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“We’ll have a lifetime together, we have to,”

“And my love? Because I love you, Loch. I know you struggle with that, but I’ll tell you every day for the rest of our lives in the hopes that one day you’ll believe me.”

I have been craving this since I finished The Eternal Shadow last April and it did not disappoint. The character development, the emotional torture, the redemption of some characters who I disliked very much earlier, the relationships between the different characters and of course Lochlan and Cass. Their relationship is just so beautiful and pure, you just want to snatch them away and keep them safe.

It's hard to accept that we have to say goodbye to Selene but this was so well done and satisfying that it hurts just a little bit less. I love how Shameez had us falling in love with almost every character and every moment, has you crossing your fingers that they will make it through safely.

This releases tomorrow and you should pick it up immediately!!

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👑 This is the last book in the “SELENE TRILOGY.”
The war has been declared. Will Rosheen’s vision of future become true? Will Lucas be the one to kill the king?

👑 Pick this up if you like/ don’t mind:
📌 fantasy series ( this series got me into reading fantasy )
📌 author’s debut fantasy novel ✍🏻
📌 found family troupe/ friends like family
📌 well written side characters
📌 multiple POVs
📌 fast paced/ action packed/ page turner/ turns and twists
📌 marriage of convenience troupe/ sexual tension/ slow burn romance/ funny banters between main characters
📌 strong female protagonist
📌 funny/ witty/ morally grey/ swoon worthy MC ( hands down my most FAVOURITE character )
📌 war between good and evil
📌 a PERFECT ending to the series

👑 Words cannot express how much I loved this book. Trust me this was even better than the first two. What’s not to like? I loved the exceptional friendship bond between Lucas and Cass, funny banters between the three characters, development of brother relationship between Lucas and Lochlan, Lochlan’s protectiveness towards Calla and the fact that Rosheen finally admitted that she was wrong. I loved that despite of a war going on Lochlan was still being himself witty and funny making us laugh and cry at the same time. I loved how the author has crafted memorable side characters with each character adding depth to the story.

👑 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks to the author and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange of an honest opinion.

👑 PS: Yup it took me more than a week to write this review because I wasn’t ready to say good bye to this series.
👑 PSS: This book will make a great TV adaptation.

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I rarely find the ending of a fantasy trilogy to be completely satisfying, but this story absolutely was. There was action, hope, tragedy, twists, and love in all its forms at centre stage. The stakes that have been raised with each book in this series reach their peak, and the looming war is as thrilling as I'd hoped for. The ending was unpredictable and satisfying, while still being heartbreaking and hopeful. I'd read a spin off series for every character, I can't get enough of them.

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Thank you for the opportunity to review this ARC. The Selene trilogy is truly one of my all-time favourite series.
Before reading The First King, I did a re-read of book 1 +2 and posted fresh reviews to help build up the excitement of book 3.

Overall, I loved all the character development throughout the story.
Lochlan was by far my favourite character. I adored his tender side with Cassia and Calla. He truly saw who Cassia was and what she needed. He evolved and cared about the reborns despite his upbringing

It filled my heart even more when Cass was all protective over Lochlan.
This trilogy has some of the best-written relationships I have read to date:
The friendship between Cassia and Lucas
The love that you can feel grow between Cassia and Lochlan
The brother bond that develops between Lucas and Lochlan

A few moments I adored:
When Lucas took on Rosheen about her treatment of Lochlan
The moment when Rosheen opened up to Lochlan
When Lucas truly stepped up into his role

Although Rosheen was my least favourite 'good' guy I appreciated her sacrifice.

The found family with Nisa, Brie, Xo, and Jun was heart-warming and added much flavour to the story.
I loved the twist with Wrenvier, it was brilliant. And I have the biggest soft spot for Gustack.

The only extra that would have added to the brilliance of this book was if Lucas found love and a partner in the end as well.

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