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Holly is almost thirty years old and is ready to discover her future husband. She has wasted her entire twenties searching for a man. As a serial dater, she turns to the world of internet dating but finds that every date is worse than the last. On one of the numerous horrible online dates, her world collides with Jax, the attractive bartender at the restaurant she visits every week. Jax is excellent at reading people, but he has no interest in getting married or being in a relationship of any kind. So good that he becomes Holly's dating coach.

I really enjoyed how Holly's character developed in the story. As she learns to let go of her lists and be more spontaneous, she grows in confidence and enjoys having fun. It's heartening to see how Jax has impacted her, and reading about their experiences together was a lot of fun. This story's pacing was excellent. It kept me interested and invested in the characters' journey.

It's the ideal balance of romance and humor, with a lesson about embracing change and venturing outside of your comfort zone. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone searching for a fun and entertaining read.

Thank you to NetGalley and Katie Bailey for allowing me to read this ARC!

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If you are looking for a cute and fast read, this is probably one of the books I would recommend. They are practically strangers that strike a deal to help her find the perfect man, but the i'm-not-looking-for-commintment-guy ends up falling head over heels for her, and first.

It's a wholesome story, with great banter and really cute moments between every single character. It's all what a rom-com should be.

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Seasons Schemings is still my favorite book by Katie Bailey but this one was a close second— I LOVED Jax and Holly’s story, it was freaking adorable and so funny!

Holly is a creative girl looking for her perfect man in all the wrong places and Jax is a bartender turned wilderness guide now turned dating coach and their chemistry was everything!

I loved the dating coach storyline in this (as well as the hints at other possible future couples in this series!)
Also the sharing a tent was such a squeal-worthy take on the one-bed trope and I was cheering for it! The transition between dating coach to feelings was so natural and I just was feeling all the butterflies as they were!

Favorite quotes:

“Gray works for him as well as black does… but I genuinely think this guy could dress up like a Tellytubby and I’d think it was sexy.”

“Jax was just helping me with something totally not urgent,” I add to let her know that I’m not encroaching on what may be her territory. Jax smirks at me. “I’d hate to see what your drink of choice would be for an urgent issue.” “McDonald’s vanilla milkshake, of course,” I retort. “I like to save the hard stuff for when I’m in times of dire crisis. You know, job losses, natural disasters, celebrity deaths.” “I can see how that would be a smart avenue. You get fries to dip, too?” “What do you think I am, an amateur?”

“You’re everything I want, Jax. I know what I really want now, and it’s you.” I smile up at him, my eyes still teary but my heart soaring. “You’re my perfect man.” “The perfect man still doesn’t exist, Hollywood, so I can’t promise perfect. But what I can promise is to be your partner. Your co-pilot. Your equal. To choose you, every single day, always.” “I choose you too, Jaxon Grainger.” 😍😍😍

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Katie Bailey delivers a novel full of tension, yearning, and passion fueled kisses. Pairing the lighter elements of the romance with the drive to go after your own dreams and surrounding yourself with people who believe in you. After witnessing a disastrous date Jax convinces Holly to let him be her dating coach in exchange for help getting his new business off the ground. The moment Jax goes from being her friend who is helping her to find a good man to wanting to be the man for her is just perfection.

Dual POV, Closed Door Romance, Outdoorsy Guy x City Girl, Dating Coaching, Jealous MMC, Opposites Attract, Only One Tent

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I loved this so much! You can never go wrong with a Katie Bailey book!

She had me hooked at the beginning and the characters complimented each other perfectly. So so cute and fluffy!!

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Honestly dating sucks and the beginning is how it really is for girls to date. I wish I would have a Jax come save me on a date!
The humor in this book is stuff I literally say so it was so good!
“You’re totally hitting that.”
“I’m about to hit you if you don’t shut up” hahah

I really enjoyed this book! Was easy to read and get into!! I’ve been in a book slump so this really helped!!

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What to Expect:

⭐️ “Hollywood” City Girl
🪵 Mountain Man Boy
🏕️ Forced Proximity
🔥 Slow Burn
🚪 Closed Door
🐶 Rescue Dog
🧲 Opposites Attract
🏕️ Only One Tent
👨🏻‍🏫 Dating coaching
👩‍❤️‍👨 Strangers to Friends to Lovers

Holly has wasted all of her 20’s waiting for a man (boy) and now that she is almost 30, she is ready to find her future husband. She turns to the online dating world as a serial dater only to find each date to be worst than the previous. Her world collides with Jax, the hot bartender at the restaurant she goes to every week, during one of the many awful online dates. Jax has no interest in marriage or any relationship for that matter but is very good at reading people. So good in fact he helps Holly by becoming her dating coach. What could possibly go wrong?

The Quit List by Katie Bailey might take the cake for being the perfect low stress, feel-good, adorable romance ever! Holly and Jax were total opposites yet their chemistry just complimented the other so well. Their back and forth witty banter kept a cheesy smile plastered across my face the entire book.

Thank you to NetGalley and Katie Bailey for allowing me to read this ARC! All opinions are my own and freely given.

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FMC Holly meets bartender-come-wildman Jax while she's on a bad date. He helps her make a list of what she exactly wants in a man. He becomes her dating coach...what's the worst that could happen? Will Holly stop lusting after her old flame now boss Dylan?
OMG! Cutest Rom Com with a HEA!!! Katie Bailey really makes you fall in love with the characters along the way!!! Jax is just the sweetest, most handsome guy and the way he treats Holly is something any woman would look for in a man. A nice smooth easy read that has the reader feeling all the feels! First book by Katie Bailey but I will be reading more!

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This book was fantastic!
I loved the main characters! Jax was such a manly man- hot and swoony. Both he and Holly were such lovable, relatable characters.
I enjoyed all of the humor in this book. Some of Hollys dates were laugh out loud bad.
This book was fast paced with no boring moments. It reeled me in right from the start and once I started reading it was difficult to stop until I finished the whole book!

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This was an interesting story. I like the story but I felt the main characters lacked a lot of chemistry. It was disappointing in some ways but enjoyable in others

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This was pretty good! I didn't fully feel the chemistry between Jax and Holly but I liked their characters and it was written pretty well

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Super cute and quick read!

Likable and mature characters with great communication skills >>> everything else.

Read if you like: opposites attract, friends to lovers, no third act break up, sweet banter, closed door romance

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The quit list was another 5 star read from Katie Bailey! The quit list is not only a beautiful romance book of two soulmates but it was also a beautiful story of two people growing together. The book had me laughing out loud multiple time!! Would definitely recommend

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I don't talk enough about how much I adore the "dating coach" trope. It's so fun and delicious and it tends to feed my angst loving heart.
Needless to say Jax and Holly ate this trope up. I genuinely adored this book and it was mainly because the romance was so well done. It's a delicious strangers to friends to lovers slowburn, but with great built up . I literally couldn't put it down!
So if you're looking for a good contemporary romance, then i highly recommend this one!

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I’m torn between 3 and 4 stars, but it was pretty cute, so I’m rounding up. That striking cover caught my eye and the blurb sounded fun, so I dug right into this light and adorable, super slow burn/closed door romance. The hero steals the show here, a commitment-phobic guy who finds himself falling before he even knows what’s happening. The progression from strangers to friends to lovers felt natural, even if the middle portion dragged for me. It’s a pretty classic “dating lessons” storyline, so I can’t really fault it for delivering on that promise, even if it’s the thing I disliked the most. This really shines in the back half when that’s left behind and the relationship is allowed to flourish, which is what got me to raise my rating. It ended on a high note, and was such a low angst, easygoing read with a little bit of swoon.

The story follows Jax, a bartender who has seen the same pretty woman go on dates with an endless stream of guys at his workplace. After Holly’s most recent disappointing first date, the two strike up a conversation. Based on Jax’s appearance and wealth of knowledge, she assumes that he’s a player… and a player may be just what she needs. Holly doesn’t know where she’s been going wrong with dating, and Jax has plenty of advice. Plus, it turns out that Jax is about to become a wilderness guide, and he could use some professional advice from Holly. The two strangers quickly become friends as they work to find Holly a guy, but the right person might’ve been closer than either expected.

While I do think the dating practice went on too long and extinguished some of the chemistry, I knew what kind of story I was getting into, so I can’t fault it for that. I also didn’t love some of Holly’s snap judgments about Jax, but I grew to like her quite a bit. Jax, on the other hand, I loved right away. It was easy to see that he was a better catch than either believed, and he ended up being a total softie for his girl. It’s a slow burn/closed door romance, so the story inherently has a level of sweetness to it, and I wouldn’t have minded some more chemistry early on. But it definitely gets there by the end, and I loved the direction the romance took. All in all, not a homerun for me, but I did enjoy the majority of it.

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What a cute, fun book! Holly is looking for the One and initially Jax is not it, until she realizes that he is. Great banter and chemistry. Closed door romance with mild language and innuendo. Will look for more of Katie's books.

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Holly is searching for “the one” but is only finding frogs. Jax has no interest in marriage, but wants to help Holly meet her match and complete her “quit list.” Jax offers insights into the behaviors of men while also helping her be more adventurous in turn for Holly’s marketing skills to help him get his fledgling wilderness guide business off the ground. But three days alone together in the GA mountains has Jax rethinking his kibosh on love and Holly wondering if it might not be a bad idea to loosen her plans for something that might be worth it.

A fun, flirty read with lots of good banter.

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Easy read, very cute and scratched a rom-com itch. Maybe not the most memorable work but still meets expectations.

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Thank you NetGalley and the Publisher for an advanced e-copy of The Quit List by Katie Bailey in exchange for an honest review.
I absolutely loved reading The Quit List by Katie Bayley. This romcom had me laughing out loud and rooting for the main characters, Holly and Jax, from the very beginning.

Holly is a relatable character, always searching for love and following her lists and ideal scenarios for the perfect date. However, each date turns out to be a disaster, leaving her feeling frustrated and hopeless. But as she meets Jax, a charming bartender with a love for adventure, she starts to learn that maybe her lists and plans aren't always the best approach.

Jax is the perfect match for Holly, with his easy-going personality and love for life. He helps her step out of her comfort zone and experience new things, and their chemistry is undeniable. I loved how their relationship developed throughout the story, it felt natural and not rushed.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was watching Holly's character growth. As she learns to let go of her lists and be more spontaneous, she becomes a more confident and fun-loving person. Jax's influence on her is heartwarming and their adventures together were so much fun to read.

Aside from the romance, the pacing of this story was just perfect. It kept me engaged and invested in the characters' journey. I also enjoyed the side characters, especially Jax's dog, who added an extra layer of humor to the story.

Overall, The Quit List is a hilarious and heartwarming read that will leave you with a smile on your face. It's a perfect blend of romance and comedy, with a message about being open to new experiences and stepping out of your comfort zone. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun and entertaining read. I give it a solid 4.75 Stars!

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Holly is looking for Mr. Forever and Jax is determined to help her find him. After watching her come into the restaurant where he tends bar with dud after dud. He offers to help her come up with a plan. So she just needs to stick to that plan ... and not fall for Jax.

I don't know how you could not fall for Jax right away. He is the hot bartender who is also an outdoor man and wants to help you fall in love with the right man. He is the right man! This book has the banter I look for, a sassy but sweet female main character, and that perfect man I just mentioned. I cannot wait to read this again and again!

Thanks to NetGalley and Eleventh Avenue Publishing for this ARC! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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