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Leonard Cohen

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Cohen’s legacy is immeasurable. He wrote some of the most memorable songs of all time and yet for many years, he was out of the public eye and almost forgotten. Christopher Leobold has done an excellent job of fleshing out the man behind the music and image. He came across as mean and moody at times and many of his lyrics explored some very dark themes including death, isolation and depression. And yet we find a man with a real zest for life; one who was constantly searching for truth and light and above all, honesty.

This biography feels authoritative. It not only brings Cohen’s well lived life very vibrantly to the forefront, it puts much of his writing into context. It’s well written and overall an uplifting read which has encouraged me to revisit some of Cohen’s albums and listen to them with a better understanding. I really enjoyed this insight.

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What to say about a man who died at eighty-two and left the world of music with some of the most iconic songs of rock-n-roll. After a minor career, he fell out of favor in the world of disco. He spent years in the wilderness, writing songs that no one bought and singing to Israeli soldiers on the front lines of the Yom Kippur War.

Born in Montreal to a modestly successful jewish family, he took his roots as a Kohanim the priest of the Jewish Temple) and the need to practice the art of enlightenment to be one of his lives goals. It wasn't till late in life, after spending six plus years as a zen monk on Mt.Baldy in California, that he came back to music.

Using all of the knowledge and life experience he gained, late in his sixties and up to his death his music made him a celebrity in Europe and a respected troubadour in the US. This book covers a life that epitimizes the expression "a life well lived".

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Very interested to read this biography especially with the movie coming out I know readers will want to snap this one up and compare and contrast with the movie! I know I will

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