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"I don't need to hide a single aspect of myself from him. He's already seen it all. And yet, he's still here, looking at me like I'm the centre of his universe."


Book: Cross the Line
Author: Simone Soltani

this was such a fun, easy read and so perfect for the summer months! the chemistry between Willow and Dev was sizzling and so believable! The whole time I was reading I just couldn’t wait for them to kiss 😂

This was my first F1 romance and it won’t be my last, i enjoyed it so much more than i expected!

Read if you enjoy:
🧡 F1 romance
🧡 sports romance
🧡 dual timeline
🧡 brothers best friend
🧡 chronic illness rep
🧡 forbidden love

(Thank you so much to Pan Macmillan for the EARC! 🫶🏻)


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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing this eARC of "Cross the Line".
Ohhh... the slow burn in this book. I loved the characters and how navigated their way from friendship to courtship. Plus Dev's mom's definitely the perfect matchmaker. And I adored the F1 references. I loved all of it. Plus, the book had good chronic pain/illness / POC representation.

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Thank you Panmacmillian for granting me the opportunity to review Cross the Line. I am so sorry that I won't be able to review this book as I had to DNF it. I don't think the book and I had the right chemistry. I just couldn't get hooked into the plot, I bowed out in the first few chapters after the scene with a lackluster chemistry between Dev and Willow when he asks her to become his social media manager.

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This book is perfect of all fans of the Dirty Air series by Lauren Asher, the perfect mix of a great romance, a good plot and great friendships.

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I really love sports movies and my friend recently got into F1, so I decided to give Cross the Line a chance since she also requested and ARC, and we were buddy reading. I am glad I gave this book a chance because Dev and Willow were a delight to read about. I found their story very enjoyable and their characterisation felt natural. The story is low stakes (well, as low as one can get in a professional sport story), and felt free of unnecessary drama between characters—very refreshing. Overall, it was delightful.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an e-ARC copy of this book, in exchange for this honest review.

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I was really curious about this book because the only F1-centric books I’ve read before were the ones written by Lauren Asher and they were pretty meh to me but I will start by saying that u really enjoyed seeing how F1 was incorporated to the book. You could feel that the author really did her research and it made me enjoy the sports talk even though it’s not a sport that I follow.
This was a best friend’s sister trope and I’m usually a big fan of it. I enjoyed Dev and Willow’s story. They were really cute together and I liked seeing how their relationship grew. I also liked how the side characters were webbed to the story in a very natural way. And I loved how Dev and Willow’s relationship wasn’t treated like it was a sin by her brother, it was refreshing to see..
It was a no drama, fun and quick read, I loved the representation and the fact that she fell first but he fell harder was pretty cute!
I just had a little problem with the pacing of the story which made it boring at some points but all in all, it was still a nice read!

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When I saw this was a motorsports romance I immediately added it to my tbr. and gosh!!! this was so so good. this was cute, sweet and spicy and was everything I was expecting and more.
I’m a sucker for brother’s best friend romance but then you add a F1 romance to that? I’m sold!!!
I truly had the best time reading this book and I won’t stop recommending it to everyone!!

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(review on the blog and other socials coming soon)

Growing up, my family was really into F1, so I ended up picking some knowledge about it. Sports romance is very popular, but I did not see many F1 books out there (though I am sure there are a ton) so I was intrigued by it. When I read the synopsis, I like both characters backgrounds and I thought the tropes would be a nice touch to include and gave the story a good push.

Willow has had a crush on Dev for a long time, but she has kept things platonic, especially since Dev is her brothers best friend. That would complicate the situation as it is, but she is also considered off-limits within the friend group after a terrible breakup with her ex, who was part of that friend group. Now a job opportunity arises for her to work with Dev, which will benefit her a lot professionally, but it might also bring back some feelings for both of them.

I really enjoy when the main characters are forced into a situation, not necessarily a professional one, and end up spending a lot of time together. In this case, Willow is offered a job to work as Dev's social media manager, so she can repair his media image. This premise was great for the story, because it involved Willow in Dev's life and career, but it also gave them plenty of time and scenes to spend together and reconnect, which was very nice to read about. Their chemistry was evident from the start, and it was fun how unaware of it they both were. It was also very funny, though frustrating at times, how they had to push down their feelings for each other, but they handle things quite maturely and it was especially nice how they were there for each other. As the story progressed, their feelings also grew, to the point were it was difficult for them not to act on them.

Surprisingly, I also enjoy the career aspect of the book, having Dev navigate being part of a team that doesn't value, whilst Willow makes him realize that he can do better, and Willow enter the work scene in a field that has always fascinated her. They made each other better. I have been a bit disconnected from the F1 scene, but I do think the book provides enough context to understand what is going on. Scenes related to the sport were woven into the story and not just there because they had to be in it. What is more, the setting was easily and wonderfully described and I believe it is a great introduction to F1 and F1 romances.

Adding to the sparkly drama, tension, and building relationship between Dev and Willow, we also follow Dev's team and see different family dynamics. Apart from the tropes mentioned, I want to point out that the book also has South Asian and Black leads and chronic illness rep. Those aspects are integrated within the story, not making it feel forced or akward, on the contrary, it brings out some elements, and neatly balances it within the story.

I am not sure whether the rest of the series will follow characters we already know or if they will also be F1 romances, but I will be reading them for sure.

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Sorry to say it was fairly boring, really just another nothing special romance novel but for F1 fans.

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This was a really cute formula one romance, i loved the slow burn, it was really well done and really enjoyed their dynamic together. It did take me a little time to warm up to both characters but by the end I was really invested.

Full of my favourite tropes, you have the forbidden romance, forced prox, dual pov, hes obsessed with her. All the good ones.

Its an easy read and kept my attention, I highly recommend it.

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This was such a good read. I really liked he relationship between the FMC and the MMC! And for everyone who doesn't like third act breakups this is the book for you! I also liked that there was a big focus on Formula 1 and it wasn't just a crutch to call it a sports romance.

-secret dating
-workplace romance
-brothers best friend

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 - such a great read, with amazing characters and an excellent plot.
🌶️🌶️🌶️- some detailed tense scenes of passion and need. The characters showed pure desire for each other.

‘Just like that. Good girl’ 🥵🥵

Brothers best friend
Forbidden love
Workplace romance
Old friends
Slow burn
Tense wanting
Childhood friends

I love a good sports romance and Simone Solanti delivered an amazing F1 romance! Her writing was so much fun and I could not recommend this book enough!! It has everything a romance reader needs… tension, love, ambition, plot twists and of course a brilliant trope selection!!

The plot follows Willow and Dev in a dual POV way leaving us with no doubt the love and feelings each of the main characters have for each other!! It is refreshing to not be left guessing if they both feel the same!

Dev is a F1 driver whose reputation has been shattered by his previous social media manager leaving him social ruined and in need of someone to save his reputation. Luckily his best friend’s sister ‘willow’ has just graduated marketing and is in need of a job. With her brother’s acceptance she delves into the world of F1 in her new role of social media manager for the sullied Dev who she has always had a crush on… can they keep it professional?

I loved the F1 aspect of this book, I am not a huge fan of F1 IRL but give me a high speed race car romance and I’m a sucker for every word.
The dangers of driving, the need for success is portrayed very well in this book showing the highs and lows of the sport and the hurdles both drivers and people within the community have to jump over to work their way up to become the best!! F1 is a huge part of the story and I loved it. Despite not knowing much about F1 I was hooked and intrigued massively by the aspects of this book. And F1 romance is for sure my favourite romance 🥰

Willow and Dev were so freaking cute… despite some issues and things to overcome I am so glad they got their happy ending!! Their relationship blossoming was delightful and so so good.

Also showing the aspect of hyper mobility and the limitations of disabilities without preventing the FMC from doing anything she loved was inspiring! I loved this side of the story, it added great depth to the story and despite definitely not taking the main focus it was constantly thought of throughout and considered. The FMC knew her limitations, she knows how to ask for help or gentleness and despite her disability she thrived and showed her passion for her work in the stressful and ever challenging environment of F1 🫶🫶

Eeeekkk I loved it so much! Read it!! You absolutely have to if you’re a romance lover! 🫶🫶

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Really great book - while the general kay of the book is largely easy to suss it doesn't take away from how fun the journey to get there is. See a lot of this trope, but this was a favourite.

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3.75 stars
she was fun and a bit spicy

Chapter 12, 24 & 28 had descriptive open door spice. But not throughout the entire chapter. There was course language throughout
The sunshine x sunshine (dual-pov) trope was lots of fun and the characters were very loveable! It’s a happy book and felt relatively stress-free! I enjoyed how f1 was written about and it was fun reading from the perspective of the driver Dev. It was vibrant and fun. I didn’t love that it was hard to keep track of all the characters (particularly the other drivers) and the 🌶️ was a bit much for me (I prefer closed-door personally) but it didn’t rival the plot.

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this was my first formula 1 romance, i don't know much about f1 but i really
enjoyed this.

the characters were so lovable and easy to enjoy, i wish we saw more of willow's disability and how it affects her but the way dev takes care of her was beautiful

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You can always find me next to a f1 romance!

I adored this book and everything was so, so perfect: the setting, the main characters and especially the plot!

I adored Dev and I truly think he is the perfect book boyfriend, there was not a single thing in him that I would change. He is obsessed with her in the most cute way possible.

The f1 world was really well introduced - in a way that I truly think if you are not into the sport you will enjoy this book as well!

It’s a fast paced story and so, so enjoyable - hard to believe it’s Simoni’s first book!

I finished this book with the urge to find someone that will support my macarron obsession as well.

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This was a cute read.
Loved that it was dual POV, I feel like we definitely got more of Dev than Willow but because he was so down bad for our girl I didn’t mind.
I think my rating is simply because i don’t like friends to lovers , I don’t like when the characters have all this history together that im not privy to.
I liked Dev’s F1 storyline and the message of leaving places/jobs you’re not appreciated at and can’t see potential for growth in.

I would read another book from this author

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Dev is an F1 driver who has gotten himself into some hot water. He found himself in a scandal and his social media presence is a disaster. At a party in Monaco he bumps into Willow, who is freshly graduated and looking for a job in sports marketing. He sees a perfect opportunity, Willow can help him fix his image and he can give her a job to put on her resume, to find a job afterwards. There is just 1 big problem, one she is his best friend's little sister, and 7 months ago they kissed after a drunken night out and neither of them have stopped things about it.

Dev and Willow have not talked about that night, and have chosen to ignore it. With this working arrangement they vow to keep it strictly professional. As tensions rise and the season goes on it gets harder to ignore their chemistry, even with so much on the line.

As a F1 girlie, and a romance girlie this hit just right for me. I have read a few F1 romances and this is by far, leaps and bounds my favourite. There was so much complexity to the characters and their struggles. Having both characters being people of colour, and Willow have a disability she has to live with but still lives a full life. I felt the chemistry between the characters, and the conflict in the book felt very natural and not unrealistic or forced. I follow a lot of the behind the scenes of F1 and this felt very true to the sport and the going-ons. Just a fabulous book all around and I cannot wait for more from this series and author.

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Every time I read an F1 romance, I fall more and more in love with the sport! And this one’s extra special coz it has so many Bollywood references. My desi, F1 loving heart devoured this book!

Dev is the dreamiest book boyfriend, he’s witty, over-the-top romantic and an absolute pookie (please see my annotations for reference) I fell for him at the very start and my love kept growing through the book. Willow on the other hand, made me want to switch careers and join F1 (does any driver need a social media manager? I’m available!) she’s a wonderful character that will make you love her.

The sexual tension between the two characters after sharing one drunken kiss is so intense, you can almost feel it radiating through the book! What starts off as a ‘We can only be friends’ relationship quickly takes a turn when they realise they’re both crazy for eachother. The little things that Dev did for Willow made my heart melt!

I also adored the other characters in the book, especially Willow’s brother. I loved how accepting he was of his sister dating his best friend.

Simone has crafted this story so beautifully, the characters are perfect, the writing is excellent and the spice is spicy enough to make you swoon and fan yourself!

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CTL follows Willow and Dev who’ve grown up together as Dev is one of Willow’s brother, Oakley’s, best friends. after they share a forbidden kiss in the past they end up drifting and not speaking for years. they eventually cross paths again and Dev offers her a position to help do damage control and improve his image.
the slow burn of their relationship was the best part, they cared for each other and supported each other and made the other feel seen and held off on their feelings in favour of making Oakley happy. but they reached a point where they couldn’t contain their emotions and caved.

they were a very sweet couple plus the friendship between these two was so heartwarming.
Dev was hilarious and you could definitely tell that they made each other the best version of themselves. Dev was also so attentive towards Willow and was always taking care of her whether she asked or not and i absolutely adored that. also him flying in macaroons for her because she loves them??? ABSOLUTE SLAYYY
Dev is the definition of a golden retriever man. he’s kind, funny, sexy and absolute perfection 🔥🔥

ALSO THE POC REP IN AN F1 ROMANCE??! i’m so here for it, my south asian side was loving all the Bollywood references! the author also showcased Willow’s chronic illness and her struggle very well! it’s definitely an easy read whether you know much about f1 or not!

overall it was a sweet sports romance with a little bit of steam! i would say it’s a great place to start if you’re just getting into f1 romances!

read if you love:
🏎️ sports romance (f1)
🏎️ brothers best friend
🏎️ forced proximity
🏎️ forbidden romance
🏎️ POC characters (south asian mmc & black fmc)
🏎️ chronic illness rep
🏎️ dual pov

i’ve always loved and supported Simone’s work from the beginning and i’m so excited to see what she does next!

thank you to the author and netgallery UK for the earc copy in exchange for an honest review <3

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