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Beautifully illustrated, dreamy landscapes. Finding courage to go into the big city, a young girl called Leonie is a brave little lion girl. She observes the business, the people around her from all walks of life. She's filled with energy. However, eventually her day trip with mummy into the big city eventually feels overwhelming and she's glad of snuggly cuddles with mum, purring with sleepy relief as they make their way home after such an exciting new experience.

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A lovely, gentle picture book about a little girl exploring the city. Beautifully illustrated by Fiona Woodcock.

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Leonie and her mother are heading out for an adventure. They are going by train to 'the big city'. Everyone Leonie sees is 'extra' so she puts on her lion ears and tail to become a brave little lion girl and when the big city roars, she roars "I'm a lion girl and I am totally amazing!" right back.

She loves bravely taking on the city and can't believe all of the wonderful things which she beholds but she doesn't heed her mother's warnings and gets separated from her pride. Can she find her mother and still love the city or will she be too scared and have her confidence shattered?

This gorgeous picture book is imaginative, full of confidence and a story of love and listening, even when we are distracted by the wonder of a new environment and feeling untouchable. The absolutely mesmerising illustrations are a joy to behold, the pointillism in rich, burnt 'lionesque' oranges, reds and yellows belong on a gallery wall as much as they do a book, we could stare at them all day and find ourselves distracted and lost by the end of it too!

A perfect read for children age 0-5, we read it with our Book Clubbers age 3-5 and discussed the messages of self belief and confidence, plus listening to our grown ups and staying safe. We also couldn't resist trying out the artistic style and had such a wonderful (and messy!) time.

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What a gorgeous book all about being brave and adventurous!

Little Leonie and her mother have taken a trip to the big city and Leonie has decided to be a brave lion in those big wide streets. She leaps into her trip with wild excitement and throws herself into every experience. Only when she loses her mother does her lion recede and the worry grow. However they reunite and it helps us to see that we can be anyone we want if we have someone who loves us and helps to keep us safe. We can be as brave as a lion!

The illustrations and text work together perfectly and I can see this book being discussed and enjoyed by my eyfs and KS1 classes. An absolutely lovely read.

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A story about self-esteem, growth and confidence in your loved ones.
The illustrations are adorable and reflect the emotions and ideas in the book well.
The story is compelling and is a cross between real life situations and imagination. The setting of a big city provides a good level of conflict. The protagonist is extremely likeable.
This book is suitable for younger audiences.

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Leonie takes a trip to the big city with her mother. She journeys there by train, she is in awe of the hustle and bustle of the streets, they visit museums and restaurants as well as visiting one of Leonie’s mums friends.

Throughout the day, Leonie is brave and vibrant like a lion with a brilliant attitude. Until she follows a butterfly a bit too far away and loses her mother.

A lovely adventure story full of diverse people around the city. The story talks about taking in new experiences, being brave and outgoing as well as belonging.

Beautiful illustrations throughout which complement the story wonderfully.

Great EYFS/ KS1 book, could be used for a PSHE lesson as well as a wonderful bedtime read.

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Olivia Hope has created a wonderful story for young readers and listeners .

Leonie is off to city with her mother - it’s all a huge adventure and all around her imagination sees different people who remind her of wild animals - and so she becomes a brave lion.

The day progresses through the city in to museums, cafes , crowded squares and parks and Leonie stays brave and strong …until through her bold attitude she loses her mother

This is a simple story about being adventurous and brave and enjoying every new moment but it’s also a lovely story about realising that we all belong to someone who will look out for us.

Fiona Woodcock’s illustrations are beautiful and create a magical feeling to accompany Leonie’s imagination

This is a perfect story for six and under - a bedtime read or a great book to,share with an EYFS / Year 1 class- lots of scope for talk, drama, play and even retelling

A charming book - highly recommended.

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Oh, I adored this one SO much. Hope's lyrical text and Woodcock vibrant artwork so evocatively captures the excitement of the BIG city. I loved Lion Girl's biiiig excitement and how she matched the city's vibrancy by being loud and bright in her own way and on her own terms.

A roarsomely brilliant tale, filled with energy, excitement and imagination.
Emma Perry

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