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I devoured "Truly Home" by JJ Hale in less than 10 hours, which is what I've come to love about her storytelling. "Truly Home" is a poignant and heartwarming tale that delves into the lives of Ruth Miller and Olivia Bell, two women grappling with their tragic pasts and seeking connection in the present.

Her storytelling weaves a beautiful narrative of self-discovery, love, and the search for a place to call home. The richly developed characters of Roo and Ollie, each with their own emotional journey, really drew me into a world of longing and hope. As their paths intertwined, and their touching bond formed, they offered each other solace and understanding in the midst of their individual struggles.

Hale's exploration of family, loss, and the meaning of home is both tender and profound, making "Truly Home" a story that resonates long after the final page. Thank you NetGalley and Boldstrokes Books for the ARC.

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3.5 stars
A nice story with nice people in a nice village with a nice ending.
A few interesting coincidences, that was clever and a little sadness, but overall......nice.

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This is the third book in Ms Hale’s series and to tell the truth I think I enjoyed this one very much. The two women first met when they were both children. Both were in the hospital. Ruth, six years old, was there because she survived a fire that took both of her parents. Olivia, nine years old, was at the hospital with her sick younger sister. The girls met in the play room and became quick friends.
Ruth left the hospital to go with her aunt Greta. She was taken to Greta’s small cottage where Greta lived. Growing up Ruth had everything she could ever want. She was encouraged in her love for photography, making it her career choice. After trying to live in the city she went home, realizing she could use her home for her base.
Oliva left the hospital, that time not knowing where her friend Ruth had gone. She felt lost, Ruth was the only one to actually see her. Now older, she became a nurse and is working in the city. Her family fell apart when her father left her mom. Now her sister Grace is asking her to come home and help with their dying father.
Little does she know but he lives in the same community as Ruth. Ms Hale does what she always does, she gives us a book that is a very, very good read.
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Ruth was raised by her aunt in a small village since her parent's deaths. She tried to make a go of life in the city, but returns to the village as it's not really working out for her.

Ollie reluctantly goes to help her sister look after their dying father, who Ollie has a tricky relationship with.

Ruth and Ollie met online and have been messaging every since. They're surprised when they bump into each other in the village.

This is a book that deals with many complicated family issues in an excellent way. This is the third of Hale's Truly series and her writing has improved immensely with each book. Looking forward to more of her work in the future.

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This book was cute, I enjoyed seeing Ruth and Ollie progress in their relationship and learn how to communicate properly. I also really enjoyed the online meeting aspect which surprised me at the beginning. The only thing I would change was I wish that they had spent more time as friends first. The summary gives the impression of friends to lovers, but really they're almost like lovers for most of the book. They're already flirting at the start of the book, and then they pretty much jump into a relationship right away. Other than that, I liked the book and I think that it dealt with a lot of realistic problems in relationships relating to miscommunication. 3.8/5 rounded up to 4.

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I am so happy I got to read this book via NetGalley. It is such a sweet book about Ruth having severe anxiety and Olivia that has never been taken care of, just being the one taking care of others. They are just right for each other and make a whole as a couple and you so cheer for them as a couple. So worth a read if you want a light and nice read with not a lot of anxiety this is a book for you.

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I loved this, and I'm honestly a little sad it ended. This story explores healing from the trauma and hardships of childhood, while embracing life as it is.

Ruth has anxiety, which is acknowledged and accepted by Ollie. They are also there for each other while they each work through the scars left by their childhoods. Even when they fight, they are still there for each other.

This story is beautiful and emotional, while still finding the best in what is possible. I absolutely recommend this, and will be going back to read the authors prior books. (While there is some character overlap, this stands alone.)

I received a free copy from Bold Strokes Books through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

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A tender love story of accepting the things you cannot change and allowing yourself to be fully seen.

I received an advance copy from Netgalley for free and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Ruth has tried to build a life in the city, but it seems, she isn’t made for that. She’d rather return to the small town that’s been her home from when she was six. That’s when her parents died and her aunt Greta took her in. Ruth has been trying online dating, but hasn’t been very successful until she meets Ollie. With only texts back and forth they seem to have formed a connection. Meeting in real life hasn’t happened yet. Until a gorgeous woman happens to order coffee from the local cafe. Ruth doesn’t know how to breathe. It’s Ollie.

Olivia has a pretty good life in the city and a good job as a nurse. When her sister calls that their dad is dying, she picks up everything to help her sister. Her dad hasn’t been a great parent to her and she does not want to take care of him. But she does what she always does and that is putting her own life on hold to help her sister. When she arrives in the picturesque town her father lives in, she can’t believe it’s the hometown of her online crush. But maybe Ruth being there, will help Olivia carry the load.

J.J. Hale wrote a very sensitive story. It deals with strenuous family dynamics and painful histories. Both Ruth and Olivia have a lot to deal with but it’s beautiful to see the connection they build together throughout it all. It’s the first time they’ve met someone that truly sees and accepts them for who they are. Olivia is Ruth’s rock while dealing with anxiety and unraveling her past. Ruth is there when Olivia needs her most. It’s hard for her to let someone else take care of her, because she is used to being the carer herself. Ruth breaks through her defenses and holds her heart safe behind the crumbling wall.

I really like small town stories as the little village always plays a big part of the story. And this one is no exception. The charm and the people that build the community enhance the story and make you believe in fairy tales. The love story of Ruth and Olivia is one for sure.

Truly Home will warm you up from the inside out as you tag along this tale of hardship and a love that conquers it all.

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This is a heartwarming feel good romance. I absolutely love the characters. They were interesting and very relatable. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend.

Thank You Bold Strokes Books and NetGalley.

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A really good story about how the fates can align and bring you right back to the one you're supposed to be with to your home. JJ Hale has such a way with words and bringing you into these characters lives that you feel like you're right there with them.

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Ruth was raise by her aunt after losing her parents she longs for family. Olivia doesn’t wants to come help her sister with their father because she didn’t really had a great childhood. Ruth and Olivia gets to know each other through texts after meeting online not knowing they are in same village for different reasons until they accidentally bump into each other. As they grow closer they both learn where home really is this was a great read I love the theme of of each book being about enough wanted and finding home

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Another great addition by JJ Hale. I love this little community she has written. The characters were great and there was so humor.

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Ruth has lost her parents when she was a little kid so she was raised by her aunt in a small village. After college she tried staying in the big city but that was harder than she thought. As she returns home to regroup, she encounters more than she expected.

Olivia didn't have it easy growing up. This has left her with a bad relationship with both her parents. When her sister calls her for help for their dying father, she goes to the small town he lives in to help out her sister.

Ruth and Olivia met online. It's cute how they interact and get to know each other through texts and photos as Ruth is a photographer and likes to share her surroundings with Olivia.

The author has an amazing way to make you part of the journey the MC's go through. It didn't take many chapters to have a soft spot for both Ruth and Olivia. They are both such great flawed characters willing to work on themselves. It's also great to see Ruth handle her anxiety and Olivia respond to it in a supporting matter.

Extra points for the cool best friend and the sassy younger sister. The little tidbit from the past also made me feel all the feels.

An ARC was provided to me via Netgalley in return of an honest review.

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Please find a a more accurate description of this lovely romance. Ruth Miller returns to her rural Irish village after working in art and photography in the city. The small village where her aunt raised her after her parents death is a place of refuge that calms her anxiety. She has been talking to Olivia Bell for a few months on a dating app but they’ve yet to meet in person. Much to each other's surprise they run into each other in the village. Olivia is a nurse who has returned to care for her estranged and dying father. Olivia struggles caring for her dad who was an absent alcoholic parent to her. But her younger sister and the town know him from his better sober days. There is a lot of careful speaking, expression of feelings, and trying to understand others perspectives in this book. I would almost call it therapy speech but I don’t want to disparage it. Best friends and family help both Ruth and Olivia understand and be patient with the other. I thought this was a lovely story.

I was confused for a long time how this tied into the previous two books in the series which I have read and enjoyed. Olivia it turns out is best friends from the couples from the previous book. And the epilogue creates a very sweet tie in for Ruth as well. From the epilogue I assume this ends the series and I will look forward to future books from Hale.

Thank you to Bold Strokes Books for the ARC via NetGalley and I am leaving an honest review.

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Truly Home is a feel good romance novel that had me yearning to read one more chapter. The past that connects Ollie and Ruth had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the pieces to connect and how it was written was very well done. I loved the dual POV within each chapter that gave a switch to the scene in the moment and flowed through the story seamlessly.

The inclusivity in the book that showed a town supporting love made for a great side plot to see side characters and their experiences with finding themselves.

I loved the book!

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Truly Home follows Ruth and Olivia as they keep finding their ways to each other, but not without obstacles. They both carry baggage; Ruth's anxiety and Olivia's father. For a slow burn romance, the novel is very short and that made the pacing of the novel feel odd to me.

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This was a great book! I absolutely loved the visits from prior characters! The story and characters were so interesting and relatable. I highly enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it to everyone!

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Reading the synopsis does not help much when choosing this book, because I am still waiting to find out how the inhabitants of the small town "took it upon themselves to guide Ruth Miller" to anything. Ruth suffered a traumatic loss when she was 6 years old, which has had a significant impact on her throughout her life. She has consequences that limit her professional life in some way, so she chooses to return to the town where she grew up with her aunt.

Just at that same moment in which she decided to leave the city, she had started an online relationship with a woman, who had her quite excited, after her recent breakup that ended quite badly.

The woman Ruth has just met is Olivia, who is a real urbanite, but who must help her sister take care of a father for whom she does not feel any affection, due to his abandonment when she was little.

The coincidences of life, the town where Ruth grew up is the same one where Olivia's father moved, but that was not the only coincidence. They seemed predestined to meet constantly.. The romantic story between them is sweet and overwhelming at times, because they both have their past that haunts them at the most inopportune moments. But they have so much in common, also positive, that one helped the other until they achieved a connection and trust that they did not initially believe in.

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You ever start reading something and just know… you know it’s going to be amazing!!

To start with I read this through twice. The first time it was when I figured out who these two were to each other and I just had to get through things to see what happened. The second time was to savor it all!

This is such a beautiful and heartwarming story of love and friendship and kindness. It also address loss and healing. I instantly fell in love with Ruth and Olivia. I would love to read more of them!!

Now I need a book on Greta!!

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC!!

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This was my first book by Hale, but it won't be my last. I enjoyed the setting as I'm a sucker for anything set in Ireland.

Ruth Miller's life is forever changed after her parents died and she moves to a small town with her aunt. The whole village is there for her to help her, but now that she's an adult, she wants to forge her own path and find out more about the parent's she can't remember.

Olivia's Bell's childhood wasn't all rainbows and sunshine and it left a mark on her that continued into adulthood. She is always the caretaker, never the one to be cared for and left home as soon as she was able. When she moves to a remote village to help her sister care for their dying father, she meets Ruth who just might be the connection she's always sought.

This was a great book that touched on a few sensitive topics, but was handled beautifully, from Ruth's anxiety, to Olivia's alcoholic father. The chemistry and connection was well written and jumped off the pages as I adored the close knit community and the journey for Ruth and Olivia in their relationship.

Wonderful job. I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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