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This romance was sweet and angsty. I called a few things that happened before they did, but I was still surprised how the story unfolded. I really enjoyed Campbell and Natalie's story. I loved Natalie standing up for herself against Finney in the last chapter. He had that awakening coming and, while the final getting together was abrupt, I loved how it ended. Thank you to Netgalley and Owl Hollow Press for the eARC of this novel. I really enjoyed reading it.

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A lovely coming of age story about some of the difficult topics that teens face such as bullying and body shaming. It has very likable and endearing characters and I loved seeing them bond and grow with each other. I wasn't expecting this to be quite as heavy as it was but it was a beautiful story that explored some important topics and I think I would have really appreciated this when I was a teen. It started out a bit slow but overall it's a good story

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Thank you to Netgalley, Owl Hollow Press and Kristin Wright for providing me with an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is a wonderfully written, very compelling YA contemporary romance. I found myself rooting for Natalie, our point of view character, almost from the first page. Nat is smart, ambitious and dedicated, a star on the swim team and a committed musical theatre performer as well as a top student in her senior year.

We get to know a little about her family, her mother's overbearing concern about her heavier and taller physique, and her father's support as a professor at the local state university. The first major disappointment for Nat comes when she misses out on the lead in Beauty and the Beast - to make things worse, her beloved theatre teacher even admits that it's all about her physique and nothing to do with her talent and ability. Outwardly, Natalie rolls with the disappointment with the kind of confidence that young people will admire and respect in her character. I found myself really inspired by how well she knew herself and how much she valued her mind, character and body for everything she could do throughout the story. This book truly delivers the kind of body neutrality/positivity that I wish I had read more of as a teenager!

Of course, the romance wouldn't be a romance without a love interest! Campbell, a senior like Nat, is relatively new to the school and very reserved; they have seen each other at swim training every weekday for a year without ever really exchanging a word. When he surprises everyone by audtioning for the spring musical - and getting cast as the Beast - he and Natalie are quickly drawn towards each other. There were plenty of swoon-worthy moments as the romance between them developed, slowly, tensely, and not always in a hopeful direction... By the time we reach the resolution and Nat and Campbell find themselves at the start of a new, post-high school chapter in each of their lives, we are left with the genuine sense that their happy-for-now might just be forever. Or maybe it won't - and maybe that'll be okay, too. Whatever happens, Nat and Campbell feel well-matched, hopeful, realistic, excited, nervous and carefree all at once - a lovely, relatable and realistic high school coming-of-age.

This book touches on some quite heavy topics that I don't often see written about so openly in the YA space, including sex ed and abstinence education, unplanned pregnancy, and alcohol misuse. Kristin Wright does a stellar job of giving the issues the weight they deserve without casting judgement. The whole cast of characters - from the popular girl playing Belle to the usually-cool dad who freaks out when Nat starts dating - show Nat (and the reader) that they will always have the capacity to surprise us. Overall, I really enjoyed this story - an adorable, just-on-the-PG-13-side of steamy romance with a huge, human heart.

Here's Where She Meets Prince Charming is published May 21 2024 by Owl Hollow Press.

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I preface my review in stating that I don't read a lot of YA novels. Maybe it's my age, or maybe because I don't tend to find the situations realistic (especially in resolution).

Which is all to say that I was pleasantly surprised, and in a good way, with this novel.

Now it's been a hot minute since I've been in high school, but the characters were so realistic, and the I sympathized with their struggles and insecurities. There wasn't one time where I said to myself "as if."

Natalie and Campbell are absolutely great and well-written characters, and the supporting cast were as well.

Without giving too much away, I have to say that I loved the ending. I haven't been that satisfied with a conclusion of a novel in a long time.

The story was a bit slow to get going, but I also appreciate the time spent developing the characters and plot.

This was definitely one of the better reads I've read all year. This romance was better than a lot of modern day adult-geared novels. I look forward to reading more from this writer. I will definitely had Kristin Wright to my must-read list.
Disclaimer: I received and advance copy through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you Kristin Wright and Owl Hollow Press for the copy.

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I have to say I actually really liked this book, and I wasn’t expecting to! It had the high school drama, the character growth and the romance *chefs kiss*.

I liked how the storyline of Campbell having a baby developed to be honest, it delved into the stigma around teen pregnancy and explored change in responsibilities and lifestyles. I found the characters to be quite loveable and I liked how it all tied together at the end, Campbell had been secretly pining for Natalie from the moment he stepped foot in the school and he got his girl! Natalie matured and got her happy ending. Enjoyable.

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I recently finished “Here’s Where She Meets Prince Charming” and if you’re a former high school theater kid looking for a quick read that will have you grinning from ear to ear, you’re going to love Natalie and Campbell.

Natalie is almost finished with her senior year of high school and after trying out for the spring musical, she’s intrigued to meet Campbell, the new male lead playing the mysterious Beast in Beauty and the Beast. Natalie’s wit, sense of humor and unrelenting drive made her relatable, her lack of patience can get her into trouble and her empathy for others had me rooting for her the whole book. Campbell is your typical tortured and mysterious brooding MMC, who you know deep down has a heart of gold (it’s a romance novel after all!) The book is lively and upbeat while “slightly” tackling some bigger subject matters (that I won’t spoil here) without being heavy handed about it which was nice.

The world building and character building isn’t super in-depth but again we’re dealing with a standalone romance novel ands expectations should be adjusted accordingly. I would have loved to see a bit more character growth from our FMC but I think that has to do more with the smaller timeline in the book than anything else!

Overall I think this was a fantastic read, and I would highly recommend it for romance, YA, and former theater kid readers!

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4 stars - it's a cutsie read that I devoured from start to finish. I think the characters were brilliant and the reveals about characters were well done. The pacing is great and it is an all round brilliant read. Highly recommend for readers who love a cute, easy read that has great characters

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Here’s Where She Meets Prince Charming by Kristin Wright, 263 pages. Owl Hollow Press, 2024. $15.
Language: R (187 swears, 5 “f”); Mature Content: PG13; Violence: PG
As a senior, this will be Natalie’s (17yo) last school musical, and she’s ready for the female lead. She doesn’t get it. But more surprising is that quiet Campbell (17yo) is cast as the male lead. Every interaction they have leaves Natalie with more questions than answers, and she’s determined to wheedle every detail of his life out of the reluctant Campbell.
Like Natalie, I, as the reader, came to respect Campbell and to see a perspective I have not often considered. Campbell’s secret inspired a variety of responses from the characters, and it was interesting to think about the actions I did and did not agree with. The story feels real and relevant, and I appreciate that Wright kept that feeling through the last page, giving her characters realistic solutions that did not make everything magically better.
Natalie is White (her mom is American and her dad is English), Noah is Black and is also gay, and Marisa is described as having “light tan” skin. The mature content rating is for underage drinking; mentions of drugs, condoms, orgies, and sex; groping; nudity; and innuendo. The violence rating is for assault.
Reviewer: Carolina Herdegen

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I was hooked from the cover and glad I was able to read this book. It had that romance element that I was looking for and enjoyed the overall feel of the characters. I enjoyed the use of a school production of Beauty and the Beast and was engaged with how that worked in this world. I enjoyed the way Kristin Wright wrote this and it left me wanting to read more.

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Before I dive into this review, I have to share that I received an ARC of this book and went in completely blind—I'd forgotten the blurb entirely. And let me tell you, I'm so glad I did because WOW! This book pulled me in right from the beginning.

This incredibly poignant story follows the lives of two high school students, Natalie and Campbell, during their senior year. Now, these two already know each other from the swim team, but they start spending a lot more time together when they both star in the school play. It’s a beautiful development, watching their relationship unfold in such a natural way.

But here’s the real kicker: I wasn’t expecting the book to tackle some very relevant social issues for teenagers, and it did so in a way that was neither overbearing nor preachy. The writer did a commendable job weaving these issues into the story, making it both touching and thought-provoking. I was really impressed.

Natalie and Campbell are such well-crafted characters. Natalie is confident, practical, and level-headed, yet she’s also vulnerable to the heartbreaks that come with being a teenager. And Campbell? So sweet! I loved how both characters actually think and speak like real teenagers. It’s so refreshing compared to other books where teens talk like adults.

The writing itself is solid, and the story’s conclusion is satisfying—it’s realistic and avoids being overly fairy tale-like. It was the perfect ending for a story that tugged at my heartstrings from start to finish.

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This was a super sweet and relateable story. It was fun to read about problems and issues teenagers deal with in a mature way. It explores heavier topics with a lot of care. The characters were sweet and I loved seeing their relationship developing.

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I was pleasantly surprised by this coming of age book. The first half was a little slow, but the last half delivered a beautiful story about many of the difficult issues teens face. Bullying, body-shaming, and teenage pregnancy were some of the issues this book explores in an often heartbreaking but beautiful way.

Natalie is a senior in high school with her future ahead of her. She is a star on the swim team and has just been cast in a school play. Tall and strongly-built, she is also the victim of bullying.

When the new student, Campbell, also snags a part in the play, Natalie finds herself curious about her quiet and handsome classmate. As she gets to know Campbell, she finds a friend with challenges she would never have imagined.

This book has a very sweet and relatable vibe. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. I really found myself connecting with Campbell as I learned his story. A little heavier than I was expecting, this book beautifully explores the struggles many face, teenagers and adults alike. I loved it.

Here's Where She Meets Prince Charming will be published May 21, 2024.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Owl Hollow Press for the opportunity to read this lovely book.

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I received an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. As a fan of Wright's adult mystery books, I was interested in reading this book as I do like some YA. My only hesitation was the release date and fast turnaround. I was able to fit this book into my reading prior to the release date of May 21.

This book is much deeper and more complex with adult like theme problems and life challenges than I anticipated. Not wanting to give anything away, I really liked Natalie as a strong female character. Natalie struggles somewhat with her size being teased, as she's quite tall and athletic due to swimming. She enjoys singing in school plays and has a supportive best friend. Having a mother who criticizes her eating/snacking was difficult and may be triggering to readers. Natalie tried out for the lead in the school play The Beauty & The Beast, but gets a lesser role. Campbell, a quiet transfer student, gets the lead. He's also on the swim team with Natalie.

Campbell has a secret, and it's not at all what I was thinking. It's not necessarily something shameful, although society looks down on young people in his situation. I absolutely hated how his parents treated him about it. There's an attraction between Natalie and Campbell. He's worried, though, how his secret would impact them dating. Once it's revealed, a lot makes sense. There's a lot of parental influence, which I appreciated as realistic in a YA book. There's kissing and making out but totally PG, although the conversations about sex and intimacy are very adult, as well as the consequences of being sexually active.

Like I said, I had a hard time with how Natalie was being bullied for her size by another student and how her mother dealt with eating / dieting. It was also really heartbreaking to see how Campbell's parents treated him. Natalie sees adults as "old" and not having a clue what teenagers are experiencing. As a 40- something adult, I can day I remember with clarity and horror my 17 year old self.

Overall, it was solid writing, although the ending felt a bit rushed. I would have liked to see them at the prom. Releases 5/21/24, 4/5☆.

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Overall, this is a beautifully crafted book, especially the last half! There is a lot of discussion about topics that we do not always in a YA novels.
Without going into detail, Campbell and Natalie are characters that a lot of people can see themselves in. Once the twist hits there is a lot of internal struggles faced by both characters that make you really think about life as a teenager in modern society.
As a theatre kid, I enjoyed the pieces and parts that talked about the play, but it was not too heavy for a none theatre people.
Altogether, I would rate this book a four out of five stars. The only reason it is not a five is because the beginning was a little on the slow side, but don't let it deter you. I am very glad that I read this book!

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For a YA book, this was surprisingly heavy. Natalie is on a very straight path to get into the college of her dreams, and then she meets Campbell, who is a guarded and mysterious boy that just transferred from another school. He mostly stays to himself, but there is something about him that draws Natalie to him. As she gets to know him, she finds that he has a secret of his own, and this secret rules his life and his future. I really enjoyed this book. The characters had a definite chemistry, and you are rooting for them the whole time.

I will say there were a couple times that I would get really mad at certain characters in this book. First, Natalie's mother. She is really hard on Natalie when it comes to her body, saying that she should watch what she eats, etc. The second is the bully, who is so horrible and truly a terrible person. Overall, though, I would give this book a 4/5.

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Fun and charming YA romance. The main characters in this story were likeable and their chemistry was great. This YA is the authors debut into YA. Keeping this in mind, Here’s Where She Meets Prince Charming is a great first step into YA as the book was really enjoyable. I liked that it touched on some deeper topics and wasn’t just nonsensical arguments/problems but believable and real problems. I thought the topics touched on in this story were dealt with respectfully and well. I enjoyed the character growth of both Natalie and Campbell.
The author has a great writing style and the story was well structured and easy to get sucked into!
I found some of the language in this hard to get along with at times, but that may have been a personal preference.
The premise of this book is based around the beauty and the beast play the characters are putting on at their high school. However the plot follows much more than just this as we see our main character at home, at swim-meets etc. There are lots more layers to this story. I really enjoyed this read and would recommend to anyone looking for a fast paced, cute, layered YA romance.

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Natalie enjoys trying out for school plays and this year the new student Campbell is also trying out. Natalie finds herself drawn to Campbell and despite his warnings that she can do better, Campbell is drawn to Natalie as well. Problem is that Campbell has a secret that can ruin their relationship as well as his reputation.

The premise around a high school production of Beauty and the Beast sounded intriguing. I've always enjoyed Beauty and the Beast and was curious to see the plot around the play. The play was not the entire focus of the book though, there are scenes throughout that show rehearsals and the interactions between fellow cast members, but more of the plot was the focus on the characters daily lives. Showing Natalie and Campbell on their swim teams, their friendships, and their budding relationship. I enjoyed seeing Natalie and Campbell grow closer and when Natalie finds out Campbells secret how she ultimately handles the situation.

This was a quick read that I mostly enjoyed. There are some heavy topics including weight shaming and bullying. While there are some heavy topics there are some moments of resilience and coming to the defense of their friends. Overall, and enjoyable read.

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Here’s Where She Meets Prince Charming by Kristin Wright is written from the perspective of a teenage girl named Natalie and centers on her romance with a mysterious student on her swim team and in the school play with her, as well as aspects of her high school experience.

I had mixed feelings about this book. The plot was entertaining for the most part. It was relatable in its portrayal of high schoolers, with many, like the protagonist, still needing to mature in their thoughts, words, and actions, and there was that sense of awkwardness and self-exploration. It was also nostalgic to read about and reflect on that stage of life, especially through the thought process of the protagonist.

However, some aspects detracted from my enjoyment, such as the insta-love, the overuse of language like ‘bruh’, and some characters portrayed as stereotypes. I expected it to be a more lighthearted read, but it tackled more complex issues, and it did so in a respectful way. Despite my criticisms, it was the author’s YA debut, so I think readers should definitely give it a chance.

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Sweet romance that addresses many of the issues of being a teen--body image, fear of family/change/future, relationships, teen parenting--with tenderness and honesty. A larger-than-average heroine is always a welcome part of a romance novel.

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