hate. I especially loved Lily Drew. It is packed with drama, tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Taking you on a rollercoaster ride. Not forgetting the OMG moments.

This book/series is the bomb. I cannot recommend it enough. Gangland fans are going to love it. Ticking all the boxes for me. I can’t wait to see what Tallon brings us next.

Thanks to Bookouture for a copy and to Noelle for the blog tour invite.

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Superb as usual, and a fitting end (for now) to the Drew family saga.

Loved every word.

Highly recommended

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Emma Tallon knocks it out of the park again with another cracking read in book seven of the Drew family series.

In Her Feud, Lily has to cope with one of her sons working for a rival firm and the breakdown of the most stable relationship in her life and the fallout from both issues.

This fast paced, thriller of a read does not disappoint in any way, shape or form and I only hope that the Drew series does not stop here.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book.

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This book is the final in the series and packs a punch with a well written, fast paced thriller.
The storyline is a wild ride, a family is conflicted and two crime businesses struggle with love and war! The suspense doesn’t let up, a thrilling read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The main character Lily is living a roller coaster of emotions, her sons are working against each other, as is her old love! Will there be more loss of life or will they all work together to stop the possibility of disaster tearing them apart?

With thanks to Bookouture, NetGalley and the author for the opportunity to read this book.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I love Emma’s gritting crime thrillers and the Drew family series is fab. This is book seven in the series and starts with the family split between Lily and Ray as the twins Connor and Cillian work for the different family firms. Will they ever be able to work together as Ray wants to become one large crime family together. There are lots of ups and downs for the family in this book making for interesting unputdownable reading. It’s also nice to see characters from Emma’s other series the Tyler’s coming into it too. I highly recommend all of Emma’s books. If gritty crime is the genre for you then Emma is one of the best authors in this genre.

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Another great book about the drew family, honestly I feel I know them so well

Emma is one of my favourite authors and her ability to tell a story is astounding.

Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next

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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

We can always tell it's Grangland by the beautiful confident girl on the cover.

Emma Tallon is at the top of the tree with her Gangland books, she doesn't disappoint, and this one was good. I'm looking forward to the next.

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This is the last book in The Drew Family’ series. All books can be read alone, but it’s much more fun if you read them all! I was swept up in the wild of the Drew family and all the others that are a part of this segment. Both exciting and heartbreaking, this fast paced, addictive crime thriller from bestselling author Emma Tallon is the perfect conclusion…for now!

Thank you, Emma Tallon, Bookouture, & netgalley for my copy! All opinions are my own.

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The 7th book of the Drew family and just as good if not better than the others.
Lily Drew is head of her mob and family. she does not put up with anything. She lost her one son,Connor, to his dad and his business and doesn't think she can forgive him.
Killian , Connor's twin brother, is on his mom's side but wished that his mom and brother can move forward. Meanwhile Killian is getting married.
Scarlett is Lily's niece and also in the family business. She is still getting over what happened to her cousin Ruby,
They may be mob and I don't approve of the things they do, but the fierce loyalty of family keeps me wanting to read more.
Thank you Emma Tallon for another great book and to Bookouture and NetGalley for the ARC,

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Drew family
✔︎ 1. Her Revenge (2021)
✔︎ 2. Her Rival (2021)
✔︎ 3. Her Betrayal (2022)
✔︎ 4. Her Payback (2022)
✔︎ 5. Her Fight (2022)
✔︎ 6. Her Enemy (2023)
✔︎ 7. Her Feud (2024)

I have read each and every book in this series. (i've also read each and every book this author has published). As always this is a first class gripping read. Its difficult to keep a series going but this one has been absolutely superb. The author has surpassed expectations on each and every release. Smashing it each and every time. I just could not get bored reading about this family.
​The Drews, a force to be reckoned
with. They'd be great as friends, but I certainly wouldn't want them as an enemy.
Cillian and Billie are getting married Lily could not be any more pleased. Her family is expanding. To Lily family is everything. Although we do have a drift between Lily and her other son Connor. Time is passing and neither of them seem to be making the move to make things right. It got so bad that Connor has moved over to another 'firm.
Cillian is hoping things will work out with Connor and his mother as he want's both of them at his wedding. Its his and Billies day and they want no tension anywhere. It's their special day and nothing will spoil it. Can Lily and Connor get past pride and finally admit they need each other.
Ray and Lily are still at loggerheads after the past has caught them up. Will things ever be right between these two. Has to much water gone under the bridge.

If you have got to this book in the series then it's clear you are an avid fan. Its a superb addition and one that should not be missed. If you have not read any of these but enjoy a gritty gangland crime thriller then you really need to start at the beginning of this series. It really is worth reading these books in order for the best experience. I've grown over a few years reading about these character, I've been invested in their lives and I can truly say I've loved each and every page of it.

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Nooooooo........... Her Feud by Emma Tallon is the seventh book in the excellent and gripping The Drew Family, sadly the last book within this series. I can honestly say this has been one of the best series out there to get your teeth into. From the very first book called Her Revenge. I have loved all the characters especially Lily Drew, and nothing scares her, she always battles to keep her family close and together. But following the death of her only daughter, Ruby, then losing her son, Connor, to a rival firm, Lily feels like everything she’s fought so hard to protect is about to fall apart around her: and when a turf war between two rival gangs starts on the Drew’s doorstep, Lily must pick a side…....

But, who's side will she pick????

This series has been an utterly addictive, totally gripping and absolutely unputdownable page turner crime thriller series. and has been a 5 star read from the very first book to the very last. Sadly to say.......But I know Emma will have something new up her sleeve for her fans and new fans of the future. I can't wait for her next book.

I highly recommend all Emma's books. 5 star read from start to finish! Superb!!!

Big Thank you to Netgalley and especially Bookouture for my Arc.........

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Favorite Quotes:

Of the three brothers, Sean had always been the quietest, using his words sparingly, as if each one cost him something.

He mashed his lips together as the idea settled like a bruise on his heart.

Truths ain’t something to apologise for. Not in a world full of liars.

Billie’s lonely heart finally felt as though it had found a home here, in this family. And after all these years of wondering why she was so unlovable, and trying to ignore the hollow void where family was supposed to be, that simple acceptance was the most beautiful feeling in the world.

My Review:

This was my first time reading the prolific Emma Tallon and I will confess, I flinched more than a few times. She has conjured a tense and cringe-worthy tale of the British underworld brimming with complicated storylines full of unpredictable twists, and a full roster of complex characters who weren’t immune to violence. I undoubtedly would have gotten more out of this installment had I read the previous books in the series and was familiar with their gritty histories, yet, flinching aside, I was able to keep up and remained enmeshed and curious as to how it would unravel.

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Omg I absolutely love the Drew series, I honestly think it’s the best thing I’ve ever read and I really hope this isn’t going to be the last book.

A crime thriller set in London, Lily Drew has built her firm up from nothing and over the series we’ve seen the firm go from strength to strength, however Lilys youngest son Connor has moved onto another firm and things just aren’t the same. Family means everything to Lily and her son’s decision has hurt her more than she is letting on. Pushed to their limits Scarlett and Cillian are struggling to manage the extra work load that has come with Connor’s departure from the firm.

Things take an interesting turn when a rival firm is intending to wipe the Drew’s out, when Lily hears about this she teams up with 3 brothers who were outcast years ago to bring their enemies down, but what they discover is more shocking than they could have imagined.

Her feud was a rollercoaster of a read, this one certainly isn’t for the faint hearted with trigger warning around rape, drugging and sexual assault and revenge (very brutal revenge I might add) at the heart of this story line.

One of the things I love about Emma Tallon is that her style of writing takes me on a rollercoaster of emotions. At one point I found myself cringing and another I was balling my eyes out. Fast paced with plenty of surprises, shocking twists and turns what more could you want in a book series

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for an advance copy of this book in exchange for this review.

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I’d like to thank Bookouture and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘Her Feud’, book 7 of the Drew Family series written by Emma Tallon, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Lily Drew is the head of London’s notorious gangland family and misses having her son Connor with them now he’s working for her lover Ray’s rival gang. When Lily is informed of the problems Mani Romano and his sons Riccardo and Luca are causing to themselves and the Logan brothers she realises they’re a problem that needs to be sorted, and quickly.

Every time I read the latest thriller of the Drew family I claim it to be the best one yet, but ‘Her Feud’ definitely is with its strong storyline and the bloodthirsty and ruthless retribution they mete out when crossed by their enemies. It’s gritty, gruesome, and is most definitely compulsive reading as the Drews get themselves involved in some of the most horrific situations possible. And if the excitement, suspense and drama aren’t enough, there’s also such sadness that’s had me crying and reaching for my tissues. This has been a fantastic thriller that has been impossible to put down and although the story feels that it could be the last we hear of the Drews I hope it isn’t as I want to know where the family goes from here. It’s a fantastic thriller from one of the best series I’ve been fortunate to read and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Family is everything to Lily Drew and she’s always battled to keep hers together. But following the death of her only daughter, Ruby, and after losing her son, Connor, to a rival firm, Lily feels like everything she’s fought so hard to protect is about to fall apart: and when a turf war between two rival gangs starts on the Drew’s doorstep, Lily must pick a side... 📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚📚. Publication- 27/2/24
Emma Emma Emma!! ….. just how do you do it? Book 7 and it still had me gripped as much as the first one!!
Please tell me there is another. I cannot cope with odd numbers and more importantly, I need more of lily, Scarlett &not forgetting my favourite Cath. Hope I got name correct #memory🫣 !! Loved it yet again Emma! 📕

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The Drew family are back.!!!
Can they remain at the top of the chain in the criminal underworld?? Other firms are wanting to take what the Drews have
The feud between lily and ray continues after connor had gone to work for Ray after finding out he is his dad, can they sort this out?? Somebody is getting married, who??
I love this series. Its fast paced, always something going on, you never know whats going to happen next, do lily and Ray make up ????.please let there be a book 8.......

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This is the 7th book in Emma Tallon’s Drew Family series and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed visiting with my old pals. If I suddenly decided to join a crime family The Drew’s would be top of my list 😜. The pace is fast, it's descriptively written, and some parts are not for the faint-hearted. It had me on the edge of my seat and I just couldn’t put it down. One of the topics covered is heinous but is dealt with honestly and not brushed under the carpet but respectfully and with the best outcome, the book pulls no punches as is the case with the whole series. It honestly just gets better and better and this particular one makes you experience all the emotions. It’s so easy to pick up a read when the storyline, backstory and the characters are so well developed and not to mention loveable. I’ve just seen that this is the last in the series and I’m not sure my heart can take that kind of hit 💔… Emma Tallon say it isn’t so 😢… If the criminal underworld is your thing this series is for you but be warned you you are going to be enthralled.

Thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the opportunity to read and review #HerFeud

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Another gripping instalment from Emma Tallon of the Drew family and their business,I do love Emma's books she has you gripped from start to end and you don't want the book to end.Roll on her next book.

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I’ve read all the books in this series and loved every one of them. I didn’t realise this was the last book in the Drew family series until I read some reviews before starting the book.
This book is a brilliant gangland crime thriller with Lily, Cillian and Scarlett trying to keeps things going despite being under threat from rival firms.
There’s an opportunity that presents itself to Lily but it comes with some big risks.
The Drews work together with The Logans to take down The Romanos but things don’t go to plan.
There were some nail biting moments in this book and a few emotional moments too, and I loved every minute.
This is a great send off for Lily and her family and I look forward to a new series from Emma Tallon.
Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.

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Loved this book and this family.
More twists and turns with Lily and scarlets running the family firm but some people hold a grudge and want revenge..
Gripped from start to finish

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